POWER PHRASES TO BUILD YOUR RESUME ACCURACY Recognize the importance of accuracyPerform with a high degree of accuracyPerform with consistent accuracyAchieve results with accuracy and precisionMaintain high statistical accuracyExpect perfectionStrive for perfectionExcel in achieving perfectionAvoid mistakes and errorsConform to strict tolerancesMeet precise standardsMeet rigid specificationsKeep accurate recordsMaintain accurate documentationProvide explicit documentationMeticulous with detailExcel in detail checkingForecast with extreme accuracyMake accurate predictions about future trends,directions and developments.ACHIEVEMENT Achieve optimal levels of personal performance andaccomplishmentProvide strong evidence of specific accomplishmentsProduce a tangible, positive impactAchieve consistently high resultsExcel in achieving outstanding project resultsAchieve bottom-line resultsAchieve lasting resultsExceed the normAccomplish more with fewer peopleDemonstrate the ability to achieve desire resultsFocus on resultsAttain results without negative side effectsAttain results through positive actionsADMINISTRATION Demonstrate a high level of administrativecompetence.Constantly examine administrative effectiveness andseeks better proceduresEncourage administrative efficiency and effectivenessAchieve high administrative output Avoid burdening management with administrativedetailEffectively use exception reporting to keepmanagement informed.Clearly establish administrative rules and regulationsEnumerate and specify procedures for implementingand administering written policiesDevelop policies and procedure to improvedepartment.Improve administrative support systemsSupply necessary support servicesDevelop successful administrative strategiesExcel in simplifying systems and reducing paperworkExcel in eliminating unnecessary paperworkEffectively control paperwork.Manage paperwork efficiently and effectivelyImprove administrative efficiency through theeffective use of formsEstablish effective systems for record retentionKeep simple records with little duplicationEffectively handle information overloadEstablish effective systems for information retrievalUnderstand and apply basic statistical methodsMake effective use of statistical applicationsUse sound statistical control techniquesProperly control the release of proprietary informationRespect confidential informationMaintain complete confidentialityKeep informed of new technologies in officeautomationUtilize improved technology for administrative supportMake effective use of office equipmentANALYTICAL SKILLS: Demonstrate a strong power of analytical reasoningDisplay strong analytical qualitiesDemonstrate a strong ability to analyze problemsVery methodical in solving problemsUtilize a variety of analytical techniques to solveproblemsExcels in analyzing and adjusting work procedures formaximum efficiencyThoroughly analyze conditions and reachesindependent decisionsEffective in analyzing relevant informationExcel in analytical thinking

APPEARANCE Recognize the importance of appearancePresent an attractive appearanceTake pride in personal appearanceDisplay the type of grooming which is neat, attractiveand appropriateGive proper attention to personal hygiene and dressDress to convey an appropriate imageDress consistent with organizational expectationConform to proper standards of dressWear appropriate clothing and accessoriesDress appropriately for the positionDisplay good postureProjects poise and authorityMake positive first impressionMake excellent impressionProject a positive imageCOMMUNICATIVE SKILLS Excel in effective and positive communicationsCommunicate openly, forcefully and effectivelyCommunicate clearly and conciselyCommunicate with credibility and confidenceCommunicate high expectationsImprove the effectiveness of communications andinteractions with othersProvide a intellectual atmosphere conducive to thestimulation and interchange of ideasExcel in communicating with individuals and smallgroupsConduct meetings that achieve resultsMake a strong impact at meetingsDemonstrate strong committee procedures andtechniquesExcel in intercommunications and interactionsDemonstrate sound negotiating skillsEffectively communicate goals and interplay of ideasand conceptsEffectively communicate management decisions toachieve understanding and acceptance.Effectively communicate upward, downward andlaterallyCommunicate effectively both horizontally andverticallyDevelops and maintains two-way communicationsKeep other departments informed of developmentsaffecting their functionCommunicate confidently with superiors, peers andsubordinatesEffectively communicate with co-workersOptimally utilize all channels of communicationsDemonstrate good judgement in selecting the propermode of communicationKnow when to cover topics by letter or phone. Make appropriate use of formal vs. informalcommunicationEncourage open