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01MESSAGE FROM MANAGING DIRECTORIt brings me immense pleasure to see the performance of our enterprise whose graph is on uprise trend after crossing continuous milestones. We atAMULYA HERBS started as a manufacturer and now marching onwards by establishing ourselves as a premium brand in healthcare products, in avery short period since inception. This success could not been possible without efforts and support of hard work of distributors.We at amulya herbs believe that :HEALTH IS AN INVALUABLE BLESSING & PRESERVATION OF HEALTH IS A DUTYWe at Amulya Herbs also believe that happiness can only be achieved by being hale and hearty. Diseases are inevitable, but a healthy life is achoice. We encourage you to choose a safe and effective way to fight these diseases and enjoy life as long as it lasts.What is more, we offer attractive business opportunities with a concrete earning plan. Our effective sales and marketing plan allow you to reach outto public at large and retail out our products, allowing you to work and earn independently as well. Moreover, the higher you are in the hierarchy,the more you earn.We have a state of the art R&D facility where the most sincere efforts are made by our R&D group to keep coming out with effective result orientedherbal products. Our endeavor is to keep providing a wide range of new, safe and effective products.We follow a strict code of ethics and our un-compromised sense of morality drives our urge to make this world a better place. Our herbal productsare extremely safe and free from side effects whatsoever.Finally, we intend to be the best in this field of health and wellness and our intensive plan which has been thoroughly researched, guarantees thatwithin short period, our exceptional products will become a household name. Every possible step will be taken to achieve goals in this regard. Weare hopeful that we will be able to stand along with reputed companies in the field of ayurvedic and herbal health products.You will soon find that Amulya Herbs, Health, Happiness and Wealth are synonymous.Stay Connected - Stay Healthy ( Mr. Manish Marwaha )OUR OBJECTIVEAmulya Herbs’s aim is to develop safe and effective products to improve the quality of life. We constantly strive towards providing standardized &researched herbal healthcare products & services for consumer well being. We firmly believe that the value of the customer is the most importantmission of our business. Best qaulity products is the only way to survive in the market. We also aim at providing opportunities to our people torealize their full potential and grow with us. We are concerned about the safety of people & the environment & encourage a win-win situation in alldealings. Amulya Herbs endeavors to constantly improve the quality of life. We aim at becoming a leading, Internationally recognized, wellestablished herbal health care company.

02AMULYA HERBS PVT. LTD.MANUFACTURINGFocussed on offering health care solutions, Amulya Herbs private limited was set up as amanufacturing cum marketing company and has played a leading role in re-establishing theancient knowledge of ayurveda with modern scientific methods and manufacturing techniques.The main source of knowledge behind our formulations is from AYURVEDA - A PROFUNDSPIRITUAL VISION OF HEALTH & WELLNESS.PRODUCTIONWe offer a wide range of herbal products in the form of health supplements, medicines and beautycare products based on strong fundamentals. Our research and development team comprise ofhighly professional and experienced Vaidya & Doctors. Our distributors and leaders have taken thecompany to great heights in a very short span of time & are continuing to do so with in theexceptional quality of our product range.CERTIFICATIONAmulya Herbs adheres to stringent quality control standards and ensures to match internationalquality control standards. We are an ISO, CRISIL verified and GMP certified manufacturingcompany. The formulation mentioned here are of proven worth as have stood test of time, for theirpurity, safety and are result oriented. Helps in eradicating the root cause of ailments naturallyrelated to inner health and beauty care.15% DISCOUNT ON CUSTOMER ID ON M.R.P.30% DISCOUNT TO DISTRIBUTOR ON M.R.P.

03AMULYARASDETOXIFY THE BODYAmulya Ras 7x is an unique blend of seven herbs i.e.Aloevera with fibres, Amla, Tulsi, Geloye, Wheatgrass,Daruhaldi & Ashwagandha. It helps to maintain good health andenergies the entire body system. Its antioxidant propertiesremove the toxins form the body. It promotes digestion, purifiesthe abdominal passage Increases RBC and improves Immunity.vewY;k jl vyks,osjk] vkaoyk] rqylh] fxyks;] xsgw¡ ds tokjs] nk#gYnhvkSj v'oxa/k vFkkZr lkr tM h cwfV;ksa dk ,d vuwBk feJ.k gSA ;gvPNk LokLF; cuk, j[kus esa enn djrk gS vkSj 'kjhj ds iwjs flLVe dksÅtkZ iznku djrk gSA blds ,aVhvkWDlhMsaV fujkfo"k dkjh xq.kks ds dkj.k'kjhj ls fo"kkDr inkFkksZa dks u"V dj ikpu 'kfDr dks c kus] isV dhleL;kvksa dks nwj djus vkSj jksx izfrjks/d {kerk dks c kus esa mi;ksxhgSADOSAGE : 20-30ml in equal amount of water in glass ware, shouldbe taken twice a day empty stomach.INGREDIENTS : Kumari, (Aloevera), Amla, Tulsi, Giloy, Gehu Ka jwara ( Wheatgrass), Daruhaldi, & Ashwagandha.Avoid in gastritis, diarrhoea, pregnancy, lactacting & acute joints pain.CODEPACK500MLMRP390/-

