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Over 500,000children are alreadylearning to read withReading Eggs!Learning to readhas never beenthis much fun!ContentsStudent Navigation and Learning Areas . 3Reading Eggs Lessons Overview . 5Program Features . 10Driving Test Content Overview Charts . 13Reading Eggs Spelling Word Lists . 14The Library

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Correlation ChartAll books are leveled using our Eggspress Reading levels and certified Lexile levels.Reading Eggs &Reading EggspressLexilelevelsMy lessonsLEVEL 0BRLEVEL 1BRReading EggsMaps 1 - 80LEVEL 2BRReadinglevelsF&PlevelsRR VEL 310 – 39LA32LEVEL 440 – 79LB43LEVEL 580 – 119LC54C64D76D, E86E, F98G10, 118G1210H1310H, I1412I, J1514Grade 1LEVEL 6120 – 159LLEVEL 7160 – 189LLEVEL 8190 – 219LLEVEL 9220 – 244LLEVEL 10245 – 279LLEVEL 11280 – 309LLEVEL 12310 – 349LReading EggsMaps 81 – 120Clinker CastleMaps 1 – 4ReadingEggspressMaps 1 – 4LEVEL 13350 – 379LLEVEL 14380 – 409LLEVEL 15410 – 439LJ1616LEVEL 16440 – 469LK1718LEVEL 17470L – 499LK1720LEVEL 18500L – 529LL1822LEVEL 19530L – 559LL1924LEVEL 20560L – 599LM2026LEVEL 21600L – 639LM2028EarlyGrade 2ReadingEggspressMaps 5 – 12FluentGrade 3LEVEL 22640 – 679LLEVEL 23680 – 729LLEVEL 24730 – 779LReadingEggspressMaps 13 - 20N2130O2234P23, 2438ReadingEggspressMaps 21 – 28Q2540R2540S2640ReadingEggspressMaps 29 – 36T2750U2850V2850W2960X2960Y3060Z3060Grade 4LEVEL 25780 – 809LLEVEL 26810 – 839LLEVEL 27840 – 869LGrade 5LEVEL 28870 – 919LLEVEL 29920 – 949LLEVEL 30950 – 979LGrade 6LEVEL 31980 – 1019LLEVEL 321020 – 1059LLEVEL 331060 – 1099LLEVEL 341100 – 1200LReadingEggspressMaps 37 – 44Advanced

Student Navigation MenuNext to the map is the student navigationbar. It shows the various places studentscan visit within Reading Eggs. Reading Eggskeeps students motivated by rewardingthem along their journey. Children can seewhich lesson they are up to and check howmany Golden Eggs they have in their EggyBank. This number indicates the lesson level.My LessonsThis is the core of the program - the reading lessons.PlayroomThe playroom consists of seven sections with over 120 activities. Yourstudent can access the playroom at any time by clicking on the Playroomicon located on the top right hand corner of their navigation bar.My HouseEach child can visit their house and find all their belongings, including anycritters collected, and Story Factory stories they have submitted sitting ontheir bookshelf. My House is accessible after lesson 10.My WorldThe My World Map allows students to view and access all the fun featuresof Reading Eggs from one place.Reggie’s ShopThis is where your students can change the look of their avatar andhouse by purchasing accessories with their Golden Eggs. Reggie’s Shop isavailable after lesson 6 is completed.Story FactoryThis section opens up a world of story writing with a weekly story writingcompetition. Your students can access the Story Factory after theycomplete lesson 10.Puzzle ParkStudents complete word puzzles and practice sight word recognition whilstbeing rewarded with Golden Eggs! Puzzle Park is available after lesson 40is completed.ArcadeStudents earn Golden Eggs for completing reading activities. These stackup in their Eggy Bank and they can use them to play games in the Arcade.The Arcade can be accessed after students complete lesson 5.StorylandsThese 20 lessons contain 140 activities that cover Emergent and Earlyreading levels 1 – 10 and build reading, vocabulary and comprehensionskills in the land of Clinker Castle. Storylands is available after lesson 60.Driving TestsThis section consists of tests covering sight words, phonic skills, andcontent-area vocabulary. When a student successfully completes a test,they are rewarded with