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Founder Of K-PAK Group& CEO’sMessageOur focus has always been toVice-Chairmanserve the foodindustrywith ideal packaging solutions.With a small operation in the beginning of 1986 and a monthly turnover of only KWD 20,000 per month, the companyhas grown considerably over the years to become what is now a well-known and recognized as K-PAK Group.Today, with the hard team work of our multi-cultural professional workforce of the K-PAK Groupat all levels of employees in the company: Labors, Drivers, Operators, Engineers and Top Management,together we achieve sales of seven digit figure per month.The teamwork, helps the company deliver high quality products and consistent strive to develop. Introduce newproducts and services that meet the ongoing needs of our customers at an affordable price. Most importantly, withminimum lead time, nine locations for production and storage in the Gulf countries.This makes the company unique. With pride, I respect the contribution of my team.I highly appreciate the support that our valued customers have extended towards us to make K-PAK group a successstory. I would like to assure them that we are indeed a reliable partner and will remainYour Preferred Packaging partners.Abdulaziz Fahad O. Al Serri1

K-PAK AT A GLANCEK-PAK, since its inception in 1986 in Kuwait, wasthe first in the Middle East to lay stepping stone tomanufacture disposable tableware from petroleumderivative: polystyrene.In 2000, the nascent success of K-PAK sighted thedemands in Saudi market established its groups’second production facility in Dammam. Thefirst facility in KSA market was Saudi Foam TraysManufacturing Co., creating a brand image asS-PAK.Owing to the K-PAK’s firm commitment to qualityand service, new markets from the Levant andEurope region flourished. To cater to this increasingdemand, K-PAK opened its third production facility(Second in KSA market) at Saudi port city of Jeddahin 2003.Analyzing optimal logistic needs and as acontained strategy to enhance services, thecompany established its fourth production facilityin 2007 in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE), U-PAK FZE.VisionToday, with nearly 250 employees and state ofthe art machineries, printing machines etc, K-PAKgroup leads the industry with innovation, and is thelargest manufacturer by sales and capacity in theMiddle East. For extended customer brand visibility,the company offers high quality customizedprinting on box and cup product range.K-PAK offers the largest range of disposableproducts in take away food containers, tableware,trays and cups. Serving the food industry in retail,catering, supermarkets, hypermarkets, bakeriesand fast food. The products are successfully testedin independent laboratories and is a sole fooddisposable packing manufacturer in the Middle Eaststrictly following EU commission directive 2002/72/EC, and Regulation (EU) 10/2011. The group is ISOcertified and the first to achieve Green certificationin the region and meat processing plants.COMMITMENTTo excel as a leading manufacturer throughOn time delivery with minimum lead time.service, quality and innovation, within a framework Dedicated sales network. Entirely customer driven.dedicated to safety, social and environmentalresponsibility.2As an innovative effort, K-PAK launched lighter andsuper absorbent trays, branded as “Vampirella”,this new packing suffices the requirement of meat& poultry processing industry. The absorbent ratioof 7 times of the trays weight, of liquids emanationfrom fresh/frozen cuts, relieved the concern of “Selfpresentation” and improved “Shelf life”.K-PAK expansion in Rigid Plastics (PET, PP &HIPS) compliments its growing portfolio of foodpackaging.K-PAK Group has direct presence in Kuwait, KSAand UAE markets, while being represented bytrusted and experienced distributors in otherMiddle Eastern countries.K-PAK growth has been propelled by the followingphilosophies which continues to guide even today.QUALITYConcentrated approach to the industry has madeK-PAK become the leader with the finest state ofthe art machinery and modern equipments.

Why K-PAK?UNMATCHED PRODUCT QUALITY AND INCOMPARABLE DELIVERY TIME WITH NO EXTRA CHARGEFOAMA popular light material affordable at low price.It is the best known insulator.Foam is easily and cheaply recycled.It is soak-proof.It is ideal for hot and cold foods and is used for frozen food packaging.It is 100% recyclable, CFC free hence ozone friendly.It is hygienic.The main users of "foam" food packaging products are:Farms (poultry & live stock), Fast- Food restaurants, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Catering Companies & Hotels and Cafes etc.THE ENVIRONMENT & FOAM, A STRATEGIC ALLIANCERecycling of Foam is very simple and economical.Products with Recycling Markcan easily be recycled at the plant.Any product having the recycle triangle (PS 6) can be recycled at the plant.Wastes of foam are easier to be compressed underground than rigid plastic products, thus taking less space in land fills.CFC-Free foam products insure that there are no harmful gases to the environment.Polystyrene is an inevitable by-product of petroleum, thus we are better of utilizing it.3

