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ForewordThe sermons and heart-to-heart radio talks by KathrynKuhlman, which were a source of blessing to literallythousands during her lifetime, are as relevant in today’sworld as when she stood before her congregations or satbefore the microphone in her radio studio delivering God’sprecious Word.Since Kathryn Kuhlman went home to be with theLord on February 20,1976, the Foundation has receivedcountless requests for her messages on the Holy Spirit.Because there is such a hunger in the hearts of men andwomen today to know more about this mighty ThirdPerson of the Trinity, and to experience His power in andthrough their lives, we have gathered together some of themessages to share with you in this book.She often said, “Any results there might be in this lifeof mine, is not Kathryn Kuhlman. It’s the Holy Spirit; it’swhat the Holy Spirit does through a yielded vessel,” and“The Holy Spirit will magnify and glorify only one personand that one person is Jesus Christ, the Son of the LivingGod.”Beloved, if you are a Christian, an heir of God and ajoint-heir with Christ Jesus, then that glorious experienceof being filled with the Holy Spirit is for you. It is a part ofyour inheritance.We pray as you read these messages, you will notonly be blessed, but challenged—for there is much more

in Jesus Christ, and so much more in the power of Godthan you or I can realize. He will take that which wesurrender and fill it with the Holy Spirit. If you have notmade that full surrender to Jesus, do it now! God blessyou!The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation

The Holy Spirit in the OldTestamentCHAPTER 1

The Holy Spirit: In Existence AlwaysYou will agree, I am sure, that thousands of professingChristians of all denominations give honor to the HolySpirit each Lord’s Day morning as they sing theDoxology. Both Catholics and Protestants fill ourchurches, singing the Doxology or speaking the name ofthe Holy Spirit; yet, very few know anything about Him oreven believe in Him as a person. We think we know aboutGod the Father, regarding Him as the great Creator. Weunderstand Jesus, the Son of the Living God, who cameand walked upon the earth and died on the Cross. He is nomystery to thousands of people, but when it comes to theHoly Spirit, practically little or nothing is known aboutHim.Therefore, in laying the groundwork for this seriesabout the Holy Spirit, I want you to know that when Ispeak of the Day of Pentecost, I am talking about the timewhen the Word was fulfilled, even as Jesus promisedbefore He went away (John 16:7). He said that it wasexpedient that He go away because He was to assume theposition of great High Priest, seated on the right hand ofGod the Father. He could not stay here, but He said Hewould not leave us comfortless or without power. Hepromised us power in our own personal lives and also thatHe would give power to the Church through the person ofthe Holy Spirit. Jesus said that this mighty Third Person ofthe Trinity would come after He had gone back to theFather; and, at that time, Jesus would fill His new position

of great High Priest. The Holy Spirit also would assume anew position, one that He had never filled before.Now in speaking of the “day of Pentecost,” I am nottalking about only one experience that they had in theupper room when the Holy Spirit came. We are living inthe day of Pentecost, and this day of Pentecost willcontinue until that moment when the Holy Spirit leavesthis earth even as Jesus left. And when He leaves, theHoly Spirit will take with Him the Church made up ofbelievers who have been born into the Body of Christ.What we are going to discuss here is the person of theHoly Spirit and His work prior to the Day of Pentecost, sothat you may become better acquainted with the person ofthe Holy Spirit who has been in existence always. Thismay be quite an eye-opener if you have thought of Him asa personality existing only since the Day of Pentecost. Hewas present at the time of creation; we see this as we readGenesis 1:1-2: “In the beginning God created the heavenand the earth. And the earth was without form, and void;and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And theSpirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”I shall never forget the moment the Holy Spiritrevealed a very marvelous truth to my heart. I feel it wasone of the greatest revelations I’ve ever received, whenHe made it clear to me that the entire Bible from Genesisthrough the last book of the New Testament, the Book ofthe Revelation, is a revelation of one person: Jesus, theSon of God. The Bible is the Word of God; its author isthe Holy Spirit; and in its entirety, it is the revelation of

Jesus Christ.Now I am sure you are familiar with the account ofEve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden, the sin of bothAdam and Eve, and that they were driven by God from thegarden lest they eat of the tree of life and live forever intheir fallen state (Genesis 3:22-24).God is never defeated, however, and I believe thisprompted God to call for a conference in Heaven wherethe three Persons of the Godhead met—the Father, theSon, and the Holy Spirit—to discuss the sacrifice thatmust be provided for man’s redemption. Around thatconference table these three gathered, each with a distinctpersonality, but always working in perfect harmony and inconjunction one with the others. It was there at thatconference that a plan was devised for man’s redemption.They knew that the price must be paid by one whom sinhad never touched, a pure and sinless man, and Jesusturned to the Father and offered himself, through the HolySpirit, to be given for man’s salvation. We often quoteJohn 3:16, one of the best known Bible verses; but,beloved, God could not have given His only begotten Sonif His Son had not first of all been willing to come to earthas a sacrifice. No, the Father could not have given Jesusas that wonderful gift of love to humanity, except Jesushad first of all offered himself as a sacrifice.As a result, Jesus agreed to take upon himself the formof man and to pay the price for man’s salvation. It is theblood that makes an atonement for the soul (Leviticus17:11); but, only sinless blood, blood that sin had never

