Romantic Texts Messages


Romantic Texts MessagesRomantic Texts Messages1) It’s OK to love and lose, but it’s fantastic to lose and love. I lostmy heart and fell in love with you!2) If I wrote your name in the sky, clouds would block it. If Iwrote your name in the sand, waves would wash it. If I wroteyour name in paper, worms would eat it. So, I wrote your namein my heart, where nothing can change it.3) Owner’s pride, neighbours envy – that’s what love is.4) Love is a partnership – where you get all the gains, and I get allthe losses. Why else should I have to lose my heart for you togain it?5) I think of you, I worry about you. I don’t know what I woulddo without you.6) Did you hurt me? Never! Do I love you? Forever!7) You are too good to be true, too real to be a dream, toowonderful to be lost. No wonder, there’s no one for me but you.8) Honey is sweet, so are you.9) When it’s time to say goodbye, I think I’ll just shrivel up anddie.10) If you must leave, close the door behind you, and leave thekey behind oh, and leave my heart on the windowsill for thebirds to feed on.11) Alone when I was born. Alone, when I’m to die. But if I getto spend all the time in between with you, it would be worth mywhile.12) Touch me lots, Kiss me lots. If you love me, don’t leave mein knots.(c) 107.2008

Romantic Texts Messages13)Good night, sleep tight. Dream of me while I hold you tight.14) Ever heard of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – that’s what I’d beon if I had to forget you.15) I love you more than I can say. Enough to tell that I love youmore every day.16) I envy your tears they are born in your eyes, slide on yourcheeks and kiss your lips, to fall to your heart.17)You are as yummy as a strawberry pie.18) If you want to go, I’ll let you leave. I’ll wait right here tillyou come back to me.19) I feel hot when I think of you. So, I’m going to get me someice cream.20) Pink and luscious, juicy and sweet I can’t stop wanting youjust like cherry and cream!21) You are heady as wine, classy as champagne. I thank GodYou are mine, come rain or shine.22) When wanting is so bad that it hurts inside, when love is sohot it burns inside I think of you and want you by my side.23) Let’s get together tonight, drink wine and sit by the fire.Tomorrow may come too late or we just may not care.24) Take care of yourself for me. Since I live in your heart,you’ll be taking care of me.25)Save a smile for me, don’t lose them all at the office.26) Somewhere, someone is thinking of you. So, don’t be sad,I’m waiting for you.27) All through my math class, I was thinking of you. But I stillcouldn’t calculate how much I love you(c) 207.2008

Romantic Texts Messages28) When God created the world in six days, why did He take solong to create someone as sexy as you?29) Angels in heaven, dreams in sleep, water in streams and youin my heart.30) If you doubt my love for you, give me a shout. I’ll come overand work things out.31) You without me are like the birds without trees and earthwithout the streams.32) I still look at your picture and think You are the sexiestwoman alive. Although’ at 82, that’s something of a lie.33) Read this message and forget this text. Turn off your Cell,but don’t forget the sender.34) When God created you, He knew something was missing. SoHe created me, and now everything is right.35)To see you hurt or to see you cry, it hurts so bad, I could die.36) White and yellow, orange and red. If you’ll be my pillow,I’ll take you to bed.37) I’d go through hell and I’d go through fire, but I can’t gothrough life without your smile.38) When it hurts, think of me. If it rains, think of me. whenwill you stop thinking and come get me?39)Our love is one long sweet dream. Let’s sleep on till we die.40)They say love is a disease. If so, I like being ill.41) Bundles of joy, oodles of fun. You are all the things I love,rolled into one.42) Cute as a kitten, sweet as a rose. No wonder I’m smitten,now there’s no getting better.(c) 307.2008

Romantic Texts Messages43) Open your heart for me. Shut it quick, before someone elsesteps in.44) If you feel like crying, give me a ring. I’ll do all that I can tomake your heart sing.45) Why the long face, why the teary eyes? I promise I’ll get youa triple milkshake with ice.46) Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and I’ll cry withyou.47) There’s nothing on my mind but you, there’s no one in myheart but you.48) You must be dead tired every morning, because at nightYou are always in my dreams.49) I’ve met many girls, some good, some cute, some funny,some sweet. But not one of them has caught my eye. Isometimes wonder what it is in you that I just can’t let go.50) True heaven is life at its best, with your arms around meand my head on your chest.51) So long, my love. Let’s wait until we meet again, some otherplace, some other time.52) Through good times and the bad, I’ll always be the friendyou wish you had.53) I’m not one for promises; I’m not one for words. But I’mnothing without you, as empty as a tree without birds.54) You don’t have to like me. Just adore me and everythingwill be nice.55) I send you my heart in this little message. Guard it well andkeep it safe.56) I see so many stars at night, but none are as sweet anddazzling as your eyes by candlelight.(c) 407.2008

