The Rev. William D. Oldland, Priest John Bullock


(Regular Services)8:30 AM Holy Eucharist: Rite I10:00 AM Sunday School11:00 AM Morning Worship Service: HE IIThe Rev. William D. Oldland, PriestMargaretta Guinn-Rose,Office Manager & Priest’s SecretaryJohn BullockToday’s OrganistThe Rt. Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, BishopThe Rt. Rev. J. Gary Gloster, Assisting BishopThe Rt. Rev. Alfred C. “Chip” Marble Jr., Assisting Bishop

6th Sunday of EasterMay 01, 20058:30 AM HOLY EUCHARIST: RITE I (pp. 323, 333), 10:00 AM Sunday School11:00 AM HE: RITE II & CHILDREN’S CHAPELProcessional HymnSalutation and ResponseGloria in Excelsis“For the Beauty of the Earth”#416S-280The Collect of the Day (Contemporary - see middle-standing)The First Reading: Acts 17:22-31The Psalm: Psalm 148:7-14The Second Reading: 1 Peter 3:8-18Gradual Hymn“Be Thou My Vision”#488(“Glory to You, Lord Christ”)The Holy Gospel: John 15:1-8(“Praise to You, Lord Christ”)The Sermon: The Rev. William D. OldlandThe Nicene CreedThe Prayers of the People, Form VIThe Peace (standing)AnnouncementsThe Holy CommunionOffertory“Seek Ye First”The DoxologyThe Great Thanksgiving - Eucharistic Prayer Bp. 358p. 392(Lafferty/Wagner)p. 367(The Episcopal Church has an open rail for communion. Anyone who receives communionin his or her own church is welcomed to receive Holy Communion at our altar rail.)The Sanctus (WLP)Agnus DeiCommunionHymns#858S-164“Many are the Light Beams”“How Great Thou Art”The Prayer of Thanksgiving (together)“You are The Vine”The BenedictionThe BlessingProcessional Hymn“Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing”The Dismissal and Response[“Thanks be to God”](Insert)(Insert)p. 365#344

Loose Offering: 1st Sunday – Habitat for HumanityCelebrant:Ushers:Greeter:Lay Readers:Chalice:Acolytes:Altar Care:The Rev. William D. OldlandMartha Balsley, Steve WorthBill Sutton8:30 - Gayle Ferguson, 11:00 - Melinda Rice8:30 - Gayle Ferguson, 11:00 - Don Gwarek, Melinda RiceJeffrey Kinnarney, Daniel OldlandAnne Donecker, Laura Felts,Anne Rogers, Dot TrentPastoral Care: Cheri Barrett, Bettie Benton RhodesFreda Watt, Melody WattOur Corporate PrayersKay A., Whitney Adkins, Allen Bailey, Carolina Baker, Deanna Biggs, JonBlack, Lora Brame, Ellen Jane Cox, Mary Cummings, Mark D., Roger Daniel,Sarah Day, Leslie Dent, Sandie Drury, William Ellis, Miss Emily Giles, Mrs.Emily Giles, Marshall Gilchrist, Mildred Groves, Jean Hall, Christy Harmon,Gene & Dell Hodges, Anna Hunt, Tanya Jessie, Willa Kallam, Amy Land, TomLeonard, Cookie Logan, Dr. George Lothian, Rhonda Lothian, Kathy Mack,Willie Mack, Mitchelene Martin, Karen Mauldin, Susan May, Jim Michels,Clyde Mitchell, Rick Murray, Derek Nunnally, TJ Phillips, Melinda Rice,Teresa Ruhland, David Schoville, Cheryl Scott, Eddie Simon, David Sizemore,Lape Smith, Daniel Smothers, Steve Taylor, Marcia Thomas, Emily Trohalis,Brenda Vance, Johnny Wagoner, Amy Walters, William Watts, Jack Welch,Minnie Wheless, Jim Wiley, Misty Wilks, Susan Williams, Ed Wire - (1st Names):Ashley, Ashtyn, Bobby, Cindy, Don, Eryn, Jennifer, Joan, JoAnne, John, Kitty,Laura, Lauren, Lori, Melissa, Scott, Sherrell, Stuart.Armed ForcesBo Bethea, Caleb Hunt, Michael McCloskey, Sean Montgomery,Michael Norton, Ben Shepherd, James Smith, Lathrop Smith IV,Ryan Vann, Adam Wilson, Rick YoungPlease pray for those who have died.Regarding The Prayer List: The Prayer list is prayed over daily and is cared for with extremelove and compassion. Please, if you have made a request and the time comes that thename should be removed, please call the office.-Thank YouLay Eucharistic Ministry Prayer:[N.], in the name of this congregation, I send you forth bearing theseholy gifts, that [N]. may share with us in the communion of Christ’sbody and blood. We who are many are one body, because we all shareone bread, one cup.