QUALITY OF PRODUCTQuality is a commitment and never sacrificed ensuring the highest quality of products & services.K-PAK Group products are all CFC-free thus Ozone friendly.All raw materials used are food grade.We provide high quality multi-color sheet printing.QUALITY OF SERVICEOur delivery time is unmatched and is without extra charges.We ensure relationship marketing.High moral and excellent industrial business relations.We survey customers at random with regards to their satisfaction with our customer support service.Having an in-house tool room allows us to customize products to customer’s specific requirement.K-PAK GROUP PRODUCTION FACILITIESProduction process: polystyrene crystals - extrusion - thermoforming / printing.Most modern technology.Strict quality, health, environment and food safety standards.4

WE CONTRIBUTE TO NATURE AND YOUR FOOD HYGIENEISO 14001ISO 9001OHSAS 18001ISO 22000INDEXFOAM RANGEAbsorbent Trays - ( Vampirella - K STAR )Hinged & Lid BoxesPlates & BowlsEgg BoxesRIGID PLASTIC RANGECups & LidsPETPPHIPSwww.kuwaitpack.com5

K-PAK GROUP - WE LIVE PACKAGINGWith pioneering packaging solutions, we supportour customers in coping with the challengesof the markets.“Customers can expect the best from K-PAK Group”6

Our pectGenerates InnovationGenerates RealityGenerates TrustGenerates QualityGenerates Sustainability7

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FROM GLOBAL AUTHORITIESFDA Determines Polystyrene is Safe for Use in Food ContactIn the U.S., the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly regulates all food packagingmaterials - including polystyrene. All food packaging - glass, aluminum, paper and plastics (suchas polystyrene) - contains substances that can “migrate” in very tiny amounts to foods orbeverages. That’s one of the reasons why FDA regulates food packaging in the first place - to beconfident that the amount of substances that might actually migrate is safe.8

VAMPIRELLA, K-STAR ABSORBENT TRAYS Absorbs excess liquid in food packingEasy process abilityEliminates usage of padsReduces handling of food safetyLiquid resistanceNo leakage edgesRetains asthetics of display shelvesRetains products presentationAbsorbs liquid 7 times of the tray weight100% recyclableVampirella is a revolutionary effort byK-PAK to cater to meat and poultryprocessing industry.9

VAMPIRELLA TRAYS ARE EQUIPPED WITHINDIVIDUALITY BY COLORAvailable in a large color paletteIndividual choice on the product to bepackaged for high recognition value forconsumers.FULL SURFACE ABSORPTIONComplete fluid intake by full areadistributed micro - holes , even in theborder area and at an angle frame. Nothingremains visible, nothing seems outwardlythrough. Vampirella tray is fixed at theedge of the shell closed. Thus, the leakageis prevented. The foil remains clean andpresentable.HIGHLY ABSORBENT SOLVERVampirella tray is a highly absorbentpoultry tray developed with newtechnology for the food industry andoptimum solutions for individualrequirements.CONTEMPORARY PRESENTATIONSThe quality of the packaging productmakes it visible. The achieved Vampirellaby cautious neutral appearance,accompanied by high functionality andappealing appearance. Fresh meat, freshfish and poultry present themselves asconsumers want it.IMPROVED HYGIENEWith liquid absorbing propertiesVampirella products ensure that any kindof liquid is absorbed and packed productgives hygienic and neat look. At the sametime the products controls the outgoingpressure and the liquid remains in theabsorbent layer.Top CoatSide CoatliquidClosed EdgeAbsorbentBottom Coat10

VAMPIRELLA, K-STARABSORBENT TRAYSItem Code: PT1Item Code: 3MItem Code: 18DVDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 167 X 129 X 25Dimn. in mm : 220 X 132 X 17Dimn. in mm : 266 X 191 X 23Pkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 250CBM: 0.01863CBM: 0.0954CBM: 0.0806Item Code: PT2Item Code: 13MItem Code: 18EDDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 196 X 135 X 20Dimn. in mm : 216 X 152 X 20Dimn. in mm : 265 X 190 X 38Pkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0879CBM: 0.0989CBM: 0.0910Item Code: PT2VItem Code: 13MVItem Code: 3EDDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAY DEEPDimn. in mm : 197 X 132 X 21Dimn. in mm : 216 X 152 X 22Dimn. in mm : 222 X 133 X 38Pkg: 500Pkg: 250: 0.1302PkgPT1CBM: 500CBM: 0.1030CBM: 0.0828Item Code: PT3VItem Code: 14MItem Code: JB2Description: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: JUMBO TRAY2Dimn. in mm : 177 X 115 X 25Dimn. in mm : 215 X 178 X 20Dimn. in mm : 320 X 235 X 40Pkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 100CBM: 0.0726CBM: 0.0697CBM: 0.0589Item Code: PT5Item Code: 18DDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 211 X 154 X 16Dimn. in mm : 265 X 189 X 20Pkg: 500Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0993CBM: 0.0806Item Code: PT5-DVDescription: POULTRY TRAY DEEPDimn. in mm : 220 X 165 X 25Pkg: 250 / BAGCBM: 0.082513