Romantic Texts Messages57)You are all I want. Come to me and make my life.58) I love you more than I can say. you can see it all when youlook at my face.59) When I saw you for the first time, I felt my safe little worldshake. Now, I know why – love comes with a lot of ache.60) I am up for anything you want to do, because I’m lost inlove with you.61) To night is the night for me and you, the night to discover ifwe’re meant to be.62) You are the one I adore, I’d give you my life and anythingmore.63) Your smile is so gentle, your face so sweet, when I’m withyou, my heart skips a beat.64) When it gets to be forever, and for all that time we’retogether, I’d still be longing for you.65) Till the end of my days, till God takes my breath away, I willcontinue to say, I’m yours for always.66) When you feel that no one is there and that love is very rare,remember me and know that I care.67) If you feel down, or your dreams come shattering, look upand be happy. Your smile is all that matters to me.68) Whether you make mistakes or your pretty head is filledwith grey, I cannot seem to stay away.69) My life is no longer a song of blue, because I’ve found mylove in you.70) I’m grateful you came into my life. Let’s make it forever –be my wife.(c) 507.2008

Romantic Texts Messages71) I’ve looked for love in all the wrong places. The one place Iforgot to look was your heart.72) Stand by me hold me close, I sometimes feel alone andsometimes lost. You are my anchor, You are all there is.73) You gave me your heart, I gave you mine. Let’s stay thisway till the end of time.74) Your smile brightens my day and your words blow meaway.75) When you take me in your arms for a kiss, you pull my soulout through my lips.76)In your eyes I see my life, in your arms my destiny.77) Let me name a star after you. Let me fetch the moon downto earth. For in love we can aim to do, even that which seemstoo much.78) You want to know what love can do? It can make a saneman go mad. Why else would I stand here waiting, while youshop for the perfect pudding?79)Hair like silk, lips so tender, just one kiss and I surrender.80)From now till forever we’ll always be together.81) Text me when you need me, text me when your down, textme when you feel like, but don’t text me at midnight!82) You are - the smile on my face, the twinkle in my eye, thesong in my heart, and the love of my life.83) It’s nice to feel your fingers laced through mine. Let’s walkthrough the shadows and catch up on lost time.84) You are my pillar, the wind beneath my wings. You are theonly 1 to hold me when everything else leaves me.(c) 607.2008

Romantic Texts Messages85) You are the one I need, the only 1 for me. Your voice makesme weak, your love keeps me alive.86) One more year goes by, with you by my side. There’s muchI’ve got from life, but none as precious as you.87) Do me a favours, send me your picture. I’m playing pokerand I’ve lost my joker.88)you laugh, I laugh, you cry, I cry, you make food, I die.89)Love is the game, and we are the players.90) If you love me tell me so, or else someone might beat you toit.91) There’s no rhyme or reason to love – it just happens onefine day to the best of us.92) Your job is to love, mine is to find the reason – why do youlove me so?93) When things go wrong, when tears come strong, come leanon me, I’ll be strong.94) If I could, I’d put it up with a neon sign – how I love youand how you’re mine.95) What did I gain when I fell for you? Love and joy and tearstoo.96) No candle without a flame, no love songs without a moon.Trust me when I say I’ve no life without you.97) Fragrance in flowers, sweetness in cakes. Beauty in youreyes, and the smile on your face. I knew when I fell in love, itwas no mistake.98) Ye Gods up there so full of grace, bless my love and his sexyface.(c) 707.2008

