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HEALING PYRAMID ENERGY A PUBLIC DISCLOSURE BOOKLETby Russ MichaelRuss Michael is a best seller author more than 30 priorBLOCKBUSTER Laws if Nature and self-help books.See: www.goldenkeylibrary.infoFront Cover Art: “MeeSha” (M.C.Buhlmann)email: meesha@web.deEdited by Pamela Leachemail: pamramadama@earthlink.netTEL: 616-642-0308Revised, updated changes made by Pat McCabeemail: prmccabe05@windstream.netCopyright - 2013 - Russ Michael All rights reservedworldwidePublished 2013, by:Russ Michael BooksP.O. Box 654Virginia Beach, VA. 23451Email: Age-Reversal@aon.ati

DISCLOSURE! DISCLOSURE! DISCLOSURE! This is theheart and soul of our FREE ENERGY and healingPYRAMID POWER worldwide MOVEMENT.DEDICATEDwithEndless Love and Infinite AppreciationtoDr. PatrickPatrick Flanaganthe“Man of Tomorrow”A.K.A.MR. PYRAMID POWERii

Quote upon Proving Scientific Experiment“I am forced to conclude that a cardboard replica of theCheops Pyramid is not just a random arrangement of piecesof paper, but does have special properties.” Lyall Watson,Author of Supernatural.***Pyramids as Pyramid Storm Shields Shelter(PSSS)Earlier mass public disclosure could have saved so manylives and such immense property loss from 2012 hurricaneSANDY and the mighty destructive, deadly May 2013OKLAHOMA tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, USA just a meretwo days prior from me scribing this!Just think of the billions of dollars lost from propertydestroyed including human lives lost from hurricane Sandy inNew York or the recent Moore Oklahoma, USA tornado thatsmashed thousands of homes to bits and killed a tally of morethat 25 people already at this date, May 21, 2013.WHEN, thinking ahead, a 44-meter (about 150 feet tall)healing pyramid energy structure could have acted as PSSSstorm shield and kept hurricane Sandy from getting within200 miles of New York City or the Moore, Oklahoma,tornado getting within a 200-mile radius of that town. Madefrom PVC pipe and without “wall covers” it would costiii

perhaps a few hundred thousand dollars and erected in amatter of months. Certainly, it would cut the time and costdown immensely from the five years and million dollars spentto build the 44-meter high pyramid structure to a fifth or atenth of that cost to erect huge pyramids for good local orworldwide weather protection from bad storms, cyclones,hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, etc.Free Healing Pyramid Energy“Armed with this (healing pyramid energy) knowledgewe can heal the earth. It's as if life itself has a yetundiscovered energy field that supports its own existence andit emanated directly from the earth—where it is thenharnessed through unique pyramid structures.“Radiation can quickly be reduced, ozone holes closedup, earthquakes and severe weather reduced or eveneliminated, water purified, crops improved, illness anddisease dramatically lessened; buildings made far strongerand safer and even crime, terrorism and mental illness greatlyreduced—if not wiped out entirely. All these things weconsider to be separate problems, well beyond the capacity ofone person to manage, can now be seen as a part of theInternational Whole.”—David Wilcock — (Paraphrased) The Source FieldInvestigations, Published by DUTTONiv

Table of ContentsPreface by Author . viiiForeword . xi1 Dr. Patrick Flanagan's Pioneering 1970sBestseller, Pyramid Power . 12 David Wilcock's Healing Pyramid EnergyDisclosure in The Source Field Investigations! . 83 Russian Healing Pyramid Energy ScientificResearch Results! . 134 The Healing Pyramid Energy DisclosureMovement . 275 Cheap FREE Healing Pyramid Energy isAvailable NOW . 326 Build or Buy Your Own Home HealingPyramid Energy Structures . 337 Swift Construction of Worldwide PyramidEnergy Structures Will Heal the World . 378 Pyramids Offer Path to a Golden Age on Earth . 409 Fill Your Home and Backyard with Pyramids . 4110 Help to Build Local to International HealingPyramid Energy Structures . 46v

