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Park Station NewsletterFriday, January 4, 2019Captain Una BaileyCommanding OfficerPark StationCaptain Bailey’s MessageInside this issue:Hello all,Captain’s Message1Holiday Turkey Delivery2Coffee with a Cop3Holiday Sock Drive4Supervisor of the Month5Officer of the Month6-7Citizen of the Month8Arrest of the Week9Traffic Enforcement10Crime Map11Crime Stats12-14Helpful Tips15-24730 Stanyan Street25Community Meeting26Park Station’s Vision27Resources28-30Please follow the belowlink to SFPD Chief ef-policeI hope you are enjoying the holiday festivities andagain we here at Park Station would like to wishyou all a happy and safe holiday season.I wanted to take a moment to thank all my officersat Park Station for their attention to duty and fortheir service to the community and the District.Each day much is asked of my officers and theyrise to the occasion each and every time. This yearPark Station has welcomed six new babies to therank and file, we had one promotion, we had fourretirements, three marriages, eight officers whosustained injuries enough to keep them off dutyfor an extended period of time and nine familydeaths. That was quite a year and in between allthose life events they still managed to keep ourdistrict safer than ever. Thank you.As we approach the new year, I want to wish youall a happy, healthy and safe 2019.Remember always take the time to be safeCaptain Una BaileyNext CommunityMeeting:Tuesday,February 12, 20197:00p.m.-8:00p.m.Park Station’sCommunity Room1899 Waller StreetPlease follow the below link tosubscribe to our newsletter list: e follow us onTwitter SFPDPark.

Park Police StationPage 2Holiday Party with Mercy HousingDuring this holiday season, Captain Bailey and Park Station Officers wanted toprovide a nice, warm meal to an assisted living center. With our funds, Park Stationcould host a Holiday party dinner that could feed approximately 18– 24 individuals.Thankfully, we were able to contact Amy Goodwin of Mercy Housing located at 55Laguna St (cross of Hermann Street), and we were able to arranged a Holiday turkeydinner for the residence of this facility.On Tuesday, December 18, 2018, Park Station Officer Davies, Officer Wu, andOfficer Deignan, went to the Diamond Heights Safeway to picked up three entire (3)turkeys, with an assortment of delicious holiday sides, which included the followingmashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, and cranberry sauce. Officer Davies, Officer Wu, andOfficer Deignan delivered this abundance to the Mercy Housing. The residences were sograteful and happy to receive such a delightful meal that was provided for their holidayparty.Thank you to the San Francisco Police Department Community EngagementDivision, and Amy Goodwin for allowing Park Station to provide the opportunity todonate the Holiday turkey meal to Mercy Housing.

Park Police StationPage 3Coffee with a CopOn Monday, 12/17/18, at approximately 9:30am to 10:30am, SFPD’s Park Station held the “Coffeewith a Cop” event at Peet’s Coffee and Tea, located at 310 Broderick Street, where officers, and thecommunity members conversed over their selected beverage of choice. This “Coffee with a Cop” went well,and had approximately 10 members of the community attend, and engage in conversations regarding quality oflife issues, and concerns pertaining to the neighborhood. In attendance from Park Station was Captain Bailey,Lieutenant Caturay, Lieutenant Anderson, Sergeant Neill, Sergeant, Sergeant Meyer, Officer Davies, OfficerWu, and Officer Deignan. Officers fielded questions about law enforcement issues and quality of life concernspertaining to the neighborhood. Park Station appreciates the members of the community, who participated,and engaged in several substantive conversations about the Park District.Special thanks to the manager, Gabriel Valdez, of Peet’s Coffee and Tea for being so accommodating,and allowing Park Station to have our “Coffee with a Cop” at their establishment. Thank you to all whoparticipated with this “Coffee with a Cop” event!!!