a racing car game. Driving Tests can be accessedafter lesson 40 is completed. You can see your students’ progress inStudent Stats.Music CafeMy ProgramThe My Program interface makesReading Eggs even easier to use, with aspecial book recommendation featurethat suggests more than 350 new fictionand nonfiction books that match yourchild’s reading level!The Music Café has all of the fantastic songs from within the Reading Eggslessons in one fun spot.Skills BankThis section focuses on building students’ skills in spelling. To access theSkills Bank, students must have completed reading lesson 40. You canalways see your students’ progress in Student Stats.Bye Ensure students log out after every session.3

My StuffMy AvatarEach student can create their own unique online character - an avatar - of theirchoice. Children will be able to find themselves easily on the My Class page.Students can change the appearance of their avatar.My CrittersStudents can see all the critters they have collected. Children earna new Reading Eggs critter at the end of every lesson.My AwardsThis is where students can see their award certificates for completing lessons.ArcadeThis is where students can use the Golden Eggs they have earned to buy andplay games.My HouseYour student can visit their house and find all their belongings.Any items purchased from Reggie’s Store can be placed in their house.My House is available after lesson 10 is completed.ByeEnsure students log out after every session.Setting Up Student Home AccessChildren love the Reading Eggs program and benefit from repeating lessons and exploring the site. To get more timeon-task, and to get the most out of Reading Eggs, it is great to have children use the program at home as well. It is also anexcellent Home-School link that gets parents actively involved in their child’s education. More than 99% of Reading Eggsparents would recommend the site to their friends because it’s so easy to use and it works.To create home access for each student, follow these steps:1. Click on Manage Class on the left Navigation Pane.2. Click on the Parent Letter.3. Print this document and hand it out to parents.To access their child’s school account from home, parents will just need to go to the Reading Eggs website and enter thestudent login details provided. They will then be given the option to sign up for a parent account, which will allow themto view their child’s progress OR skip this step, which will enable them to log straight into the student account withoutregistering their own details. Parents are not able to view your Teacher account or any other student accounts with theirchild’s login details.44Copies of the Parent Guide brochure can be downloaded by clicking on the Teacher Guides/Brochures link at the bottomof the left navigation pane.

Lessons OverviewThere are currently 12 maps with 120 lessons. Each lesson has between 6 to 10 parts. For more information about what iscovered in each of the Reading Eggs lessons, click on Preview Lessons from the choices in the navigation bar on the leftside of the Teacher Home PageLevel 1 Starting Out in the ZooThis first level is aimed at 4-6 year olds who havelittle or no reading skills. This is where all childrencan begin to learn to read. By completing the 40lessons in the Starting Out set, children will learntheir first reading skills. This includes learningthe sounds and names of the alphabet letters,reading their first sight words, such as the, I,and, is and see. They will also learn the essentialphonic skills needed to read three letter wordssuch as cat, fan and Sam. Children will then beable to read their first simple stories featuringSam the ant.Starting Out in the ZooLessons 1 - 40Maps 1 - 4Level 2 Beginning to Read in The