Romantic Texts Messages99) In this world we meet so many pasts, but each leaves amemory so breaks our little heart.100) I could travel to the end of the world and then come back,plumb the depths of the sea and then rise up, if I can just findmy way back to your love.101) The love I hold inside, I give you through my eyes. Somethings don’t need to be said, they’re felt when they are there.102) Now that we’re together, everything’ s going to be OK. I canbuy and you can pay.103) Got up late for work and nearly missed my bus. Camerunning to my chair, fell down and mightily cussed. I knew wehad an electric night, but didn’t expect the after-effects.104) Loving is infectious, you catch it like the flu. you startedloving me and I fell in love with you.105) Do you take me to be your lawful mate? To text me all that’srunning through your heart, till low battery does throw usapart ?106) Love is like a mobile phone you keep it close to your heartand You are lost without it.107) Love is the way I do the laundry while you change nappies.108) Happy New Year, have a rocking Easter, Good luck onValentine’s, happy birthday, spooky Halloween and MerryXmas. Now don’t expect another SMS for the next 12 months.109) Read this text and you love me, delete it and you desire me,reply to it and you miss me – so what’s it going to be?110) God made bread to be with cheese. God made you to be withme. How do I know? I asked Him myself!111) I saw something in the window shop something stunning,pricey and beautiful. I thought I’d get it 4 you, and then I sawit was my own reflection!(c) 807.2008

Romantic Texts Messages112) Beautiful eyes, wonderful smile, the perfect walk andsweetest talk enough about me, so how are you?113) You are so sweet you drive me insane. My heart is in agonyand I’m in pain.114) Blown kisses are wasted. Kisses aren’t kisses till they aretasted.115) Some say that kisses are hated because they spread germs.But you can kiss me baby, because I’m inoculated.116) A peach is a peach and a plum is a plum You are you and Ilove you for that.117) I am the strawberry & You are the cream. Let me lie inyour bosom so you can melt around me.118) Handle me gently, keep me with care. Where I’d like to be isalways in your heart.119) Just thought I’d let you know that every time I look at you,after all the time that’s gone by, I still see the beauty that tiedme to you.120) The moment I see you, my breath cuts short, I feel the bloodin my face – I think this must be love.121) Just 1 kiss and I feel so strong. With your lips on my lips Iknow I belong.122) Forever and ever, you and me, With each others’ love happyand free.123) Like circles in the sand that go round and round,everlasting love is what we’ve found124) Which is more important to me - you or my life? Well, mylife obviously, because You are my life!125) Let friendship take its course. you lead and I’ll follow.(c) 907.2008

Romantic Texts Messages126) A friendship is sweet when it’s new, and sweeter yet whenit’s true.127) Like old wine that gets better with age, my love for youclimbs higher every day.128) Love is honest, love is true. I know because I found that lovein you.129) Chocolates are sweet, teddy bears so huggable and stars areso bright. Did they make you of chocolates, teddy bears andstars?130) The dreams in my eyes can become reality if You are theone to walk beside me.131) A special friend is a rare breed and it’s real hard to find oneindeed. Perfect friends are so very few, I’m lucky that I foundyou.132) It took me just 1 minute to know you, 2 hours to appreciateyou, 3 days to love you, and an entire lifetime to forget you.133) If you don’t get a seat, don’t worry. Come sit in my heart.That way, you never have to leave.134) This morning God asked me, “What’s your wish fortoday?” I thought and thought, then asked Him to pleaseprotect the one reading this message.135) Time may lead me to destruction and faith may break me topieces, but I’m glad that somewhere in this journey I couldshare your kisses.136) A memory so special that it could never die – 2 friends soclose that we could never say goodbye.137) Life has given me many gifts some big, some small. But Youare the gift that God gave me, the most precious of them all.138) You held my hand throughout the night. I think you musthave used super glue, because now I just can’t let go.(c) 1007.2008

Romantic Texts Messages139) When you are in trouble and you need a hand, remembermy number because I’m your friend.140) A friend is always welcome, at dawn or late at night. Time isof no significance when it comes to you, my dear wife.141) Life is not easy, it never will be. That’s why we have friendswho will never leave.142) My love is so deeply rooted it can never be uprooted.143) A friend is someone who remembers the song your ownheart has forgotten.144) A true friend is one who reaches out for your hand andtouches your heart.145) You meet a friend by chance, you become friends by choice,you remain friends by decision, and everlasting friendship is apromise.146) The sun sets to plunge the world in darkness. The moonrises to give a glimmer of hope. Friends are like the moon, theyguide you when there’s nothing else to hope for.147) When I’m walking in front of you, I’ll lead you, when I walkbeside you, I’ll be there for you, when I’m behind you, I’mlooking up to you, when I’m without you, I’m missing you.148) When you breathe, I take in life. In your eyes, I live. So, mylove, never cry or I will drown.149) When the days’ work is done and we share the last fewmoments together, I know it was worth all the trouble just forthese moments that last forever.150) You have become an addiction. No wonder I experiencewithdrawal symptoms when I’m not with you.151) There’s a gift that gold cannot buy, a gem that’s so preciousand rare and that’s the way my heart feels every time I see you.(c) 1107.2008

