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CHEESESTEAKSBURGERSBEEFHamburger . .6.50served with Lettuce and TomatoPlain Steak . . . . . 9.99Cheeseburger .7.50served with Lettuce and TomatoCheesesteak . .10.25Pizza Steak . . 10.99Bacon Cheeseburger .8.50served with Lettuce and TomatoTriple Cheese Cheesesteak . .10.99Wiz, American, ProvolonePizza Burger . . .8.50Balsamic Brie Cheesesteak . . .10.99Brie, Spinach, Garlic, Caramelized Onions, BalsamicGlazeMushroom Swiss . . . 8.50Veggie Burger . .5.99served with Lettuce and TomatoPete’s Royal Cheesesteak . .10.99Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Pepperoni, Mozzarella,Tomato SauceVeggie Cheeseburger .6.99served with Lettuce and TomatoItaliano . . .10.99Mozzarella, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, SpinachWestern . . . .9.50Onion Rings, American Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Lettuce,TomatoBalsamic Brie Burger . . . .9.50Brie Cheese, Spinach, Fresh Garlic, Caramelized OnionsBalsamic GlazeCHICKEN & VEGGIEPlain Chicken Steak . . . .9.99Bacon Bleu . . .9.50Bleu Cheese, Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Lettuce,TomatoChicken Cheesesteak . . . 10.25Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak .10.99Greek Burger . .9.50Tzatziki Sauce, Lamb Gyro, Feta, Olives , Lettuce,TomatoBBQ Chicken Cheesesteak . 10.99Pollo Italiano Cheesesteak . .10.99Chicken, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach, MozzarellaPatty Melt . 9.50Grilled Rye Bread, Caramelized Onions, Swiss CheeseVegetarian Cheesesteak . .10.99Veggie Lean Steak with Fried Onions and Green PeppersTOPPINGSMAKE ANY BURGER OR STEAK ADELUXE FOR 2 MORE TO INCLUDEFRENCH FRIES OR TATER TOTS ANDCOLESLAW25 All steaks served with or without Fried Onions and yourchoice of American, Wiz, Mozzarella, Provolone, Swiss,or BrieUPGRADE TO A GARLIC BREADROLL ON ANY STEAK OR BURGERFOR 1Pickles Bacon Mushrooms Pepperoni Fire Roasted Red Peppers Hot Banana Peppers Hot Cherry Peppers Sweet Peppers Green Peppers Pickled JalapeñosExtra Meat 4 Extra Cheese 1CHICKENFINGERSserved with BBQ or Honey MustardMake it Buffalo Style for 1Chicken Finger Platter .10.755 Fingers and French Fries orTater Tots and ColeslawMini Finger Platter .8.753 Fingers and French Fries orTater Tots and Coleslaw5 Fingers .8.7510 Fingers .16.5020 Fingers .32.00CLASSIC BUFFALO WINGSAll Wings served with Carrots, Celery & Bleu Cheese on the sideMild Hot Sweat & Tears (extra spicy) BBQ Honey BBQ Garlic Parm Honey Sriracha Lemon PepperBuffalo Wing Platter . 18.0012 Wings served with FrenchFries or Tater Tots and Coleslaw61224324252 8 16 32 43 63 696282102152252300 82 109 136 202 335 399BONELESSBoneless Wing Platter . 12.0010 Boneless wings served withFrench Fries or Tater Tots andColeslaw5102030 5 10 20 30