TRAYSThe disposable trays are rigid, lighter and smarter in appearance, notprone to softening, either in use or in storage. The trays are sturdy andcan be effectively used for frozen food, fresh food as well as bakery use.14Item Code: PT1Item Code: PT5Item Code: 2MDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 167 X 129 X 25Dimn. in mm : 216 X 156 X 18Dimn. in mm : 178 X 133 X 25Pkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0793CBM: 0.0913CBM: 0.0690Item Code: PT2Item Code: PT6Item Code: 3MDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: POULTRY TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 200 X 132 X 20Dimn. in mm : 208 x 142 X 30Dimn. in mm : 220 X 132 X 17Pkg: 500Pkg: 250Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0640CBM: 0.0763CBM: 0.0809Item Code: PT3Item Code: PT7Description: POULTRY TRAYDescription: POULTRY TRAYDimn. in mm : 180 X 110 X 18Dimn. in mm : 236 X 182 X 33.5Pkg: 500Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0535CBM: 0.1025

TRAYSItem Code: 3EDItem Code: 18DItem Code: S1Description: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 222 X 133 X 38Dimn. in mm : 265 X 189 X 20Dimn. in mm : 165 X 110 X 20Pkg: 250Pkg: 250Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0671CBM: 0.0847CBM: 0.0590Item Code: 13MItem Code: 18D NEWItem Code: S2Description: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 216 X 152 X 20Dimn. in mm : 266 X 191 X 23Dimn. in mm : 195 X 147 X 25Pkg: 500Pkg: 250Pkg: 500CBM: 0.1005CBM: 0.0789CBM: 0.0927Item Code: 13M NEWItem Code: 18EDItem Code: S3Description: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 216 X 152 X 22Dimn. in mm : 265 X 190 X 40Dimn. in mm : 226 X 162 X 25Pkg: 500Pkg: 250Pkg: 500CBM: 0.1060CBM: 0.1104CBM: 0.1228Item Code: 14MItem Code: S1/2Item Code: S4Description: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDescription: MEAT TRAYDimn. in mm : 215 X 178 X 20Dimn. in mm : 131 X 96 X 20Dimn. in mm : 275 X 197 X 27Pkg: 250Pkg: 500Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0757CBM: 0.0327CBM: 0.096217

TRAYSItem CodeDescription18: SM1: SUPER MARKET TRAY1Item CodeDescription: FT1-F:FISH TRAY OVALItem Code: DT2Description: DATES TRAYDimn. in mm : 375 X 210 X 25Dimn. in mm : 400 X 305 X 30Dimn. in mm : 220 X 85 X 25Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0910CBM: 0.0000CBM: 0.0757Item Code: FT1Item Code: JB1Description: FAMILY TRAYDescription: JUMBO TRAYDimn. in mm : 400 X 305 X 20Dimn. in mm : 265 X 235 X 40Pkg: 100Pkg: 100CBM: 0.0979CBM: 0.0490Item Code: FT1-DItem Code: JB2Description: FAMILY TRAY DEEPDescription: JUMBO TRAYDimn. in mm : 400 X 305 X 34Dimn. in mm : 320 X 235 X 40Pkg: 100Pkg: 100CBM: 0.0980CBM: 0.0627