04AMULYALIVER DS SYRUPLIVER TONICAmulya Liver DS is a best combination of naturalherbs, which restores the functional efficiency of theliver. It is very helpful in treatment of viral hepatitis,alcoholic liver diseases, early liver cirrhosis, fatty andenlarged liver and jaundice. It acts as purifying agentand removes ill effects of alcohol on liver.izkd frd tM h cwfV;ksa dk lcls vPNk la;kstu gS] tks ;d r dsdk;kZRed n{krk dks iquZLFkkfir djrk gSA ;g ok;jy gsisVkbfVl]'kjkc ds dkj.k ;d r ij nq"izHkko] izkjafHkd fyoj fljksfll] olk;qDr fyoj] Hkw[k esa deh vkSj ihfy;k esa mi;ksxh gSADOSAGE : 10ml twice a day before meals or as directedby the physician.INGREDIENTS : Punarnava, Kalmegh, Kutki, Bhumi Amla, Kasni, Bhringraj, Amla, Harad, Daruhaldi, Vidang,Pitpapra, Kakmachi, Rewend Chini, Ghritkumari, Sugar.CODEPACK200MLMRP220/-

05AMULYALIVERBOOST LIVER PERFORMANCEAmulya Liver is best combination of natural herbs,which restores the functional efficiency of the Liver.It is very helpful in treatment of viral hepatitis,alcoholic liver diseases, early liver cirrhosis, fatty,enlarged & damaged liver, loss of appetite andjaundice. It acts as a purifying agent.izkd frd tM h cwfV;ksa dk lcls vPNk la;kstu gS] tks ;d rds dk;kZRed n{krk dks iquZLFkkfir djrk gSA ;g ok;jygsisVkbfVl] 'kjkc ds dkj.k ;d r ij nq"izHkko] izkjafHkd fyojfljksfll] olk ;qDr fyoj] Hkw[k esa deh vkSj ihfy;k esami;ksxh gSADOSAGE : 1-2 Capsules twice a day before 30 minutes of meal withluke warm water or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Bhui Amla, Punarnava, Daruhaldi, Kalmegh, Kutki, Kasni, Brinjasif, Sharpunkha.CODEPACK30 CAPSULESMRP440/-

06AMULYADIGESTIVE ENZYMEDIGESTIVE TONICAmulya Digestive Enzyme is a herbal digestivetonic, which cures all digestive problems withoutany side effect such as gas, acidity, indigestionflatulence, stomach ache after heavy meals,dyspepsia, poor appetite. It strengthens the digestive system.vewY;k MkbtsfLVo ,atkbe gcZy ikpu VkWfud gS] tks isVesa xSl] ,flfMVh] vipu] isV Qwyuk] v#fp isV nnZlHkh ikpu leL;kvksa esa mi;ksxh gSA ;g ikpu iz.kkyhdks 'kfDr iznku djrk gSA [kk;k fi;k vUu 'kjhjka'k cukrk gSADOSAGE : 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day with luke warmwater after meals or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Chitrak, Saunth, Jeera, Chavya, Lavang, Tejpatra, Harad, Ajwain, Mulethi,Guduchi, Magpipal,Trivrit, Sugar.CODEPACK200MLMRP140/-

07AMULYATULSI DROPS 5XIMMUNITY BOOSTERANTI MICROBIALAmulya Tulsi Drops 5x acts as a natural detoxifier whichpurifies blood and helps in removing the toxins from blood.Being antibiotic, anti bacterial & anti viral in action is extremlyuseful in upper respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma,sinusitis etc & also useful in skin diseases both when consumedand applied tropically.rqylh MªksIl izkd frd detoxifier dh rjg dk;Z djrk gS tks [kwudks lkQ dj fo"kSys rÙoksa dks ckgj fudkyrk gSA,aVhck;ksfVd] thok.kquk'kd vkSj ,aVhok;jy gksus ds dkj.k rqylhMªksIl mijh 'okl laca/h jksxks tSls czksdkbfVl] nek] lkbulkbfVlbR;kfn esa fo'ks"k ykHkdkjh gSA ;g Ropk lacaf/r jksx esa lsou djusvkSj mij ls yxkus] nksuks :i esa mi;ksxh gSADOSAGE : 2-3 Drops in a glass of water or cup of tea.INGREDIENTS : Ram Tulsi, Shyam Tulsi, Shwet Tulsi, Van Tulsi,Nimbu Tulsi.Precautions : Don’t use with milk. Not tobe used in ear & eye.CODEPACK20MLlko/kuh%& nw/ ds lkFk lsou u djsvk¡[k o ukd esa iz;ksx u djsaAMRP 200/-