Park Police StationPage 4Sock and Blanket DriveFor the past 8 years, Officers Ryan Crockett and Jeffrey Sung, have reached out to ourcommunity members to help the less fortunate, by providing clean blankets, and socks to thosethat have possibly neither during the holidays. On Officers Crockett and Sung’s own time anddime, they buy blankets and socks to distribute to those who are less fortunate and do not haveblankets and/or socks, while also providing city services.This year, Captain Bailey and Park Station’s Outreach Officer Jeffrey Sung, OfficerJason Zimiga, Officer Laura Cremen, and Haight Street Foot Beat Officer Lily Prillingerhelped distribute 200 pairs of socks and ten (10) blankets to individuals in need throughout thePark District.

Park Police StationPage 5Supervisor of the MonthCaptain Bailey has namedSergeant Joseph Salazar as the Supervisor OfThe Month for December.Sergeant Joseph Salazar has been with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) for24 years. In the beginning of Sergeant Salazar career, he was sent to Central Station for FieldTraining, then transferred to Ingleside Station, where he completed his probationary period,and remained at Ingleside Station for his permanent assignment. During his time as an officer,Sergeant Salazar also worked at the following Units: Mission Station, Southern Station,Narcotics, and Violence Reduction Team (VRT).In 2013, Sergeant Salazar was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and completed hisprobation year at Taraval Station. For his permanent assignment, Sergeant Salazar wastransferred to Park Station, where he supervised the plainclothes/ undercover unit. SergeantSalazar is currently working Park Patrol.During Sergeant Salazar’s career, he has been awarded two (2) Silver Medals of Valor,along with numerous Captains’ Commendations, and Police Commission Awards.In 1989, Sergeant Salazar joined the Marine Corp, where he was stationed at the MarineBase in Yuma, Arizona. Sergeant Salazar did a tour of duty during Desert Storm. SergeantSalazar ranked at Corporal, and was a Marine Corp Reserve in the Bay Area.Before becoming a Police Officer, Sergeant Salazar always was interested in CriminalJustice, and while attending San Jose State University (SJSU) major in Administrative Justice.In 1995, Sergeant Salazar graduated from SJSU, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree ofScience.Sergeant Salazar enjoys sports, especially baseball. Sergeant Salazar has been a memberof the San Francisco Baseball Club for over 15 years. Sergeant Salazar, and his wife are lifelong San Francisco bay area residence.Sergeant Salazar enjoys law enforcement and is committed to duty to serve the City ofSan Francisco. Sergeant Salazar likes to supervise hard working police officers, who take pridein their work.

Park Police StationPage 6Officers of the MonthIn the above photo (left to right),Officer Jeremy Cummings, Officer Kamakana Alvaro, andLieutenant Christopher Wilhelm.Captain Una Bailey has named Officer Jeremy Cummings andOfficer Kamakana Alvaro as Officers Of The Month for December.Officer Jeremy Cummings and Officer Kamakana Alvaro were awarded the Bronze Medal ofValor for an incident that involved a man, who had shot his mother, and barricaded himself in ahouse. While the male subject was still armed with a firearm, several Officers, including OfficerCummings and Officer Kamakana, ran up the stairs of the house and rescued the mother, so she couldget immediate medical treatment. After a 15 hour stand-off, the male subject eventually surrendered.Officer Cummings has been with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) for 12 years.Officer Cummings began his career at Tenderloin Station for Field Training, completed hisprobationary period at Central Station, and was assigned to Mission Station. After 7 years at MissionStation, Officer Cummings transferred to Park Station, where he has worked for the past 4 years.Officer Cummings has chosen to spend most of his career working the midnight shift at each station.Before becoming a Police Officer, Officer Cummings was the Director of a college IT/Computer Department, while earning his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Officer Cummingsknew he did not want an office job, and an internship with the New Hampshire State Police convincedhim to enter into Law Enforcement and join SFPD. Officer Cummings said, “I have loved everyminute and have not looked back at that office job since joining the Police Department”.Besides working and patrolling the Haight Street area, Officer Cummings spends his timebeing a family man to his 3 children as well as riding motorcycles. Officer Cummings looks forwardto one day being assigned as a motorcycle officer, and riding around the hills of San Francisco.