communication to achieve mutualunderstandingsDemonstrate an ability to perform and communicateCompetent communicatorAsk penetrating questionsPrevent unproductive responsesAvoid communication breakdownsMake the best impression in all situationsDemonstrate proper telephone techniques andetiquetteMake effective use of the telephone and fax machineEffective explains and interprets organizationalpolicies and proceduresEffectively translates complex information intocommon termsEffective organization of ideas for logical presentationand acceptance.Respond quickly to all oral and writtencommunicationsExcel in verbal and no-verbal communicationsUse proper oral and written languagePossess a strong vocabularyDisplay productive assertivenessAssertive without being overly aggressiveConvey an impression which reflects favorably uponthe public relations of the organizationExcel in dealing with the publicUse communicative skills to bolster the organization’simagePromote organizational policies, the quality of itsproducts and its reputationDemonstrate and convey a favorable image of theorganizationCOMPETENCY Demonstrate competent performanceProject a special competenceDemonstrate a high level of expertiseDemonstrate strong personal effectivenessDemonstrate strong interpersonal competenceBelieve in selfVery confidant of abilitiesUses abilities to the fullestMaximize personal strengthsExcel in the effective application of skillDisplay a high level of technical competenceEffectively blend management skills with technicalexpertiseCombine technical competence with dependability andloyaltyDemonstrate highly sophisticated skill and strategiesPossess specialized skillHighly skilled in all phases of jobExcel in operational skills

Display excellent attention to technical skillsEspecially effective in the development and use ofsupportive skillUniquely qualifiedEffectively capitalizes on strengthsAccentuate strengthsKeep informed of the latest trends and developmentsConstantly sharpens and updates skillsDevote appropriate time and effort to thedevelopment of professional competenceAttend seminars and workshops to improve jobperformanceCOMPUTER SKILLS Maximizes the benefits of computer technologyIncorporate the newest computer technologiesIdentify computer support requirementsEnsure that computers are used to generatemeaningful information and increase efficiencyEncourage employee acceptance and use ofcomputersEnsure the proper training of computer operatorsUtilize the power of computersMake effective use of computer equipment andfacilitiesPossess a strong knowledge of computerfundamentalsUnderstand computer applicationsComputer literateKeep alert to new computer hardwareKeep abreast of new software applicationsCOST MANAGEMENT Effectively control costs through economical utilizationof personnel, materials and equipmentEffectively commit resources of staff, funds and timeMake maximum use of allocated fundsMake realistic budget projectionsGive close attention to monitoring budget variancesand plans appropriate adjustmentStrive for maximum return on investmentExcel in profit-oriented decisionsDemonstrate a strong ability to strengthen cost-profitratiosDemonstrate sound cost effectivenessDevelop strong cost control measures to ensuredesired resultsMaintain effective cost controlExercise appropriate cost controlEffectively identify areas needing cost reductionsDisplay sound judgement in managing and controllingexpensesAdhere to sound auditing principalsPlan travel, entertainment and related expenses toachieve essential organizational goals Adhere closely to organizational policies andprocedures when requesting expense reimbursementEnsure that all expenditures are in the best interest ofthe organizationDemonstrate success in reducing costs whilemaintaining high qualityExcel in controlling costs and eliminating wasteCREATIVITY Display creative imaginationDisplay active imaginationDemonstrate imaginative insightProvide valuable insightsDemonstrate creative strengthSuccessfully develop creative strategiesContinuously experimentingSeek creative alternativesChallenge conventional practicesConsider innovative possibilitiesExplore new paths, procedures and approachesExcels in creative thinking and problem solvingCreate satisfying solution in conformance withorganizational policesDevelop creative solutions to problemsDemonstrate a high degree of originality andcreativityOriginate and develop constructive ideasInitiate good conceptual ideas with practicalapplicationsExcel in developing spontaneous ideasOriginate unsought ideasSeek new ideas and approachesStimulate ideasPromote the flow of good ideasWelcome ideas from subordinatesReceptive to new ideasGenerate fresh ideasInitiate fresh ideasDiscover new approachesDisplay a sense of inquiryMaintain a high level of curiosityDisplay a strong power of observationEncourage an environment for creative excellencePromote an environment conducive to creativityTap the creative potential of a groupEncourage innovationPromote a creative climateCreate interestCreate opportunitiesDECISION MAKING Makes decisions with confidenceDisplay firmness in making decisionCan be relied on to make sound decisionsMake inventive and resourceful decisions