08AMULYAFRESH N LAXHERBAL FIBRE LAXATIVEAmulya Fresh N Lax is a combination forcleansing, detoxifying the colon from toxins.Supports healthy digestion & absorption byincreasing & adding natural bulk to stool thusrelieving constipation.vewY; QSz'k ,u ySDl ikmMj dk iz;ksx vkar dks lkQ djus,oa fo"kSys rRo dks eqDr djus gsrw gksrk gSA ;g LoLFk ikpufØ;k ,oa vo'kks"k.k djokrk gSA Øfed ozrksa dk fu;af krfldqM u ,oa ey dk izkd frd Hkkj c kdj dCt esa vkjkefnykrk gSADOSAGE : 1 table spoon one or twice a day with luke warmwater after meal or as directed by physician.INGREDIENTS : Choti Harad, Isab Gol, Sanay, Baheda, Alsi, Amla, Ashwangadha, Pudina Sat, Saindha Namak.Precautions : Avoid in pregnancy &lactating mothers.CODEPACKfu"ks/%& xHkZorh ekrk@Lruiku ekrk dks lsou gsrqu nsaA100GMMRP180/-

09AMULYAURITONEREDUCES URIC ACIDNATURALLYAmulya Uritone is a safe remedy for gout. Gout is apainful type of arthritis caused by excess of uric acid.Uric acid in the blood causes crystals to deposit onthe cartilage and joints. The tissues then get inflamed& often causes serious pain. It supports healthy & painfree joints. Its also helpful in reducing uric acid.vewY;k ;wfjVksu xkmV ;k xfB;k ds fy, ,d lqjf{kr gcZy mipkjgSA ;wfjd ,flM dh ek kk vf/d gksus dh otg ls xfB;k esannZ gksrk gSA [kwu esa ;wfjd ,flM gksus ls tksM ksa esa ;wfjd ,flMfØLVy curs gSa ftlls Årdksa esa lwtu vkSj vpkud nnZ gksrk gSA;g 'kjhj esa ;wfjd ,flM dks de djus esa lgk;d gSADOSAGE : 1Capsule twice a day after meal with luke warmwater or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Shallaki, Guggal, Ajmodh, Rasna, Saunth, Marichpipalli, Punarnava, Gokhru.Precautions : Avoid protein rich diet eg: cheese,fish, pulses, meat & egg.CODEPACKlko/kuh%& izksVhu ;qDr vkgkj tSls iuhj nkys] ehV]eNyh dk iz;ksx u djsaA30 CAPSULESMRP390/-

10AMULYAJOINT CARECARTILAGE HEALERHELPS IN JOINT MOVEMENTSAmulya Joint Care tablets are a blend of nutritionalsupplements like Glucosamine which support healthyjoints & stimulates the production of Cartilage and naturalherbs like Boswellia Serrate, which helps to reduceswelling in the joints. This is extremely useful inosteoarthritic patients.vewY;k tkWbaV ds;j VscysV l Xywdkslkfeu dk feJ.k gS tkstksM ks es ik, tkus okys Cartilage dks cukus es lgk;d gSvr% tksM ks dks LoLFk j[kus es mi;ksxh Hkh gSA vkSj ckslosfy;ktSls izkd frd tM h cwfV;ksa ls tksM ksa esa nnZ o lwtu dks dedjus esa mi;ksxh fl¼ gqvk gSA blfy, vksLV;ksvkFkZjkbfVl esvfr mi;ksxh gSADOSAGE : One tablet twice a day after meal with water.INGREDIENTS : Glucosamine Hydrocloride, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, Diacerin,Boswellia Perrata.Precautions : Avoid in pregnancy &lactating mothers.CODEPACKfu"ks/%& xHkZorh ekrk@Lruiku ekrk dks lsou gsrqu nsaA30 TABLETSMRP 570/-