Park Police StationPage 7Officers of the MonthIn the above photo,Captain Bailey, Officer Alvaro, andhis family.In the above photo,Captain Bailey, Officer Cummings, withhis family and friends.Officer Alvaro has worked for the SFPD for 10 years, and he has enjoyed the last 4 years of hiscareer at Park Station. Officer Alvaro currently works as the Haight Street Foot Beat for the MidnightWatch, and does an amazing job patrolling Haight Street. Officer Alvaro enjoys walking HaightStreet, and talking with various community members. Officer Alvaro appreciates the assortment ofcharacters and great individuals that make his shift a breeze to work.Officer Alvaro was honored to receive the Bronze Medal of Valor along with JeremyCummings. Officer Alvaro stated he has always looked up to Officer Cummings for hisguidance and mentorship. Officer Alvaro also stated that “Jeremy and I just happened to be ina place, where we could help and act. Some individuals would say that our actions wereheroic, but Jeremy and I both agree that we did what Officers just do.”In Officer Alvaro spare time away from work, he enjoys Jiu Jitsu because it has taughthim patience and humility. Officer Alvaro says Jiu Jitsu would benefit all Officers and wouldbe a great addition to the training curriculum.Officer Alvaro contributes his success to his family because of their support - he has thecourage and strength to suit up daily in his police uniform. Officer Alvaro has a wonderfulwife, Marisela, and two kids - Mariana (4) and Matias (2). Officer Alvaro says, he “would notbe able to do anything without their love and support”.

Park Police StationPage 8Citizen of the MonthCongratulation to Rick J ohnson, whohas been selected by Captain Bailey asCitizen of the Month for December2018.Rick Johnson with Mayor London Breed atPark Station’s National Night Out 2017Rick Johnson has been active inneighborhood and civic affairs since hisretirement in 2007. In 2010, Rick joined theBoard of Directors of the Midtown TerraceHome Owners Association, and was presidentfor five (5) years. The Midtown Terraceneighborhood, on the slopes of Twin Peaks,has flourished in recent years with manyneighborhood events. They are hosts to anannual Easter Egg Hunt, Block Party,Halloween event, and Holiday Party, as wellas numerous other events. The neighborhoodwas instrumental in working with Precita Eyesto obtain funding to install the Twin Peaksmural opposite the Forest Hills Muni station.In June 2016, Rick joined the Park StationCommunity Police Advisory Board (CPAB) andhas participated in most of the CPAB eventsincluding National Night Out, Officer AppreciationDay, and various activities at the station. Rick’syounger brother, Ron, is the Undersheriff of YubaCounty, which helps explain his appreciation oflaw enforcement.Rick has also been a member of the District 7Neighborhood Council, the San Francisco PedestrianSafety Advisory Council and currently sits on the SanFrancisco Commission on Aging and Adult ServicesAdvisory Council.Park Station would like to thank Rick Johnsonfor all his help and dedication not only to ParkStation, but also our community.Rick Johnson

Park Police StationPage 9Some of Park Station’s Arrests for the weekWarrant, Local SF Warrant/ Area of Noe St. -12/26/18 07:57Officers observed an unknown subject who was acting fidgety and rifling through bags of garbage in the areaof Noe St. Officers made contact and subject who stated he was on probation for domestic violence. Officerspositively identified the subject and conducted a records check. Dispatch informed officers the subject had anactive no bail local SF warrant. Subject was placed under arrest and transported to County Jail.Civil Sidewalk, Citation/ Area of Haight St. -12/26/18 09:00Officers observed a known subject lying on the sidewalk in the area of Haight St. Subject was informed shewas inviolation of the city’s sit-lie ordinance. Subject was cited and released.Driving, No License Issued/ Area of Oak St. -12/27/18 07:45Officers observed a vehicle in the area making a left turn against a posted No Left Turn Sign. Officers effecteda traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver. Driver did not have a driver’s license and a records check revealed the vehicle registration was expired. The driver was cited for the violations and release.Driving, License Suspended or Revoked/ Area of Roosevelt Way. -12/27/18 12:14Officers observed a driver from a clear and unobstructed view texting while driving. A traffic stop waseffected, officers explained the reason for the stop. A records check revealed that the identified person’sdriver’s license was currently suspended. The driver was cited for the violations and released.Assault, Aggravated, W/ Other Weapon, Robbery, Street or Public Place, W/Other Weapon/ Area ofHaight St. & Masonic Ave. 12/27/18 15:02Officers were dispatch to the area regarding an assault. Upon arrival the officers located the victim and hisgirlfriend. The victim had blood all over his face and hands. Officers immediately rendered aid and called foran ambulance to respond to the scene. The officers conducted an investigation and later determined the victimwas assaulted by 3-5 subjects. The victim and his girlfriend provided the officers a description of theassailants. Park Station officers conducted a search for the subjects and later located individuals matching thesuspects descriptions. A cold show as conducted where the victim identified the suspects. All suspects wereplaced under arrest and booked at Park Station.Municipal Code Violation, Resisting, delaying, Or Obstructing Peace Officer Duties/ Area of BelvedereSt. -12/30/18 08:43While on patrol in the area, Officers observed an unknown person sleeping underneath a blue comforter lyingon a twin size mattress. Subject was in violation of the sit/lie ordinance. Upon awaking, subject did notcomply with the officer’s request to provide his identity instead subject started to yell and ran away from theofficers. The Officers requested assistance from other units. Officers were able to detain the subject. Subjectwas transferred to Park Police Station where he was identified and cited.