HINGED - LID BOXESOur comprehensive range of hinged-lid polystyrene boxes can provide adisposable container to meet the needs of every take-away outlet.The products have secure lid and excellent insulation properties whichoffer significant advantage to cater. Customers find the boxes convenientto use and easy to handle.Item Code: KP7 (HB1)Item Code: HB3 - NEWItem Code: KP10Description: HAMBURGER BOX SMALLDescription: HAMBURGER BOX LARGEDescription: SMALL LUNCH BOXDimn. in mm : 127 X 127 X 68Dimn. in mm : 177 X 173 X 90Dimn. in mm : 245 X 145 X 60Pkg: 500Pkg: 250Pkg: 250Printable:Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0914CBM: 0.1006CBM: 0.0997Item Code: KP6 (HB2)Item Code: LB1Item Code: KP10 DDescription: HAMBURGER BOX MEDIUMDescription: LUNCH BOX 1Description: DEEP LUNCH BOX Dimn. in mm : 152 X 140 X 76Dimn. in mm : 185 X 140 X 80Dimn. in mm : 245 X 145 X 70Pkg: 500Pkg: 250Pkg: 125Printable:Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.1206CBM: 0.0988CBM: 0.0562Item Code: HB3Item Code: KP9Item Code: SLB2Description: HAMBURGER BOX LARGEDescription: LUNCH BOX 9Description: SHORT LUNCH BOX Dimn. in mm : 177 X 173 X 90Dimn. in mm : 190 X 140 X 70Dimn. in mm : 240 X 200 X 70Pkg: 250Pkg: 250Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.1006CBM: 0.0760CBM: 0.0685 21

HINGED - LID BOXES22Item Code: SLB2/2DescriptionSHORT LUNCH BOX WITH: 2 COMPARTMENTSItem CodeDescription: LB2/3-50 - NEW:LUNCH BOX WITH NEW 3COMPARTMENTS.Item Code: SG3Description: KEBAB BOX SMALLDimn. in mm : 240 X 200 X 70Dimn. in mm : 220 X 200 X 70Dimn. in mm : 275 X 177 X 54Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0685CBM: 0.0595CBM: 0.0601Item Code: SLB2/3Item Code: LB2/3Item Code: SG4DescriptionSHORT LUNCH BOX WITH: 3 COMPARTMENTSDescriptionLUNCH BOX 2 WITH: 3 COMPARTMENTSDescription: KEBAB BOX LARGE Dimn. in mm : 240 X 200 X 70Dimn. in mm : 240 X 200 X 90Dimn. in mm : 275 X 197 X 54Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0685CBM: 0.0823CBM: 0.0692Item Code: LB2-50 - NEWItem Code: LB2/3RDescription: LUNCH BOX 2 with ventDescription: WITH 3 COMPARTMENTS SHORT LUNCH ROUNDDimn. in mm : 220 X 200 X 70Dimn. in mm : 238 X 195 X 60Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0595CBM: 0.0827Item Code: LB2Item Code: CB1Description: LUNCH BOX 2Description: BARBEQUE BOX Dimn. in mm : 240 X 200 X 90Dimn. in mm : 235 X 195 X 52Pkg: 100Pkg: 125Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0808CBM: 0.0817Item Code: LB2-iItem Code: CB2Description: LUNCH BOX 2Description: BARBEQUE BOX Dimn. in mm : 240 X 200 X 85Dimn. in mm : 235 X 195 X 75Pkg: 100Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0808CBM: 0.0816

HINGED - LID BOXESItem Code: RO8/6Item Code: RO9DescriptionLUNCH BOX 8”/6 WITH: COMPARTMENTSDescription: PIZZA BOX MEDIUMDimn. in mm : 230 Ø 50HDimn. in mm : 255 Ø 38HPkg: 100Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0791CBM: 0.0637Item Code: HD1Item Code: RO12Description:Description: PIZZA BOX LARGE HOT DOG BOX1 Dimn. in mm : 180 X 92 X 52Dimn. in mm : 340 Ø 38HPkg: 250Pkg: 100Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0436CBM: 0.1323Item Code: HD2Description: HOT DOG BOX2Dimn. in mm : 180 X 92 X 52Pkg: 250Printable:CBM: 0.0655Item Code: HD3Description: HOT DOG BOX3Dimn. in mm : 295 X 85 X 72Pkg: 250Printable:CBM: 0.128 23

PLATES & BOWLSThe sturdy range of disposable polystyrene plates, bowls ups and squatcontainers eliminate many disadvantages of the conventional coatedpaper plates and cups.This catering range of “Food Safe” polystyrene tableware assist foodservice caterers to enhance customer satisfaction assuring “FoodHygiene”.Item Code: P1Description:PLATE 6 1/2”: P3Description:PLATE 9”Dimn. in mm : 165 Ø 25HDimn. in mm : 225 Ø 25HPkg: 500Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0354CBM: 0.0723Item Code: P2Item Code: P3-1 ShallowDescription:Description:PLATE 7”PLATE 9”Dimn. in mm : 180 Ø 16HDimn. in mm : 225 Ø 25HPkg: 500Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0421CBM: 0.0726Item Code: P2 ShallowDescription:PLATE 7”Dimn. in mm : 180 Ø 16H24Item CodePkg: 500CBM: 0.0421

