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Riverbed Company ProfileRiverbed Sales Strategy: Allow LAN like performance over WANs through industry leading innovation andproductsRevenue: 552M (FY2010)Gross Margins: 76%Profit: 419.1M (FY2010)Product/Service Revenue Split: Product: 68.7%/Services: 31.3%Company ProfileFinancial Strategy: Invest conservatively in small acquisitions and tune existing/ new products towards cloudmarket/DC to broaden addressable marketsRiverbed PositioningCore Products/Technology: WAN Optimization software and appliancesPortfolio Breadth: Limited to WAN OptimizationWhy CiscoComparisonArchitecture PositioningInfrastructure PositioningService & SupportChannels Strategy: WAN Optimization: 90 % indirectProduct PortfolioProducts OfferedWAN OptimizationRiverbed Steelhead platform, Steelhead soft client, and software(Primary Revenue Source) www.riverbed.comWAN OptimizationMarket Share(Source: Infonetics)2007200820092010CiscoNot Reported23%25%23%RiverbedNot Reported23%26%29%SolutionPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.13

Riverbed - PositioningRiverbed PositioningCisco AssertionRiverbed Scales Where WAAS Cannot: Riverbedclaims that their Steelhead platforms can out scaleCisco WAAS due to its flexible caching designResponse: Cisco WAAS uses a superior peer-topeer caching design – allowing it to flexibly outscaleRiverbed and is optimized to offer better throughputand sustainabilityRiverbed Is Easier to Deploy: Riverbed claims thatSteelhead is easier to install and configure than WAASdue to Cisco’s dependency on WCCPResponse: While Cisco WAAS has basically the sameprocess for deployment as Steelhead – it leveragesWCCP allowing reduced operating costs anddowntime compared to SteelheadRiverbed Is the Industry Leader: Riverbed claims theylead the industryResponse: To reduce complexity – there needs to besome level of integration amongst various products.Riverbed has no integration between productsCompany ProfileRiverbed PositioningWhy CiscoComparisonArchitecture PositioningInfrastructure PositioningService & SupportSolutionPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.24

Why Cisco Borderless Network Architecture for unmatched functionality: Riverbed is simply a limited point product vendor Cisco Unified Compute for scale and deployment flexibility: Riverbed does not sell nor enable its partners tooffer a unified compute solution similar to Cisco’s Advanced Services reduce implementation risk: Riverbed has limited advanced services options comparedto CiscoBest Practices in Competitive EngagementsCompany Profile ead with Cisco’s Borderless Networks Architecture – Riverbed does not have an architecture sell for theLenterpriseEmphasize Cisco best-of-breed positioning with WAAS. - Superior technology and performanceRiverbed PositioningWhy Cisco Create opportunities to engage with the customers for building relationships, educate and out position Riverbed Expect Riverbed to aggressively price proposals – Educate customer on short comings of Riverbed productsand solutions Leverage competitive material on SMO competitive portal at PositioningInfrastructure PositioningService & SupportSolutionPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.35

