MTA Business Service Center 9.2 Upgrade Improvements


MTA Business Service Center9.2 Upgrade ImprovementsMTA Finance CommitteeDecember 2016

Evolving priorities, consistent ationEmployee and Vendor PortalTransparencyRecruitmentCustomer ServiceEnabling MobileAccuracy and StandardizationTrainingMarketplacePension Integration*Principles: Standardization, Simplification & Savings* Phase I for MNR, LIRR and Police defined benefit plans1

New functionality added to highvolume processes Paychecks: 26 to 53 checks/remittance per yearEmployee Portal Service Requests: Status of their ticketsEach employee has access to apersonalized view of: Benefit Plans: 4 plans (medical, dental, vision, prescription) User Productivity Kits ‐ Step‐by‐Step/Guided Training Knowledge 1,724 Individual Kits across 37 Training Modules Bid Events, Bid and PO Status, Categories and supplier detailsVendor PortalIntroducing self‐service forbidders and suppliers Suppliers: 7,496 Vendors, 13,491 Contacts Registered To Date: in progress Bidders & Suppliers: 13,000 Registered To Date: in progress Vendor maintenance forms: 516 per monthMobilityNew functionality for thefollowing transactionsRecruitmentEnhanced functionality forapplicants and HR Receipts: 3,027 per month Approved Requisitions: 5,267 per month Plus, mobile access to personal details (Pay, Benefits) Job Postings: 219 per month Applicants: 47,227 per month New Hires: 488 per month2

Functionally rich employee portal3

A portal for bidders and suppliers4

Informative recruitment pages showapplication status5

Mobile devices facilitate commontransactions Allows authorizedemployees toapprovetransactions whileout of office Reduces phonecalls Speeds upreceipting andpayment fordelivered goodsand servicesCan eliminate delays in paying invoices6

Improvements in training ensured that webenefit fully from new features92% attendance rate achieved due toagency leadership7

MTA Marketplace:Standardized Catalog OrderingAgenciesMTA HQNYCTMNRLIRRB&TMTA BUS SIRTOAERPMy MTA MarketplaceNov 2016 Release:Future Releases:Supplier Catalogs8

Integrating Pensions with BSC’sPeopleSoft provides key benefits All data is now in one PeopleSoft 9.2 EnvironmentQuality reports built according to Actuary’s specsAutomated COLA processSystem-based calculations for Bargaining Units covered under MOU’s from 2007through 2015 with ability to make updates for future collective bargainingAdditional exception reporting to validate / reconcile dataIncreased PerformanceA foundation for adding new pension plans, e.g. Pension Phase II (MaBSTOA)Before: Two completely separatePeopleSoft EnvironmentsAfter: Data does not cross PeopleSoftsystems9

Benefits of Upgrading PeopleSoftSimplicity New PeopleSoft easierto use, more intuitive Opportunity to correct“pain points” One source forinformation New “My MTA Portal”customized for eachemployee More self-serviceoptionsStandardization PeopleSoft built aroundindustry best practices Now that sharedservices platform isproven, opportunity toleverage capabilitiesacross all agencies One platform improvesdata quality andbusiness analyticsBusiness Service CenterSavings Removingcustomizations saveson upgrade costs Improved userproductivity with new“work center” views Increasedtransparency allowsmore educateddecision-making10


Upcoming people and processImprovements in 2017 Expand Leadership and Project Management Skills at the BSCAnalyze Capital Processes with an Eye Towards SimplificationTravel and Expense ProcessingBenefit Claims BillingExpand Category Management strategy to capitalize on further savingsSimplify Payroll CyclesAutomate Onboarding and Benefit EnrollmentAccounts Payable: Optical Form Recognition to Replace ManualDocument Management12

Systems initiatives in 2017Continue ApplingUpdatesPensionPhase IIProcure to PayPhase IIStrategy to ensure PS Platform remains up to date with latestreleases to address Fit/Gaps, Customization Retrofits and BugFixes to sustain Oracle PeopleSoft supportContinues the consolidation of MTA Pension plans (MaBSTOA,SIRTOA, MTA Bus Plans and LIRR Closed) to the MTA BSC HumanCapital Management / Pension Administration system.Increase functionality within the Procure-to-Pay SupplierRelationship Management by implementing 4 additional modules:1. Supplier Contract Management2. eSettlements3. Procure and Spend Analytics4. Services Procurement13

Reduced customization to lower maintenancecosts 24% Customization Reduction for Human Capital Mgmt. (HCM) and EnterpriseLearning Mgmt. (ELM) 36% Customization Reduction for Finance, Supply Chain Mgt. (FSCM) andEnterprise Performance Mgmt. Upgrade (EPM)Allows the MTA to: Maintain the highest level of Oracle production support Integrate and simplify processes across MTA Agencies Optimize use of IT resources Benefit from software Improvement14

BSC Generates Savings and AvoidsUnnecessary CostsBSC generates savings 3 ways:– Streamlined and automated processes allowed forconsolidation of personnel from the Agencies 14.3 million in recurring annual savings– BSC performs functions that original plan assumedwould stay at the Agencies 2.5 million in annual savings to the Agencies– By consolidating various computer systems into justone PeopleSoft platform, the MTA saves by nothaving to periodically update and replace Agencylegacy systems 84.5 million in savings every 5 yearsMTA Business Service Center15

Extended Services in Human Resources Employee Portal:Consolidates external and internal portalsProvides managers a view of training completions, compensationPersonalized user experience for formsNew user self-serviceNew training tools Recruitment:Provides better screening for hiring managers and current status forapplicants MobilityDisplays Access to personal information, benefits & pay advice Integrated Pension*Integrates earnings and service information*Phase I of Pension the defined benefit plans was completed on 2/4/201616

Extended Services in Procurement Vendor Portal (Bidders and Suppliers):Vendor access to information and procurements via self-service Strategic Sourcing (Internal Procurement):Introduction of vendor rotation, vendor performance, all procurementselectronic, creation of procurement standards MTA Marketplace (Internal Staff):Common portal for standardized catalog ordering Vendor Rotation Functionality Vendor Performance Functionality Mobility:On-the-go view of personal Info and processing of approvals and receipts Executive Dashboard:Visualization of workload and resource capacity17

Fixes to sustain Oracle PeopleSoft support Continues the consolidation of MTA Pension plans (MaBSTOA, SIRTOA, MTA Bus Plans and LIRR Closed) to the MTA BSC Human Capital Management / Pension Administration system. Increase functionality within the Procure-to-Pay Supplier Relationship Management by implementing 4 additional modules: 1.