PlaygroundThe next level builds on skills learnt in Level1 with a focus on short vowel words such ascat, dog, ten, fish, and duck, and on buildingreading skills. Children will learn many more highfrequency sight words, build word families, andread another 40 books. Some of these booksare nonfiction titles with a focus on buildingvocabulary in these areas – colors, numbers,facial features, and pets.Beginning to Read in the PlaygroundMaps 1 - 4 : Levels 1 - 40Lessons 41 - 80Maps 5 - 8Building Confidence at The Theme ParkLessons 81 - 110Maps 9 - 12Level 3 Building Confidence at The Theme ParkThe third level covers long vowel words such ascake, kite, rain, cook, seat, and cute. These newphonic patterns are introduced and reinforcedso that children can read them fluently andspell them correctly. There is an increased focuson reading for meaning, comprehension, andunderstanding longer words and sentences.Children read 40 new, longer books. Some ofthese books will be nonfiction titles with a focuson building vocabulary in a variety of key areas.5

Lessons OverviewLevel 1 Starting Out - Map 1LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsLesson 1mmoon, monkey, mice, mud, mop, men, mat, meat, mum, moss,manLesson 2s, amsock, seven, sat, sing, soap, see, six, seed, sandwich, spaghetti,spoon, stand, stamp, snail, sun, strawberry, snakeSamHigh FrequencySight WordsI, amVocabulary WordsLesson 3a, m, amLesson 4tlamb, ham, ram, dam, jam, pram, stamp, lamp, clamLesson 5a, t, atLesson 6bbread, bag, balloon, bell, book, bone, bath, baby, bear, bee,bankLesson 7ccoat, clam, cap, can, cow, cup, car, crab, camel, cry, cupboard,camera, cheese, cheek, carrot, corn, cantent, toe, turtle, table, teeth, triangle, train, tractor, tap, tomato,tooth, teepee, three, tv, ticket, toy, top, tigerbat, cat, fat, pat, rat, sat, mat, hatat, aLesson 8f, atcat, bat, fat, mat, satLesson 9a, m, t, atam, Sam, cat, bat, fat, matI, afish, fly, foot, feather, frog, flower, fire, fox, footballLesson 10a, b, c, f, i m, s,t, I, am, at, apam, Sam, at, bat, cat, fat, mat, satI, am, at, aapple, astronaut, ankle, ambulance, ant, alien, arrowLevel 1 Starting Out - Map 2LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsHigh FrequencySight WordsVocabulary WordsInurse, nail, nose, nest, needle, nut, net, nineampencil, peach, peanut, potato, pig, pie, pear, pea, pan, plate, penLesson 11nLesson 12p, ampig, pot, patLesson 13a, p, apSam, pats, cat, bat, zap, map, cap,tapLesson 14hhat, hamhole, hammer, heart, hair, horse, helmet, head, hamburger, hat,hiveLesson 15rpartrice, raspberry, robot, rose, rabbit, raft, radio, ring, rope, rug,rulerLesson 16a, n , anran, fan, batLesson 17zzapLesson 18e, eeLesson 19Lesson 20n, p, h, r, z, ap,an, eeman, canfan, man, can, ran, van, pan, hand, stand, dancebee, tree, see, seed, weed, Zee,threeseeQueen, teepee, sheep, cheese, cheek, knee, tree, three, weed,see, bee, leek, seedSam, can, see, man, fan, pan, tap,cap, hat, bat, catsee, the, I, can,manman, fan, pan, tap, cap, hat, bat, can, catsee, can, hat, mansee, the, can,manbat, bee, catHigh FrequencySight WordsVocabulary Wordszero, zebra, zigzag, zucchini, zoom, zip, zoo, zapLevel 1 Starting Out - Map 3LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsLesson 21vvanLesson 22Lesson 23see, ant, band, rat, hat, sand, hand,landdLesson 24Lesson 256vegetables, violin, vase, van, vest, vulture, vacuum, volcano, vetand, see, theDan, dadcan, see, rat, cat, hatjjam, jet, jugantsland, band, hand, sanddragon, dice, domino, dolphin, dance, dog, doll, door, duck,dinosaur, doctor, dragonflyin, had, I, can,see, thejuice, jacket, jelly, juggle, jet, jug, jump, jam, jellybeans, jeans, jarLesson 26adLesson 27ohadLesson 28isgood, cap, bee, ant, bad, sad, has,cap, batis, good, a, hasLesson 29onzap, mat, sat, and, is, beeon, the, and,is, aLesson 30qsad, dad, pad, bad, mad, had, ants, cats, flower, rat, beeolive, otter, oven, octopus, onion, oar, ostrich, orange, oiljet, apple, octopus, dog, beequeen, quail, queue, quiet, quarters, quilt, quack

