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Glossary of keyelection terminologyEnglish to Spanish2007U.S. ELECTION ASSISTANCE COMMISSION

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Glossary of key election terminologyContentsBackground . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2How to use this glossary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3Pronunciation Guide for Spanish words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3Comments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4About EAC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

Glossary of key election terminologyBackgroundIn 1979, the Federal ElectionCommission (FEC) published a seriesof reports under The NationalClearinghouse on ElectionAdministration (NCEA) to assistelection officials in their efforts toprovide election services to groupsidentified by Section 203 of theVoting Rights Act (VRA) as languageminorities. The purpose of the reportswas to provide guidance to state andlocal election officials for (1)identifying their language minoritypopulations, (2) providing bilingualregistration services, and (3)providing bilingual balloting services.The three-volume series consisted of:A Handbook of Ideas for Local ElectionOfficials, A Glossary of CommonSpanish Election Terminology, and AState of the Art Report. The ideas andrecommendations contained in thesereports were not designed as legalguidelines for complying with theprovisions of the VRA nor wereelection officials required to consideror adopt them.In 2002, the Help America Vote Act(HAVA) established the U.S. ElectionAssistance Commission (EAC) toserve as a national clearinghouse andresource for the compilation ofinformation and review of procedureswith respect to the administration ofFederal elections. Section 241 ofHAVA allows the EAC to carry outstudies and other activities with thegoal of promoting effectiveadministration of Federal elections.These methods are to be the mostconvenient, accessible, and easy touse for voters, including voters withlimited proficiency in the Englishlanguage. Section 241(b)(5) and (14)directly refer to conducting studies toaddress issues faced by voters withlimited proficiency in the Englishlanguage. To meet theserequirements, in August 2005 theEAC convened its first LanguageWorking Group to provide guidanceto the Commission on research toaddress barriers faced by languageminorities to the election process.This initial meeting focused onSpanish-speaking voters. Themeeting included discussions on thereadability and usability of theNational Mail-In Voter RegistrationForm and updating the FEC’s AGlossary of Common Spanish ElectionTerminology. The group was comprisedof local election officials,Congressional staff members, nationaladvocacy groups, and research andpublic policy organizations. Using thismeeting as a model, the EAC metwith representatives of the Asian andPacific Islander Americancommunities to address similarmatters in May 2006. The EAC islooking forward to working with otherlanguage groups in the near future.Therefore, it is with great pleasurethat the EAC presents its 2007Glossary of Key Election Terminology[English/Spanish andSpanish/English]. The main purposeof this glossary remains the same asthe FEC’s 1979 version – to assiststate and local election officials inproviding translated election materialsthat are culturally and linguisticallyappropriate. These are neithercomplete definitions and translationsnor exclusive rules of usage. However,the establishment of uniform electionterminology may prove beneficial forensuring access to the electoral systemregardless of a voter’s country oforigin or place of residence in theUnited States. The EAC also expectsthis glossary to serve as a model fordeveloping similar efforts in otherlanguages covered under the VRA.1

2U.S. Election Assistance CommissionProcessThe glossary now includes a total of1,843 terms and phrases used in theadministration of elections in theUnited States. The new words andphrases included in the glossary werecompiled from a review of theinformational materials madeavailable on each state’s electionwebsite. This included, but was notlimited to: voter guides/pamphlets;registration forms; voting systems andtheir components; Election Day formsand materials; sample ballots; andstate/local election glossaries. Inaddition, the terms found in the 2005Voluntary Voting System Guidelines’(VVSG) glossary were alsoincorporated, along with theirdefinitions, as they appear in theVVSG. As terms and phrases wereconsidered for inclusion in theglossary, they were reviewed for theirdegree of usage, specificity toelections, and similarity to otherphrases.To ensure the translations wereculturally and linguisticallyappropriate, terms were translatedand reviewed by a multi-dialect teamof translators representing four of themain regions of origin of the Hispanicpopulation living in the United States– Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, andCentral America. Translations werecarefully reviewed by the team andEAC staff to make sure they wereappropriate in the context ofelections. At times, more than onetranslation was considered to beappropriate and widely accepted. Insuch cases, all of the possibletranslations were included in theglossary and are left to the user todecide which translation suits his orher needs and target population.However, the translation mostcommonly accepted and appropriatein the context of elections is listedfirst. State and local election officialsare encouraged to work cooperativelywith each other and with members ofthe target population to develop andreview translated election materialsthat are suitable for their State andlocal communities.