Romantic Texts Messages152) Wonderful friends like You are truly rare and few.153) We never know where time will take us. If we drift andslowly part, remember You’ll always be in my heart.154) Even after you leave, you will live on forever and everwithin my silent heart.155) A look, a touch that’s all there is between the closest offriends that’s all there needs to be when I’m with you.156) Like the silent rain that falls throughout the night to quenchthe parching earth, I didn’t know how much you loved me tillyou filled my empty soul.157) When I started dreaming of you instead of pizzas andhotdogs, I knew it was time to look for something new to eat.158) Many people walk in and out of my life. you, my love, arealso free to leave. But you leave your footprints etched in myheart.159) Yesterday remains in our memories, tomorrow waits in ourhopes. Today shines bright and new because of the friends whostand beside us.160) Our love is so precious, costly and rare. We may be apartbut the feelings are all still there.161) The test of friendship is not longevity. It’s when you leaveand I spend a week’s salary talking to you on my phone.162) True friends are like diamonds, so precious and rare. Falsefriends are like dead leaves, they are scattered everywhere.163) When I left this morning, you were fast asleep. I looked atyour face for a moment and thanked God for my destiny.164) When you speak my name, it is different. I know my name issafe in your mouth.(c) 1207.2008

Romantic Texts Messages165) Your love for me shines through your smile, peeks throughyour eyes and whispers in the quiet beat of your heart.166) Love is when you smile through your tears just to letsomeone know you are OK167) Love is what makes you smile every time you see him,though it’s the same old face every time.168) If ever I need a place to hide and spend my life, it will beyour heart, because I’d feel safest there.169) Choose me so you don’t regret, it’s a good deal – in fact, thebest you can get!170) If there are times you make me cry looking for a reasonwhy, there are also times you make me fly and reach the limitsof the sky.171) You ask me what I like about you. I think it’s your eyes, noyou’re little pesky mouth or may be your impossible lips .well,what can I say? I think I love everything about you.172) Your eyes are looking tired and your lashes are huggingeach other tight, go to the land of sweet dreams and meet methere tonight.173) You say you are ill I have a prescription: one pill of love, afew spoons of hugs and a capsule of kisses that should do.174) Love is the passion inside that you can’t hide, and the smileoutside that never dies.175) Slowly the leaves of memory fall, I’ll pick them up andgather them all, because today, tomorrow and all my lifethrough, it’s wonderful having someone like you.176) What if there was no love to share, there were no one tocare? Life would then be so bare.177) The seas for you, the waves for me; the sky for you and thestars for me. Everything’ s for you, and you are for me.(c) 1307.2008

Romantic Texts Messages178) If the world stopped turning and the sun stopped burning,I’d still be enjoying my time here, because I was loved by you.179) I know deep within my heart that sometimes things fallapart and that it’s always hard to part, but I still can’t let yougoof you are my dear heart.180) If the world is full of miseries, it’d still be worth goingthrough, because somewhere in some corner, there’d still besomeone like you.181) If words can’t make you feel better, let me hug you with myarms, listen to you with my ears and worship you with my eyes.182) If I am the heart, you are the beat within me, pumping theblood into my veins and filling me with heat.183) Every time I tried to tell you what’s inside, words were hardto find – all I can say is your one of a kind.184) Every time I miss you, a shooting star falls. So, if one daythere are no more stars in the sky, its because you made memiss you too much.185) Love is gentle, love is kind, love endures, and love iseverlasting.186) The fragrance of a rose reminds me of thee, of sweet hugsand passion and a love that’s forever sweet.187) Sweet as sugar, soft as butter, I’d melt in your arms if youhold me any tighter.188) Friendship is like chinaware, so costly and so rare. Oncebroken it can be mended, but a crack is always there.189) River to the ocean, beams to the moon, birds to the tree andyou to me.190) If ever you feel down and wonder where love is, remembersomeone cares, someone preys and someone looks up at thestars and sighs for you.(c) 1407.2008