11AMULYAFLAXFLAXSEED OIL CAPSULES WITHOMEGA 3,6,9 & VITAMINS D3Amulya Flax contains Flaxseed oil which is vegetariansource of Omega 3 fatty acids. Continous use of it forfew weeks increases the Omega 3 fatty acids in thebody & it may help in reduce inflammation & lower therisk of chronic conditions such as arthritis & heartdiseases. It also helps in lowering cholesterol.vewY; ÝySDl ÝysDllhM rsy esa vksesxk 3 QsVh ,flM dk'kkdkgkjh lzksr gS tks lwtu] xfB;k vkSj ân; nqcZyrk dksde djus esa enn djrk gSA ;g dksysLVªkWy vkSj mPp jDrpki esa mi;ksxh gSA vewY;k ÝysDllhM dSIlwy 'kq¼ vylh dsrsy vkSj foVkfeu Mh dk fo'ks"k lfeJ.k vf/d xq.kdkjhfl¼ gqvk gSADOSAGE : 1 Capsules twice a day with water.INGREDIENTS : Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Essential Fatty Acids from Flaxseed Oil.Contra Indications: Take with precautionin gastritic patients.CODElko/kuh% vEyfir (lhus esa tyu gksuk) ds jksxhbldk lsou djrs le; ikuh dh vf/d ek kk ysAPACK 30 SOFT Capsules MRP 330/-

12AMULYASANDHI KALPREDUCE JOINTS & MUSCLE PAINPROMOTES MOBILITYAmulya Sandhi Kalp is a combination of herbal medicineswhich work together to relieve joint pain, joint inflammation& joint stiffness. Along with this it provides musclestrengthening, vital nutrients to the bones & surroundingtissues as containing shallaki, ashwagandha, guggal & giloyas components of sandhi kalp.laf/dYi vk;qosZfn; vkS"kf/;ksa dk feJ.k gS tks tksM ksa ds nnZ] lwtu,oa tdMkgV dks nwj djus esa dkjxj gSA blesa v'oxa/k] 'kYydh]eqXxqy ,oa fxyks; tksMksa ds vklikl dh eklisf'k;ksa dks etcwrcukus ,oa gfM M;ksa o ekalisf'k;ksa dks t:jh rRo iznku djus esa enndjrk gSA ;g L;kfVdk ,oa vU; rfU kdkvksa ls tqM h fcekfj;ksa esadk;Z djrk gSADOSAGE : 1Capsule twice or thrice a day after meal with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Ashwagandha, Rasna, Guggle, Pippali, Giloye, Kali Mirch, Shallaki, Haridra, Haritaki, Methi,Sonth.CODEPACK30 CAPSULESMRP490/-

13AMULYASANDHI KALP OILFOR JOINT & MUSCLESREJUVENATIONAmulya Sandhi Kalp Oil is homogenous mixture ofvarious medicated oils for tropical use on involvedjoint as it relieves pain, inflammation, stiffness inosteoarthritis, cervial spondylosis, lumbarspondylosis etc because it has a good penetrationpower upto tissues.laf/dYi rSy fofHkUu vkS"kf/;ksa ds rSy dk feJ.k gS tks tksMksa ijyxkus ls tksMksa ds nnZ] lwtu vkSj tdMkgV dks nwj djrk gSA ;g?kqVuksa ds nnZ] dej ds nnZ] xnZu ds nnZ bR;kfn esa ykHkdkjh gSD;ksafd ;g gekjh eklisf'k;ksa ds Hkhrjh Lrj rd tkdj dk;Z djrkgSADOSAGE : Apply genlty on the affected area in clock wisedirection followed by covering area with soft cotton clothfor 15-20 minutes.INGREDIENTS : Ashwagandha, Gandhparsarni, Rasna, Erand, Surjan, lahsun, Wintergreen, lal Mirch,Kapoor, Pipermint, Nilgiri, Till Tail, Mentha Piperate, Camphora, Sesamum Indicum.CODEPACK100MLMRP390/-

14AMULYAAMRITATULSI RASAYANSTRENGTHEN LIFE FORCEAmulya Amritatulsi Rasayan is a combination of twopowerful natural herbs Giloy and Tulsi. It is used toenhance immunity to fight against numerous infections.It is helpful in fever, dengue fever, rheumatism,uric acid and allergic cough and cold.vewY;k ve rkrqylh jlk;u fxyks; vkSj rqylh dk lfeJ.k gSA;g vusd laØe.kksa] Msaxw Toj uk'kd] xfB;k] ;wfjd ,flM],ythZ] [kkalh vkSj lnhZ esa xq.kdkjh gSA jDr dk 'kks/u djjksxizfrjks/d 'kfDr o/Zd gSADOSAGE : 1-2 Capsule twice a day after meals withluke warm water.INGREDIENTS : Tulsi & Giloy.Pregnant & lactating mothers consultDoctor before taking this product.CODEHC10030PACKfu"ks/%&Lruiku ekrk@xHkZorh ekrk lsou djus ls igysMkDVj dh lykg ysaA30 CAPSULESMRP200/-