Glossary of key election terminologyHow to use this glossaryFor each noun the gender is indicatedin italics at the end of the Spanishtranslation (only available in the Englishto Spanish section). Relationshipsbetween the terms were establishedduring the translation process andcross-references were included in theglossary for a substantial number ofthe terms to assist the user inidentifying similar terms and phrases.Furthermore, there were glossaryentries which were identified asrequiring an example of the term orphrase used in context, and theseappear at the end of the translation.Pronunciation Guidefor Spanish wordsOf all the foreign languages, Spanishis one of the easiest languages for anon-Spanish speaker to pronounce.LETTERIt sounds the way it is read. Howeverthere are a few exceptions to keep inmind:GUIDEJAlways pronounced like the English H but more emphatic(Spanish example: jurado )ñThis Spanish character is pronounced NY as in canyon(Spanish example: españolGBefore A, O or U it is pronounced as the G in getBefore E or I it is pronounced like the English H but more emphatic.(Spanish example: general)IAlways pronounced ee, as in feet, wheel, bee. (Spanish example si)UAlways pronounced oo, as in fool, pool. (Spanish example: uno)LLAlways pronounced as the Y in yes. (Spanish example: casilla )RRAlways trilled with the tip of your tongue against the roof of yourmouth behind your teeth. Sounds similar to how the “r” ispronounced in some regions of Scotland, or the strong emphasis ofthe “rr” in the Italian word arrivederci. (Spanish example: a rr oz)YPronounced as the English Y except when it stands alone(y is Spanish for and) then it is pronounced ee as in tree(Spanish example: cinco y media [five thirty])3

4U.S. Election Assistance CommissionCommentsThe EAC welcomes and encouragescomments on this glossary and itscontents; they will greatly assist inimproving the glossary’s quality andusefulness. Revisions to terms andtranslations will be conducted on anas-needed basis and will be madeavailable on the EAC website For more informationabout this project or to request a copyof the 2007 Glossary of Key ElectionTerminology [English/Spanish andSpanish/English], please, contact theEAC toll-free at 1-866-747-1471 orvia e-mail at the EACThe EAC is an independent,bipartisan agency created by the HelpAmerica Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA).It was established to assist in theadministration of Federal electionsand provide assistance with theadministration of certain Federalelection laws and programs. TheEAC provides assistance by dispersing,administering, and auditing Federalfunds for States to implement HAVArequirements, conducting studies andother activities to promote theeffective administration of Federalelections, and serving as a nationalclearinghouse and resource ofinformation regarding electionadministration. In addition, HAVArequires the EAC to adopt theVoluntary Voting System Guidelines andto establish a program for the testing,certification, decertification, andrecertification of voting systemhardware and software.


U.S. Election Assistance CommissionA abandoned ballot: papeletaabandonada f.Definition: Ballot that the voter didnot place in the ballot box or recordas cast on DRE before leaving thepolling place. absent: ausenteSee also: absentee voter absentee: ausente absentee application: solicitud devoto ausente f. absentee application form:formulario de solicitud de votoausente m.; planilla de solicitud devotación ausente (Cuba) f. absentee ballot: papeleta de votoausente f.See also: absentee voteDefinition: Ballot cast by a voterunable to vote in person at his or herpolling place on Election Day. absentee ballot request form:formulario de solicitud de papeleta devoto ausente m.; planilla de solicitudde papeleta de elector ausente (Cuba)f. absentee mail process: proceso paraenvío por correo del voto ausente m. absentee procedures:procedimientos para el voto ausentem. absentee vote: voto ausente m.See also: absentee ballot absentee voter: elector(a) ausentem./f.See also: absent absentee voter status: estado deelector ausente; estatus del electorausente (PR) m. absentee voting by mail: votaciónausente por correo f. absolute majority: mayoría absolutaf. abstain: abstenerse acceptance of candidacy:aceptación de candidatura;certificación de candidatura (PR) f.See also: candidate registration,running for office, candidateExample: Candidates file theiracceptance of candidacy at theSecretary of State's office. (Ejemplo:Los candidatos presentan suaceptación de candidatura en laoficina del Secretario de Estado.) acceptance testing: prueba deaceptación f.Definition: Examination of a votingsystem and its components by thepurchasing election authority (usuallyin a simulated-use environment) tovalidate performance of deliveredunits in accordance with procurementrequirements, and to validate that thedelivered system is, in fact, thecertified system purchased. access: acceso m.See also: accessibility access (verb) : tener acceso Access Board; access board: Juntade Acceso; junta de acceso; junta defácil acceso (PR) f.Definition: Independent federalagency whose primary mission isaccessibility for people withdisabilities and a leading source ofinformation on accessible design. Access to Campaign Materials Act:Ley de Acceso a Materiales deCampaña Electoral f. accessibility: accesibilidad f.GLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.1

