5-Day Quick Fix Clean Eating Guide W/ Meal Plan & Grocery List


5-Day Quick FixClean Eating Guidew/ Meal Plan &Grocery ListBy Allison Tibbs,NASM Certified Personal Trainer,Star Diamond Health & Fitness Coach,Author & Speakerwww.AllisonTibbsFitness.com

Welcome to the 5 Day Quick Fix,This is a 5-day weekday plan that is a great way for you to get killer results by theweekend!Ideally, this plan was created to help you create new habits with your fitness andnutrition that will help you to boost your metabolism, gain more energy, and to feelbetter!The only way that you will change is if you are willing to commit to doing things a bitdifferently. Don’t you agree? The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over andover again, expecting different results. So, if you are currently frustrated with yourcurrent weight, with having no energy, and simply not feeling at your best, then thisguide is perfect for you. Why? Because I created this guide to help you to change yourthinking about fitness and nutrition. This is not a diet nor is it a get slim quick detox, no,this is an opportunity for you to focus on starting to change the way that you think aboutwhat you eat and how you workout in order to get results that will last a lifetime, if youmake the commitment.I created this program to start on Monday and help you to work through until Friday. Idid this for 2 reasons, first, because I wanted you to create these new habits during atypical work week when you have to learn how to adjust with your normal schedule ofwork, after work activities, family, kids, church, etc. Also, I know that the weekends aretough and I want to make sure that you the most success with this.Ideally, I created this to be a valuable tool for you to get into a new rhythm of eatingclean foods that will fuel your body and make you feel great! The benefit of this is notjust about the number on the scale going down, but also knowing that you are eating tolive, which means adding more vitality, energy, and health into your life. Losing weighttypically tends to be like a bonus, not the end result of living a clean eating lifestyle.I’m so excited for you to take this journey with me to help you to reclaim your body andyour health, so you can live the life of your dreams!OverviewOver the course of the 5 days, you will follow the meal to the best of your abilities. Ihave put together meals that are healthy, tasty and easy to make. I am a firm believerthat if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. How many times have you been out and aboutrunning errands or been super swamped with work that you forget to eat? By the timeyou realize it, you are ravenous and make a quick trip to the fast food drive throughwhere you order a #2 supersized and an apple pie with a diet coke. Or even worse,www.allisontibbsfitness.com2

yes I said it; worse, you opt to simply go to bed without eating. I’m not asking you tofess up; because the reality is that we have all been there, including ME!I have found that many people that I work with in my group coaching and one-on-onecoaching, is that finding the time to plan and cook healthy meals is a majorchallenge. The second and third runner up is not knowing what to eat and not eatingenough throughout the day. All three of these challenges can wreck havoc on yourbody causing you to gain weight, experience digestion issues and gastrointestinal pain,you may feel sluggish and drained of energy throughout the day, and even lead to prettyscary diseases and conditions which require you to take medication for the rest of yourlife.My goal as a Personal Trainer and Coach is to help empower people to reclaim theirbodies and their health, so they can live the life of their dreams. Why? Because Iwas once very unhappy and unhealthy and life just seemed horrible. I didn’t feel well, Ididn’t feel good about myself, and physically my body was a reflection of what wasgoing on in the inside. Once, I learned how to take care of myself better and to make myhealth a priority, things began to change. I felt better, I had more confidence, I startedsetting and crushing goals, and now I can truly say that I am the healthiest and happiestI have ever been in my life and I truly live a life that is fulfilling. That is what I want foryou! That is why I created this guide! I know you are probably thinking, “Allison, theguide is only 5 days I’m sure not that much can happen in 5 days!”Well, over the past few months that I have been using this guide with some privateclients and groups on Facebook and I want to share some amazing successes we havefound. I asked my participants, what was the biggest highlight of the 5-day guide, checkout some of their responses: “My jeans are loose fitting!”“I am more energized especially duringmy workouts.”Lastly, check out this photo of an on-scalevictory, she lost 4 pounds and kept on losing aweek after, because she continued on with mefor a 30-day accountability group coachingprogram.So as you can see, a lot can happen in 5 daysand if you continue to stay on track after the 5days, you will be well on track to reachingyour goals! How exciting is that?www.allisontibbsfitness.com3