Lessons OverviewLevel 1 Starting Out - Map 4LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsLesson 31gpig, jamghost, goose, garbage, glasses, goldfish, guitar, glue, grape,glove, goatLesson 32llap, ladladder, lock, light, lemon, lamp, lollipop, lamb, leaf, lizard,ladybirdLesson 33Lesson 34cat, sat, tap, can, jamhe, shekLesson 35Lesson 36High FrequencySight Wordscan, jam, cat, sat, tap, cankoala, kennel, king, kiss, kangaroo, kite, key, kittencat, bat, mat, hat, can, mapyLesson 37Vocabulary Wordshat, cat, ant, man, van, map, has,and, bat, Danas, hascat, mat, bat, hathadyoyo, yellow, yuck, year, yell, yawn, yacht, yoghurt, yolk, yetiyes, you, has, a,andLesson 38xboxwax, box, mix, mixer, taxi, xray, exit, sixLesson 39wwing, zip, beewax, web, woman, whale, whistle, worm, wand, water,windmillLesson 40am, at, an,ag, advan, sad, dam, zap, hat, man, gap,ran, jam, bat, pad, ham, ram, fish,cat, can, see, hid, in, tin, sitshe, she, as, has,yes, you, man,the, can, see, inLevel 2 Beginning to Read - Map 5LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsLesson 41ufunLesson 42Alphabetcat, mat, rat, ham, map, tap, hat,gap, zapwordsLesson 43idhid, lid, kid, sid, did, binhasLesson 44ixsix, fix, mix, tin, win, pin, fin, din, ringin, himrabbits, birds, pigs, red, blueLesson 45ithit, sit, bit, fit, spin, swing, lit, pit, wititstandLesson 46igcastle, Queen, throne, dress, horse, crownLesson 47High FrequencySight WordsVocabulary Wordsugly, untidy, unwrap, unhappy, unlock, unicorn, underground,underwater, umbrellawordsbig, wig, dig, fig, gig, pig, riglike, saidwagthislittle, black, blueblue, pink, black, big, littlebird, two, cannottwoPhonically Decodable WordsHigh FrequencySight WordsVocabulary Wordspinkgo, bypigs, beeslook, gotseagull, turtle, mermaid, dolphin, ship, whaleLesson 48iplip, zip, pip, rip, dip, hip, nip, sip, tipLesson 49illhill, will, sill, pill, bill, kill, till, mill, dill,fill, gill, jillLesson 50ingking, ring, sing, wingLevel 2 Beginning to Read - Map 6LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsLesson 51Lesson 52otcot, dot, hot, pot, lot, got, jot, rot, notLesson 53ogdog, log, fog, cog, bog, hog, jog,rock, sock, shopLesson 54opcop, hop, mop, pop, top, shop, stopLesson 55lotsLesson 56notLesson 57frog, rockplayplaygroundare, happy, said,notyellow, red, happyhis, her, weQueen, King, Princess, Prince, Knight, Lady, game, crown, bonepopcorn, hotdogLesson 58odfox, cod, rod, nod, god, pod, dock,lock, clock, boxesLesson 59ox, y, at, the,endpuppy, muddy, bossy, messy, silly,sorryverybear, mouse, jugglerLesson 60ockclock, dock, rockwordswords, bossy, silly, jolly, messy7

Lessons OverviewLevel 2 Beginning to Read - Map 7LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsLesson 62ut, upcup, pup, cut, up, but, gut, hut, jut,nut, putLesson 63un, ugbug, dug, hug, jug, mug, rug, tug,bun, sun, fun, gun, pun, runLesson 64uckmuck, duck, fluffy, luck, mud, budLesson 65uckfluff, truck, puck, tuck, yuckLesson 61High FrequencySight WordsVocabulary Wordsme, beclimb, eat, draw, sleep, laugh, read, kick, jumpthree, greenballoons, green, threeskip, tipstoduck, sunrat, tiger, fox, driveLesson 66there, that, thishello, mountain, branch, leaf, forestLesson 67haveeyes, nose, hair, chin, ears, mouthLesson 68theylegs, one, two, fourLesson 69Lesson 70jumpusdobusswim, fly, grinbusLevel 2 Beginning to Read - Map 8LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsLesson 71Lesson 72e, eg, ingegg, jumping, banging, cracking,rollingLesson 