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionSee also: accessDefinition: Measurable characteristicsthat indicate the degree to which asystem is available to, and usable by,individuals with disabilities. The mostcommon disabilities include thoseassociated with vision, hearing andmobility, as well as cognitivedisabilities. accessibility requirements:requisitos de accesibilidad m. accessible facility: instalaciónaccesible f.See also: accessible voting station accessible voting station: estaciónde votación accesible f.See also: accessible facilityDefinition: Voting station equipped forindividuals with disabilities. accordance: acuerdo m.Example: In accordance with the law.(Ejemplo: De acuerdo con la ley.) accreditation: acreditación f.Definition: Formal recognition that alaboratory is competent to carry outspecific tests or calibrations. accreditation body: junta deacreditación f.Definition: (1) Authoritative body thatperforms accreditation. (2) Anindependent organization responsiblefor assessing the performance ofother organizations against arecognized standard, and for formallyconfirming the status of those thatmeet the standard. accuracy: exactitud f.Definition: (1) Extent to which a givenmeasurement agrees with anaccepted standard for thatmeasurement. (2) Closeness of theagreement between the result of ameasurement and a true value of theparticular quantity subject tomeasurement. Accuracy is aqualitative concept and is notinterchangeable with precision.Version 1.0 Volume I: Voting SystemPerformance Guidelines Appendix A:Glossary A-4 accuracy for voting systems:exactitud para los sistemas devotación f.See also: minimum standard foraccuracy of records, data accuracy,logic and accuracy (L&A) testingDefinition: Ability of the system tocapture, record, store, consolidateand report the specific selections andabsence of selections, made by thevoter for each ballot position withouterror. Required accuracy is defined interms of an error rate that for testingpurposes represents the maximumnumber of errors allowed whileprocessing a specified volume of data. Accu-vote optical scan: escaneoóptico Accu-vote m.See also: optical scan ballots, opticalscan system Act of Congress: Ley del Congreso f.See also: Federal Election CampaignAct (FECA), Help America Vote Act(HAVA) acting: en funciones active candidates: candidatosactivos m. active registered voter: elector(a)inscrito(a) activo(a) m./f. active status: estado activo; estatusactivo (PR) m. address change: cambio de direcciónm. adjudicated incompetent:declarado(a), adjudicado(a) ojuzgado(a) incompetente adjust the contrast of your ballot:ajuste el contraste de su papeleta.See also: electronic voting, electronicvoting machineGLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.2