Park Police StationPage 10Traffic EnforcementIn the above photos,Officer Granucci and students from Rooftop Middle SchoolOn Thursday, December 20, 2018, from 5:00pm –10:00pm and 9:30pm-11:00pm,units were assigned to conduct traffic enforcement operations—in the area of StanyanStreet, Frederick Street, Lincoln Way, Kezar Drive, Roosevelt Way, and 17th Street .Seven (7) total citations were issued to drivers for different violations including unsafespeed, mechanical violation and failure to stop at stop sign.

Park Police StationPage 11District Crime MapVarious Crimes that occurred in the Park District(from Monday, 12/24/18 to Sunday, 12/30/18) Auto Burglaries Assaults Robbery Burglary

Park Police StationPage 12Theft from VehicleTheft from a Vehicle:(45 reported incidents of theft from vehicles occurred from 12/24/18 to 12/30/18)LOCATIONSUSPECT DESCRIPTIONSUSPECT VEHICLE2 PARKRIDGE DR.UnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point RdUnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point RdUnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point RdUnknownUnknown524 Central AveUnknownUnknown191 Delmar StUnknownUnknownBELVEDERE ST.UnknownUnknownNancy Pelosi Drive & JohnF. KennedyUnknownUnknown125 CORBETT AVE.UnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point RdUnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point mas Tree Point Rd.UnknownUnknown1676 Fulton St.UnknownUnknownCONSERVATORY DR &ARGUELLO BLVD.UnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point Rd.UnknownUnknownChristmas Tree Point Rd.UnknownUnknown12/26/201810:10:00 PMChristmas Tree Point Rd.UnknownUnknown06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/26/201811:30:00 PMHEMWAY TERUnknownUnknown06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244-Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/27/20185:29:00 AM12/27/20186:37:00 PM1850 GROVE STUnknownUnknownCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknown06242-Theft, From LockedVehicle, 50- 20012/27/20186:40:00 PMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknown06243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 200- 95012/27/20181:03:00 PMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknownINCIDENT TYPEDATE / TIME06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 200- 95006224 - Theft, FromUnlocked Vehicle, 95006243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 200- 95006223 - Theft, From Unlocked Vehicle, 200- 95012/24/20184:00:00 PM12/24/20186:30:00 PM12/24/20186:35:00 PM12/24/20188:50:00 PM12/24/20189:30:00 PM12/24/201811:00:00 PM06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/25/20182:45:00 PM06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006224 - Theft, From Unlocked Vehicle, 95006224 - Theft, From Unlocked Vehicle, 95006224 - Theft, From Unlocked Vehicle, 95012/25/20183:30:00 PM12/26/20183:00:00 AM12/26/201810:53:00 AM12/26/201811:00:00 AM06224 - Theft, From Unlocked Vehicle, 95012/26/201811:30:00 AM06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/26/201811:30:00 AM06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 200- 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/26/20182:10:00 PM12/26/20186:15:00 PM12/26/189:00:00 AM12/26/20189:15:00 PM12/26/20189:45:00 PM06243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 50- 200(GGP) Nancy Pelosi Dr. &Martin Luther King Jr.Drive(GGP) Bowling Green Dr.& Martin Luther King Jr.Drive

