Student Access And Success At McNeese State University


Student Access and Successat McNeese State University

McNeese State UniversityA Mission for ExcellenceMcNeese State University, a selective admissions institution, provideseducation, research, and service that support our core values of academicexcellence, student success, fiscal responsibility, and universitycommunity alliances. The University’s fundamental educational mission isto offer associate, baccalaureate, and specific graduate curriculadistinguished by academic excellence. The University engages incollaborative ventures to benefit industry and to enhance economicdevelopment and cultural growth in this region and beyond.The foundation for student success begins with faculty commitment toexcellence in teaching, research, and creative and scholarly activity. AtMcNeese State University, a member of the University of LouisianaSystem, students cultivate skills for critical thinking and effectiveexpression and gain an understanding of the global community. Thelearning and social environment integrates discipline-specific knowledgewith the values of lifelong learning, ethical responsibility, and civicengagement.Adopted by McNeese State University—2/21/05Approved by the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System—4/29/05

Our Core ValuesFocus on Student Impact Academic ExcellenceStudent SuccessFiscal ResponsibilityUniversity-Community Alliances

University-Wide Initiatives,Activities and Programs

Student Access Strategic Planningand Resource Allocation Activities for recruiting students–dual enrollment–early admissions–scholarships–high school partnerships–web presenceProviding financial assistance to students in need–institutional and private scholarships–campus jobs

Student Access Strategic Planningand Resource Allocation Offering academic programs that prepare students forthe workforce or further educational attainment Taking a role in professional development of K-12teachers so that students are prepared for college Creating flexible instructional delivery and format– weekend courses– night classes– online classes– abbreviated semesters Providing cultural opportunities for K-12 students Positive University Image

Collaboration with K-12The mathematics, history, English, nursing, engineering,and agriculture departments have built collaborativearrangements with our K-12 partners to strengthen ourshared objectives for educating people.

Student Recruitment andRetention Planning

New Resources Allocated forEnrollment ManagementPrior to1/19/09

New Resources Allocated forEnrollment Management

New Resources Allocated forEnrollment Management Hired a registrar and administrative assistant for theRegistrar's Office Shifted Admissions from Registrar's supervision toDirector of Recruiting's supervision Hired a scholarship administrator to handle athleticand private donor scholarships Moved coordinator of adult learning and retention toGeneral and Basic Studies (from Distance Learning) Moved Continuing Education from InformationTechnology to Enrollment Management

Advising Process EvaluationWe recognize that the advisor has a critical opportunity tobuild a positive relationship with students; to learn abouttheir hopes and dreams, as well as their needs, concerns,and challenges for succeeding in earning a college degree.

Identification of At-Risk StudentsWe identify at-risk students and take steps to learn abouttheir specific challenges or perceptions for hinderingacademic success; and then we get them support from thelearning community and beyond if necessary.

Freshman Foundations InitiativeWe began the Freshman Foundations initiative last fall andhave discovered the personalized nature of this course willlead to a sound understanding of our student population.

Freshman Foundations InitiativeWe began the Freshman Foundations initiative last fall andhave discovered the personalized nature of this course willlead to a sound understanding of our student population.

Freshman Foundations InitiativeThe Freshman Foundations Courseincludes topics on– financial management– time management– how to access academic supportservices– career opportunities in the student’schosen field– other information about navigating theacademic community successfully

Write to Excellence CenterImplementationThe implementation of the Write to Excellence Center fallbecome one of the most significant steps to improve oursense of student community and expectations for academicachievement.

Write to Excellence CenterImplementationIn fall 2008, the center delivered 2,430 tutorials to studentsand staff from all areas of campus. Many clients maderepeat visits.–––––––Freshmen: 1,723 reservationsSophomore: 56 reservationsJunior: 69 reservationsSenior: 238 reservationsGraduate Students: 229 reservationsFaculty: 56 reservationsStaff: 11 reservations

Professional Development ofFaculty and StaffTo make a positive influence on a student; and learn howthat positive influence can make a significant impact to astudent’s success.

Scholarship InitiativesFrom the 2006/2007 academic year to the 2007/2008academic year, the percentage of undergraduate studentsat McNeese receiving any form of financial aid rose from74% to 77%.– 1,064 students receive almost 2 million in private donor aid– 89% of full-time, first-time freshmen in fall 2007 received over 7million in all forms of financial aid

Scholarship InitiativesDistinguished Scholars AwardCreated to encourage retention of high-performing studentsEconomic Opportunity IncentiveProvides incentive scholarships for small businesses to sponsoremployee education.Leadership MSUCreated to encourage students exhibiting leadership potentialwithin the university or their college.Aspire/Achieve/AttainCreated to encourage enrollment and retention of underrepresented populations and high academic achievers.On-Track ProgramCreated to assist students in remaining ‘on-track’ for 4 year degreecompletion.

