GuitarFORDUMmIES2ND‰EDITIONby Mark Phillips and Jon Chappell


GuitarFORDUMmIES2ND‰EDITIONby Mark Phillips and Jon Chappell

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About the AuthorsMark Phillips is a guitarist, arranger, and editor with more than 30 years inthe music publishing field. He earned his bachelor’s degree in music theoryfrom Case Western Reserve University, where he received the Carolyn NeffAward for scholastic excellence, and his master’s degree in music theory fromNorthwestern University, where he was elected to Pi Kappa Lambda, the mostprestigious U.S. honor society for college and university music students. Whileworking toward a doctorate in music theory at Northwestern, Phillips taughtclasses in theory, ear-training, sight-singing, counterpoint, and guitar.During the 1970s and early ’80s, Phillips was Director of Popular Music atWarner Bros. Publications, where he edited and arranged the songbooks ofsuch artists as Neil Young, James Taylor, the Eagles, and Led Zeppelin. Sincethe mid-’80s he has served as Director of Music and Director of Publicationsat Cherry Lane Music, where he has edited or arranged the songbooks ofsuch artists as John Denver, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica, and hasserved as Music Editor of the magazines Guitar and Guitar One.Phillips is the author of several books on musical subjects, including MetallicaRiff by Riff, Sight-Sing Any Melody Instantly, and Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly.In his non-musical life, Phillips is the author/publisher of a series of “fun” highschool English textbooks, including The Wizard of Oz Vocabulary Builder, ThePinocchio Intermediate Vocabulary Builder, and Tarzan and Jane’s Guide toGrammar. For the reference value of his numerous publications, Phillips isprofiled in Who’s Who in America.Jon Chappell is a multistyle guitarist, transcriber, and arranger. He attendedCarnegie-Mellon University, where he studied with Carlos Barbosa-Lima, andhe then went on to earn his master’s degree in composition from DePaulUniversity, where he also taught theory and ear training. He was formerlyEditor-in-Chief of Guitar magazine, Technical Editor of Guitar Shop Magazine,and Musicologist for Guitarra, a classical magazine. He has played andrecorded with Pat Benatar, Judy Collins, Graham Nash, and Gunther Schuller,and he has contributed numerous musical pieces to film and TV. Some ofthese include Northern Exposure, Walker, Texas Ranger, Guiding Light, andthe feature film Bleeding Hearts directed by actor-dancer Gregory Hines. In1990, he became Associate Music Director of Cherry Lane Music where he hastranscribed, edited, and arranged the music of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, SteveMorse, Mike Stern, and Eddie Van Halen, among others. He has more thana dozen method books to his name, and is the author of Rock Guitar ForDummies and the textbook The Recording Guitarist — A Guide for Home andStudio, published by Hal Leonard.

DedicationMark Phillips: For my wife, Debbie, and my children, Tara, Jake, and Rachel.Jon Chappell: For my wife, Mary, and my children, Jennifer, Katie, Lauren,and Ryan.Authors’ AcknowledgmentsThe authors gratefully acknowledge the folks at Wiley Publishing, Inc.:Tracy Boggier, Mike Baker, and Jen Bingham.Special thanks to Woytek and Krystyna Rynczak of WR Music Service for themusic typesetting, and to Brian McConnon of Steinberg for the CD recordingsoftware, Cubase SX and Nuendo.

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Contents at a GlanceIntroduction .1Part I: So You Wanna Play Guitar .9Chapter 1: Guitar 101 .11Chapter 2: Turn On, Tune In .19Chapter 3: Ready, Set . . . Not Yet: Developing the Tools and Skills to Play .27Part II: So Start Playing: The Basics .39Chapter 4: The Easiest Way to Play: Basic Major and Minor Chords .41Chapter 5: Playing Melodies without Reading Music! .61Chapter 6: Adding Some Spice: Basic 7th Chords .71Part III: Beyond the Basics: Starting to Sound Cool .87Chapter 7: Playing Melodies in Position and in Double-Stops .89Chapter 8: Stretching Out: Barre Chords .103Chapter 9: Special Articulation: Making the Guitar Talk .127Part IV: A Cornucopia of Styles .153Chapter 10: Rock .155Chapter 11: Blues .183Chapter 12: Folk .207Chapter 13: Classical .231Chapter 14: Jazz .247Part V: Purchasing and Caring for Your Guitar .261Chapter 15: Perfectly Good Guitars .263Chapter 16: Guitar Accessories .279Chapter 17: Getting Strung Along: Changing Strings .295Chapter 18: Staying Fit: Basic Maintenance and Repairs .307Part VI: The Part of Tens .325Chapter 19: Ten Guitarists You Should Know .327Chapter 20: Ten Guitars You Should Know .333

Part VII: Appendixes .337Appendix A: How to Read Music .339Appendix B: 96 Common Chords .351Appendix C: How to Use the CD .355Index .365

Table of ContentsIntroduction .1About This Book .1Finding a guitar .1Playing the guitar .2Caring for your guitar .3Not-So-Foolish Assumptions .3What You’re Not to Read .3Conventions We Use in This Book .4How This Book Is Organized .4Part I: So You Wanna Play Guitar .5Part II: So Start Playing: The Basics .5Part III: Beyond the Basics: Starting to Sound Cool .6Part IV: A Cornucopia of Styles .6Part V: Purchasing and Caring for Your Guitar .6Part VI: The Part of Tens .7Part VII: Appendixes .7Icons Used in This Book .7Where to Go from Here .8Part I: So You Wanna Play Guitar .9Chapter 1: Guitar 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Anatomy of a Guitar .11How Guitars Work .14String vibration and string length .15Using both hands to make a sound .15Frets and half steps .16Pi

the music publishing field. He earned his bachelor’s degree in music theory from Case Western Reserve University, where he received the Carolyn Neff Award for scholastic excellence, and his master’s degree in music theory from Northwestern University, where he was elected to Pi Kappa Lambda, the most prestigious U.S. honor society for college and university music students. While working .