Plates & BowlsItem Code: P3/3Item Code: P5Item Code: B2Description: PLATE 9” WITH DIVISIONDescription: PLATE 11 1/2”Description:12 OZ BOWLDimn. in mm : 225 Ø 25HDimn. in mm : 292 Ø 20HDimn. in mm : 152 ØPkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 500CBM: 0.0723CBM: 0.1020CBM: 0.0277Item Code: P4Item Code: B1Item Code: TM4Description:Description:Description: TRAY WITH 4 PARTITIONSPLATE 10”12 OZ BOWLDimn. in mm : 260 Ø 30HDimn. in mm : 165 Ø 42HDimn. in mm : 272 X 242 X 26Pkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 250CBM: 0.1025CBM: 0.0354CBM: 0.000Item Code: P4/DItem Code: B1NItem Code: FT 1/6Description: PLATE 10 1/4” W/DIVISIONDescription:Description: COMPARTMENTS8 OZ BOWLMEAL TRAY WITH 6Dimn. in mm : 260 Ø 30HDimn. in mm : 152 Ø 49.5HDimn. in mm : 400 X 310 X 29Pkg: 500Pkg: 500Pkg: 100CBM: 0.1025CBM: 0.0560CBM: 0.0988Item Code: P4-1 ShallowDescription:PLATE 10”Dimn. in mm : 260 Ø 30HPkg: 500CBM: 0.090027

Polystyrene Requires Less Energy To ProduceAn average-weight polystyrene foam cold cup requires approximately halfas much total energy to produce than a representative-weight wax-coatedpaperboard cup.If all polystyrene packaging were replaced with corrugated cardboard,paper, wood, molded fiber etc, compared with current figures, raw materialrequirements would rise to 560%, power consumption to 215% and thelandfill volume to 150%, Polystyrene packing requires less energy than manyother material of similar design.28

EGG BOXES The egg boxes are available for medium and large eggs and in twoversions: One holds 12 eggs retails packs, while the other also holds 12eggs with added advantage to separate retail pack of 6 eggs with centerperforation.Item Code: E12Description:12 EGG BOXItem Code: E6 X 2 MEDIUMDescription:6 X 2 EGG BOXDimn. in mm : 305 X 110 X 67Dimn. in mm : 305 X 110 X 67Pkg: 100Pkg: 150Printable:Printable:CBM: 0.0118CBM: 0.1185Item Code: E6 X 2 LARGEDescription: 6 X 2 EGG BOXDimn. in mm : 305 X 110 X 67Pkg: 150Printable:CBM: 0.1185 31

CUPS AND LIDSEPS molded cups are smartly developed to provide lighter weight andhighly insulated packaging to cater the beverage industry. Hot or Cold,the insulation feature enables to retain desired temperature of thebeverage for longer duration. Lighter weight, sturdy walls, food safefeatures, locked with specially developed PS spill-proof, vented or sipthrough lid, makes it suitable for your take-away beverages.Item Code: CT4Description:4 OZ TUBItem Code: C8Description:8 OZ CUP: L6Description:4 OZ & 6 OZ LIDDimn. in mm : 74Ø X 25H (120ML)Dimn. in mm : 80Ø X 90H (250ML)Pkg: 500PkgPkg: 1000CBM: Printable: 0.0665CBM:0.0976Item Code: L8Description:Item Code: C12Pkg: 1000Description:CBM:Item Code: L12Printable: 1000:CBM:Item Code: C6-1Description:6 OZ PS CUP12 OZ CUP0.01978 OZ LID0.000Dimn. in mm : 76Ø X 84H (180ML)Dimn. in mm : 86Ø X 118H (360ML)Pkg: 1000Pkg: 1000Printable: Printable: Description:CBM:0.0821CBM:0.1319Pkg: 1000Item Code: C6Item Code: C16CBM:Description:Description:Item Code: L166 OZ CUP16 OZ CUP12 OZ LID0.00016 OZ LIDDimn. in mm : 74Ø X 84H (180ML)Dimn. in mm : 92Ø X 135HDescription:Pkg: 1000Pkg: 1000Pkg: 1000Printable: Printable: CBM:CBM:0.0821CBM:0.1250Item Code: CT16Description:16 OZ TUBDimn. in mm : 106Ø X 94H32Item CodePkg: 500Printable: CBM:0.11460.000