11 Be an Active Worldwide Lightworker HealingPyramid Energy “Whistleblower” . 5212 START TALKING: Spread the Word! . 5413 IMAGE Healing Pyramid Energy StructuresAcross all Earth . 5714 Where to from HERE—Golden Age HereWe Come . 5915 Building Your Own Pyramids . 6216 Pyramid Personal User Testimonials . 73Author's Afterword . 91Appendix ADUE CREDIT: Final Message from Scribe . 95Appendix BCONTACT INFO: Websites,Email Addresses, etc. . 98Appendix C“We are One” Poem by Kathy Coles. 100vi

Preface by AuthorAuthorFREE ENERGYIs “perpetual” FREE ENERGY, a real no-cost continualday and night FREE flow of healing PYRAMID energy,actually possible?It certainly, emphatically, is so!Most readers of this disclosure booklet will be absolutelyastounded at finding out that top scientists in Russia startedmore than two decades ago doing serious scientifically testedand documented pyramid research and development. Theybased their work on Dr. Patrick Flanagan's best selling book,Pyramid Power, which disclosed to the world how to usepyramids in the early 1970s. The Russian scientists didindeed unveil a host of astounding, powerful and naturallybeneficial healing energies and fields within and aroundvarious heights and differently angled pyramid structures thatserve new and already known major Earth-changingpurposes.Now in 2013, more than 50 huge pyramids are “at work”in both Russia and the Ukraine. One of them built beside abeautiful lake in either Ukraine or Russia is 33 meters highthus nearly 150 feet tall.vii

NOTE THIS:Twenty prematurely born babies, all who normally wouldhave died in the condition they were in, were each fed only afew milliliters of tap water—far less than an ounce—that hadbeen stored in the healing pyramid energy field of one ofthese pyramids. To the joy of the parents and to the elation ofthe scientists, each one of those precious twenty prematurelyborn babies lived.What may even be more astonishing and to many readersa shocking “wake up call” is despite the fact humanity onEarth now undoubtedly has the most perfectly documentedperpetual FREE ENERGY and means to possibly healabsolutely everyone and EVERYTHING on Earth, whoKNOWS ABOUT IT?FREE Healing PYRAMID Energy is more fully effectivethen all the various many-faceted, wonderful, well-meaningglobal “Green Movement's” of more than a decade of effort.That includes all that has been done since the longstanding, much repeated “climate change” huff and puffwarnings by reputable concerned scientists.It is crystal clear a widespread national or global newsblitz of all that that can now truly be done with free healingpyramid energy has been obviously deliberately withheld orintentionally blocked from mass worldwide public mediadisclosure.viii

I assure you that by the time (or before) you have finishedreading this booklet, you will know beyond a doubt why themassive, powerful dark global military-industrial complexhave effectively blocked any and all FREE ENERGYdelivery systems from being known by our Earth masses forthe past 100 years or more. These “rich beyond measure”corporations, bankers, and WORLD CONTROLLERS aredriven only by greed and daily worship to their money god;seeking total slave power over all other beings on Earth.This subtle “blackout” was achieved via their tightlycontrolled cowed, worldwide so-called “public major media”;the worldwide newspaper, TV, radio, book publishing, andmagazine media systems, including even a rigidly controlledsports entertainment movie and cartoon industry to mention afew major censorship systems.Fortunately, due to continual loving help from DivineUniversal and protective Galactic Federation extraterrestrialsources, enough awakened “whistle blowers” human souls onEarth have managed to keep the “BEAST”—as known inBiblical terms—at bay. These whistle-blowers have stoppedthe “beast” from mobilizing the U.N. and the powerful darkgovernments of Earth from passing national and internationallaws and regulations that would block the TRUTH from evenfaintly being disclosed on our vast worldwide internet. Theinternet, so often maligned now, is our major truly open freedisclosure national and international communications systemon Earth.ix