Park Police StationPage 13Theft from VehicleTheft from a Vehicle:(45 reported incidents of theft from vehicles occurred from 12/24/18 to 12/30/18)SUSPECT DESCRIPTIONSUSPECT nknownUnknown100 JOHN F KENNEDY DRUnknownUnknown100 JOHN F KENNEDY DRUnknownUnknown501 STANYAN STUnknownUnknownCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknown501 FREDERICK STUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown173 BEAVER STUnknownUnknown12/29/201811:30:00 AMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRDUnknownUnknown06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/29/201811:40:00 AMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknown06240 – Theft, From LockedVehicle, Att.06244 – Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/29/201812:04:00 PM12/29/20182:00:00 PM12/29/20183:30:00 PM12/29/20186:05:00 PMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRDUnknownUnknownKEZAR DRIVEUnknownUnknownMARTIN LUTHER KING JRDRCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown06241- Theft, From LockedVehicle, 5012/29/20188:45:00 PMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknown06244-Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/30/201811:55:00 AMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknown06244-Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/30/201812:00:00 PMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.UnknownUnknownINCIDENT TYPEDATE / TIMELOCATION06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95006242 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 50- 20006243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 200- 95006243 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 200- 95006244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 95012/27/20183:00:00 PM12/27/20187:30:00 PM12/27/20188:00:00 PM12/28/201810:45:00 AM12/28/20181:30:00 PM12/28/20183:00:00 PM12/28/20184:30:00 pm12/28/20186:10:00 PM12/28/20186:00:00 PM12/28/20188:00:00 PM12/28/201810:00:00 PM12/28/201810:00:00 PMCHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.CHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.CHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.CHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.06244 - Theft, From LockedVehicle, 950CHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD.CHRISTMAS TREE POINTRD

Park Police StationPage 14Aggravated Assaults / RobberyAggravated Assault Incidents:(1 reported incident of aggravated assaults occurred from 12/24/18 to 12/30/18)INCIDENT TYPEDATE / TIMELOCATIONSUSPECT DESCRIPTIONSUSPECT VEHICLEAssault, Aggravated,W/Other Weapon12/27/183:02:00 PMHaight St / Masonic Ave(B) Sindt, Tyrone R (WM03/24/99)N/ABurglary Incidents:(0 reported incidents of burglary occurred from 12/24/18 to 12/30/18)INCIDENT TYPEDATE / TIMELOCATIONSUSPECT DESCRIPTIONSUSPECT VEHICLERobbery:(2 reported incidents of robbery occurred from 12/24/18 to 12/30/18)INCIDENT TYPE03074-Robbery,W/Force03013-Robbery,Street or PublicPlace, W/ OtherWeaponDATE /TIME12/26/2018 3:35:00PM12/27/2018 3:02:00PMLOCATIONSUSPECT DESCRIPTIONSUSPECT VEHICLE2475 15th StreetUNKNOWNUNKNOWNHaight St(B) - Sindt, Tyrone R(WM 03/24/99)N/A

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Park Police StationPage 21Park Smart CampaignWe need your help!!!San Francisco residents continue to be victims of vehicle break-ins.No matter how long you leave your vehicle unattended, pleaseremove all valuable items.