U.S. Election Assistance Commission administer: administrar affix: fijar; colocar; poner administration: administración f. against: contra administrative code: códigoadministrativo m. administrative complaint: quejaadministrativa f. administrative rules: reglasadministrativas f.See also: rule, Code of FederalRegulations adopt: adoptarSee also: vote no, vote againstExample: The candidate ran against astrong opponent. (Ejemplo: Elcandidato compitió contra unoponente fuerte.) alderman: concejal m. alderwoman: concejala f. allocate: asignarSee also: apportionment, reapportionExample: Voters adopted theproposed amendment. (Ejemplo: Loselectores adoptaron la enmiendapropuesta.) advance(d) ballot: papeletaadelantada f. advisory board member: miembrode la junta consultiva m./f. advisory panel: grupo consultivo m. advocate: v. abogar; s. partidario(a) affidavit: declaración jurada f.See also: sworn statement form,sworn and subscribed to affidavit for absentee ballot:declaración jurada para papeleta devoto ausente f. affidavit of circulator: declaraciónjurada de divulgador(a) f. affidavit of identity: declaraciónjurada de identidad f. affidavit of registration: declaraciónjurada de inscripción f. affiliation: afiliación f.See also: change in politicalaffiliation, party affiliationExample: Party affiliation is notrequired to vote in these primaryelections. (Ejemplo: No se requiereafiliación a ningún partido para votaren estas elecciones primarias.) affirmation: afirmación f.Example: The winner receives all ofthe Electoral College votes allocatedto that state. (Ejemplo: El ganadorrecibe todos los votos asignados a eseestado por el Colegio Electoral.) alternative ballot: papeleta alterna;papeleta alternativa (PR) f. alternative format: formato alternom.Definition: The ballot oraccompanying information is said tobe in an alternative format if it is in arepresentation other than thestandard ballot language and format. amendment in whole or in part:enmienda total o parcial f. American Independent: AmericanoIndependiente m. American Independent Party:Partido Americano Independiente m. American Party: PartidoAmericano m. Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA): Ley sobre Estadounidensescon Discapacidades (ADA) f.See also: handicapped, wheelchairaccessible, disabled voters anonymous contributions:aportaciones anónimas f.; aportesanónimos (Cuba) m.; contribucionesanónimas (PR) f. appeal: apelarGLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.3

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionSee also: appeals processExample: The candidate appealed thecourt's decision upholding the electionresults. (Ejemplo: El candidato apelóla decisión de la corte de respaldar losresultados de la elección.) appeals process: proceso deapelación m. appellate: de apelación applicable: aplicable; correspondiente appointing authority: autoridad quedesigna f. appointment: designación f.See also: appoint, appointeeExample: Two of the members shallbe appointed for a term of two years.(Ejemplo: Dos de los miembros serándesignados para un periodo de dosaños.) apportionment: distribución f. applicant: solicitante m./f.See also: allocate, reapportion application: solicitud f.Example: Apportionment is theprocess of dividing the seats in theU.S. House of Representatives amongthe 50 states. (Ejemplo: Ladistribución es el proceso de dividirlos escaños de la Cámara deRepresentantes de Estados Unidosentre los 50 estados.) application for ballot by mail(ABBM): solicitud de papeleta paravotación por correo (ABBM) f. application form: formulario desolicitud m.; planilla de solicitud(Cuba) f. appoint: designarSee also: appointee, appointmentExample: The President appointed thecommission's members with theadvice and consent of the Senate.(Ejemplo: El presidente designó a losmiembros de la comisión con elconsejo y consentimiento delSenado.) appointed at large: designado(a) poracumulación; designado(a) sinlimitaciones appointed incumbent: titulardesignado(a) m./f. appointed member: miembrodesignado m./f. appropriate: v. asignar; adj.apropiado(a)See also: appropriationExample (v.): Congress appropriatedfunds in the amount of 3 milliondollars for the effort. (Ejemplo: ElCongreso asignó fondos por un montode tres millones de dólares para laoperación.) appropriation: apropiación;asignación; partida f.See also: appropriateExample: Congress approved theappropriation of funds in the amountof 3 million dollars for the effort.(Ejemplo: El Congreso aprobó laasignación de fondos por un monto detres millones de dólares para laoperación.) appointed to serve until nextgeneral election: designado(a) paradesempeñar el cargo hasta lasiguiente elección general approve: aprobar appointee: persona designada f. article: artículo m.See also: appoint, appointmentExample: The appointee belonged tothe minority party. (Ejemplo: Lapersona designada pertenecía alpartido minoritario.) as amended: según enmendado(a);según haya sido enmendado(a)See also: charter amendment,constitutional amendmentGLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.4