15AMULYACEFTRINANTI INFECTIVEAYURVEDIC THERAPYAmulya Ceftrin is a unique well-balanced formulationwhich tones up body’s defence mechanism to meetthe challenges of day to day allergies and infections.It increases the level of antibody forming cells and helpsthe body to strengthen its natural immunity. It is alsobeneficial in respiratory infections & skin diseases.lsfÝVªu tM h cwfV;ks ds la;ksx ls fufeZr larqfyr ;ksx gS]tks fnu&izfrfnu ,ythZ vkSj laØe.k dh pqukSfr;ksa dk lkeukdjus ds fy, ykHkdkjh gSA ;g ,aVhckWMh xBu dksf'kdkvksa ds Lrjdks c krk gS vkSj 'kjhj dh izfrjks/d {kerk dks etcwr cukus esaenn djrk gSA lsfÝVªu 'olu ra k ds laØe.k] th.kZ VkaflykbfVl]czksadkbfVl vkSj Ropk jksxksa esa ykHkdkjh gSADOSAGE : 1-2 Capsule twice a day after meals withluke warm water or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Guggal, Guduchi, Nimba, Shigru, Patol, Tulsi, Sariva, Amla, Ashwagandha,Taj, Haldi, Sonth, Kapardika.CODEPACK30 CAPSULESMRP320/-

16AMULYABLOOD PURIFIERVALUABLE BLOOD PURIFIERAmulya Blood Purifier - Skin problems are generallycaused by impurities in the blood. Amulya BloodPurifier syrup is a very effective and helps to purifyblood. It also helps in curing skin rashes, acne,pimples, allergic skin lesion etc. It also improvesskin complexion.vewY;k CyM iqfjfQ,j Ropk dh leL;k vke rkSj ij jDresa nks"k ds dkj.k gksrh gSA vewY;k CyM iqfjfQ,j fljijDr dks 'kq¼ djus vkSj nks"kksa dks nwj djus ,oa Ropk ijpdÙks] eq¡gkls] pgjs ij nkus] ,ythZ vkSj Ropk ij ?kkodks Bhd djus esa enn djrk gSADOSAGE : 2-3 teaspoonful a day after meals with water oras directed by physician.INGREDIENTS : Neem, Manjeeth, Vasaka, Daruhaldi, Khair Chhal, Chirata, Guduchi, Pitpapra,kalmegh, Amla, Harad, Gorakhmundi, Sugar.CODEPACK200MLMRP200/-

17AMULYACALKIDPOWER OF CALCIUMIRON & ZINCAmulya Calkid is essential not only for bones butalso important for the whole body. Make sure thatyour child must get enough of this nutrient. AmulyaCalkid is a combination of Calcium, Iron & Zinc. Calciumimproves bone density, Iron helps in building RBC(Red Blood Cells) & Zinc improves growth & digestion.vewY; dSYfdM dSfY'k;e gfM M;ksa ds fy, u dsoy vko';d gScfYd iwjs 'kjhj ds fy, egRoiw.kZ gSA lqfuf'pr djsa fd vkids cPpkssadks bu iks"kd rRoksa dh i;kZIr ek kk ysuh pkfg,A vewY; dSyfdM dSfY'k;e] vk;ju vkSj ftad dk ,d la;kstu gSA dSfY'k;e] vfLFk?kuRo esa lq/kj djrk gSA vk;ju vkjchlh (yky jDr dksf'kdkvksa)ds fuekZ.k es enn djrk gS vkSj ftad leqfpr fodkl vkSj ikpucsgrj cukrk gSADOSAGE : 1-2 Tablet twice a day after meal or with milk or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Calcium, Iron, Zinc.CODEPACK60 CAPSULESMRP320/-

18AMULYAGROWTH PLUSCOMPLETE &BALANCED NUTRITIONAmulya Growth Plus is a nutritive supplement for childrenlagging behind on proper growth. Each serving of AmulyaGrowth Plus provides protein, vitamins and minerals whichhelps in strengthening natural immunity and support braindevelopment. Growth parameters like height & weight canalso be achieved. it also helps in improving value required asper age of child.vewY;k xzksFk Iyl esa cgqewY; tM h cwfV;ksa dk feJ.k gksus ls ;g cPpksa dsleqfpr fodkl esa enn djrk gSA ftu cPpksa esa iks"k.k dh deh ds dkj.kmudk fodkl #d tkrk gS mu cPpksa ds fy, ;g mi;ksxh gSA vewY;k xzksFkIyl esa izksVhu] foVkfeu vkSj feujYl gS tks izkd frd :i lsjksx&izfrjks/d {kerk dks etcwr cukus vkSj efLr"d dk fodkl djus esaenn djrs gSaA'kkjhfjd fodkl ds ekinaM tSls mpkbZ vkSj 'kkjhfjd Hkkj dk mez ds fglkcls gksus esa lgk;d djrk gS D;ksafd ;g 'kjhj dks lHkh iks"kd rÙkoks lsifjiw.kZ djrk gSADOSAGE : Two teaspoon with warm milk.INGREDIENTS : Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamin A, D3, C, E, Niacinamide, Calcium, Vitamin B3,B2, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Minerals, OHA, GLA, L-Carnitine, Lycopeme, Inositol.CODEPACK500GMMRP740/-

