Welcome To The Pyramid Profit System! Id Like To .


Welcome to the Pyramid Profit System! I’d like to personally thank you for purchasing thisebook. But I also honestly want you to thank yourself. Why? Because this ebook truly isdesigned for YOU to succeed in a niche that is growing too fast to become saturated. Trust mewhen I say I know how much it sucks to buy a terrible ebook, we’ve all been there and it’s aterrible feeling. I have too much respect for you, your time, and most importantly your moneyto make this ebook anything less than perfect. This ebook will clearly explain to you thePyramid Profit System that I developed leaving you with a clear understanding of how easy youcan make money with this; no more feeling like you have a grey area to figure out which is thecase after reading so many other ebooks out there. Remember when I said I wanted you tosucceed? I really meant it! This is why at the end of this ebook I’m giving you my personalbusiness skype to truly give you 1 on 1 support and join other buyers of the ebook in a Skypemastermind and discussion group regarding the Pyramid Profit System. Without further adieulet’s begin learning the Pyramid Profit System!

The way this method works is building up a pyramid of people that work on your team.The more people you have the more you make. In this case quality quantity though so I amgoing to show you the system we will be using and how you can build a team to make you profitin your sleep!We will be using an affiliate platform called ‘G2A Goldmine’. The site G2A is a site thatsells game keys, memberships, Microsoft points etc. But their affiliate platform is beautiful asit allows you to build a pyramid of people up to 3 levels that you make money off of! They alsoutilize something I call a super cookie which I will explain to you in just a bit.Before I get too much into detail you will need to sign-up for the goldmine program:Goldmine Sign-up Link: https://www.g2a.com/r/goldmine signupOnce you have signed up you will notice the beautiful dashboard and easy to use toolsystem which I will explain to you. Here is how the goldmine program works. You refer peopleto G2A.com using your link. Anyone that clicks on that link and makes a purchase will earn youa decent commission. G2A uses what I call a super cookie. This means that if they click on yourlink a cookie will be stored in their browser. This cookie makes sure you get your commissionfor a sale even if the person who clicked your link doesn’t buy anything for months! But thegreatest part is you can generate profits by referring other people to the goldmine program!This creates a Pyramid System of autopilot profit.

So here is the basic structure of the pyramid. Here is how this all works. The top level ispeople you refer directly to g2a.com that then make a purchase. You get 100% of thecommission for the sale. The next two levels are people that make purchases from links thatyour team members send out. So for example let’s say you refer your friend Andy to thegoldmine program. He promotes his g2a link and someone buys something from his link. G2Awill match his commission 60% and you earn 60% of that sale’s commission for doing prettymuch nothing. Then let’s say Andy refers Bob to the goldmine program. Bob promotes his linkand gets a sale just like before but this time you will get 40% of that sales commission! Now Iam sure you can imagine the potential here of having 100, 500, 1000, 2000, even 10,000 peopleon your level 1 and level 2 teams. You see the profit potential here!

Now that you see what we are going for here how exactly should we go about building alarge yet high quality team? Let me explain to you my personal methods to make big time profithere.What does every YouTuber and Twitch streamer want? A way to make moneyplaying the games they love. Also known as a Sponsorship and guess what you can offer themone. Imagine how powerful your pyramid would be if you referred 100 small youtubers with500-4k subscribers to the goldmine program. Here is all you need to do. First go to the ‘Tools’tab in the Goldmine Dashboard. Then make a new link that directs to goldmine so name it whatyou want but make sure it directs them to g2a.com/goldmine. By doing that you will receivecredit for referring them to the goldmine program and you will then have them on your team!G2A matches 60% of what they make and pays it to you! Their payments are not affected! Andanyone they refer to the goldmine program you get 40% of their earnings as well!The best way to do this is to send them an e-mail or YouTube message. The key isto sound like a professional company. Also leave them your Skype so they can ask youquestions and you can teach them how to promote their G2A link and how they can refer theirother streamer/video maker friends to the goldmine program.