Willing to make difficult and unpopular decisionsAssemble all available facts before making decisionsSeek staff input for decision makingMake sound decisions in the absence of detailedinstructionsUses the most penetrating and objective evaluationsto arrive at decisionsWeigh alternative decisions before taking actionCarefully evaluate alternative risksPractice sound risk takingWilling to take calculate risksEager to take risksExercise a wide range of decision making controlForesee the consequences of decisionsExcel in foreseeing the effects of decisionsCommunicate decisions with confidenceDemonstrate and ability to effectively influence keydecision makersMake sound decisions under pressureAvoid haste decisionsConcentrate on developing solutionsExcel in seeking solutionsDevelop fresh solutionsExcel in suggesting optional solutionsDevelop resourceful solutionSupport convictions with sufficient forceStrive to improve decisivenessEncourage decision making at lowest possible levelDELEGATING Delegate to improve organizational effectivenessDelegate to maximize organizational strengthsRecognize the need to concentrate on people ratherthan tasksRecognize the importance of working throughsubordinatesEncourage delegationDemonstrate effective delegation techniquesEffectively delegate responsibilityGive subordinates the authority needed to effectivelycarry out delegated responsibilitiesEncourage subordinates to solve their own problemsDelegate with clearly defined responsibility andauthorityProvide subordinates with the resources needed toaccomplish resultsDelegate while maintaining controlKnow when and what to delegateDelegate routine tasks to subordinatesMake effective use of secretarial supportDelegate to the proper personEffectively delegate unpleasant tasksPrevent reverse delegationMay be delegated the broadest discretionDelegate to evaluate employee potential Effectively assesses delegation capabilityDelegate to improve job satisfaction of subordinatesDelegate to motivateDelegate to build subordinatesDEPENDABILITY Is consistent, dependable and accurate in carrying outresponsibilities to a successful conclusionCan be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlinesFully accepts all responsibilities and meets deadlinesMeets logically developed prioritiesAchieves result when confronted with majorresponsibilities and limited resourcesUtilizes all available resources to achieve resultsCan be counted on to achieve results in emergencysituationsIs exceptionally reliable and trustworthy when givenan assignmentUses proven methods and techniques to achieveresultsDisplays a strong personal commitment tosuccessfully completing all projectsDisplays rigid self-disciplineAttains results regardless of task levelsMeets responsibilities promptlyFulfills all commitmentsMeets expectationsIs very dependable and conscientiousIs a strong and reliable member of the departmentIs extremely reliable and supportiveCan be relied upon to do the job and any otherassigned tasksIs always fully preparedCan be relied on to successfully complete allassignmentsConsistently punctualRegular in attendanceEffectively follow up assignmentsDEVELOPMENT Excel in selecting and developing individual with highpotential talentIdentify staff development needsRecognize development levels and ability levels ofstaff and othersInitiate and establishes personal growth and careerpathExcel in developing career developmentPlan for future career development andaccomplishmentSeek personal growth and developmentUnderstand personal strengths and weaknessesSuccessful at demonstrating the ability to developfrom a specialist to a generalist

Regularly assess the development and effectivenessof subordinatesInspire subordinates to achieve their fullest potentialExcel in developing mutual expectationsEncourage broad development of employeesShow genuine interest in employee progressEffectively tracks employee progressDeal effectively with different career stages ofemployeesExcel in tapping hidden talentsExploit under-utilized capabilitiesDisplay and ability to turn weaknesses into strengthsTurn potential into actionDevelop subordinates into higher achieversCultivate strengths of subordinatesEffectively develops employeesDevelop managerial candidatesEncourage managers to develop subordinatesExcel in developing synergyGive proper attention to personnel successionplanningDevelop qualified successorsEncourage employees to acquire proper skills,attitudes and knowledgeEncourage special preparation and training ofpersonnelUse a wide variety of training methodsMake effective use of role playingImprove the skills and develops