19AMULYAMEGHYA SYRUPBOOST MENTAL ABILITYAmulya Meghya Syrup is a unique combination ofseven herbs, those are important for brain and body.It helps in improving memory, learning ability andconcentration. Regular use of this product also helpschildren to learn and think quickly.vewY;k es?k;k lkr izkd frd tM h cwfV;ksa dk ,d vuwBkla;kstu gS tks efLr"d vkSj 'kjhj ds fy, vR;ar egRoiw.kZ gSaA;g Lej.k'kfDr esa lq/kj djus dh {kerk vkSj ,dkxzrk cuk;sj[kus esa enn djrk gSA bl mRikn dk fu;fer mi;ksx djus lscPpksa esa cqf¼ dk fodkl gksrk gSAvewY;k es?k;k 2&16 o"kZ rd ds cPpksa dks ns ldrs gSaADOSAGE : 1-2 teaspoonful two/three times a day with milkor as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Vacha, Aloevera, Ustukhuddus, Jyotishmati, Daraksha.CODEPACK200MLMRP260/-

20AMULYAKRUSHUSEFUL IN RENAL CALCULI& INFECTIONSAmulya Krush Capsules are very useful in kidney,burning micturition, dysuria. Regular use of it crushesthe calculi into very small pieces & expels from thebody through urine. It is also helpful in urinary tractinfections. Intake of water should be increasedduring use of this medicine.vewY;k Ø'k dSIlwy xqnsZ dh iFkjh (LVksu) ckjackj is'kkc djus dhbPNk] is'kkc esa tyu esa cgqr mi;ksxh gSA bldk fu;fer :Ik esasmi;ksx djus ls ;g iFkjh dks cgqr NksVs VqdM ksa esa dqpydj mlsew k ds ekè;e ls 'kjhj ls ckgj fudky nsrk gSA ;g ew kk'k;iz.kkyh laØe.k esa Hkh lgk;d gSA b"Vre ifj.kkeksa ds fy,]Ø'k flji vkSj dSIlwy ds lkFk vR;f/d ikuh dk lsou djsaAfdlh Hkh rjg dk cht ;qDr inkFkZ tSls VekVj] ve:n] cSaxu dk lsou u djsaADOSAGE : 2 Capsules three times a day after meal withsoda/lime water.INGREDIENTS : Varuna, Gokhru, Punarnava, Lajjalu, Nagarmotha, Pashanbhed, Shital Chini, Badi Elaichi,Partherbhed Bhasam, Shavet Parpati, Muli khshar.Contra Indications: Will not be used in gallbladder stones.CODEPACKfu"ks/%& fiÙks dh iFkjh esa ykHkdkjh ughaA30 CAPSULESMRP360/-

21AMULYAKRUSH SYRUPCALCULUS & URINARYINFECTIONSAmulya Krush are very useful in kidney Calculi, burningmicturition and dysuria. Regular use of it, crushes the calculiinto very small pieces & expels from the body through urine.It is also helpful in urinary tract infections. Intake of watershould be increased during use of medicine.vewY;k Ø'k flji vkSj dSIlwy xqnsZ dh iFkjh (LVksu) ckjackj is'kkc djus dhbPNk] is'kkc esa tyu esa cgqr mi;ksxh gSA bldk fu;fer :i esas mi;ksxdjus ls ;g iFkjh dks cgqr NksVs VqdM ksa esa dqpydj mls ew k ds ekè;e ls'kjhj ls ckgj fudky nsrk gSA ;g ew kk'k; iz.kkyh laØe.k esa Hkh lgk;d gSAb"Vre ifj.kkeksa ds fy,] Ø'k flji vkSj dSIlwy ds lkFk vR;f/d ikuh dklsou djsaA fdlh Hkh rjg dk cht ;qDr inkFkZ tSls VekVj] ve:n] cSaxudk lsou u djsaADOSAGE : Children One tablespoons 2-3 times a day with lime water.Adult: Four tablespoons 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Punarnava, Badi Elaichi, Varun Chaal, Kulthi, Gokhru, Pashan Bhed, Kapur Katcheri, Lazwanti,Plash, Sugar.fu"ks/%& fiÙks dh iFkjh esa iz;ksx u djsaAPrecautions : Will not be used in gal bladder stones.CODEPACK200MLMRP200/-