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionExample: The act, as amended,expires next year. (Ejemplo: La ley,según haya sido enmendada,prescribe el año próximo.) as set forth: según se establece as set out: según se establece ask for and receive instructions onhow to operate the votingmachine or mark a paper ballot:pedir y recibir instrucciones sobrecómo usar la máquina de votación omarcar una papeleta de papelSee also: assistance to vote,instructions on how to use the votingmachine assembly: asamblea f. assembly bill: proyecto de ley de laasamblea m. assembly district: distrito deasamblea m. assembly member: miembro de laasamblea m./f. assemblyman: asambleísta; miembrode la asamblea (Cuba) m.See also: assembly member assemblyperson: asambleísta;miembro de la asamblea (Cuba) m./f.See also: assembly member assemblywoman: asambleísta;miembro de la asamblea (Cuba) f.See also: assembly member assessor: tasador(a) m./f. assistance: asistencia; ayuda f. assistance to vote: asistencia paravotar f.See also: instructions on how to usethe voting machine, ask for andreceive instructions on how to operatethe voting machine or mark a paperballot assistant attorney general:subprocurador(a) general; fiscalasistente general (Cuba) m./f. assistant of voters: asistente deelectores m./f. assistant superintendent:superintendente auxiliar; director(a)auxiliar (Cuba) m./f. assistant United States attorney:subprocurador(a) federal; fiscalasistente federal (Cuba) m./f. at large: por acumulación; engeneral; sin limitaciones attest: testificar; declarar attorney general: procurador(a)general; fiscal general (Cuba) m./f. audio ballot: papeleta auditiva;papeleta de votación auditiva (PR) f.Definition: A ballot in which a set ofoffices is presented to the voter inspoken, rather than written, form. audio function with headset andearphones: función de audio conaudífonos f. audio-tactile interface (ATI):interfaz auditiva-táctil (ATI) f.;sistema de voz electrónica (PR) m.Definition: Voter interface designed tonot require visual reading of a ballot.Audio is used to convey information tothe voter and sensitive tactile controlsallow the voter to communicate ballotselections to the voting system. audit: v. auditar; s. auditoría f.Definition: Systematic, independent,documented process for obtainingrecords, statements of fact or otherrelevant information and assessingthem objectively to determine theextent to which specifiedrequirements are fulfilled. audit capacity: capacidad paraauditar f. audit process: proceso de auditoríam.See also: audit, auditor, audit trail audit trail: rastro de auditoría m.GLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.5

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionSee also: audit, auditor, audit process audit trail for direct-recordingequipment: rastro de auditoría paraequipo de grabación directa; rastro deauditoría para equipo de anotacióndirecta (PR) m.Definition: Paper printout of votescast, produced by direct-recordingelectronic (DRE) voting machines,which election officials may use tocross-check electronically tabulatedtotals. auditor: auditor(a) m./f.See also: audit, audit process, audittrail auditor-controller: auditor(a)contralor(a) m./f. authority: autoridad f. authorization: autorización f. authorize: autorizar authorized by law: autorizado(a) porla ley authorized poll agent: agenteelectoral autorizado(a) m./f. AutoMARK voting machine:máquina de votación AutoMARK f. availability: disponibilidad f.Definition: The percentage of timeduring which a system is operatingproperly and available for use.B ballot: papeleta f.; boleta f.See also: audio ballot, ballot image,video ballot, electronic voterinterface.Definition: The official presentation ofall of the contests to be decided in aparticular election. Version 1.0Volume I: Voting System PerformanceGuidelines Appendix A: Glossary A-5 ballot access: acceso a lacandidatura m.Example: Ballot access refers to theprocess by which candidates andpolitical parties qualify for the primaryand general election ballots.(Ejemplo: Acceso a la candidatura serefiere al proceso mediante el que loscandidatos y los partidos políticoscalifican para aparecer en laspapeletas de las elecciones primariesy generales.) ballot board: junta de votación f. ballot box: caja de votación; urnaelectoral f. ballot card: tarjeta de votación f. ballot cast: papeleta emitida f. ballot configuration: configuraciónde la papeleta f.; diseño de lapapeleta (PR) m.Definition: Particular set of contests toappear on the ballot for a particularelection district, their order, the list ofballot positions for each contest, andthe binding of candidate names toballot positions. ballot counter: contador de papeletasm./f.Definition: Process in a voting devicethat counts the votes cast in anelection. ballot counting logic: lógica deconteo de papeletas f.Definition: The software logic thatdefines the combinations of voterchoices that are valid and invalid on agiven ballot and that determines howthe vote choices are totaled in a givenelection. ballot demonstration station:estación de demostración de votaciónf. ballot envelope: sobre para lapapeleta m. ballot format: formato de la papeletam.GLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.6