talents ofsubordinatesSuccessfully build subordinatesCoach toward achievementEncourage employees to improve abilities for greaterresponsibilityExcel in developing marginal employeesEffectively recommend methods to assist subordinatesin overcoming weaknessesConcentrate development on weak areasEncourage constructive actions by employeesAssist subordinates in reaching new levels of skills,knowledge and attitudesMake winners out of subordinatesAssist subordinates in applying new skills, techniquesand understandingsFacilitates learningDevelop creative potentialProfit form experienceBuild on strengthsReinforce positive behaviorReinforce employee strengthsBuild on the positiveEVALUATION SKILLS Establish clear and meaningful criteria or standardsfor effective performance Clearly establish performance objectives andevaluation criteriaEstablish credible standardsEstablish credible measurement methodsEffectively and continually evaluate activities,programs and functionsContinuously evaluate techniques and practicesEffectively appraise departmental resources and skillsAccurately monitor performance against objectivesEffectively make quantitative determinations of abilityRecognize high potential employeesIdentify individuals who have a capacity to performEffectively identify goal achieversProduce highly accurate assessmentsEffectively assess employees resourcesRegularly assess growthEffectively track performanceAccurately assess potentialAccurately evaluate employee effectivenessEffectively assess the quality of work performed bysubordinatesRate on the basis of performance and not personalityEffectively re-evaluate others without creatingresentment or negative responsesShow significant frequency differences in appraisingemployeesGive recognition to deserving individualsEffectively grant rewards on the basis of objectiveaccomplishmentAssign salary increases base on true performanceRecognize special talents and capabilities ofemployeesUnderstand accomplishments, strengths andweakness of employeesIdentify and discusses weakness of staff membersIdentify individual needing periodic retrainingDirect performance appraisals toward the selfimprovement of employeeEffectively utilize performance reviews as amotivational toolPlan for appraisal interviewGive proper attention to performance appraisalinterviewsEncourage and facilitates self-evaluationEffectively critique own workBenefit from constructive criticismExcel in establishing feedback systems for evaluatingresultsAccurately measure and assess employee feedbackGOALS AND OBJECTIVES Control the quality of the most crucial of all thevariables contributing to the realization ofdepartmental goals and objectivesExcel in planning, forecasting, setting objectives anddetermining courses of action

Effectively develop individual departmental andorganizational goals to obtain objectivesEffectively blend personal goals with organizationalobjectivesSet goals that are compatible with those of theorganizationExcel in formulation goals and plans of actionClearly establishes goals to achieve a significantproductive impactEstablishes performance targets for both short rangeand long rangeSet, obtain and manage managerial objectivesSet innovative objectivesFormulate realistic objectivesEstablish specific objectivesEffectively determine workable objectivesExcel in the perception of objectivesExcel in prioritizing objectivesEncompass every objective valued by the organizationEffectively communicate objectivesEffectively develop objectivesEffectively develop cognitive objectivesDisplay a clear vision of goalsEstablish feasible and attainable goalsSet realistic goalsSet reachable targetsSet compelling personal goalsSet worthy goalsEffectively develop goalsGoal seekerClearly establish goals and purposesEffectively establish truly relevant objectives andperformance standardsEstablish specific and measurable goalsSet clear and measurable objectivesEffectively set group performance objectivesEstablish methods of attainment of goalsEffectively organize, assemble and arrange resourcesto meet goalsAware of longer-term goals and larger frameworks ofconceptsEffectually evaluates goalsDisplay sincerity of ambitions and objectivesUse goals to maintain momentumAchieve and surpass goalsIMPROVEMENT Constantly strive to strengthen and refine professionaleffectivenessConsistently strive to improve performanceImprove effectiveness by eliminating the confusingExcel in self-supervision and self-improvementOften make valuable suggestions for improvementExcel in developing improved techniquesDevelop totally new strategies devises improvedmeans of accomplishing results Develop totally new strategiesDevise improved means of accomplishing resultsMake affirmative contribution to improvementsProduces changes for the overall improvement of thedepartmentDisplay a willingness to discuss weaknesses and makeimprovementsUse constructive criticism to improve