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T A B L EO FC O N T E N T SContentsINTRODUCTION. 17HEALTH PROFESSION PROGRAMS AT A GLANCE. 19LOCAL UNIVERSITIES . 21GROSSMONT COLLEGE . 25Programs offered: . 25ANESTHESIA TECHNOLOGY – On hold. 26Prerequisite science course(s): . 26Required science course(s):. 26Program information: . 26Salary information:. 26CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGY. 27Prerequisite Science Courses . 27Program Information . 27Employment Information. 27Entry Salaries . 27DISABILITY SERVICES MANAGEMENT . 28Required science course(s):. 28Program information: . 28Salary information:. 28MEDICAL OFFICE . 29Prerequisite science course(s): . 29Required science course(s):. 29Program information: . 29Salary information:. 29MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION . 30Prerequisite science course(s): . 30Program information: . 30Salary information:. 30NURSING – RN AND LVN TO RN. 31Prerequisite science course(s): . 315

GROSSMONT COLLEGENursing Major Requirements: . 31Program information: . 31Salary information:. 31OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT . 32Prerequisite science course(s): . 32Program information: . 32Salary information:. 32ORTHOPEDIC TECHNOLOGY . 33Prerequisite science course(s): . 33Required science course(s):. 33Program information: . 33Salary information:. 33RESPIRATORY THERAPY . 34Prerequisite science course(s): . 34Required science course(s):. 34Program information: . 34Salary information:. 34TELEMETRY/EKG TECHNICIAN . 35Prerequisite science course(s): . 35Program information: . 35Salary information:. 35IMPERIAL VALLEY COLLEGE . 38Programs offered: . 38CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT. 39Prerequisite science course(s): . 39Recommended course(s): . 39Program Information:. 39Salary information:. 39EMT BASIC . 40Prerequisite science course(s): . 40Program Information:. 40Salary information:. 40EMT PARAMEDIC . 416

Required science course(s):. 41Recommended course(s): . 41Program Information:. 41Salary information:. 41HOME HEALTH AIDE . 42Prerequisite science course(s): . 42Recommended course(s): . 42Program Information:. 42Salary information:. 42LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE . 43Prerequisite science course(s): . 43Required science course(s):. 43Program Information:. 43Salary information:. 43MEDICAL OFFICE . 44Prerequisite science course(s): . 44Program Information:. 44Salary information:. 44NURSING LVN TO RN . 45Prerequisite science course(s): . 45Recommended course(s): . 45Program Information:. 45Salary information:. 45NURSING RN . 46Prerequisite science course(s): . 46Recommended course(s): . 46Program Information:. 46Salary information:. 46PHARMACY TECHNICIAN . 47Prerequisite science course(s): . 47Program Information:. 47Salary information:. 47MIRA COSTA COLLEGE. 48Programs offered: . 487

GROSSMONT COLLEGEBIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY . 49Prerequisite science course(s): . 49Required science course(s):. 49Program Information:. 49Salary information:. 49BIOTECHNOLOGY LABORATORY ASSISTANT . 50Prerequisite science course(s): . 50Required science course(s):. 50Program Information:. 50Salary information:. 50BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT . 51Prerequisite science course(s): . 51Required science course(s):. 51Program Information:. 51Salary information:. 51CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT. 52Prerequisite science course(s): . 52Program Information:. 52Salary information:. 52HEALTH CARE FUNDAMENTALS. 53Prerequisite science course(s): . 53Program Information:. 53Salary information:. 53HOME HEALTH AIDE . 54Prerequisite science course(s): . 54Program Information:. 54Salary information:. 54LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSING . 55Prerequisite science course(s): . 55Program Information:. 55Salary information:. 55MASSAGE THERAPY TECHNICIAN . 56Prerequisite science course(s): . 568

Required science course(s):. 56Program information: . 56Salary information:. 56MEDICAL BILLING & CODING. 57Prerequisite science course(s): . 57Program information: . 57Salary information:. 57MEDICAL OFFICE PROFESSIONAL . 58Prerequisite science course(s): . 58Program information: . 58Salary information:. 58NURSING-LVN TO RN .

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