This is what makes me really excited about what I do as Personal Trainer and Coach,seeing and hearing amazing results that my clients get by doing small changes that leadto BIG results.Getting StartedPlease make sure that you weigh yourself, take measurements of your hips and waist,and take a before photo of yourself before starting this guide. Also, do the same afteryou complete the 5 days. For some of you, you may not see a number drop on thescale, but you may see a change in how you look, in the number of inches lost, or evenhow your clothes fit. But to be honest, my hope is that your biggest victory has nothingto do with the scale, but more to do with feeling like you a million bucks with moreenergy and maybe see some issues that you have been struggling with in your body tobegin to decrease or diminish.What is Clean Eating?Many people are hearing about eating “Clean” and there are many different “diets” thatare out there, but basically, “Eating Clean” means that you are eating and preparingfood in its most natural state. This means staying away from processed foods, foodsthat can be found on the shelves or in boxes, and contain all of the yucky preservativesand additives. I am a firm believer that our bodies were created to heal itself and itdoes that when we provide it with the best foods possible, drink enough water, getenough sleep, and engage in physical activity. Eating clean is a great way to not onlylose weight (I dropped 11 pounds in January by eating 100% clean), but also to live ahealthier life where you have more energy, more focus, and feel much better.When eating clean, some things that you will notice is that you will eat smaller mealsthroughout the day. A typical day of clean eating includes eating breakfast, lunch,dinner, and a snack or two throughout the day. So you may actually eat more than youare used to, but it okay because your meals will be more nutritionally dense. This is agood thing! The 5-Day Quick Fix meal plan was created to make sure that you are notstarving or hungry while doing the program. Trust me, I love to eat and I do notrecommend starving yourself to get healthy or to lose weight. I think that you will be AOK during the 5 days.Your BeveragesDuring the 5-Day Quick Fix, most of your liquid intake will come from water, not juices,teas or sodas. I understand that this could also be a big change for you, if you are usedto drinking sodas and juices throughout the day. What we don’t realize is how manycalories we consume from our beverages.www.allisontibbsfitness.com4

Water is so critical to your health and many times a lot of problems, ailments and issuesthat we have are linked to us being dehydrated. One rule of thumb is to drink half yourweight (in ounces) of water each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, youshould drink 75 ounces of water.I like to start my day with a cup of hot water with lemon and ginger to help kick start mymetabolism and digestion. I also have a glass of water on my nightstand that I drink thefirst thing when I wake up. This has helped me tremendously with my water intake.Also, adding fruits like lemon, oranges, or berries, vegetables like cucumbers, or herbslike mint or basil to your water can help you to drink more.Green Tea is awesome and can be a great way to add a health and energy boost toyour day. Try adding a cup or two to your day. You can sweeten it with agave or honey;I’m a weirdo and simply like it plain. I sometimes even drink it iced for an afternoontreat.What to AvoidFor the 5 days try to eliminate as much processed and refined sugars from your diet,primarily junk food and sweets.Do your best to stay away from: Sweets, Candies, Cookies, Cakes, etc Junk Food, Snacks, Potato Chips, etc Fried Foods & Fast FoodsProcessed Foods that are full of preservatives, i.e. prepackaged foods andsnacks, like Lean Cuisines, etc.Sugary drinks, sodas, juices and premade iced teasSuper Jazzed up Coffee Drinks (with extra whip, caramel drizzle, 3 pumps ofvanilla flavoring, you know what I’m talking about!)Alcohol, especially beer and mixed cocktails, a glass of red wine won’t kill youand is actually good for your heartwww.allisontibbsfitness.com5

Meal Plan GuidelinesThis meal plan was created to help you to eat foods that are tasty, yet good for you.This is not a full-blown 100% clean meal plan, because if you are new to eating clean,going cold turkey with clean eating can be a bit much. However, I have chosen recipesthat are easy to make but also tasty. A lot of it is all about making better choices andtrying new foods that you may not be used to.If there is a meal that you don’t really like or prefer, you can make substitutions or youcan even do a repeat of a meal throughout the week. However, skipping meals or goingto a non-clean option like a sugar cereal for breakfast, a fast food burger for lunch, anda preservative laden pre-packed microwave dinner, will not cut it! This is the coach inme, coming out, your food is the most likely the #1 cause of your weight gain and notfeeling great. So please, make this commitment to stick with the meal plan and do yourbest.One thing that I want to point out, eating breakfast is so important to you during this 5day quick fix, especially because breakfast helps to set the tone for your over 50% ofAmericans don’t eat breakfast. For the ones who do eat breakfast, chances are itincludes tons of sugar and fat and definitely not clean, which means that you arestarting your day either with nothing or nothing that is good for you. I know that noteveryone is a breakfast eater, but for the 5-Day Quick Fix, please try your best to eatthe breakfast that is listed for the meal plan. Deal?www.allisontibbsfitness.com6