Romantic Texts Messages191) On a silent night when the stars are few, I sit here thinkingof you, a lonely tear and a little sigh, o, how I wish I were withyou.192) A square has 4 ends, a triangle has 3 ends, a line has 2 endsand my life has 1 end – to keep you in my heart forever.193) Well, it’s quite an honour, but it just happens to be true, thebest friend I ever had happens to be someone like you.194) Giggles & laughs, smiles & tears, life has many of these, butjust one true love.195) I’d send you all my love in a letter, sealed with a kiss. Butsince a letter would take forever, I thought I’d send you mylove like this.196) Are we friends or are we not. Sometimes I feel so, sometimesI do not. Whatever you are, part with you, I will not.197) Life is sometimes hard, sometimes fun. There is darkness attimes till the morning brings the sun. When you’re down, giveme a call, I’ll drop by.198) Till dreams turn to reality and desires fulfilled by destiny,let’s stay together, forever you and me.199) They say that friends are angels from above, sent by God toshare their love. Well, I always knew there was something‘divine’ about me.200) Don’t look for beauty and don’t look for skin, look for aheart that loves you from within201) I wanted to send you something sexy, priceless and cute. Butthe postman caught me doing it and told me to get out of thepost box.202) There’s only 2 times when I miss you that’s day & nightwhen you’re not around.(c) 1507.2008

Romantic Texts Messages203) Your clothes may look good; they may have the latest style.But you aren’t cool dude, till your wearing a smile.204) I’ll go to the ends of the world to prove my love for you solong as you promise to let me go alone!205) Don’t be sad and don’t be blue, Einstein was ugly too!206) The only way to find love is to get lost in it.207) There is no sweeter ecstasy than the yearning of your heart.208) The bond of 2 hearts can never be broken. If it’s true love, itwill never be shaken.209) We are 2 hearts living in just one soul, staying togetherforever and more.210) In love we find 2 hearts bound by a delicate twine, yetstrong enough to win any test of time.211) I’m on the top of the world ever since you told me that I’myour girl.212) Now that I’ve found my way to your heart, I can’t find myway back home.213) No longer I, but we.214) You came to me to light my life, me the lady and you mywonderful knight. So now, get off your high horse and startcutting veggies with a knife!215) I came here as a guest, I liked the accommodation, and nowI’m here to stay. So, how much does a room in your heart cost?216) I might seem to be a world away, but remember I love you,and I’m just a phone call away.217) Eternity can come and go, but I’ll still be waiting here foryou.(c) 1607.2008

Romantic Texts Messages218) The words you say, it’s like a dream come true. 2 lovinghearts to share 1 love that is so true.219) Love is a lingering kiss, entwined hands, a shy hello and asoft caress in the dark.220) My bed refused to sleep with me last night; it said it wantedyou.221) I love you too much for my own good, I know, but I justcan’t seem to stop.222) Love is when you calls me late at night to tell me that youhave reached safely and I actually feel happy you called.223) I searched high and low, I ran to and fro; in the end whenlove came, I saw it in you when I opened the door.224) Behind every successful woman, there is a loving man.Thank you.225) Your love gives me the strength to fly, to spread my wingsand kiss the sky.226) If love has left you forlorn and you are looking for a friend,I’d like to come by and give you a helping hand.227) One woman for one man, one love to hold hands, one life tolive and one chance to make it all happen.228) A touch so pure, a smile so true, nothing can beat my lovefor you.229) You took my hand and grasped my heart. you kissed my lipsand stole my soul.230) Today, tomorrow and forever love is a drug that gives mepower.231) I miss you more than I can say; I’ll miss you just as muchtomorrow and I miss you more and more each day.(c) 1707.2008

