Peace Corps Writers' Books In The Library Of Congress



ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThis bibliography owes its existence to an exchange of letters between Rep. JohnGaramendi (Ethiopia, 1966–68) and Dr. James Billington, who served as the 13th the Librarian ofCongress (September 1987–September 2015). In his letter of December 17, 2010 s/2011/01/letter.pdf], the Honorable Rep.Garamendi asked Dr. Billington to mark the special 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps onSeptember 22, 2011, “by establishing a collection of books about the Peace Corps experiencewritten by former Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps staff.” In response, Dr. Billingtonoffered to develop “a bibliography of books and creative works by former volunteers that couldbe made available through the Library’s Web site.”The bibliographer is grateful to the following Library of Congress staffers (listedalphabetically): Brynda Joyce Harris, Congressional Relations Office, for conducting liaison withCongress;William E. Kellum, Office of Special Initiatives (OSI), for coordinating the userfriendly Web-site version of the bibliography;Cindy E. Moore, Office of the Librarian’s Chief of Staff, for creating the coverartwork and preparing the page layout for the printed version using Adobe’sInDesign software; andSabrina C. Thomas, Program Planning Specialist, Library Services, for supportingand coordinating the project.In addition, Elizabeth Jenkins-Joffe, a retired Library recommending officer and areturned Peace Corps volunteer (Colombia, 1963–65), recommended a collection of books sentby Peace Corps writers to the office of Rep. Garamendi in 2011 for the purpose of adding themto the LC collections. This bibliography cites many of those donated books.The bibliographer acknowledges “The Bibliography of Books by Peace Corps depts/resources/bibliog/bib.html). Edited and publishedby Marian Haley Beil, is an associate of The bibliographerrelied on as an authoritative guide for identifying most returned PeaceCorps authors. However, he used the Library of Congress Catalog as the source of allbibliographic metadata. The bibliographer also acknowledges the publishers of the cited booksfor most of the book descriptions quoted in the annotations.The Library of Congress is the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution. As the largestlibrary in the world, it holds more than 155 million items in various languages, disciplines, andformats. The Library serves the U.S. Congress and the nation both on-site in its reading rooms onCapitol Hill and through its award-winning Website at

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September 22, 2011, “by establishing a collection of books about the Peace Corps experience written by former Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps staff.” In response, Dr. Billington offered to develop “a bibliography of books and creative works by former volunteers that