73edbed, fed, wed, red, led, tedLesson 74en, etpet, bet, get, jet, met, set, vet, wet,yet, den, pen, hen, ten, when, men,zenLesson 75High FrequencySight WordsVocabulary Wordscome, my, here,goes, daytable, plate, chair, people, food, band, daybabydinosaur, egg, breakingwherewhere, when,down, up, gocoming, now, ladderLesson 77who, lives, here,intomonkey, butterfly, animals, bird, elephantLesson 78whatwing, tail, spikes, fire, claws, dragonwho, what,wherenumberssevenbirthday, seven, partyLesson 76Lesson 79egellleg, beg, keg, peg, peckbell, tell, yell, fell, well, shell, sell, hellLesson 80Level 3 Buliding Confidence - Map 98LessonPhonic LettersAnd SoundsPhonically Decodable WordsHigh FrequencySight WordsVocabulary WordsLesson 81short vowelspen, pig, leg, log, mug, mop, hat,hug, bed, boxhave, with, what,youtouch, taste, hear, see, smell, tongueLesson 82ie, ilepie, tie, lie, smile, crocodilegoing, where,wantshop, peach, plum, pieLesson 83ie, ine, ikelie, line, mine, like, hikeshoe, car, tablemother, father, sister, brother, family, parents, homeworkLesson 84ine, ide, ikedine, pine, fine, spine, shrinetoo, off, over, thisbike, track, crash, ride, fallLesson 85shshell, shop, sheep, ship, shedshop, bikeshark, shirt, shoesLesson 86shshelley, sheep, shop, shoppingbuy, tried, these,newshiny, short, laces, shoesLesson 87long ikite, bite, bike, hike, hide, ridewhite, nine, girl,boyhot, cold, wet, dry, big, little, happy, sadLesson 88chchat, chick, cheese, chin, chips, chestsays, ask, whyshopping, cheeky, cheeping, chimpLesson 89ththrow, thanks, thin, that, thud, thick,thorn, thinknone, two,stayed, homecupboard, fridge, supermarket, chocolate, roastbeef, sandwichLesson 90chchimp, chicken, cheese, chillithese, made,togethercherries, chillies, chocolate, chomp

Lessons OverviewLevel 3 Buliding Confidence - Map 10LessonPhonic Letters Phonically Decodable WordsAnd SoundsLesson 91soft ccity, celery, cement, bicycle, park,shark, dark, barkLesson 92 icemice, rice, dice, slice, line, bike, nine,fine, lime, vineLesson 93 soft gcage, page, sage, stage, rageLesson 94akesnake, giraffe, wheel, sharkLesson 95long a, aneLesson 96Lesson 97acevowelsLesson 98long vowelwordsy on the endLesson 99cake, lake, rake, bake, take, snake,shake, make, wakecane, mane, lane, plane, cage, ape,gamespace, lace, facelife, spacemake, snake, five, apeHigh Frequency Sight WordsVocabulary Wordsone, two, three, four, fivecity, celery, bicycle, circus, circle, cementfly, look, white, fine, ninefootball, shoelace, sandbox, lighthousetoday, park, Saturdaygelato, giraffe, magic, gem, magic, giant,cementrooster, duckflew, bowl, brother, everywhere,what, about, anotherclouds, sky, stars, abovehours, outside, white, purple, yellow, orangethese, out, eight, blueitchy, hairy, floppy, rusty, party, creepy sleep, party, work, easy, flew,plane, highLesson 100five, mice, cageup, down, night, day, in, out, five,nine, eightLevel 3 Buliding Confidence - Map 11LessonPhonic Letters Phonically Decodable WordsHigh Frequency Sight WordsAnd SoundsLesson 101 oocook, book, wool, foot, look, tookbook, look, took, delicious, excitedLesson 102ooLesson 103oleLesson 104Lesson 105long o, esoundsblendsLesson 106blendsLesson 107eaLesson 108long u wordsLesson 109erroof, zoo, noon, moon, cool, spoon,pool, hoop, wood, baboonpole, sole, mole, hole, stole, woke,poke, joke, bone, stone, conerode, code, vote, rose, boat, coat,goat, floatfrog, clam, slam, swam, grub, crab,plug, grab, slug, shellcrab, clam, frog, fly, green, trunk,lunch, crash, treepea, seal, leaf, dream, peach, beach,beast, eat, peacecube, flute, tune, duke, June, tubehelper, brother, sister, cleaner,badger, bigger, betterLesson 110 blendsstrong, pretty, dry, crunchy, glossy,flower, ground, cloud, drankLevel 3 