Riverbed – ComparisonWhy Not RiverbedQuestions to Ask CustomersBusiness ReasonsBusiness Questions Riverbed is a point product company – no data centerdiversity How much will it cost your staff to work with multiplevendors and operate a multi-vendor network? Shrinking differentiation over competition Why buy Riverbed - you get superior WAN optimization aspart of an integrated Cisco solution? WAN Optimization moving towards being an application ona virtual machine – which plays well into Cisco WAAS onUCSCompany Profile Riverbed TCO arguments cannot be associated with TCOsavings across whole infrastructure like CiscoSolution and Architecture Reasons What integration does Riverbed offer between appliancesand VM’s on 3rd party servers? What’s Riverbed TCO savings Vs. full Cisco solution?Solution and Architecture QuestionsRiverbed Positioning Point Product – no integration with infrastructure devices orsolution management How does Riverbed integrate with 3rd party networkinfrastructures and management platform?Why Cisco Selling a WAN Optimization/Routing solution w/ partnerVyatta – not an integrated solution nor a true, full-featuredL3 router How well does the Vyatta router scale? Does it haveintegrated management with Riverbed? Why can’t Riverbed suport video streams? When will they? Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization architecture doesnot support video traffic transmissionComparisonArchitecture PositioningInfrastructure PositioningTechnology/Product Reasons Riverbed Steelhead based on monolithic architectureresulting in a single point of failure. Heavy loads can crashSPORT task Steelhead fails to accurately and consistently reportoptimization performance and statistics information Steelhead transparentcy feature design results in lostperformance under certain situationsTechnology/Product Questions How will Riverbed affect branch services when Steelheadmay crash due to peak loads? How trustworthy is Riverbed statistic reporting? How willcustomer plan capacity if information is questionable? Why is Riverbed not transparent? How does this impactcustomer security posture?Service & SupportSolutionPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.46

Architecture PositioningElementCisco DifferentiatorsBorderlessNetworks A medianet ready borderless network ensures that your network Riverbed only supplies a pointData CenterandVirtualization Unified enterprise switching, storage, computing and cloud service No offeringnot only delivers a high-quality video experience but also helpensure that your network is ready for chznging bandwidth demands Cisco Telepresence performance is assured with BN Cisco EnergyWise delivers energy efficiency and savings to IT andfacilities Integrated into the network, EnergyWise, along with itsOrchestrator console, controls and monitors power for a widevariety of devicesCompany ProfileRiverbed PositioningWhy CiscoComparisonArchitecture PositioningInfrastructure PositioningService & SupportSolutionRiverbed Weaknesssolutions An Architectural Framework for the “Evolving Data Center”:Cisco Data Center Business Advantage represents an architecturalframework for connecting technology innovation to businessinnovation. It is the foundation of the Dynamic NetworkedOrganization Innovate Quickly and Efficiently: Cisco Data Center BusinessAdvantage represents a fundamental shift in the role of IT intoa driver of business innovation. Businesses can create servicesfaster, become more agile, and take advantage of new revenuestreams and business opportunities. Cisco Data Center BusinessAdvantage increases efficiency and profitability by reducing capital,operating expenses and complexity. It also transforms how abusiness approaches its market and how IT supports and alignswith the business, to help enable new and innovative businessmodels Keep Control of Your Data Center Architecture: The Cisco DataCenter Business Advantage architectural framework is deliveredas a portfolio of technologies and systems that can be adapted tomeet organizational needs. Customers can adopt the frameworkin an incremental and granular fashion to control when and howthey implement data center innovations. This allows them to easilyevolve and adapt the data center to keep pace with changingorganizational needsPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.product solution to WANOptimization, which does notsupport transport of video trafficstreams No energy management features Riverbed does offer a mobileversion of its Steelhead WANOptimization solution – butotherwise offers no collaborationfeatures57

Architecture PositioningElementCisco DifferentiatorsRiverbed Weakness Be Free to Choose: Data Center Business Advantage preservesthe customers ability to work with other industry leaders to solve aparticular IT or business problem. Because Data Center BusinessAdvantage is built around an ecosystem-centric framework andopen solution stacks, customers can easily work with your existingdata center vendors and Cisco’s industry-leading community ofdevelopment, design, and deployment partnersCollaborationCompany ProfileRiverbed Positioning Unified enterprise communications (VoIP), conferencing, instantmessaging, email and collaboration solutions Any to Any: We uniquely enable people to work together naturallyanywhere, on any device, with any content No offering- Cisco lets people use the devices they have today [Apple,Android, RIM, latest tablets], safely- Cisco integrates TelePresence with a laptop WebExWhy CiscoComparisonArchitecture PositioningInfrastructure Positioningconference with a smartphone audio call, simply, soeveryone has the best meeting possible- With Cisco collaboration solutions, people can workwith individuals in other companies, using video, unifiedcommunications and presence as if they were inside a singlecompany- Cisco keeps costs low and flexibility high through clouddeployment models and standards, vendor and platforminteroperability Video Everywhere: Video is an essential part of effective, naturalcollaboration. Only Cisco provides the breadth of applications andendpoints to make pervasive video a reality- Cisco made voice over the network the standard forbusiness. We are doing the same for video- Only Cisco has the broadest suite of video endpoints toService & Supportintegrate video into the fabric of how we work- Only Cisco has a business video architecture [medianet] forscale, speed and reliability- Cisco is driving a new wave of video experiences thatSolutionchange the way we communicate, collaborate, and enjoyentertainment - in the home, at work, and on the goPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.68