CUPS & LIDS / SIP UP LIDSItem Code: L9Description: 9 OZ LID WITH C-CUTPkg:1000CBM:0.022Item Code: L12Description: 12 OZ LID WITH C-CUTPkg:1000CBM:0.032Item Code: L16Description: 16 OZ LID WITH C-CUTPkg:1000CBM:0.029Item Code: L24Description: 24 OZ LID WITH C-CUTPkg:1000CBM:0.040Item Code: L32Description: 32 OZ LID WITH C-CUTPkg:1000CBM:0.054Item Code: SL7Description: 7 OZ SIP-UP LIDPkg:1000CBM:0.0370Item Code: SL9Description: 9 OZ SIP-UP LIDPkg:1000CBM:0.0370Item Code: SL12Description: 12 OZ SIP-UP LIDPkg:1000CBM:0.045535

36MythRealityPlastics use up non-renewableenergy sources and are not energyefficient.When using plastics in packaging the energy required is less than half of that requiredfor non-plastic packaging. In addition, effective recycling minimizes depletion of ournatural resources. At the end of its life the plastic can either be recycled as a material orused as a fuel in the same way as the original fossil fuel that created it.EPS is a major component ofmunicipal waste and landfills.EPS accounts for less than one tenth of one percent of the weight of municipalwaste.EPS Cups contain hazardous CFCsthat deplete the ozone layer andcause global warming.EPS contains pentane, not CFCs, which is broken down naturally and rapidly in theatmosphere. Pentane is not a recognised greenhouse gas and so use of EPS cupsdoes not contribute to global warming or depletion of the ozone layer.EPS cups taste and smell likechemicals.The base material for EPS is polystyrene which has neither taste nor odour. EPS cupsconsist of approximately 5% polystyrene and 95% air.EPS Cups have inferior strengthwhich leads to spillage.EPS cups have a very high strength to weight ratio and have the highest stiffnesscompared to other disposable containers. This reduces drink spillage while improvingcomfort and safety for the customer.

EPS Cups are Energy EfficientEPS Cups emerge as the most energy efficient when compared to all different kinds of drinking cups. For example,disposable paper cups require 2.75 times more energy throughout their lives than EPS foam cups(the difference betweenthe two green horizontal lines in the graph below). Did you know Paper Cup is a plastic Cup?The reusable alternatives, ceramic, glass and plastic cups, use more energy during their production, in addition to theenergy required to clean them in between uses, as they are used more often, the “energy per use” reduces (shown by theblue downward sloping lines in the graph). A ceramic cup needs to be used more than 1000 times before it reaches theequivalent “energy per use” level of an EPS foam cup.37

PET RANGE Tough and rigid – exceptional strength Resistance to water and oxygen Presentable clarityItem Code: C-0506Item Code: C-0516Description6OZ DELI CONTAINER: WITH LIDDescription: WITH LID16OZ DELI CONTAINERDimn. in mm : 149 X 124 X 30Dimn. in mm : 149 X 124 X 72Pkg: 250 / 300Pkg: 250 / 300CBM: 0.0581CBM: 0.0616Item Code: C-0508Item Code: C-0524Description: WITH LIDDescription: WITH LID8OZ DELI CONTAINER24OZ DELI CONTAINERDimn. in mm : 149 X 124 X 36Dimn. in mm : 190 X 165 X 48Pkg: 250 / 300Pkg: 250 / 300CBM: 0.0581CBM: 0.0839Item Code: C-0508DItem Code: C-0532Description: WITH DIVISION WITH LIDDescription: WITH LID08OZ DELI CONTAINER-32OZ DELI CONTAINERDimn. in mm : 149 X 124 X 52Dimn. in mm : 190 X 165 X 70Pkg: 250 / 300Pkg: 250 / 300CBM: 0.0618CBM: 0.0887Item Code: C-0512Item Code: 48 OZDescription12OZ DELI CONTAINER: WITH LIDDescription: WITH LID48 OZ DELI CONTAINERDimn. in mm : 149 X 124 X 52Dimn. in mm : 230 X 185 X 50Pkg: 250 / 300Pkg: 250 / 300CBM: 0.0618CBM: 0.1034Item Code: 64 OZDescription: WITH LID64OZ DELI CONTAINERDimn. in mm : 230 X 185 X 821PET38Pkg: 250 / 300CBM: 0.000