Buliding Confidence - Map 12LessonPhonic Letters Phonically Decodable WordsAnd SoundsLesson 111blendswanted, trip, crashed, stuck, threeLesson 112 syllablesexercise, somewhere, drink, growing,eatenLesson 113 end blendsflamingo, rabbit, duckling, stamp,thumpLesson 114 oaflowers, raincoat, houseLesson 115Lesson 116irighLesson 117nounsLesson 118orLesson 119verbsLesson 120aysunlight, seedling, warm, leafmoonlight, goodnight, sandpaper,icecube, caringraincoat, coast, better, bathroom,friendsboots, long pants, jumper, coat,cloudyremember, imagine, insect, sideways,flaptheir, apple, spelling, feet, crabsicing, pour, slice, bakenight, stars, switch, countexercise, check, straw, spacesuit, photo,astronaut, musicdough, paper, cardboard, paint, glue, puppet, pipecleaner, spider, butterflycircus, escapes, bendy, works, cageawake, asleep, full, empty, kitten, astronaut,circusVocabulary Wordsdressed, chocolate, icing, cream, delicious,contest, winnersaid, here, took, who, footcockatoo, coop, moose, cocoon, kangaroo,raccoon, baboonground, phone, own, down, wrong wombat, ground, kangaroo, mole, phone,pokeboat, together, through, behind,tadpole, flagpole, tangled, seaweed, wavy,tiny, suddenlymolehill, bubbly, foamfriends, open, swam, his, eatclam, slug, tram, phonehungry, green, happy, blue, treewombat, crash, butterfly, grotty, hungryleaf, down, asleep, nice, light,blue, eatworried, choose, teeth, earspeace, sitting, scary, beast, dream, badgerworried, perfect, flute, choose, tongue,hedgehogplumber, builder, cleaner, garden, leakybrother, sister, bigger, better,anything, cleanflower, ground, cloud, drank,white, brown, greycrunchy, glossy, wept, squishy, weak, cloud,pretty, adjectivesHigh Frequency Sight WordsVocabulary Wordshappy, boat, leaf, clockkeeping, drinking, sunlight,flamingo, elephant, beetlestinky, wanted, running, wants,spider, keepingwaterfall, picture, thunderstorm,houseboat, tophatcatfight, flowerpot, fingernailmonkey, kangaroo, family, forestcrab, track, truck, back, tree, crackhealthy, water, food, clothes, sleep, homesoil, grow, water, dirt, shirt, skirt, flirt, flowernight, light, bright, sight, rightshirt, goatthorn, toast, chew, roar, caught, loudlywindy, snow, sunny, rainy, horse,popcorn, knightwhistle, squeal, swoop, scuttle,scaredlibrary, cling, eight, walkscore, wore, store, shore, shortsskunk, pink, milk, sink, drink, stink, blinkoats, coast, road, toast, soap, floatpounce, glide, wriggle, sneezestay, day, okay, way, boat, pink, truck9

Program FeaturesTeaching ResourcesThe Teaching Resources tab allow teachersto access a range of Interactive WhiteboardResources (IWB) lessons, books and activities,along with a huge range of printable worksheetsand teaching notes that help enrich and extendthe Reading Eggs experience. These includeactivities from the Reading Eggs and ReadingEggspress website, as well as a variety of newinteractive lesson ideas, features and resources.Teaching resources can also be used on acomputer with smaller groups of students.More than 100posters available!Teaching Resources has content in these areas:K–2 More than 100 full color posters. Letters and sounds – alphabet and phonics activities. Resources – Teaching Guides, worksheets, and powerpoint lessonsfor teachers to read onscreen or print out and use with their class. A range of activities for Spelling, Comprehensionand Writing!Big Books With more than 320 leveled books to use as big bookson IWB, with both fiction and nonfiction titles coveringall reading levels from Level 1 – 34.Book Notes10(*not all titles in the library have book notes)Download PDFs of booknotes for the ReadingEggspress Library range.Simply search for the booktitle and find the matchingBook Notes*