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionDefinition: The concrete presentationof the contents of a ballot appropriateto the particular voting technologybeing used. The contents may berendered using various methods ofpresentation (visual or audio),language or graphics. ballot image: imagen de la papeletaf.See also: cast vote record.Definition: Electronically producedrecord of all votes cast by a singlevoter.Example: A ballot image is a record ofall votes cast by a single voter.(Ejemplo: La imagen de la papeletaes el registro de todos los votosemitidos por un solo elector.) ballot instructions: instrucciones devotación f.Definition: Information provided tothe voter during the voting sessionthat describes the procedure forexecuting a ballot. Such material may(but need not) appear directly on theballot. ballot issuing station: estación deemisión de papeletas m. ballot label: rótulo de la papeleta m. ballot layout: diseño de la papeletam. ballot marking device: dispositivopara marcar papeletas m. ballot measure: propuesta f.;referendo m.See also: measure, initiative,referendumDefinition: (1) A question thatappears on the ballot for approval orrejection. (2) A contest on a ballotwhere the voter may vote yes or no.Example: A ballot measure is a policyquestion voted on by voters in anelection. (Ejemplo: Una propuesta esuna cuestión de políticas sobre la quelos electores votan durante unaelección.) ballot order: orden de votación m. ballot pamphlet: panfleto devotación; folleto de votación (Cuba)m. ballot pickup: recoger papeletas ballot position: posición en lapapeleta f.Definition: A specific place in a ballotwhere a voter's selection for aparticular contest may be indicated.Positions may be connected to rowand column numbers on the face of avoting machine or ballot, particular bitpositions in a binary record of a ballot(for example, an electronic ballotimage), the equivalent in some otherform. Ballot positions are bound tospecific contests and candidate namesby the ballot configuration. ballot preparation: preparación depapeletas f.Definition: Selecting the specificcontests and questions to becontained in a ballot format andrelated instructions; preparing andtesting election-specific softwarecontaining these selections; producingall possible ballot formats; andvalidating the correctness of ballotmaterials and software containingthese selections for an upcomingelection. ballot production: producción depapeletas f.Definition: Process of generatingballots for presentation to voters,e.g., printing paper ballots orconfiguring the ballot presentation ona DRE. ballot question: propuesta f.;referendo m. ballot rotation:rotación de nombresde candidatos en la papeleta en unacontienda f.GLOSSARYOFKEYELECTION TERMS English-SpanishSpanish pronunciation guide on page 3 of the Introduction.7

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionDefinition: Process of varying theorder of the candidate names within agiven contest. ballot scanner: escáner de papeletasm.Definition: Device used to read thevoter selection data from a paperballot or ballot card. ballot stub: talón de la papeleta m. ballot style: estilo de la papeleta m.See also: ballot configurationExample: The ballot style you receivewill be determined by your place ofresidence. (Ejemplo: El estilo depapeleta que usted reciba serádeterminado por su lugar deresidencia.) ballot summary: resumen de lapapeleta m. ballot title: título de la papeleta m. ballot types: tipos de papeleta m. becoming a candidate for publicoffice: convertirse en candidato(a)para un cargo público board: junta f.; consejo m. board member: miembro de la juntam./f. board of canvassers: junta deescrutinio f. board of commissioners: junta decomisionados f. board of directors: consejo dedirectores; junta de directores (PR)m. board of education: junta escolar f.;consejo escolar (Cuba) m. board of elections: junta electoral f. board of registrars: junta deregistradores f. bona fide: de buena fe bond: bono m. bond issue: emisión de bonos f. bond proposition: propuesta debonos f. bond referendum: referendo debonos m. begin voting: comenzar a votar booth: cabina; casilla de votación(Cuba) f. bicameral: bicameral borough: distrito municipal m. biennial: bienal borough council: consejo municipalm. biennium: bienio m. bill: proyecto de ley m. Bill of Rights: Declaración deDerechos f. bilingual requirements: requisitosbilingües m. bipartisan: bipartidista bipartisanship: bipartidismo m. birthdate: fecha de nacimiento f. blank: en blanco blank space: espacio en blanco m. boundary line: línea divisoria f. Braille voting instructions:instrucciones de votación en Braille f. bring identification: traeridentificación butterfly ballot: papeleta“mariposa”f.See also: ballot types by hand: en mano by mail: por correo by ordin

2 U.S. Election Assistance Commission The glossary now includes a total of 1,843 terms and phrases used in the administration of elections in the United States. The new words and phrases included in the glossary were