Scholarship InitiativesService LearningCreated for students participating in institutional service learningopportunities.Writing Incentive AwardCreated to assist students in participating in LiveText, anelectronic portfolio system that is also utilized as an assessmenttool for the writing initiative.McNeese Advantage AwardIntended to assist needy students (particularly those not eligiblefor other federal grant assistance) with increased college costs.

Scholarship InitiativesThe McNeese Foundation has the third largest assets of thefoundations in our system—and we would not have thatsupport if our citizens did not believe in the important roleMcNeese has for student access and success. Our Foundation supports student access and success– Prioritizes scholarships– Faculty Development

First-Time Freshmen Enrollmentfrom SWLA at McNeese

5-Year Retention RatesMcNeese consistently averages a 70% freshman retentionrate. The retention rate has hovered around 73% sinceHurricane Rita.

National Comparisons

2008 NSSE SurveyFirst-time freshmen and senior students indicateMcNeese scores above the national norm in– how students work to meet instructor’s expectations– how students positively rated their relationships withfaculty member and administrative personnel andoffices

College-Specific Initiatives,Activities and Programs

Burton College of EducationThe college of education offers 8 teacher preparation programs and 2psychology programs including concentrations in Addictive Behaviorsand Applied Behavior Analysis, which deals with autism. The collegealso offers programs in Athletic Training and Health and HumanPerformance.

Burton College of EducationThe college partners with K-12 school districts in offering aliteracy conference each summer

Burton College of EducationCalcasieu and Jeff Davis Parishes each had 4 high schoolsthat earned a 3-star rating or higher in state performancescores. These are the only 2 districts in Louisiana to attainthis level of academic excellence.– 85% of the teachers in those 8 high schools earned a degree fromMcNeese– 100% of the school administrators in those 8 high schools earneda degree from McNeese

Burton College of EducationSWLA High School Graduation RatesThe school districts in the McNeese 5-parish area are amongLouisiana’s top 10 districts for high school graduation rates– 74% of the educators in these parishes earned a degreefrom McNeese– 99% of the administrators in these parishes earned adegree from McNeese

College of Liberal ArtsBanners—2008 season outreach touched nearly 15,000 K-12 studentsby including them in diverse cultural activitiesBearfoot Bluegrass at Dolby Elementary

College of Liberal ArtsBanners—2008 season outreach touched nearly 15,000 K-12 studentsby including them in diverse cultural activitiesBearfoot Bluegrass at St. Louis Catholic High School

College of Liberal ArtsBanners—2008 season outreach touched nearly 15,000 K-12 studentsby including them in diverse cultural activitiesHi Robbo at Epps Library

College of Liberal ArtsBanners—2008 season outreach touched nearly 15,000 K-12 studentsby including them in diverse cultural activitiesIstanpitta at Immaculate Conception Catholic School

College of Liberal ArtsBanners—2008 season outreach touched nearly 15,000 K-12 studentsby including them in diverse cultural activitiesNnenna Freelon at JD Clifton Head Start

College of Liberal ArtsCoushatta ProjectAn initiative to preserve and archive theKoasati language, the Coushatta tribe’snative language which currently existsonly as a spoken language.– Awarded a 450,000 NSF/NEH grant todigitally archive at-risk languages– McNeese scholars and Tribal leaders arecurrently developing a language textbookand workbooks for use at the college level

College of Liberal ArtsCoushatta Project15 Coushatta tribal members enrolled at McNeese to gain theskills needed to assist with the project.The Vice-Chairman of the Coushatta Tribe enrolled at McNeeseas a History major.

College of Liberal Arts“Teaching American History” InstituteOffers an enrichment opportunity to public school teachers throughvarious topical courses in American History to enhance contentbased humanities education. This program is a joint venturebetween McNeese, the Calcasieu Parish School Board and theLouisiana Endowment for the Humanities.– Over 60 K-12 teachers participated in this institutelast summer– Teachers earn graduate and professional developmentcredits– MSU faculty teach courses and bring in resource scholarswith particular areas of expertise

College of Business

College of Business Since 2004, the internship program has doubled in size,providing students access to unique learningexperiences and long-term career prospects 95% of our interns are paid, which assists our studentsin paying for college expenses

College of BusinessParticipating �Merrill LynchStine LumberCalcasieu Parish Policy JuryCameron State BankSWLA Partnership for Economic DevelopmentCitgo PetroleumWestlake ChemicalChamber SouthwestConoco-PhillipsWhitney National BankL’auberge du LacLake Charles ManufacturingMoss Regional Hospitaland many, many others