Breakfast Meal PlanBreakfastAmerican Breakfast1 Slice of Turkey Bacon2 Slices of Whole Grain Toast3 Egg Whites, Scrambled½ Tomato, sliceApple Cinnamon Oatmeal1 Cup of Plain Old Fashioned Oatmeal, cooked1 Apples, peeled, cored and diced1 tsp of Honey1 Dash of CinnamonCook oatmeal as directed on package. Place apple, honey and cinnamon in a microwave safebowl, add a Tbsp on water, and cover with a wet paper towel. Microwave for 30 seconds andadd to oatmeal.Southwest Scramble3 Egg Whites1 Tbsp of Salsa or Pico de Gallo1 Tbsp of Shredded Cheese¼ Avocado SlicedScramble egg whites and salsa, top with cheese and avocadoPeanut Butter Toast1 Slice of Whole Grain Toast1 Tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter1 tsp of Honey1 Apple, slicedToast bread, add peanut butter, and drizzle with honey. Eat with apple slicesYogurt Parfait6oz of Plain Greek Yogurt½ cup of berries (whatever is in season)1 tsp of honeywww.allisontibbsfitness.com7

LunchProtein Cobb Salad2 Cups of Mixed Greens or Salad of your choice (except Iceberg)2 slices of Turkey Breast2 Hard Boiled Eggs¼ Cup of Garbanzo Beans (or any other bean of your choice)¼ Cup of Shredded Natural Cheese¼ cup of cherry tomatoes¼ Avocado diced2 Tbsp of a dressing of your choiceAvocado Tuna Salad½ Ripe Avocado (Soft to touch)1 Tsp of Yellow Mustard1 Packet or Can of Tuna1 Hard Boiled EggSalt, Pepper, and Old Bay Seasoning to tasteMix Avocado, Tuna, Egg, Mustard and spices into a bowl. Scoop onto whole grain bread or handful of mixedgreens or serve with whole grain crackers. Best to be eaten the day of making it, the avocado turns brownquickly. You can add a bit of plain Greek yogurt to the mixture if it turns brown.Caprese Quinoa Salad1 cup cooked quinoa (from last night’s leftovers)4 oz of diced chicken½ cucumber diced¼ cup of cherry tomatoes¼ avocado, sliced1 Tbsp of Chopped Basil2 Tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar1 Tbsp of Olive OilMix all ingredients together, except the mixed greens. Can be made the night before. Served with ahandful of mixed greens.Brown Rice Salad1 Cup of Cooked Brown Rice4 oz of Salmon (Left Over)1 Boiled Egg½ cup of Corn Kernels (frozen, fresh or canned)¼ cup of chopped carrots (you can chop up a handful of baby carrots)¼ cup of cherry tomatoes¼ cup of garbanzo beans¼ small red onion2 Tbsp of a Vinaigrette Salad DressingMix ingredient together and serve with 1 cup of Mixed Greens or Salad of your choice (except Iceberg). Canbe made the night before or a few days before.Chicken & Hummus Wrap4 oz Grilled Chicken Breast, chopped1 Tbsp of Hummus (Roasted Red Pepper or Garlic is great!)1 Tbsp of Feta Cheese3 Cherry Tomatoes diced2 Cucumber SlicesWhole Wheat Wrap1 tsp of Greek Dressing or Vinaigrette Salad DressingSpread hummus in the center of the wrap, add tomato, cucumber, and chicken; roll up and enjoy. Serve with¼ cup of Baby Carrots. Can be made into a salad.www.allisontibbsfitness.com8

DinnerAsian Style Flank Steak6-oz grass fed flank steak1 Tbsp. low sodium soy sauce1 garlic clove, minced1 tsp of agave1 Tbsp of green onions, chopped1 tsp of sesame oil (or coconut or vegetable oil will do)Dash of ground ginger or a few grates of fresh ginger12 ounces of fr

05.07.2014 · Meal Plan Guidelines This meal plan was created to help you to eat foods that are tasty, yet good for you. This is not a full-blown 100% clean meal plan, because if you are new to eating clean, going cold turkey with clean eating can be a bit much. However, I have chosen recipes that are easy to make but also tasty. A lot of it is all about .