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Park Police StationPage 24Who and when to call?3-1-1: Please contact 3-1-1 when the issue is a not an emergency, yet requires Cityservices or, if you simply have questions regarding City services. Non-emergency situationsinclude the following examples: damage to public property, public trees that requires pruning,defective streets or sidewalks, homeless-related issues. 3-1-1 was developed to help thecommunity inform the appropriate City agency regarding a service request.Non- Emergency San Francisco Dispatch Line: Pease call the non- emergencydispatch line (415-553-0123) when the scenario does not need immediate response from theSan Francisco Police Department. For example, if there is a loud party, a group of loudjuveniles loitering in front of your residence, noise complaints, doubled parked vehicles,suspicious activities, or a homeless/nuisance related issue. The non-emergency line is forsituations that require the police, but do not require an immediate police response.9-1-1, please call 9-1-1 immediately if there is a police, fire, medical, or any otheremergency. The pur pose of San Fr ancisco's 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System is toprovide the community an immediate response of police, fire, or medical personnel foremergency occurrences. To accomplish this, it is imperative that the calls received on the 9-1-1line be restricted to those situations that require immediate dispatching of police, paramedic, orfire department personnel. For example, crimes or fires that are in-progress, or medicalemergencies.The San Francisco Police Department district station telephone numbers and emails arenot monitored. Questions will be answered in the order we receive them. Station emails are notfor making police reports nor for reporting a crime. If you need to make a police report, youcan call 415-553-0123 or go to your district police station. If you have an emergency, pleasecall 9-1-1.The photo to the right showsdispatchers hard at work

Park Police StationPage 25Interim use of 730 Stanyan StreetIf the interim use of this location is important to you then you shouldcontact the Mayor’s office of Housing and Community Development atthe below listed website.

Park Police StationThe nextCommunity MeetingIs onTuesday, 02/12/19.Page 26

Park Police StationPage 27Park Station’s Vision & ValuesCaptain Una BaileyI absolutely love police work and I love all that we as SFPD can do to help victims,solve and prevent crimes, and I am a firm believer in the power of the community. We, as adepartment, are only as successful as our partnerships with the community. I learned very earlyin my career how important community involvement is both in solving and preventing crimesand also in the creation of safe desirable neighborhoods. I look forward to building andmaintaining community involvement and relationships over the coming years. I know thatwhen we work together, we will create a district that will be safe and sound for all.

Park Police StationPage 28Park Station’s Social MediaSan Francisco Police DepartmentConnect with the SFPD and Your Community Read Our Park Station Newsletters!Please follow the link below to subscribe to our lettersPlease follow us on Twitter:@SFPDParkFor any questions or concerns, please contact us at Park Station’s

Park Police StationPage 29Park Station Sector Sergeants ContactsDrug ActivitySergeant Joseph Salazarjoseph.salazar@sfgov.orgSpecial EventsSergeant Ron Meyerron.e.meyer@sfgov.orgPermits/ Code AbatementOfficer Alaric Wualaric.j.wu@sfgov.orgDay LieutenantLieutenant Randy Caturayrandy.caturay@sfgov.orgDay LieutenantLieutenant Eric Altorfereric.altorfer@sfgov.orgNight LieutenantLieutenant David Marondavid.s.maron@sfgov.orgNight LieutenantLieutenant Christopher Wilhelmchristopher.wilhelm@sfgov.orgInvestigations LieutenantLieutenant Malcolm Andersonmalcolm.anderson@sfgov.orgCommanding OfficerCaptain Una

Park Police StationPage 30Contact informationCaptain Una BaileyPark Police StationCommanding Officer1899 Waller StreetPark Police DistrictSan Francisco, CA 94117415-242-3030415-242-3000Emergency Crimes in progress: 911SFPD Non Emergency line: 415-553-0123Park Station Tip line: 415-731-2865Operation Outreach Homeless Issues: 415-309-0806Park District Special Events: Sgt. Meyer: 415-242-3032Park District Permits: Officer Wu: 415-242-3033SFPD Website (Includes on-line reporting of Theft, Lost Property,Vandalism, Vehicle Burglary or Tampering, Harassing Phone Calls. The SFPD website alsoprovides crime maps.)SAFE - 415-553-1984, call to learn more about SAFE, schedule a home assessmentor start a neighborhood watch.311: Call 3-1-1 / TTY: 415-701-2323.For any questions or concerns, please contact us at Park Station’s

During this holiday season, Captain Bailey and Park Station Officers wanted to provide a nice, warm meal to an assisted living center. With our funds, Park Station could host a Holiday party dinner that could feed approximately 18- 24 individuals. Thankfully, we were able to contact Amy Goodwin of Mercy Housing located at 55