touched, blood of one who had never known sin, couldmeet that condition and pay that price. There was onlyone who could meet this criterion: God’s perfect Son.Try to envision that meeting where the threeconferred. I believe the Holy Spirit, who is the power ofthe Trinity, must have turned to Jesus and vowed, “I willdo my part in fulfilling the plan. If you go, I will take careof your ‘press.’ I will be your promotion man.”Please do not think me sacrilegious when I say thesewords. I mean them with all of my heart in a very sacredway. I believe that the Holy Spirit meant: “If you go toearth and give your life as a sacrifice for lost humanity, theleast I can do is promote you and reveal your love andpurpose to the hearts of men and women.” And from thatmoment, the Holy Spirit began His marvelous promotionof Jesus, glorifying Jesus’ name and pointing to theChrist. He did not wait until Jesus came in the form of ababe that first Christmas morning. He began to revealJesus to the hearts of men and women immediately.Let me remind you that whenever the words “the Spiritof God” are used in the Bible, they always refer to theHoly Spirit. They do not refer to God the Father, neitherdo they refer to Jesus Christ the Son. Whether in the Oldor the New Testament, the words “the Spirit of God” referto the Holy Spirit.It was the same Holy Spirit who gave the OldTestament and New Testament prophets all of therevelations that they received. It was the Holy Spirit whorevealed to John all that is recorded in the last book of the

New Testament. At the very outset of Revelation, Johnsays: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” (Revelation1:10). All that John received in prophecy regarding theselast days, we are seeing literally fulfilled before our veryeyes. That which was prophesied and looked for withexpectation for generations is now quickly becominghistory. The most up-to-date book that we have today isthe last book of the New Testament— The Revelation ofJesus Christ.All these things were given by revelation of the HolySpirit in exactly the same way the Holy Spirit gaverevelations to the Old Testament prophets. The HolySpirit gave those revelations to Jeremiah, to Isaiah, and toall the Old Testament prophets. The things theyprophesied did not come by their own understanding, andthat is the reason there are no contradictions in either theOld Testament or the New Testament. The same person,the Holy Spirit, was the one who gave all revelations.Within this precious Word of God, the Holy Spirit hasrevealed all the truth that is necessary for us to knowconcerning the things of God. Upon these truths, a personmay build for time and eternity. It is God’s revelationgiven by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Book ofHebrews affirms that God’s Word is a living power,sharper than any two-edged sword, that can pierce to thedepths of the soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12). And if theWord of God was given by inspiration of God by the HolySpirit—and it was—then we must listen to it, we mustbelieve it, and we must obey it.

Long before the Holy Spirit came on the Day ofPentecost, long before the Holy Spirit made Hisappearance to those believers in the upper room, He wasactive in revelation—for all the prophets received theirinspiration and their revelations from the Third Person ofthe Trinity. Now let’s leave the general ministry of theHoly Spirit and study His ministry to individuals wholived in Old Testament days.As we do, let’s remember that the most importantthing in the world to God is the individual person. You areimportant to Him. There is nothing that is more thrilling tome than to see how He works in the life of an individual—to watch Him take an earthen vessel, a surrendered life,and see the Holy Spirit work in and through that life.There is no greater compliment than to have the HolySpirit work in and through the life of an individual.

Chapter 2

One Spirit, One PurposeFirst of all, let’s look briefly into the life of Joseph.Pharaoh, who ruled over Egypt, recognized the power ofthe Holy Spirit in the life of this young man. Pharaohknew, and you will also readily agree, that there wassomething different, something unusual, about Joseph’slife. In the natural I don’t believe Joseph differed greatlyfrom any other man living then or today. But watch it.What made him unusual? What was the source of thepower in the life of Joseph? Pharaoh recognized it and theaccount is given in Genesis 41:38: “Can we find such aone as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?”I wonder if Pharaoh really knew of whom he wasspeaking, and if he knew anything about the Third Personof the Trinity. One thing I am dead sure of, however, isthat Pharaoh recognized the wisdom, knowledge, andsupernatural power in the life of Joseph—a power greaterthan any human power—and he labeled it correctly. It wasthe Spirit of God in Joseph’s life.Now, in the thirty-first chapter of the Book of Exoduswe will see something else that may be most enlightening.It concerns the workmen who erected the tabernacle in thewilderness. If you’re a Bible student, you will recognizeand readily agree that one of the most perfect works of artwas the tabernacle in the wilderness. So far ascraftsmanship and workmanship are concerned, it wasabsolutely perfect. Even architects in today’s world havemarveled at the skills and abilities of these men who

worked on the tabernacle in the wilderness.This is what God’s Word states concerning thesemen: “I have filled him [Bazaleel, the head artisan] with thespirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and inknowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, To devisecunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass,And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving oftimber, to work in all manner of workmanship” (Exodus31:3-5).The Holy Spirit worked through these men. I dare saythey were ordinary men with no unusual ability; but God,through the Holy Spirit, took their minds, took their hands,and they became absolute perfection in their skills. Thetabernacle was to be erected according to a divine plan,with no imperfections whatsoever in its design or in thecraftsmanship by which it was built. It was to be a perfectwork in order that there should be a perfect temple inwhich God could dwell. The secret to its perfection wasfound in the Holy Spirit.Here is something else that is most enlightening—it’sin the eleventh chapter of the Book of Numbers. We allknow that the Holy Spirit was upon Moses who, in thenatural, was an ordinary man, a man with like passions asany man living today. Yet, he was one of the greatestleaders that the nation of Israel ever had.What was the secret of the power in his life? Whatwas the secret of his great leadership? It was the power ofthe Holy Spirit.Even though he was a great leader, Moses had to

have help, and God knew it; but counselors and advisorswould only be a hindrance unless they, too,

Kuhlman, which were a source of blessing to literally thousands during her lifetime, are as relevant in today’s world as when she stood before her congregations or sat before the microphone in her radio studio delivering God’s precious Word. Since Kathryn Kuhlman went home to be with the Lord on February 20,1976, the Foundation has received countless requests for her messages on the Holy .