STARTERSFrench Fries .4.25Mac & Cheese Bites .5.99Old Bay Fries .4.75Garlic Knots .3.75Cheese Fries .5.75Cheesy Knots .4.99Garlic Knots, MeltedMozzarella Cheese, servedwith a side of MarinaraSaucePizza Fries .5.99Add Pepperoni for 1Mega Fries .7.99Wiz, Mozzarella,Bacon, side of RanchGreek Fries . 7.99Olive Oil, Feta,Oregano, side ofTzatzikiLoaded Tots . 7.99Wiz, Mozzarella,Bacon, side of RanchTater Tots . 4.99Onion Rings .5.99Loaded Knots .5.99Garlic Knots, MeltedMozzarella Cheese, andMarinara with your choice ofPepperoni, Beef Pepperoni,or Bacon for 1STROMBOLIParmesan Truffle Fries.7.99Served with a side of GarlicAioliCheesesteak Egg Rolls.9.25Served with a side of SrirachaKetchupChicken or SteakQuesadilla .9.25Served with Sour Cream andSalsaMozzarella Sticks .6.50Veggie Quesadilla . .8.99Spinach, Green Peppers, RedOnion, Mushroom, Broccoli,served with Sour Cream andSalsaHummus Platter .7.99Pita Bread, Carrots, Olives,CucumbersBuffalo ChickenQuesadilla . 9.25Served with Bleu CheeseFried Pickles . .6.25One Size 10.99Special Steak Green Peppers,Mushrooms, OnionsItalian Capicola Ham, Salami, GenoaSalami, Green Peppers, OnionsChicken Green Peppers, Mushrooms,OnionsVegetable Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions,Green Peppers, Tomato, BroccoliHawaiian Pineapple, Bacon, HamHam Green Peppers, OnionsCheese Green Peppers, OnionsBuffalo ChickenChicken ParmSausagePepperoniCoconut Shrimp 13.99Served with Sweet ChiliApricot Sauce on the sideASFEATUREDONMeatballPhilly SteakChicken & BroccoliCREATE YOUR OWN PIZZA10” Small 7.99 14” Large 10.99 18” Jumbo 13.99 Gluten Free (10" only) 12Toppings: Small 1.50 each Large 2.25 each Jumbo 3 eachMEATSVEGETABLESCHEESESDIPPING SAUCEMarinaraBaconMeatballArugulaTomatoExtra CheeseCapicolaPepperoniBroccoliSweet PeppersBrieHamBeef PepperoniEggplant*Pickled JalapenoFetaChicken*Ground BeefFresh Garlic Fresh BasilRicottaSausageGenoa SalamiSteak*Spicy tto*extra 1Kalamata OlivesMushroomHot BananaPeppersOnionHot CherryPeppersPineappleSpinachGratedParmesanGoat Cheese 1Garlic ButterSauceRanchBleu CheeseHot SauceGarlic AioliSriracha MayoRoasted RedPeppersSIGNATURE PIZZAS10” Small 12.99 14” Large 15.99 18” Jumbo 18.99 Gluten Free (10" only) 17Pete’s Special Pepperoni, Sausage,Green Peppers, Onions, MushroomsHawaiian Luau Pineapple, Bacon,HamThe Spartan Lamb Gyro, Pepperoni,Bacon, FetaOld Rome Ricotta, Tomatoes,SpinachHoly Roller White Base, Brie,Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms,Balsamic GlazePhilly Cheesesteak Red Base, Steak,Mozzarella Cheese, American CheeseBella Rosa Italian Sausage,Caramelized Onions, Fire RoastedRed Peppers, RicottaGreek Feta, Kalamata Olives,Spinach, Tomatoes, AnchoviesDiavola White Base, PickledJalapeños, Spicy Italian Sausage,Grated Parmesan, Ricotta (Spicy)Margarita Fresh Mozzarella andBasilMeat Lovers Steak, Ham, Sausage,PepperoniBianca Capra White Base,Prosciutto, Arugula, Goat Cheese,Balsamic GlazePollo Primavera White Base, FreshGarlic, Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes,Spinach, Grilled ChickenBuffalo ChickenVegetable Spinach, Mushrooms,Onions, Green Peppers, Tomato,BroccoliChicken Bacon Ranch*** Pete's Famous Pizza is not a Gluten Free environment ***BBQ ChickenChicken & BroccoliOur pizza is traditional pan pizza. Our recipe has remainedunchanged for over 40 years and each pizza is still hand stretched insteel pans and baked to produce our golden brown crust.