performanceEstablishes goals for improvement of performancetargetsDevelop future goals for self-improvementArticulate goals for future improvementSet ambitious growth goalsTactfully discuss areas in need of improvementClearly identify improvement to be achievedWork cooperatively toward the identification of areasneeding improvementsClearly identify improvements to be achievedWork cooperatively toward the identification of areasneeding improvementsExcel in isolating characteristics in need ofimprovementClearly pinpoint area of needed improvementsIdentify performance improvement problemsMonitor improvement progressDisplay an eagerness to improveDemonstrate a strong effort to improveWelcome opportunities for improvementSeek opportunities for self improvementRespond favorably to suggested actions forimprovementDisplay improved potential for advancementShow steady progressContinue to grow and improveINITIATIVE Demonstrate a high level of initiativeSelf starterJudicious in carrying out assignments withoutdirectionExcel in self-directing and self-pacingDemonstrate an ability to think along constructiveoriginal linesSolution seekerEffectively initiate solutionsMake practical suggestionsDisplay self-reliant enterpriseAlert to new opportunities, techniques andapproachesSeize all opportunitiesExplore new opportunitiesCapture all opportunitiesInnovate and create new and unique methods andproceduresEffectively apply new concepts and techniques

Continuously find new and better ways of performingjobExtremely active and eager to try new approachesDisplay ingenuity in anticipating and meetingunexpected situationsProvide opportunities for initiativeGather and provide data in advance of needPlan and organize with little or no assistanceTake action without undue haste or delayDo things without being toldHave the quality of knowing what has to be doneTake charge in the absence of detailed instructionsRequire minimum supervisionJUDGMENT Excel in making appropriate judgementsCan be entrusted to use good judgementExcel in developing new perspectivesFollow a variety of approaches in activities andtechniquesEffectively diagnose situations or conditionsSystematically evaluate options in terms ofconsequencesConsider alternative courses of actionDisplays excellent intuitive judgementExercise judgement on behalf of othersKnow basic management principles and methodsPossess the knowledge to handle work of the mostcomplex natureClearly understand purposes, objectives, practices andprocedures of departmentDisplay strong knowledge of responsibilitiesThoroughly understand all aspects of jobUnderstand needs and requirements of jobSecure in job knowledgeVery knowledgeable over a wide range of jobresponsibilitiesHave excellent “real world” experiencePossess practical hands-on experienceDemonstrate a strong, functional knowledgeDisplay a broad application of knowledgeDemonstrate strong technical and operationalknowledgeExceptionally well informedShare knowledge for the benefit of employeesKeep alert to current practicesDemonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the fieldKeep well informed on business, political and socialissuesLEADERSHIP Project self-confidence, authority and enthusiasmDemonstrate natural leadership abilityDisplay leadership statureDemonstrates strong, dynamic leadership Show dynamic leadership qualitiesDisplay the strengths of the exceptional leaderDemonstrate imaginative leadershipDisplay leadership traits appropriate to the situationExcel in training, leading and motivating peopleEffectively use power and influenceDemonstrate decisive leadership abilityFace problems with confidence and assuranceInspire confidence and respectCatalyst of successRadiate confidenceElicit confidenceEffectively maintain leadership in a groupenvironmentTake chargeInspire the cooperation and confidence of othersEmulated by peers and subordinatesDisplay an ability to stimulate othersCommand the respect of othersEarn the respect an loyalty of subordinatesCommand the attention of othersShow appreciation for contributions and achievementsInspire new employees to become leadersPromote harmony and teamworkPromote group harmonyEncourage team-building effortsBuild a team spiritLEARNING ABILITY Show eagerness and capacity to learnDisplay an exceptional ability to learn new methodsDisplay an ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly tochanging situationsRespond promptly to changes and opportunitiesRespond quickly to new instructions, situations,methods and proceduresQuickly grasp new routines and explanationsReceptive to new ideasKeep alert to new learning opportunitiesMake effective use of hands-on learningBenefit from all learning situationsEncourage a positive learning environmentPromote a learning climateStimulate curiosity to improve learningLOYALTY AND DEDICATION Loyal to organization, associates and subordinatesDisplay absolute loyalty to superiors and to theorganizationBuild loyalty in subordinatesIncrease superior’s strengthsShow positive attitudes toward employer andemployeesPlace organizational interest ahead of personalconvenience

