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SAT Suite ofAssessments

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Test ComparisonPSAT 8/9Test dates/windowsTimeFall: September 28, 2015 toJanuary 29, 2016PSAT/NMSQTOctober 14, 2015October 28, 2015 (Alternate)2 hrs and 25 minutes2 hrs and 45 minutes EssayRecommendedClassesEvidence-Based Readingand WritingMath240-1440 TestsPSAT 10Spring Only: February 22 toMarch 4, 2016Spring: February 22 toMarch 4, 2016SectionsTotal Scores withScale Ranges(Rights-OnlyScoring)PSAT 10 andPSAT/NMSQTReadingWriting and LanguageMath Evidence-Based Reading andWritingMath320-1520 ReadingWriting and LanguageMathSATFirst Administration:March 5, 20163 hours (50 minutes foroptional essay) Evidence-BasedReading and WritingMath400-1600 ReadingWriting and LanguageMathN/AN/AEssay (Optional)Class of 2019 and BeyondClasses of 2017-2018Class of 2017

PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT Same test; different formsSpring Testing WindowOctober Test Dates (2)10th- Graders10th- Graders and 11th- GradersNoYes

Eight Key Changes to the SATWords in ContextCommand of EvidenceEssay Analyzing a SourceProblems Grounded inReal-World ContextsAnalysis in Science and inHistory/Social StudiesU.S. FoundingDocuments and theGreat GlobalConversationMath that Matters MostNo Penalty for Guessing

SAT Scores and Subscores

SAT Essay ScoresEssay scoring will consist of three scores:ReadingAnalysisWriting2–8 Scale2–8 Scale2–8 Scale

Longitudinal Progress Monitoring Section Scores will be placed on a vertical scale. This same concept will hold true for the Test and Cross-Test Scoresas well as Total Score.

Dates to RememberApril 2015Ordering for PSAT/NMSQT , PSAT 10,and PSAT 8/9 OpenedOctober 2015PSAT/NMSQT AdministrationSeptember 2015 –January 2016PSAT 8/9 Fall Testing WindowFebruary –March 2016PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10 Spring Testing WindowMarch 2016Redesigned SAT Administration

Assessments Score Reporting Data PortalComing this fall: New online reporting portal for bothstudents and educators! Single log-in for access to score reports for the SAT Suite of Assessments Interactive features for educators (e.g., sorting, filtering, drill-down capabilities,creation of custom groups ) Counselor Registration and Score Roster access* Ability to batch print: Student score reports Score labels SAT admission tickets* Counselor Registration and Score Roster access for the SAT will be available in May 2016.

Official SAT Practice Through Khan Academy

Personalized SAT Practice throughKhan AcademySend Score DataPersonalizedLearning RoadmapOfficial SATPractice Tests

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Resources Available Online for EducatorsGreat information to share withyour colleagues: Redesigned SAT TeacherImplementation Guide Professional DevelopmentModules for Educators Using Scores and Reporting toInform Instruction Resources for School andDistrict Leaderswww.collegereadiness.collegeboard.org16

What’s in the Redesigned SAT TeacherImplementation Guide? Information and strategies for teachers in all subject areas Overview of SAT content and structure Test highlights General Instructional Strategies Sample test questions and annotations-Skill-Building Strategies for the classroom-Keys to the SAT (information pertaining to the redesigned SATstructure and format)-Rubrics and sample essays Scores and reporting Advice to share with students

Professional DevelopmentModules for the Redesigned SATModule 1Key ChangesModule 2Words in Context and Command of EvidenceModule 3Expression of Ideas and Standard English ConventionsModule 4Math that Matters Most:Heart of AlgebraProblem Solving and Data AnalysisModule 5Math that Matters Most:Passport to Advanced MathAdditional Topics in MathModule 6Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction

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March 2016 Redesigned SAT Administration . Assessments Score Reporting Data Portal * Counselor Registration and Score Roster access for the SAT will be available in May 2016. Coming this fall: New online reporting portal for both students and educators! Single log-in for access to score reports for the SAT Suite of Assessments Interactive features for educators (e.g., sorting, filtering .