More than 360 leveled booksMy ProgramThe student’s nextspelling lessonThe My Program feature providesstudents with an overview oftheir progress. Reading Eggsprovides leveled books – 2 fictionand 2 nonfiction titles for everylesson. Each book comes with itsown comprehension quiz.The student’s nextreading lesson Perfect for home reading An excellent way to increase thenumber of books your studentsread.The student’s nextdriving textThe number ofbooks the studenthas readThe student’s recommended list of leveledreaders – all with audio quizzesStorylandsThe popular Blake Education book series is now partof Reading Eggs with lessons for the first 20 ClinkerCastle titles. The 20 lessons contain 140 activities thatcover Emergent and Early reading levels 1 – 10 and buildreading, vocabulary and comprehension skills.Storylands opens after Reading Eggs lesson 60.Skills Bank SpellingThe Spelling Vault contains 96 carefully graded spelling lessons. Each spelling lessonfocuses on a 12-word spelling list.Each lesson includes a variety of interactive activities that use a range of spellingstrategies including word structure, word families, meaning, segmentation, morphemes,phonics, and repetition to build students’ word knowledge and spelling recall.Every lesson ends with a 12-word spelling test. Students’ results are saved for both thestudent and the teacher. Student results are collated and the teacher can see bothindividual and class reports.Printable worksheets complement the online lessons. Teachers can use the lessonsand worksheets as part of their spelling program.Assessment and ReportingAll student results are recorded and are accessible from your Teacher Dashboardin the form of student reports. These include test results and lessons completed.Teachers also have access to a complete scope and sequence of content covered,word lists, and skills charts.11

The Story FactoryThis is where Eggsplorers can create their very own story books with full-colorillustrations. Each child’s story books are saved in the bookshelf in My House.The other fabulous feature of the Story Factory is the Weekly Contest. Enterstories into the contest to win 200 Golden Eggs. Every week, the top stories areshortlisted and go on display in the Story Factory Showroom. Then it is up to allour Eggsplorers to vote for their favorite story. Read and rate the top stories to helpchoose the winner. Winners are announced every Friday.Children love to read their own stories and The Story Factory is a wonderful way tobuild a love of both reading and writing.Puzzle Park32 brain stretching puzzles that reinforcea variety of literacy skills includingcomprehension skills, sight wordknowledge, vocabulary development,following directions, and problem solving.Students earn Golden Eggs for each correctanswer in each of these timed activities.Driving TestsReading Eggs Driving Tests assess student’s basic skills knowledge. Whenstudents get every questions correct, they are rewarded with a racing car game.The tests completed correctly means more turns around the track!Sight Words, Phonic Skills, and Content-Area VocabularyAssessing sight word knowledge and phonic skills is a fundamental part of anyearly literacy program. The first 200 high-frequency sight words make up almost65% of the words that appear in most texts. Knowing these sight words andhaving a good understanding of a range of phonic skills makes fluent readingeasier, and lets the brain focus on comprehension.Knowing where children are up to in this progression is essential. These testswill save you time and motivate your students to stay on track as they improvetheir skills.12