Romantic Texts Messages232) When I’m scared hold me tight, when I go wrong, pleasemake it right. Our love is like a flame, let it grow bright.233) Can’t you hear my heart whispering its love for you thewords are so loud in my ears, everyone knows about it but you.234) Mangoes are tasty when they are ripe, love becomes passionjust after a fight.235) Forget me not, forget me never, and always remember weare simply great together.236) I love you and you love me, it’s so simple just like ABC.237) I’m sending you an SMS to ease your stress, to bring backthat smile and to tell you I’m waiting for your sweet caress.238) If tomorrow I have to leave, not knowing when we’ll meet,will you still stay here and wait just for me?239) What would I have to do to get you to notice me too?240) I’d shout my love with a neon sign and paint your nameacross the sky all you have to do is be mine.241) I will fly if you hold me too light and I will cry if you holdme too tight.242) Love is careless and love is a flirt, love is restless and haspeople to hurt.243) People told me love is true, didn’t believe them till I foundyou.244) Between the years and between the ages, it’s inevitable buttrue. Seasons may change and people may go, but I will alwaysbelong to you.245) When I fall in love, it has to be forever. Love is costly yousee, I can’t afford another.(c) 1807.2008

Romantic Texts Messages246) If we have to part and go separate ways, you will stay in myheart till my dying days.247) I may not seem like I am here, that’s coz without your loveI’m not complete.248) My love for you is as tried and true as the sky is blue andthe misty dew.249) You ‘fall’ in love ‘coz no one with sense would walk into it.250) You’re like cool balm on my fevered brow, like sweet wateron my parched soul.251) I can’t resist you, can’t live without you. I can do withoutanything but you.252) If you thought that love was funny, and it’d never cost anymoney, let me tell you honey, please don’t fall in love with me.253) After you read this text, you will be mine. I’ve sent it loadedyou see with love potion number 9.254) I’m an extreme romantic, so my love flows from coast tocoast touching the Pacific and the Atlantic.255) Trickling down and falling round, all around you on theground is a love so precious it can’t be found anywhere else butin my heart.256) My love is beautiful, my love is nice, and my love is sugar,cream and spice.257) When I see you my heart goes frantic my feelings are all in atizzy I’m a total mess.258) Make my pain go away and fill my empty heart, heal all mywounds and promise we’ll never be apart.259) Once you climb into my heart, you may never leave and youmay never grieve.(c) 1907.2008

Romantic Texts Messages260) If you’re ready for the ride, hold on tight. I’m going to takeyou on a joyride of a lifetime.261) I send this text with all my love. When you switches off thephone, the text will disappear but my love will remain.262) I can’t wait to get you in my arms and tell you all mythoughts, share everything with you and take you into myheart.263) Without your love, I feel all alone; like it’s been a millionyears since I’ve come home.264) In your simple smile, in your heavenly voice, in your sweetperfume, I found the perfect world.265) The way you make me feel, you make my world go round. Icould go on and on about the way you make me feel.266) You say it’s time to move on, and I shall say goodbye. Butthink twice before you leave, coz a heart like this is not easy tofind.267) Three little treasures you give to me one is a kiss, one a hugand one little heart to keep my love.268) Love has the power to make everything alright, to turn tearsinto smile and to give meaning to life.269) I am so in love I feel free, no longer alone.270) I promise to love you no matter what you do, just promiseme you will love me too.271) Be my friend until the very end. After I die, find yourselfanother friend.272) Love is when you hear my footsteps in the dark and opensthe door for me before I knock.273) I’ll always love you, to the end of my days, and then againfrom beyond my grave.(c) 2007.2008

Romantic Texts Messages274) Seasons will change it’s true. Times will pass, that’s alsotrue. But things that don’t change are so few and that’s my lovefor you.275) I love to be with you to hold your hands, to see you smile.That’s what makes life worthwhile.276) On this day I promise you my heart will ever be true and itbeats only for you.277) All day long I think of you. Even when I try not to, I can’tstop thinking of you.278) When I slipped beneath my blanket, it was so warm and sosoft; I could feel the pure bliss and the velvet of your kiss.279) There’s a sea of distance between us, my love, and I wish itweren’t true, coz all day long I yearn to be with you.280) When I look at the moon and the way it lights up the sky, Ithink of you and see the way you brought light to my life.(c) 2107.2008

Romantic Texts Messages 1) It’s OK to love and lose, but it’s fantastic to lose and love. I lost my heart and fell in love with you! 2) If I wrote your name in the sky, clouds would block it. If I wrote your name in the sand, waves would wa