PET RANGEHinged Lid Pastry ContainerItem Code: C-0105Item Code: 05-10H50DescriptionRECTANGULAR HINGED: LID PASTRY CONTAINERDescription: LID PASTRY CONTAINERRECTANGULAR HINGEDDimn. in mm : 216 X 120 X90Dimn. in mm : 180 X 90 X 50Pkg: 250Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0374CBM: 0.0370Item Code: C-0205Item Code: 05-10H65DescriptionRECTANGULAR HINGED: LID PASTRY CONTAINERDescription: LID PASTRY CONTAINERRECTANGULAR HINGEDDimn. in mm : 239 X 172 X 79Dimn. in mm : 180 X 90 X 70Pkg: 250Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0523CBM: 0.0582Item Code: C-0305Item Code: 05-10H80DescriptionSQUARE HINGED LID: PASTRY CONTAINERDescription: LID PASTRY CONTAINERRECTANGULAR HINGEDDimn. in mm : 220 X 230 X 80Dimn. in mm : 180 X 90 X 90Pkg: 250Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0536CBM: 0.0541Item Code: C-0406Item Code: C3MDescriptionRECTANGULAR HINGED LID: CROISSANT CONTAINERDescription:RECTANGULAR HINGED CONTAINER (MINI)Dimn. in mm : 202 X 167 X mm :Pkg: 250Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0772CBM: 0.0422Item Code: C-0410Item Code: SL-32Item Code: HB3-80DDescription: CROISSANT CONTAINERDescription:SALAD mm :RECTANGULAR HINGED LID210 X 206 X 75HAMBURGER BOX – 80 DDimn. in mm : 240 X 190 X mm :Pkg: 250Pkg: 250Pkg: 250CBM: 0.0834CBM: 0.1170CBM: 0.04529157 X 165 X 80.51PET41

PET RANGEPET Hinged Lids Cake ContainerItem Code: 05-3H80Description: CAKE CONTAINERSQUARE HINGED LID: CP-2358RECTANGULAR HINGEDCONTAINERDescription: CAKE mm : 235Ø X 80: S-24Description:ROUND HINGED LIDDimn. in mm : 255 X 255 X mm :Pkg: 150Pkg: 400Pkg: 210CBM: 0.1309CBM: 0.000CBM: 0.000Item Code: 05-3H100Item Code: S-25Description:SQUARE HINGED LID CAKECONTAINERDescription:Item Code: CP-29510RECTANGULAR HINGEDCONTAINERDescription: CAKE mm : 295Ø X 100ROUND HINGED LIDDimn. in mm : 255 X 255 X mm :Pkg: 65Pkg: 350Pkg: 130CBM: 0.0634CBM: 0.000CBM: 0.1179Item Code: 05-1H65Item Code: S-26DescriptionSQUARE HINGED LID: PASTRY CONTAINERDescription:Item Code: CP-2955RECTANGULAR HINGEDCONTAINERDescription: CAKE mm : 295Ø X 50ROUND HINGED LIDDimn. in mm : 180 X 180 X mm :Pkg: 160Pkg: 350Pkg: 130CBM: 0.0582CBM: 0.000CBM: 0.000Item Code: 05-1H65-C4Item Code: S-27DescriptionSQUARE HINGED LID: MUFFIN CONTAINERDescription:Item Code: CP-2956RECTANGULAR HINGEDCONTAINERDescription: CAKE mm : 295Ø X 65ROUND HINGED LIDDimn. in mm : 180 X 180 X mm :Pkg: 180Pkg: 350Pkg: 130CBM: 0.0582CBM: 0.000CBM: 0.000Item Code: 05-1H80Item Code: CP-2355Item Code: CP-23510DescriptionSQUARE HINGED PASTRY: CONTAINERDescriptionROUND HINGED LID: CAKE CONTAINERDescription: CAKE CONTAINERROUND HINGED LIDDimn. in mm : 180 X 180 X mm : 230Ø X mm : 235Ø X 100Pkg: 150Pkg: 270Pkg: 210CBM: 0.0541CBM: 0.000CBM: 0.000Item Code: mm :42Item CodeItem CodeItem Code: CP-2356Item Code: CP-2958RECTANGULAR HINGED CONTAINER 5 COMPARTMENTSDescriptionROUND HINGED LID: CAKE CONTAINERDescription: CAKE mm : 235Ø X mm : 295Ø X 80ROUND HINGED LIDPkg: 250Pkg: 225Pkg: 130CBM: 0.0800CBM: 0.000CBM: 0.000