Driving Test Content Overview ChartsSight WordsTest NumberWords1I am at a see the can man and in had is good on he she yes you of was2for has in him it like said this little but all so bird then cannot go by look got play3are happy some not his her we very me be three green to there that one have they do us4went out come my here goes day baby where when down up call who lives box into what as no5put party mother get duck word coming dad eyes sleep with going want car will them too off over were6back from children try these new white just girl boy say ask why black stay home two made together now7came about their people your could house old time I’m if help saw make an water away how did or8would took school think didn’t know eat food our take after find more tree other way been stop must door9thought right shout sea began everyone never first gave soon night small still may something need work next found head10every around only many much told another great cried keep room last because even before mother each its different which11father inside any under snow air friend dark than across gone hard really please thing use name those always number12been know birthday Mr Mrs long again give stand animals upon book morning year none left write should woman walk13often five read can’t today o’clock don’t does yesterday tomorrow family street doctor afternoon beautiful question I’ll love push high14leave bring month summer winter oil pull laugh part answer horse important annoy point cloud photo suddenly coming graph quiet15paragraph though emergency ground through enough describe twinkle hundred country between instead respect forward nowherehandwriting solution magazine everywhere punctuationContent WordsTest number and nameWords1 - Number words to 10one two three four five six seven eight nine ten2 - Colors and shapesred blue yellow orange green brown purple white black rectangle square pentagon black circle oval green triangle3 - Number words to 20six eight nine one two eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty4 - Clothesshirt skirt pants jeans singlet jumper jacket hat scarf boots shoes socks shorts raincoat sunglasses dress5 - Day and nighttoday Monday week Thursday sunset night Wednesday tomorrow midday Saturday sunrise goodnight afternoon midnightmorning Tuesday yesterday Friday evening Sunday6 - Fruitapple orange plum peach banana lime lemon cherry mango grapefruit melon watermelon rockmelon grapes7 - MonthsJanuary February March April May June July August September October November December month year8 - Familyfamily sister mother father brother uncle son daughter cousin niece aunt nephew grandfather grandmother grandsongranddaughter stepson half sister husband wife wedding9 - Foodbreakfast vegetables sandwich dinner drink meat bread cereal rice lunch noodles sushi chicken dessert fruit fish juice pastaice-cream beef10 - Number words to 100twenty thirty hundred fifth first fifty eighty seventh forty tenth eighty sixty seventy second ninth sixth ninety thirty eighth thirdand Ordinal numbers11 - Vegetablescabbage tomato celery potato leek broccoli cauliflower brussel sprouts pumpkin onion carrot parsnip squash capsicum lettuce12 - Housebedroom bathroom kitchen garden backyard fence gate hall floor wall roof ceiling light switch rug carpet wood brick homeapartment wardrobe13 - Kitchencupboard sink drawer dishwasher knife fork spoon teaspoon bowl plate stove oven toaster kettle pantry fridge tablesaucepan frypan mixer14 - Bathroomshampoo soap toilet bath towel shower tap flush tiles mirror wash door window

All books are leveled using our Eggspress Reading levels and certified Lexile levels. Reading Eggs & Reading Eggspress Reading levels Lexile levels My lessons F & P levels RR levels DRA Reading Stages Kindergarten BR Reading Eggs Maps 1 - 80 1 1 Emergent BR 1 1 BR 2 2 10 - 39L A 3 2 40 - 79L B 4 3 80 - 119L C 5 4 Grade 1 120 - 159L .