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Our Services0104Property MaintenanceWe have 5 Inspectors thatare available to help withneighboring properties thatare not being maintainedor when you are rentingand poor conditions arenot being addressed.ZoningWe have 2 Zoning Officersthat can check set backsand use allowance. If youare looking to make anychanges they are your firststep.0205Permitting and InspectionsWhen you are ready torenovate your property wehave 2 techs who are ableto assist you in getting thepaperwork and inspectionsneeded to ensurecompliance.DemolitionNeighboring demolishingtheir property? If you areconcerned with dustcontrol or debris, give ouroffice a call.0306LicensingTo help protect consumers,we require testing andlicenses to ensure thatwhen you hire someonefor a job that they have theknowledge and experienceneeded.Rental RegistrationA registration program thatperforms safetyinspections to help keeptenants safe fromavoidable disasters.

Agenda01Property Maintenance02Permits, Licenses, & Inspections03Zoning04ContactsThe Proper Care and Requirements for Properties.Renovating Residential Properties.Understanding Different Districts and Uses for Your Area.A List of Who to Contact When You Have Questions.

Property Maintenance

Appearances:The exterior of your property and yardshould be clean, safe, and sanitary.Structures, fences, walls, etc. should bemaintained, and in good condition.Address numbers and letters shouldbe no less than 4” in height and noless than 0.5” in width.

Grass & Weeds:Yards should be maintained.Grass and weeds can be notaller than 10”.

Garbage:01AccumulationThe exterior property and theinterior of every structure,shall be free from anyaccumulation of garbage.02DisposalEvery occupant of a structureshall dispose of all garbage ina clean and sanitary mannerby placing such garbage inapproved containers.Garbage cannot go out to the curb more than 24 hours before pickup.To schedule for large items to be picked up, you first need to obtain a confirmationnumber by calling (814) 870-1550.

Rodents:The interior and exterior of the property shallbe kept free from rodent harborageand infestation.

Motor Vehicles:No more than one inoperativeor unlicensed motor vehicleshall be parked, kept, orstored on any premise.No vehicles shall at any timebe in a state of majordisassembly, disrepair, or inprocess of being stripped ordismantled.Vehicles cannot be parked on thelawn. They must be parked on adriveway or parking lot.

Swimming Pools:Swimming pools shallbe maintained in aclean and sanitarycondition and in goodrepair.

Exterior Stairway, Decks, Porches, and Balconies:01StructureEvery exterior stairway, deck,porch, and balcony shall bemaintained structurally sound,in good repair, with properanchorage and capable ofsupporting the imposed loads.02Handrails and GuardsEvery handrail and guard shallbe firmly fastened and capableof supporting normallyimposed loads and shall bemaintained in good conditions.

Insect Screens:From May 1st to August 31st every door, window, and other outside openingrequired for ventilation of habitable rooms, food preparation areas, and everyscreen door used for insect control shall be a self-closing device in goodworking condition.

Doors:All exterior doors, door assemblies andhardware shall be maintained ingood condition.

Interior Surfaces:All interior surfaces, includingwindows and doors, shall bemaintained in good, clean,and sanitary condition.

Interior Stairs:Stairs and Walking Surfaces:Every stair, ramp, landing, balcony, porch,deck, or other walking surface shall bemaintained in sound condition and goodrepair.Every exterior and interior flight of stairshaving more than four risers shall have ahandrail on one side of the stair and everyopen portion of a stair, landing, balcony,porch, deck, ramp, or other walkingsurface which is more than 30” above thefloor or grade below shall have guards.

Interior Doors:Every interior door shall fitreasonably well within its frame.It shall be properly and securelyattached to jambs, headers, ortracks as intended by themanufacturer of the attachmenthardware.It shall be capable of being openedand closed.

Infestation:All Structures shall be kept free from insect and rodent infestation.

Sleeping Areas:Prohibited Occupancy:Kitchens and non-habitable spacesshall not be used for sleepingpurposes.Other Requirements:Every habitable space cannot haveless than one openable window.Bedrooms must be larger than 70square feet.

Bathrooms:Every dwelling unit shall contain its ownbathtub or shower, lavatory, water closetand kitchen sink, which shall bemaintained in a sanitary, safe workingcondition.Toilet rooms and bathrooms shall provideprivacy and shall not constitute the onlypassageway to a hall or other space, or tothe exterior.

Residential Occupancies:Dwellings shall be provided with heating facilities capable of maintaining roomtemperature of 68 F in all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms fromSeptember 1st to April 30th.

Smoke Alarms:Single- or multiple- stationsmoke alarms shall beinstalled and maintainedregardless of occupant loadat all of the following locations:Ceiling or wall outside of each sleeping areaEach room used for sleepingEach story within a dwelling unit

Permits, Inspections, & LicensingCOVID-19 Update: Permits must be applied for through email or mail.Email: Address: 626 State St. Erie, PA 16501 ATTN: Code Enforcement OfficeThere is also drop box out front of City Hall for residents to drop documents off if.

Permits:When they are needed, if unsure call us!ElectricalAll new wiring orreplacement ofservice anddevicesBuildingAnything structural,new walls,additions, drywall,renovations, etc.MechanicalNew or replacementFurnaces, AC, andboilers.PlumbingAll new andreplacementplumbing. Contractormay be required.DemolitionIncludes entirestructure, accessorystructures andinterior.