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the pyramidpower disclosed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in his book of thesame name (published in the early 1970s), and the brilliantresearch and development of the past two decades by Russianscientist will soon be known worldwide via our massivecollective disclosure movement as outlined in this booklet.AS WE THE PEOPLE LEAD, THE LEADERS OF THEWORLD GOVERNMENTS MUST FOLLOW.Humanity now possesses an easy to construct ultra lowcost source of continuous flow FREE healing pyramid energyfor a swift healing of our entire Mother Earth—as well asrapidly rejuvenating almost every woman, man and child onEarth.The key, paradoxically, is through swift, vigorous, socialnetworking of this FREE public disclosure booklet via theinternet.FREE healing pyramid energy can provide humanity witha rapid, smooth transitional leap into the long fore-seen, longprophesied, long promised final Golden Age on Earth—whereupon freedom, peace, love, joy and abundance for eachand ALL is soon not only truly possible, but highly probable.So be it. All is well. Bless us all.WE are ONE in the ONENESS of All that Is.x

ForewordFour Points Worth MakingBy the time you have finished reading this entire healingpyramid energy “disclosure movement” booklet the followingkey four points ought to be fully addressed (check with me inmy Author Afterword if they have been addressed to yoursatisfaction):Point 1:In the early 1970s Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s bestseller,Pyramid Power (selling 1.5 million hardcover books) pavedthe way for a NOW timely full-blast public disclosuremovement that will lead every dear member of humanity to aGolden Age of rejuvenation, peace, abundance and foreverwell-being on Earth.Top teams of dedicated Russian research anddevelopment scientists followed up Dr. Flanagan's pioneeringwork over the next two decades.The Russian scientists gradually built and rigorouslytested and documented a myriad of astounding FREEENERGY healing with miraculously rejuvenating results, asdisclosed in Chapter 3 of this booklet, via 50 pyramidstructures (most are very large) erected worldwide with mostsituated in Russia and Ukraine.xi

Hopefully—even before you finish reading this volumeentirely—you will be sharing a good portion of the revelatoryso very exciting, utterly astounding, seeming miraculousrejuvenating, healing pyramid energy disclosure test results.Please speak enthusiastically, passionately andauthentically to everyone about what you soon will knowabout what FREE ENERGY healing PYRAMID structuresnow offer.When YOU build or buy and own a pyramid, one ormore, you thereby effortlessly create and expand your ownpersonal unique, genuine public disclosure circle on Earth.Indeed—as each and all of us even partially rousedhealing pyramid energy MOVEMENT membersspontaneously DO—from this date forward what isresponsibly long over-DUE by each and all of us—webecome “wayshowers” to all humanity.In turn, as we the people lead, the world leaders mustfollow!Point 2:All the major worldwide news media either are owned orare cowed by three or four powerful members of the “worldcontrollers.” They are also known as the Military-IndustrialComplex, the BEAST, the Illuminati, the Dark Cabal, or theDark Brotherhood. They also control and hold tight totalfinancial power over all major worldwide energy productionxii

and dangerous, often very toxic legal pharmaceutical andeven illegal drug sources, they shudder and tremble in greatfear at any mention of “free energy” or free anything.Meanwhile, to keep face, major media outletsoccasionally do make small token gestures with brief newsstories about what the Russian scientists have proven, yetover past decades have done everything possible to ridiculeany genuine disclosure of FREE ENERGY devices or FREE“healing energy.” They have installed and engrained theabsolute false science notion that FREE “perpetual motion”machines or devices are contradictory to known modernscience truth, etc., for more than a century.Thus, any illusion that major news media are ever goingto report the well-documented Russian scientists' FREE“Healing Pyramid Energy” results is illusion.That national and international government leaders,almost all of whom are under the direct management andcontrol of the hidden World Controllers and hiddengovernments, are going to step up to use this fully provenPYRAMID POWER technology to build huge internationalpyramid structures to usher in a Golden Age of Abundanceand personal FREEDOM is sheer wistful delusion.YET it can be done! It will be done! WE will DO it.So be it.xiii

However, “we the people” will do it. We are who mustand who will make full worldwide public disclosure a swiftworldwide public social network MOVEMENT, as wecollectively clearly demand and insist that our world leadersfollow our lead or else surrender and rightly lose theirpowerful leadership position or “office” of leadership.Let it be so!Never forget that as we the people lead the leader

Pyramid Power, which disclosed to the world how to use pyramids in the early 1970s. The Russian scientists did indeed unveil a host of astounding, powerful and naturally beneficial healing energies and fields within and around various heights and differently angled pyramid structures that serve new and already known major Earth-changing purposes. Now in 2013, more than 50 huge pyramids are .