Architecture PositioningElementCisco DifferentiatorsRiverbed Weakness New Collaborative Workspace: Cisco is converging social, mobile,video, and unified communications capabilities, to shape the newcollaboration experience- Advancement in collaboration is influenced by the rapidchanges in the consumer market- No other company empowers individual collaborationstyle as well as Cisco with the broadest choice of how tocommunicate based on preference, location and device- Cisco makes work personal again, using a network-basedCompany Profileapproach to quickly locate the most relevant experts andinformation and cut through information overload- Unlike others, Cisco provides deep integration with existingRiverbed PositioningWhy CiscoComparisonArchitecture Positioningsoftware and hardware infrastructure so IT doesn’t have torip and replace- In this new, more connected world, no other companyoffers a network-based approach to keep organizations safebecause the network provides greater security and policymanagement control Cloud Collaboration: When it comes to deploying collaboration,one size does not fit all Only Cisco provides the combination of: A broad set of collaboration applications including voice, video,web and customer care Flexible deployment models across private, public and hybridclouds Virtualized applications AND desktop clientsInfrastructure PositioningService & SupportSolutionPiranha Program 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.79

Infrastructure PositioningElementWhy Cisco Full featured enterprise routing for campus, branchoffices and WAN Integration of routing platforms with security, switching,WLAN, and WAAS Riverbed allows Vyatta’s open source routingsoftware to run on its Riverbed ServicesPlatform (RSP) VM-based applicationenvironment. RSP is underpowered comprimising Vyatta router performanceand stabilitySwitching Full featured enterprise switching for campus,distribution access and branch office deployments Integration of switching platforms with security, WLANand routing Riverbed offers no switching capabilitiesSecurity Enterprise firewall, content security, email security,VPN, user policy establishment and control (TrustSec) Identity Services Engine for integrated wired andwireless identity, access control, and managementplatform (Positron) Riverbed does not offer security features onits platforms. Steelhead’s flawed transparencyfeature affects security posture of traffictraversing the deviceWLAN Advanced RF features across a family of 11n APsdelivering Enterprise-Class RF performance, reliabilityand lower TCO WCS 8.0 with unified wired/wireless provisioning,management, monitoring and troubleshooting forborderless user services (Lumos) WLAN controller on Cisco Services Ready Engineprovides zero-touch deployment and centralizedmanagement for wireless service rollout in the branchoffices Riverbed offers no WLAN capabilitiesWAAS Full featured enterprise WAAS with integration intobranch office ISR platforms Riverbed offers a family of WAN Optimizationpoint products that cannot be effectivelyintegrated into another vendors networkinfrastructure and associated managementplatformComparisonArchitecture PositioningInfrastructure PositioningRiverbed WeaknessRoutingCompany ProfileRiverbed PositioningCisco DifferentiatorsService & SupportSolutionPiranha

Riverbed is a point product company – no data center diversity Shrinking differentiation over competition WAN Optimization moving towards being an application on a virtual machine – which plays well into Cisco WAAS on UCS Riverbed TCO arguments cannot be associated with TCO savings across whole infrastructure like Cisco