Richard Ames, Rachel Booker, Gil Bradford,Jim Donecker, Colin Ferguson,Elizabeth Fulton, Scott Smith, Dianne YoungFor Your Information:On May 14 St. Thomas’ is having a flea market and fair. The flea market isbeing planned by the ECW. They are asking everyone to clean out theirattics and bring everything to the church for the sale. In addition the Men’sClub and the Youth Group are planning food for the day.In addition to these activities we are having a Mission Fair. Every group inthe church is asked to produce a display of their activities. The groupsinclude Outreach, ECW, Men’s Club, Parish Life, Boy Scouts, EpiscopalDay School, and many more. Every group will have an opportunity to showwhat activities they do during the year and how one can participate. Be sureto attend this wonderful day, and invite a friend to see what life is like at St.Thomas’ – Father Bill." The Blessing of The Animals will take place today at 2:00 pm. Pleasebring your pets; stuffed animals can represent animals that cannot bebrought to the service. A donation of pet food is appreciated and will betaken to the animal shelter." Our next available Sundays for Altar Flowers are the 1st & 4th Sundays inJune. Please see the June Altar Chair, Mavis Simon, to sign up." The Episcopal Day School is currently seeking childhood and/orpreschool degreed, certified Kindergarten and Preschool Teachers.Preschool teacher without degree with experience will be considered.Please mail resumes to the church at the attention of Cori Anderson. Oryou may contact Cori Anderson (K5) at 616-0398 or Lisa Walker(preschool) at 616-1151.The flowers on the Altar are given in loving memory ofW i l l i a m & S t e l l a Tu r n e rby Clark and Susan Turner.

Important Dates!May 01-- Christian Education Meeting(immediately following Worship)May 01-- Blessing of the Animals(2:00 p.m. – Columbarium – Please bring pet food)May 05-- Last Men’s Club Meeting for summer(6:30 p.m. – Parish House)May 08-- Mother’s Day(“Honor thy mother ” - Exodus 20:12)May 11-- Last ECW Morning Chapter for summer(10:30 a.m. – Laura Felts’ Home)May 12-- Bring your Flea donations to Parish House(afternoon through evening)May 13-- EDS Closed for Flea preparations(per Ms. Cori)May 13-- Bring your Flea donations to Parish House(all day through evening)May 14-- ECW Spring Festival(8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – Lunch by Men & EYC )May 14-- St. Thomas’ Mission & Ministry Fair(during Spring Flea)May 15-- The Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday(The people wear red – can be balloon or carnations)May 16-- Vestry Meeting(6:45 p.m. – Vestry Room)May 20-- Ames/Busey Wedding Rehearsal(7:00 p.m.)May 21-- Ames/Busey Wedding(5:00 p.m.)May 26-- EDS Last Day of School!(Thank you, Church Family, for a great year!)

St. Thomas’ Today8:30 a.m. Holy Communion: Rite I10:00 a.m. Sunday School11:00 a.m. HE: Rite II & Children’s Chapel12:00 p.m. Christian Education MeetingSt. Thomas’ This WeekMonday:12:00 p.m. Bible StudyTuesday:7:30 p.m. Boy ScoutsWednesday:12:00 p.m. Holy Communion w/Healing PrayersThursday:6:30 p.m. Men’s Club MeetingNext Sunday: Seventh Sunday of Easter:The Sunday after Ascension Day8:30 a.m. Holy Communion: Rite I10:00 a.m. Sunday School11:00 a.m. HE: Rite II & Children’s Chapel12:00 p.m. Coffee in the Pipkin Parlor"Scripture Readings:Acts 1:7-14; Psalm 47;1 Peter 4:12-19; John 17:1-11St. Thomas’ Contact Information (336) 349-3511(336) 349-3568Rector’s E-mail: rector@stthomasreidsville.orgParish Office E-mail: office@stthomasreidsville.orgChoir Master’s E-mail: music@stthomasreidsville.orgNewsletter E-mail: news@stthomasreidsville.orgEpiscopal Day School E-mail: eds@stthomasreidsville.orgVisit our website:

preschool degreed, certified Kindergarten and Preschool Teachers. Preschool teacher without degree with experience will be considered. Please mail resumes to the church at the attention of Cori Anderson. Or you may contact Cori Anderson (K5) at 616-0398 or Lisa Walker (preschool) at 616-115