22AMULYAZEROTAR SYRUPSPECIFIC FORSMOKER’S COUGHAmulya Zerotar is a combination of well markedherbs that strengthen the respiratory organs. It helpsto remove the accumulated mucus from the lungs.It is very useful in bronchitis, smokers cough andchronic cough of any age group. It helps in removingcongestion from lungs.vewY;k thjksVkj ,d fof'k"V tM h cwfV;ksa dk la;kstu gS tks 'oluvaxksa dks cy iznku dj QsQM ksa ls lafpr ewDl dks nwj djus esa enndjrk gSA ;g czksadkbfVl] /weziku ls lw[kh [kkalh] vkSj fdlh Hkhvk;q oxZ dh iqjkuh [kkalh esa cgqr mi;ksxh gSA ;g QsQM ksa esa lafprdQ dks nwj djus esa enn djrk gSADOSAGE : 2 teaspoonful 3-4 times a day with wateror as directed by physician.INGREDIENTS : Somlata, Vasaka, Giloy, Saunth, Reshakhatmi, Banaphsha, Mulethi, Unav, Gajwan, Illaichi,Sabaz, Mugpipal, Kantkari, Kayphal, Sugar.CODEPACK200MLMRP240/-

23AMULYACOUGH SYRUPDECONGESTANT &EXPECTORANTAmulya Cough Syrup is a best combination of herbs, whichprovides relief from dry cough and cold without anyside effects. It provides fast relief from acute cough,whooping cough, sore throat and bronchitis.vewY;k dQ flji izkd frd tM h cwfV;ksa dk lcls vPNk la;kstugS tks fdlh Hkh nq"izHkko ds fcuk lnhZ vkSj [kkalh ls jkgr iznkudjrk gSA ;g [kkalh] xys esa tyu vkSj [kjk'k esa jkgr iznku djrkgSADOSAGE : Up to 12 years : One teaspoonful three times a daywith luke warm water. Adults: Two teaspoonful 3-4 times a daywith luke warm water.INGREDIENTS : Banafsha, Munaca, Unava, Gajban, Mulethi, Saunf, Reshakhatmi, Anjeer,Kantakari, Ustukhuddus, Saunth, Vasaka, Giloy, Hanspatri, Tulsi, Sugar & Honey.CODEPACK200MLMRP170/-

24AMULYAASHWA 10XVIGOUR, VITALITY & STAMINAAmulya Ashwa 10x are safe & effective preparation forVir-VIGOUR- VITALITY & Strength free from any side effectsIt works as a male libido enhancer. The Ashwa 10x capsulesis restorative & aphrodisiac thus helps in erection power andstrengthen the penile muscles. Overall general debility isalso improved thus helps in overall enhanced performance.dSIlwy v'ok 10x thouh; 'kfDr gsrq izfl¼ vk;qosZfnd vkS"kf/ gSA;g fdlh Hkh izdkj ds nq"izHkko eqDr gSA ;g iq:"k dkesPNk 'kfDro/ZdvkSj 'kh?kziru uk'kd gSA v'ok 10x dSIlwy cyo¼ZdvkSj dkeksnhid dh rjg dk;Z djrk gS ftlls ;g LraHku 'kfDr dksc krk gS vkSj fyax eklisf'k;ksa dks n cukrk gSA lkekU; nkScZY;rk dksHkh nwj dj ;g iq:"k ;kSu izn'kZu dks Hkh c krk gSADOSAGE : 1 Capsule twice a day after meal with milk or asdirected by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Kaunch Beej, Shatavari, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Jaiphal, Malkangni, Shunthi, Lavang,Gokhru, Akarkara, Sidh Makardhwaj, Shilajijt.Contra Indications: Should be given withprecaution to hypertensive patientCODEPACKfu"ks/%& mPp jDrpki ds jksxh esa lko/kuh ls nsa30 CAPSULESMRP690/-

25AMULYAASHWA 10X OILAYURVEDIC MEN OILAmulya Ashwa 10x Oil is safe & effective preparationfor Vir-VIGOUR, VITALITY & strength, free from anyside effects. It works as a male libido enhancer. TheAshwa 10x as restorative & aphrodisciac thus helps inerection power & strengthen the muscles. Overallgeneral ability is improved & enhances male sexual power.vewY;k v'ok 10x rsy thouh; 'kfDr gsrq izfl¼ vk;qosZfnd vkS"kf/gSA ;g fdlh Hkh izdkj ds nq"izHkko eqDr gSA ;g iq:"k dkesPNk'kfDro/Zd vkSj 'kh?kziru uk'kd gSA v'ok 10x cyo¼Zd vkSjdkeksnhid dh rjg dk;Z djrk gS ftlls ;g LraHku 'kfDr dks c krkgS vkSj fyax eklisf'k;ksa dks n cukrk gSA lkekU; nkScZY;rk dks Hkh nwjdj ;g iq:"k ;kSu izn'kZu dks Hkh c krk gSADOSAGE : Add few drops of oil on the surface of shaft & massage gentlyin outer direction twice a day or as and when required.INGREDIENTS : Malkangni, Ashwagandha, Lathakasthuri, Nirgundi, Jaiphal, Lavang, Taj,Till Tail, Vaajigandha, Gunchi, Pipal, Akarkara, Satavar.CODEPACK25MLMRP390/-