College of Business In 2008, the College of Business hosted eight CareerLuncheons with 76 students participating Each luncheon resulted in multiple successful hires

College of Business Student interns earned academic credit toward aBachelor of Science degree in the College of Business 70% of interns accepted continuing internships or careeropportunities with their employer

College of Business“While working at Krause and Managan, I gained a mentor I gained self-confidence as Ilearned how to listen to others and to be listened to. I learned to respect othersbeliefs Most importantly, I learned how to be a professional at all times.”—Hellmyn Delfin MoravekBusiness Administration InternKrause and Managan Lumber Company, LLC“The internship is one of the best experiences I have had taking a class at McNeese. Itexceeded my expectations and gave me a great experience. The internship is a great wayto find out if the particular career you are considering is right for you. If I could set thecurriculum, I would make the internship a required course for the College of Business.”— Thomas EastmanMarketing InternFlavin Realty

College of Business“Alisha is truly an asset to the Accounting Division. She has a professional and positiveattitude and excellent critical thinking skills. She quickly learned the City’s accountingsoftware system and she implemented improvements to the current Excel spreadsheets forCode Enforcement invoices and liens.”—Jo An GarlandAccounting ManagerCity of Lake Charles“Sean’s strength is his ability to develop strong rapport with personnel. He speaks withconfidence and is very articulate. Sean has a strong academic foundation of accounting andfinance and he has directly contributed to the Internal Audit Division by assisting with andeventually performing audits from the 2008 Audit Plan.”—Wayne FosterRegional Internal Audit SupervisorBoyd Gaming

College of NursingStudents in the college of nursing can earn the associate,bachelor, or master’s degree in nursing.

College of NursingThe college also has an LPN to RN program which hasgrown 600% over the last 3 years.Active LPN Students1009080706050403020100Fall 05Fall 06Fall 07Fall 08

College of Nursing Since 2001, our MSN Program has grown 61%And, since 2001, our enrollment in all nursing programs hasmore than doubled to its current level of 1,267 studentsMcNeese Nursing graduates make up approximately 80% ofall nurses in Lake Charles and the surrounding rural areas

College of NursingIn collaboration with the Red Cross and the CalcasieuParish Medical Society and Alliance, the College of Nursingsupports the Calcasieu Community Clinic, which serveslow-income and under- and un-insured individuals.– This collaboration was especially important duringhurricanes Katrina and Rita where many McNeese nursingfaculty worked to set up and staff clinics and shelters inthe area.

College of NursingVideo of Theresa Woods—McNeese BSN 1980. Currently,Chief Operations Officer at West Calcasieu CameronHospital in Sulphur, LA.

College of NursingFrom 2004 to 2008, nursing degree completers havedoubled.

College of Science

MyMath LabMyMath Lab– The number of students who received an A, B or Cincreased by almost 12%– The number of students who withdrew decreased byalmost 4%

Writing-Enriched Courses60% of the writing-enriched science courses realizedincreased pass rates for the fall 2008 term.

Medical School Acceptance Rate McNeese’s 10-year average acceptance rate is 70%McNeese students who graduated during the 2007/2008academic year had an 86% acceptance rate—double thenational average of 43%

Medical School Acceptance RateSpotlight: 2008 GraduateRaphiel Heard“When I was a kid, there was onlyone doctor who served GrandChenier, Cameron and Creole heknew everyone in town and he tookgood care of them patients weren’tjust patients to him. After I’d leave, Iwould think to myself, ‘I want to dothat.’”

College of Engineering &Engineering TechnologyThe college of engineering and engineering technology is integral to theindustrial corridor in Southwest Louisiana. The dean, faculty andstudents collaborate effectively with local industries in important ways.

Don Fruge, Citgo

Degrees Conferred

Degrees Conferred to SWLAResidents by McNeeseMcNeese awards nearly 70% of the total degrees tostudents from the 5-parish area who earn Bachelor’sdegrees from 4-year, public institutions in Louisiana.

Degrees Conferred in SWLA2003/20042004/20052005/20062006/20072007/2008


In SummaryAll of these examples point to the strengths of McNeese—we are a caring institution that provides quality programs tostudents and services to citizens. The results point to thededication and commitment our faculty and staff, and theremarkable collaborations the University has forgedthroughout SWLA.

McNeese State University, a member of the University of Louisiana System, students cultivate skills for critical thinking and effective . Offering academic programs that prepare students for the workforce or further educational attainment Taking a role in professional development of K-12 teachers so that students are prepared for college