Permits:Most Common Residential PermitsDecks, Sheds,Carports, GaragesDecks that are over 100 square feet, are above 30” offthe ground, have a roof, or are attached to the dwelling,require a frost-free foundation and a permit.Sheds, Carports, and Garages over 100 square feet alsorequire a frost-free foundation and permits.These structures must also meet zoning and buildingcode setbacks and regulations.

New and Replacement fencesrequire a permit.A fence, hedge or enclosuremay be placed up to but notexceed the property line.No fence, hedge or enclosureshall exceed a height of sixfeet six (6’6”) inches in aResidential DistrictAny fence, hedge or enclosurethat is not of a “see-through”nature and obstructs visionmust be reduced to amaximum of 30” as shown tothe left.Note: It is the responsibility of the property owner to know the location of the property lines prior to the installationof a fence. The front property line is not always the inside edge of the sidewalk.

Swimming Pools:Swimming Pools must be on the side or rear of the property andat least 6 feet from the dwelling. If the pool can hold more than24” of water a permit is required. Pools 24” to 48” require afenced in yard with a self locking gate. If the pool can hold 48” ormore, a removable or lockable ladder will suffice. Electricalpermits and bonding of the pool may be required depending onthe pool and equipment.Roofs:Residential Roofs where just shingles are being replaced, apermit is not needed. If you are getting into the replacement ofrafters or trusses then a permit is required.

Building Permit Process:ZoningYour first step when you apply fora building permit will be to speakto one of our Zoning Officers. Thepermit approval process variesbased on project type, scope ofwork, and location.EngineeringYour second step will be to go toEngineering and get a sign offensuring that your project will noteffect storm water.BuildingYou must submit a drawing (canbe hand drawn) to our BuildingInspector to check for codecompliance and prevent failedinspections.Permit TechnicianFinally you will take yourpaperwork to one of our PermitTechs who will verify the sign offs,accept payment, and print yourpermit!

Inspections:Inspections aren’t just a requirement, theyare a safety system. We are here to helpkeep you and your family safe.

Licensing:To perform Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical work on a property in the City ofErie, licenses may be required.If it is a single family dwelling, the homeowner lives there as a primary residence,AND is doing the work themselves, they are able to obtain their own Electrical andMechanical permits. Plumbing permits must be obtained by a license plumber foranything other than replacement fixtures. Inspections are still required.If it does not meet all the of that criteria, a licensed contractor is needed. Licensedcontractors require training and experience before a license will be issued to helpprotect consumers. The licensed contractors will obtain the permits for you. Youshould always verify that the green permit is in your window before allowing themto start work.


What is Zoning?Zoning is the process of dividing land intozones in which certain land uses arepermitted or prohibited.It determines the size of buildings, andhow the buildings relate to theirsurroundings.It helps to separate more impactful usessuch as manufacturing from moresensitive uses which is residential.It is a technique of land-use planning thatis used by local governments in mostdeveloped countries.

Zoning Districts:01How Many?There are 17 differentZoning Districtsthroughout the City of Erie02DistrictsThey include differenttypes of Residential,Commercial,Manufacturing, andWaterfront areas03PurposeEach district lists whatuses are allowed. This iswhat helps prevent loudmachine shops fromgoing in next door to you.

Lot, Yard, and Height Requirements:Dictates the size and placement of buildings and other structures on your property.Sets minimum distances from property lines or others structures within which abuilding is prohibited.Also Includes structures such as pools, sheds, and fences.

Plot Plans:Most properties have a plot plan, or site plan,on file in our office.Plot Plans show the location and dimensions ofall structures and features on a parcel of land.The plot plan is updated when building permitsare obtained that alter the size or number ofstructures on a property and serves as a part ofthe official property recordPlot Plans help our Zoning Officers todetermine if a proposed new developmentwould be permitted and is in compliance withthe ordinance.The picture to the right shows what a typicalplot plan looks like.

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Main OfficeAndy ZimmermanGail NormandeauJake WelshJenna GorneyManager(814) 870-1470; & Licensing Coordinator(814) 870-1475; Zoning Officer(814) 870-1273; Officer(814) 870-1265;

Main OfficeDarlene BlanksKristy WilliamsAndrea KensillJennifer MaloneyRental Registration Compliance Clerk(814) 870-1478; Registration Clerk(814) 870-1449; Technician(814) 870-1473; Technician(814) 870-1313;

InspectorsScott HeitzenraterSam SantanaMichael LaveryBud PalotasBuilding Inspector(814) 870-1471; Inspector(814) 870-1472; Coordinator(814) 870-1509; Assessment Inspector(814) 870-1596;

InspectorsJake BinneyProperty Maintenance Inspector(814) 870-1512; CarsonProperty Maintenance Inspector(814) 870-1484; LombardiProperty Maintenance Inspector(814) 870-1487; MaggioProperty Maintenance Inspector(814) 870-1483; YurkewiczProperty Maintenance Inspector(814) 870-1510;

Thank youPlease contact us with any questions or concerns. Address: 626 State St. Erie, PA 16501 ATTN: Code Enforcement Office There is also drop box out front of City Hall for residentsto drop documents off if. Permits: When they are needed, if unsure call us! All new and replacement plumbing. Contractor may be required. Plumbing. New or replacement Furnaces, AC, and boilers. .