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CoursesWelcome!The Language Centre offers German as a Foreign Languagecourses from CEFR level A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficiency) toall interested learners.Our CoursesWe offer four types of language courses:Main CoursesIntensive CoursesComplementary CoursesSubject Specific CoursesAll German courses take place in the lecture period. Under“Levels” you will find the language levels offered.Our course programme can be found online at:www.uni-jena.de/en/SPZ German Application SoSeMain Courses4 SWS - 5 ECTS (2 x 90 min/week, max. 60h)The main courses systematically practise listening,reading, speaking and writing skills. By taking thesecourses, it is usually possible to complete one CEFRlevel of German in two semesters. For example, takingthe A1.1 course and, in the next semester, the A1.2course gives you the opportunity to complete thewhole CEFR level A1.With the help of a course book, you will learn new vocabulary for various topics, develop new grammaticalstructures and improve your .2C1.1C1.2C2

CoursesIntensive Courses60 UE - 5 ECTS (3 - 5 weeks, max. 60h)With our Intensive Courses you can finish one CEFR levelin one semester. If you take two Intensive Courses consecutively (e.g. A1.1 and A1.2), you will gain 10 ECTS intotal for 120 UE. (1 UE/teaching hour 45 minutes)A1IntensiveA2IntensiveB1IntensiveB1 plusIntensiveB2IntensiveComplementary Courses2 UE - 3 ECTS (1 x 90 min/week, max. 30h)In these courses you can practise specific skills, correct individual language aspects and expand jobrelated fields of knowledge. They offer an optimal supplement to our main and intensive courses or can beattended independently of them:Courses with a specific skill focus:Vocabulary Training and Conversation A1 Writing A1 , A2, B1, B2 or C1Reading and Listening Comprehension A2, B1 or B2Conversation B1 or B2/C1Focused and Corrective Courses:Phonetics A1-B1 or B2-C2Communicative grammar A2, B1 or B2Problemfelder der Grammatik C1Vocation-related Courses:Debating, discussing, presenting B2 Academic writing B2 or C1

CoursesSubject Specific Courses2 UE - 3 ECTS (1 x 90 min/week, max. 30h)These courses focus on specific fields of study suchas medicine or business.German for the Medical Profession B2 In this medicine specific German course, you learnmedical terminology and terms that will prepare youfor conversations with fellow professionals as well aspatients and their family members. You learn to takedown a medical history, the wording of a release report, how to conduct doctor‘s rounds and becomemore confident in written everyday communicationwith nursing staff.This course is offered specifically in an online formatto allow you to balance your work and language learning.Business German B2/C1 (only in winter semester)This course provides you with language knowledgerelevant for working in the German economy and businesses. Among other things, you will discuss currentbusiness topics, practise for job interviews, prepareyour application documents in a business context andlearn how to create your own start-up company. Youwill also acquire professional language skills in theareas of conflict management and business presentations.!PleasePleasenote:note:Due Dueto theto changesmaymayoccur.ocPleasecur. Pleasevisit visitour websiteour websitefor thefor latestthe latestinformation.information.If youIfhaveyou haveregisteredregisteredonline,online,you youwill alsowill alsoreceivereceiveall relevantall releinformationvant informationby email.by email.

LevelsOur Language LevelsThe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)* sets out standards for making progress inlearning a language. In our German section we organize ourmain and intensive courses at the following language levels.The complementary and the subject specific courses usually combines multiple levels, being mostly skills-based.Basic UserA1.1A1.2BeginnerA2.1A2.2ElementaryIndependent UserB1.1B1.2B2.1B2.2B1 plusIntermediateUpper-IntermediateProficient UserC1.1C2C1.2AdvancedProficiency* rk-referencelanguages

Course ApplicationStep 1 — Online RegistrationFebruary 22th 2022 to April 05th 2022The non-binding Online Registration is the first step totaking German Language Courses. You must be registered online for summer semester 2022 before youcan enrol in a course.To register, go to our website:https://www.uni-jena.de/en/SPZ German Application SoSeRegistered online for summer semester 2022?StepYesAfter you have registered online successfully, you will receive an invitation to the Written Placement Test and further informationby email.NoPlease register as soon as possible. Everyone has to register for summer semester.Before asking for technical assistance,please try another browser first.1

Course ApplicationStep 2 — Written Placement TestApril 05th 2022The Written Placement Test will identify your currentcourse level and help us and you to find a course thatmatches your abilities. It is not possible to fail the test.The Written Placement Test is online and obligatoryfor all interested learners. The following do not need totake the test:Follow-Ups (You attended a Main or IntensiveCourse in the direct previous semester and passedwith a mark of 2.7 or better)Absolute beginners without previous knowledgeThose, who have either a DSH, telc, TestDaF orGoethe certificate, not older than 6 months, with agood or very good resultDid you take the Written Placement Test?YesYou will receive your results by email.Continue with step 3 on the next page.NoDid you miss the date? Please contact us:deutsch@uni-jena.deStep2

Course ApplicationStep 3 — Personal EnrolmentApril 08th 2022For the Personal Enrolment you will enrol by email inone or more German courses. The enrolment is basedon your Written Placement Test or valid certificates asdescribed in step 2. Please make sure beforehand thatyour individual timetable allows you to attend a German course .You will receive a confirmation of the courses you haveenrolled for by email. This email will contain the courseinformation you need such as learning material andaccess to our digital learning platform to start yourGerman courses.Completed the Personal Enrolment?StepYesYou will receive a confirmation by email.NoPlease contact us:deutsch@uni-jena.de3

Course ApplicationStep 4 — Transfer of Course Feewithin 2 weeks after the first lessonPlease transfer the course fees only AFTER the firstlesson and no later than 2 weeks after the courses havestarted (Intensive courses in the first week). Send yourproof of payment (online transfer confirmation or bankpayment slip) to:deutsch@uni-jena.deYou will receive more information about how to pay inthe confirmation email after Personal Enrolment.If you do not transfer the course fees in time, you willlose your place in the course.Space for your notes:!!You may attend a German language course only ifyou have followed all four steps.Step4

KursentgelteStudierende der FSU und anderer deutscherHochschulen:2 SWS: 20 4 SWS oder 60 UE : 40 Doktoranden/PhD-Studierende der FSU:2 SWS: 20 4 SWS oder 60 UE: 40 Externe Doktoranden/PhD-Studierende:2 SWS: 100 4 SWS oder 60 UE: 200 Gäste:2 SWS: 100 4 SWS oder 60 UE: 200 2 SWS: 100 4 SWS or 60 UE: 200 Guests:External doctoral students:2 SWS: 100 4 SWS or 60 UE: 200 2 SWS: 20 4 SWS or 60 UE: 40 Doctoral students of the FSU:2 SWS: 20 4 SWS or 60 UE: 40 Students of the FSU and other German institutesof higher education:Course Fees

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learning a language. In our German section we organize our main and intensive courses at the following language levels. The complementary and the subject specific courses usual-ly combines multiple levels, being mostly skills-based. Step 1 — Online Registration Course Application