PET RANGEItem Code: LRT-70Description: Smooth (2.07Ltr) (70oz)LARGE ROUND TUB 70Item Code: GPT-24Description: (24oz) (.71Ltr)GENERAL PURPOSE TUB24Item Code: GPT-LIDDescription: General Purpose LidDimn. in mm : Ø250 x Ø232 x 52mmDimn. in mm : Ø172 x Ø155 x 43mmDimn. in mm : Ø172 x Ø147 x 7mmPkg: 100Pkg: 240Pkg: 240CBM: 0.0572CBM: 0.0403CBM: 0.0544Item Code: LRT-96Item Code: GPT-32DescriptionLARGE ROUND TUB 96: Smooth (2.94Ltr) (96oz)Description: (32oz) (.95Ltr)GENERAL PURPOSE TUB32Dimn. in mm : Ø250 x Ø228 x 75mmDimn. in mm : Ø172 x Ø155 x 55mmPkg: 100Pkg: 240CBM: 0.0572CBM: 0.0403Item Code: LRT-120Item Code: GPT-48DescriptionLARGE ROUND TUB 120: Smooth (3.5Ltr) (120oz)Description: (48oz) (1.4Ltr)GENERAL PURPOSE TUB48Dimn. in mm : Ø250 x Ø225 x 92mmDimn. in mm : Ø172 x Ø152 x 80mmPkg: 100Pkg: 240CBM: 0.0572CBM: 0.0504Item Code: LRT-160Item Code: GPT-64Description: Smooth (4.7Ltr) (160oz)Description: (64oz) (1.9Ltr)LARGE ROUND TUB 160GENERAL PURPOSE TUB64Dimn. in mm : Ø250 x Ø220 x 122mmDimn. in mm : Ø172 x Ø147 x 110mmPkg: 100Pkg: 240CBM: 0.0663CBM: 0.050443

44Item Code: UT-100Description: (24Oz) (with lid)Utility Tray-1” (0.70Ltr)Item Code: UT-100-DDescription: Compartment with lid)Utility Tray-1” (With 2Item Code: UT-LIDDescription: Utility Tray LidDimn. in mm : 216x165x32 mmDimn. in mm : 216x165x32 mmDimn. in mm : 216x165x10mmPkg: 280Pkg: 280Pkg: 280CBM: 0.0580CBM: 0.0580CBM: 0.0572Item Code: UT-152Item Code: UT-152-DDescriptionUtility Tray-1 1/2” (0.55,0.3: Ltr) (19OZ, 10 OZ) (with lid)Description: Compartment with lid)Utility Tray-1 1/2” (With 2Dimn. in mm : 216x165x38 mmDimn. in mm : 216x165x38 mmPkg: 280Pkg: 280CBM: 0.0774CBM: 0.0774Item Code: UT-175Item Code: UT-175-DDescriptionUtility Tray-1 3/4”(1.05Ltr): (36Oz) (with lid)Description: Compartment with lid)Utility Tray-1 3/4” (With 2Dimn. in mm : 216x165x47 mmDimn. in mm : 216x165x47 mmPkg: 280Pkg: 280CBM: 0.0797CBM: 0.0797Item Code: UT-225Item Code: UT-225-DDescription: Oz) (with lid)Description: Compartment with lid)Utility Tray-2 1/4”(1.2Ltr) (40Utility Tray-2 1/4” (With 2Dimn. in mm : 216x165x57 mmDimn. in mm : 216x165x57 mmPkg: 280Pkg: 280CBM: 0.0797CBM: 0.0797Item Code: UT-300Item Code: UT-300-DDescriptionUtility Tray-3” (1.6Ltr)(54Oz): (with lid)Description: Compartment with lid)Utility Tray-3” (With 2Dimn. in mm : 216x165x74 mmDimn. in mm : 216x165x74 mmPkg: 280Pkg: 280CBM: 0.0859CBM: 0.0859

PP/PET RANGEHinged Lid ContainerPP Round Microwave Containers with LidItem Code: PP-250Description: RECT. CONT. 275ML.MICROWAVE HINGED LIDItem Code: PP-1000Description: RECT. CONT. 1000ML.MICROWAVE HINGED LIDItem Code: PP-D08Description: ContainerMICROWAVE D08 RoundDimn. in mm : 124 X 96 X 45Dimn. in mm : 188 X 142 X 62Dimn. in mm : 115.4 Ø X 43Pkg: 600Pkg: 400Pkg: 1000CBM: 0.0888CBM: 0.0905CBM: 0.0744Item Code: PP-375Item Code: PP-1500Item Code: PP-D12DescriptionMICROWAVE HINGED LID: RECT. CONT. 370ML.DescriptionMICROWAVE HINGED LID: RECT. CONT. 1500ML.Description: ContainerMICROWAVE D12 RoundDimn. in mm : 132 X 125 X 42Dimn. in mm : 133 X 177 X 58Dimn. in mm : 115.4 Ø X 65Pkg: 500Pkg: 200Pkg: 1000CBM: 0.0801CBM: 0.064CBM: 0.0854Item Code: PP-500Item Code: PP-2000Item Code: PP-D16DescriptionMICROWAVE HINGED LID: RECT. CONT. 500ML.Descri

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