26AMULYAVITO POWERIMPROVES VITALITYAmulya Vito Power is new class high end ayurvedic herbalformulations made with natural herbs & extracts. Vito powernaturally rejuvenates & improves natural vigour & vitality.It is a powerful sex stimulant which improves sexual health byreducing physical & mental stress & acts as aphrodisiac,nervine tonic to stimulates & promotes longevity.dSIlwy ohVks ikWoj vk/qfud mPp oxhZ; gcZy QkewZyk gS tks 'kq¼ tMh cwfV;ksals cuk gSA dSIlwy foVks ikWoj izkd frd rejuvenator (uo ;kSouiznkrk) gS vkSj ;g izkd frd 'kfDr] thouh; 'kfDro/Zd gSA ;g izHkko'kkyhlsDl mRrstd gS tks ekufld vkSj 'kkjhfjd ruko dks de djdsokthdj.k vkS"kf/] raf kdk mRrstd vkSj 'kfDr ds :i esa dk;Z djrk gSA;g 'kh?kziru] LraHk nks"k] vkSj vU; fyax lEcaf/r jksxksa esa lgk;d ;glkekU; nqcZyrk vkSj oh;Z lEcaf/r jksxksa esa izHkkodkjh gSaADOSAGE : One Capsule a day after breakfast with milk for 10days then twice/three times in a week or as and when required.INGREDIENTS : Swarn bhasm, Shudh Shilajit, Safed musli, kaunch, Ashwagandha, Gokhru, Akarkara, AmlaShatavari, Guduchi, Mash, Makhana, Kokilaksh, Jayphal, Supari, Vacha, Pippali & Mulethi.Contra Indications: Avoid in KidneyPatients.CODEPACKfu"ks/%& xqnsZ ds jksxh lsou u djsaA1x10 CAPSULESMRP990/-

27AMULYASHAKTI VARDHAK RASIMPROVES VIGOR &VITALITYAmulya Shakti Vardhak Ras is designed to be taken toimprove the general sexual health in men. ShaktiVardhak Ras enhances the sexual health thereby helpingin strengthening of penile muscles and also improvessperm count & quality. It has no side effectson health. It increase vigor, virility ,vitality & libido.'kfDr o/Zd jl lkekU; ;kSu LokLF; esa lq/kj ds fy, cuk;k x;kgSA 'kfDro/Zd jl ;kSu LokLF; dks c kdj fyax dh eklisf'k;ksadks n djus esa lgk;d gS vkSj ;g 'kqØk.kq ds dkmaV vkSj xq.korkesa Hkh lq/kj djrk gSA bldk dksbZ nq"izHkko ugha gS 'kfDr&o/Zdjl iq:"k 'kfDr esa o f¼ 'kqØk.kq mRiknu esa o f¼ vkSj dkesPN esalq/kj djrk gSADOSAGE : 30ml. twice a day with equal amount of water( Empty Stomach) or as directed by the physician.INGREDIENTS : Safed Mulsi, Kounch, Vidhariganda, Amla, Salab Gatta, Ashwagandha,Shatavri, Aloevera, Tulsi, Wheat Grass, Kulanjan, Brahmi, Gokhru, Behda, Harad.CODEPACK500MLMRP620/-

28AMULYASHILASHVA RASAYANRESTORATIVE AND ROBORANTHEALTH TONICAmulya Shilashva Rasayan is a combination ofAshwagandha and Shilajit that rejuvenates and providesstrength to bones & muscles.These capsules arenatural product for general weakness and for thosewho are suffering from chronic diseases such asrheumatism, diabetes & asthma.vewY;k f'kykv'o jlk;u v'oxa/k vkSj f'kykthrnks cgqewY; tM h cwfV;ksa dk la;kstu gS tks gM fM;ksavkSj eklisf'k;ksa dks iqu% thfor djrk gS vkSj 'kfDriznku djrk gSA ;s dSIlwy lkekU; detksjhvkSj xfB;k] e/qesg vkSj vLFkek esa ykHkdkjh gSADOSAGE : One Capsule twice a day half an hour after meals with milk.INGREDIENTS : Extracts of Shilajit & AshwagandhaIt is useful in male reproductive disorders.CODEPACKbldk iz;ksx iq:"kksa lEcfU/r jksxksa esa vfrykHkdkjh gSA30 CAPSULESMRP250/-


herbs, which restores the functional efficiency of the liver. It is very helpful in treatment of viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver diseases, early liver cirrhosis, fatty and enlarged liver and jaundice. It acts as purifying agent and removes ill effects of alcohol