Display a renewed sense of purposeCommitted to organizational goalsDisplay a genuine interest in the organizationExtremely dedicatedTake pride in jobDisplay a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrityMANAGEMENT ABILITY Know when to seek help outside the organizationIdentify relevant and appraisable components ofeffective managementAccurately assess management effectivenessKeep management informed on questions of policyExcel in obtaining management supportConsistently prepare appropriate recommendationsKeep management informed on questions of policyExcel in obtaining management supportConsistently prepare appropriate recommendationsProvide management with valid and reliableinformation for human resources planningProvide management with accurate informationconcerning the strengths and weaknesses ofemployeesEffectively resolve conflicts between individual needsand requirements of the organizationRespect both employee rights and managementprerogativesDemonstrate an ability to overcome internal barriersEffectively solve problems that cross organizationalboundariesExcel in resolving interdepartmental conflictsObtain the full support of other departmentsPull the organization togetherRecognize the important roles of responsibility,authority and accountabilityHold subordinates accountable for resultsRelate consequences to accountabilityDemonstrate superior executive ability under a varietyof circumstancesConvey executive statureDisplay executive strengthShow those qualities that make a manager forcefuland effectiveDisplay attributes of an effective managerShow strong self managementEffectively manage selfDisplay effective managerial behaviorDisplay an effective, productive management styleRecognize the difference between managing anddoingAvoid managing by crisisExcel in human resource managementChallenging and inspiring managerExcel in solving people problemsExcel in defining, measuring and increasingproductivity Achieve high productive output while maintaining highmoraleKeep employees aware of their importance to theorganizationPromote cooperative behavior and team effortsBuild strong sense of teamwork and purposeExcel in tasks-oriented team developmentObtain maximum team performanceAchieve teamwork effectivenessStrive for maximum team performanceEncourage efforts toward common goalsExcel in developing synergistic strategiesMaximize the use of company resourcesAccount for effective and efficient use of personnelProvide subordinates with the resources needed toattain resultsAttain results through the proper direction ofsubordinatesGive clear directionDevelops a cohesive department effortAware of potential contributions of departmentMaintain firm departmental controlAdhere to all policies, procedures and rules ofdecorumEffectively enforce policies, rules and regulationsMaintain high ethical standardsDisplays sound ethicsFollow proper codes of conductEffectively recognize the need to changeEffectively manage changeImplement change with minimal resistanceEffectively deal with resistance to changeImplement change with a positive impactKeep fully alert to the weaknesses, strengths, threatsand opportunities facing the organizationExcel in positioning for the futureMATURITY Display a high degree of emotional maturityExcel in separating emotion from rationalityDisplay emotional stabilityDisplay strong emotional controlCope constructively with emotionsKeep anger under controlDisplay mature reactionsMaintain a mature attitudeMaintain strong self-controlDisplay superior emotional adjustments and stabilityKeep situations in proper perspectiveDisplay maturity in handling disappointmentsRespond positively on inconsequential issuesMENTAL CAPACITY AND APPLICATION Grasp the most difficult conceptsDisplay a depth of understanding

Understand both theoretical and practical conceptsDistinguish between perception and realityExceptionally keen and alertReasonable, smart and alertAlert, quick and responsiveAlert and broad-mindedCapable of sustaining a high level of concentrationGive undivided attentionDemonstrate logical thinking in one areaThink before taking actionThink fast on feetUse common senseUse common sense to reach workable conclusionsUse sound fact-finding approachesDisplay fresh insightsUse intelligent reasoningDisplay considerable flexibilityDisplay fresh thinkingDisplay imaginative thinkingDisplay divergent thinkingExcel in heuristic thinkingExcel in independent thinkingThink strategicallyDisplays consistent, logical an orderly thinkingDisplay ex

POWER PHRASES TO BUILD YOUR RESUME ACCURACY Recognize the importance of accuracy Perform with a high degree of accuracy . Achieve optimal levels of personal performance and accomplishment Provide strong evidence of spe