SANDWICHESWRAPSWhite or Wheat Tortilla 9.25Your choice of White, Wheat, Rye,Brioche, or Kaiser RollSIGNATUREBuffalo ChickenBLTTurkey Club .9.25Chicken ParmChicken SaladRoast Beef Club . .9.25Tuna SaladTuna SaladCorned Beef Special . 7.25Served with Russian Dressingand ColeslawGrilled ChickenTurkey Special . 7.25Served with Russian Dressingand ColeslawCheesesteakFrench Dip . 10.25Roast Beef, Melted Provolone,Au JusChicken Caesar 6.25CLASSICFresh TurkeyHam & CheeseTuna MeltGrilled CheeseCorned BeefRoast BeefCRISPY CHICKENCrispy Chicken .8.99Lettuce &TomatoSpicy Chicken.9.99Sriracha Mayo, Lettuce,Tomato, Jalapeño, 1 forcheeseReuben . 9.99Corned Beef, Sauerkraut,Russian Dressing, Melted SwissCheeseCod Fish . .8.50Lettuce, Tomato, Tartar Sauceon a Brioche RollGyro . .8.50Buffalo Chicken .9.99Bleu Cheese & Hot BuffaloSauceChicken Gyro .8.50Honey Dijon Chicken.9.99Honey Mustard,Lettuce,Tomato, Bacon,American CheeseTuscan Chicken .8.50Fire Roasted Red Peppers,Spinach, Provolone Cheese on aKaiser RollGrilled Chicken . .8.50Ranch Chicken .9.99Ranch, Bacon, ProvoloneOne size 9.99served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion andyour choice of: American, Mozzarella,Provolone, Swiss, or BrieCheeseChicken SaladItalianTuna SaladTurkeyVeggie Hummus Cucumbers,Red Onions, Roasted RedPeppers, Tomato, SpinachTurkeyTuscan Chicken CrispyChicken, Provolone, FireRoasted Red Peppers, SpinachChicken CheesesteakChicken Finger HoneyMustard or BBQ Sauce,Lettuce, TomatoTurkey Club Lettuce,Tomato, Mayo, BaconGreek Chicken CrispyChicken, Lettuce, Spinach,Feta Cheese, KalamataOlives, TomatoSpicy Chicken SrirachaMayo, Lettuce, Tomato,JalapeñoHoney Dijon Chicken CrispyChicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes,Honey Mustard, Bacon,American CheeseWestern Crispy Chicken, HotBanana Peppers, CaramelizedOnions, BBQ sauceGyro Lamb Gyro, Lettuce,Tomato, TzatzikiChicken Caprese CrispyChicken, Tomato, Basil,Balsamic GlazeTomato Basil Mozzarellaserved with a Balsamic glazeMAKE ANY SANDWICH,WRAP, HOAGIE, OR GRINDERA DELUXE FOR 2 MORE TOINCLUDE FRENCH FRIES ORTATER TOTS ANDCOLESLAWHOAGIESHamRanch Chicken CrispyChicken, Bacon, Ranch,Provolone CheeseVegetableCorned BeefRoast BeefGRINDERSOne size 10.25Toasted in our oven and served withMarinara, Provolone Cheese,OreganoChicken ParmEggplant ParmMeatballSpicy Italian SausageMONSTERGRINDERSThe Goliath . . 12.50Chicken Fingers, Mozzarella Sticks, French Fries, MozzarellaCheese, & Pizza Sauce crammed into a long rollThe Ultimate Goliath . . . 13.99Everything you love about The Goliath PLUS Steak and BaconGus Bus Buffalo . . 12.99Chicken Tenders tossed in Hot Sauce, Mozzarella Sticks,Onion Rings, French Fries, Bacon, Mozzarella and BlueCheese all stuffed inside a long rollThe Outlaw . . 12.99Chicken Fingers, BBQ Sauce, French Fries, Onion Rings , Macand Cheese Bites, Mozzarella CheeseULTIMATE GOLIATH CHALLENGEFINISH AN ULTIMATE GOLIATHSANDWICH IN UNDER 7 MINUTESAND RECEIVE A FREE T- SHIRTAND GET YOUR PHOTO ON OURWALL OF FAME!