What if I told you for between 5 and 10 investment you can appear 100x more professional?Here is all it is, the secret. is to emulate the company. In other words pretend to be the actualcompany! How you ask? By getting a domain name that directs to your g2a.com link, creating abusiness twitter page and a business facebook page. I’ll go ahead and show you my personalexamples.The Domain – I purchased the domain g2agaming.com, I paid only 4.80 for it on GoDaddy. Allyou need to do is Google a coupon and you can get a domain name for 4.80 for the year! AfterI bought the domain I made it redirect to my g2a.com link. I also made a subdomain of thedomain (free to do) I made an affiliate.g2agaming.com which directs people to the goldmine Iuse this link for those I advertise the goldmine program to and I just use g2agaming.com tothose I am advertising general game buying to.The Twitter – I made a professional looking Twitter and bought a couple thousand followers tomake it look more legit. I spend about 3-4 on followers from seoclerks.com. Doing this makesyou look like a legit business. Later I’ll explain the power of having a Twitter and Facebook. Butto see an example of my Twitter page it’s http://www.twitter.com/g2agamingThe FaceBook – Same as the Twitter. I just made a professional looking page with my linkseverywhere. I only spent 1 on likes for this page. To see what it looks like here is the 0998560175543Just think how much more professional you will appear for such a small investment. I know ithas greatly helped me be taken more seriously.**Tip – Also make a g2a business Skype with your link in the profile description. If you want toadd mine it’s: G2AGaming (This will also be the Skype I want you to add for the discussiongroup/teaching lessons)

I’ve now explained to you how to get people on your team, how to use goldmine’s dashboard,and how to appear 100x more professional. The final aspect is now promoting your link andgetting those sales .For more tips and other concepts to promote your link I highly encourage you to add mySkype and join the group lessons! Add: G2AGamingPeople highly underestimate the power of Twitter. People think you need thousands offollowers to get clicks on your link. But you can have 0 followers and still get an average of 20clicks per tweet! How? KEYWORDS. Gamers who are on Twitter (and you’d be surprised howmany there are it’s a hell of a lot) have their trends tailored to who they follow and what theylike.If you tweet the word ‘dragon age’ for example peopleWho like and play Dragon Age will see your tweet.ESPECIALLY when it’s trending. If you go on my twitter pageYou will notice I always use big name games and picturesFor every tweet I post I see 20 cookies every time on myG2A dashboard. EVEN WHEN I HAD 0 FOLLOWERS!Every week select 3-5 popular games that you will tweetPromotions of. Tweet about it every 2-3 hours try to get10 tweets per day. I can almost guarantee that you will get between 10-20 clicks every tweet!10 tweets per day would mean you get about 150 clicks per day! Simple as that!

The week dragon age came out take a look at how I was tweeting every hour. I was doing stufflike this:I would tweet this exact message for a variety of trending games. I would use differentpictures every time and would easily get 20 clicks on my link FOR EACH TWEET! WITH 0FOLLOWERS AT THE TIME 0!!Imagine how much more clicks you would get if you built a small following of about 5002000 real gamers? Simply following a couple hundred gamers every day and unfollowing theones who don’t follow back. Do you see the power here? Oh and what’s to stop you fromrecruiting Twitter pages with 40k gamer followers into the goldmine program by offering thema ‘sponsorship’ I hope you are starting to piece together how powerful this pyramid profitsystem really is!

The same exact principals above apply for Facebook. But with Facebook you can alsomake a new account and join a bunch of gamer groups. Don’t spam but post something like thetweet I showed above in the gamer groups.To close this ebook I want to share a small segment on the power of masteringTwitter/Facebook ad campaigns. I recommend doing this after getting comfortable with thegoldmine system for about a week or two. But I am not going to go too into depth here but I’llexplain the power (also there are ebooks and free tutorials online on how to get the cheapestpossible targeted twitter and facebook ad campaigns).Investing in Twitter & Facebook ads can really take you to the next level of making full timeincome. Once you test and find out what works for you you’ll begin to develop a system inwhich for example you say for every 10 I invest on Facebook ad’s I get 16-20 back from G2A.But this takes some time and testing. You’d be surprised how cheap ads are on Twitter andespecially Facebook. You can get 1k people seeing your message for 1. Even less if youmaster campaign management.As I said earlier I don’t want to get too in-depth with the paid advertising as it’s a skill masteredin my opinion and it takes testing and of course some investment. But if you are into this youcan easily find tutorials and resources online.

I thank you again for purchasing this ebook and KNOW you will make money with this. Yousimply need to take action and give it a shot. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. You can do this ).If you have not already signed up here is the link to the goldmine programhttps://www.g2a.com/r/goldmine signupRemember, I have developed a Skype group just for you guys and also give group lessons onunique methods to promote your link and make dough. I want you to just imagine yourself amonth from now waking up every day to an extra 20-100 in your goldmine account fromthe work you put in during the start up stage. I am here to guide you along the way!Skype: G2AGAMING

500-4k subscribers to the goldmine program. Here is all you need to do. First go to the ZTools tab in the Goldmine Dashboard. Then make a new link that directs to goldmine so name it what you want but make sure it directs them to g2a.com/goldmine. By doing that you will receive