SALADSServed with choice of: White Pita, Wheat Pita, or a Buttered RollFrench, Ranch, Russian, Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, or Balsamic DressingGarden.7.99Onion, Green Pepper, Hard Boiled Egg,Olives, Cucumber, TomatoCaesar .7.99Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, ParmesanCheeseSpinach Tomato & Mozzarella .7.99Served with a Balsamic GlazeChef .9.99Ham, Turkey, American Cheese, Onion,Green Pepper, Kalamata Olives, HardBoiled Egg, Tomato, CucumberAntipasto .9.99Genoa Salami, Provolone, Fire RoastedRed Peppers, Onion, Kalamata Olives,Fresh MozzarellaSpinach .9.99Mushrooms, Bacon, Croutons, Onion,Green Pepper, Hard Boiled Egg,Kalamata Olives, Tomato, CucumberGreek .9.99Hard Boiled Egg, Feta, Green Peppers,Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, KalamataOlives, AnchoviesVilla . .9.99Arugula, Spinach, Cranberry, GoatCheese, WalnutsBuffalo Chicken Caesar .11.99Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber,Croutons with Bleu Cheese DressingCrispy Chicken .11.99GARDEN OR CAESAR SIDESALAD FOR ONLY 4.99ADD HUMMUS, TUNA, TURKEY,CHICKEN SALAD, GRILLEDCHICKEN, OR CRISPY CHICKENFOR 4ENTREESCLASSICMAKE YOUR OWN 9.75Chicken Parm & Spaghetti .12.25Pasta: Penne Spaghetti Eggplant Parm & Spaghetti .11.99FettuccineFettuccine Carbonara .13.50Fettuccine tossed with Bacon, Ham, and Peas in our Creamy ParmesanAlfredo SauceSauces: Marinara Alfredo Vodka Sauce 2Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo .11.99Rocky Alla Vodka .13.99Grilled Chicken with Fire Roasted Red Peppers and Spinach tossed inVodka Sauce topped with grated Parmesan CheeseFish and Chips .11.99Chicken & Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo .12.50Meats: Meatball 1 Sausage 1 Chicken 2Veggies (50 each): Broccoli Peas Spinach Fire Roasted Red Peppers Mushrooms Fresh Basil Tomato Fresh Garlic OlivesDESSERTBEVERAGESAuthentic Italian Tiramisu .5.75PepsiNY Style Cheesecake .5.75Diet PepsiMini Chocolate Chip Cannolis .4.99Cinnamon Sugar Knots .5.75Nutella Sugar Knots .5.75Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie .3.00Ice Cream .5.25Chocolate, Vanilla, or StrawberryMilkshakes .6.25Chocolate, Vanilla, Black & White, or StrawberryMountain DewSierra MistLemonadeRoot BeerUnsweetened Iced Tea

PETE’S FAMOUS HISTORYEstablished 1980In 1969, Pete and Effie Ampatzis cameto Philadelphia from Athens, Greece.After a couple of years working as atailor in a large factory, Pete decided totake on a new endeavor. Years of hardwork and dedication taught Pete the insand outs of the restaurant business.In 1980, Pete opened the first Pete’sFamous Pizza in Logan Square(Center City). The restaurant was animmediate success, and it became aPhiladelphia favorite in no time. Soonafter, Pete’s Famous Pizza wasawarded the highly coveted “Best Pizzaof Philadelphia” by PhiladelphiaMagazine. Lines formed out the door,deliveries were constant, and tableswere always occupied.It was then in 1985 that Pete opened thesecond location on Fairmount Avenue.Pete’s Famous Pizza is proud to havesuch rich history in the Logan Squareand Fairmount Communities.“Hot Stuff To Go” is a phrase coinedby Pete’s Famous Pizza thatdistinguishes us from the rest. Beforewarmer bags existed for deliverydrivers, pizza was not often deliveredpiping hot. Pete wanted to ensure thatno customer would ever receive a coldpizza, so he purchased pickup trucksand installed ovens on the back. Thistruly illustrates our priority indedication to quality food.Today, the tradition of quality andconsistency continues within theAmpatzis family. Our dough,consisting of only the finestingredients, is created daily on ourpremises. With Pete, his loving wifeEffie, and grandson Pete Jr., Pete’sFamous Pizza still guarantees thehighest quality food and service toevery customer. Pete is proud to seehis legacy continue. Four decadesstrong, Pete’s Famous Pizza still livesto be a Philadelphia favorite!

-"44* .",&:06308/ 4"-"%4. Served with choice of: White Pita, Wheat Pita, or a Buttered Roll. French, Ranch, Russian, Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, or .