STAR WARSEPISODE IXbyBúi Helgasonbased oncharacters created by George Lucasstory byBúi Helgason, Derek Connolly,Colin Trevorrow, J.J. Abramsand Chris Terrio.Star Wars is owned by Lucasfilm LTD and Disney. This scriptmay not be used for ANY use without permission from theauthor.07.04.20 - 16.06.20A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY.

A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY.EPISODE IXTHE RISE OF SKYWALKERThousands of systems have felt theoppressive hands of the evil FIRSTORDER. Construction on a massivefleet of star destroyers is nearingcompletion.Once completed, this fleet known asTHE FINAL ORDER, will triple thearmada and bring a certain end tothe RESISTANCE, that is sodesperately fighting to restorefreedom, to the galaxy.Meanwhile, a mysterious signal hassupreme leader KYLO REN embarkingon a search for its origins.Wanting to destroy any threat tohis power.EXT. CORUSCANT - SPACE

2.EXT. CORUSCANT - SPACEA rich tapestry of stars, reaching beyond all we know.Pan down, revealing THE GIANT ORBITAL RING around thecapital. Thousands of Resurgent-class Star Destroyer areprotruding from the side of it, in two rows. Millions ofworker droids and enormous amounts of machinery is movingaround the ships, working to finish the ships.Hundreds of STAR DESTROYERS, are parked in orbit, watchingover the ring. Among those are the FINALIZER.A SHARP POINT, glides into frame. A star destroyer, but not anormal one, an ECLIPSE-CLASS STAR DREADNOUGHT.Kylo Rens UPSILON CLASS COMMAND SHUTTLE, drops out of thehangar bay on the bottom side of the massive ship. It'sengines SPRING to life, and it boosts towards the FINALIZER.KYLO (O.S.)Is it real?MATCH CUT TO:INT. FINALIZER - BRIDGE - SPACEKYLO REN, older than when we last saw him, a stubble andslight look of insanity covers him face, is standing next toCHANCELLOR HUX, who since we last saw him, has gained a new,more menacing attire.HUXI'm not sure. The signal doesoriginate from the unknown regions.KYLOShow it to me.Hux nods quietly. He straightens his back.HUXLeave us.All command crew on the bridge get up and leave. A swiftmotion, as if it was a computer.Hux glances around the bridge. It's empty. He holds up aremote, and presses a button.In front of Hux and Kylo, a large, very distorted hologram ofEMPEROR PALATINE appears. It's jittery and corrupted. It'shard to tell what it even is.PALPATINE

3.PALPATINEThe time has come. come toKorriban, and i will give you whatyou so desire. I can give you.(beat)Unfathomable power.The hologram jitters one last time, then fades into nothing.HUXCoordinates were attached to themessage.KYLOPrepare my ship. Alert the knights.And have a squadron ofstormtroopers ready.Kylo turns around and leaves the bridge. Hux follows him withhis eyes. The door shuts behind him.HUXAs you wish.(spitefully)My lord.CUT TO:EXT. CORUSCANT - SPACEThe KNIFE-8, an elongated ship, two engines attached on theback, drops from the hangar-bay of The Finalizer. It'squickly followed by a Troop-transport and Kylo Ren's TIESILENCER.The engines on the KNIFE-8 BURST TO LIFE! A thick smokeemitting from the engines. The troop transport activates, andthe Tie Silencer begins to ROAR! As the ship is propelledforward.INT. KYLO REN'S TIE SILENCER - SPACEA data-bank is crudely hooked up to Kylos navcomputer. Astern looks is on his ungroomed face. He pulls a lever.The sky turns into STREAKS! A FLASH! And.EXT. CORUSCANT - SPACEThe Three ships BOOST deep into hyperspace.CUT TO:EXT. UNKNOWN NEBULA - SPACE

4.EXT. UNKNOWN NEBULA - SPACEThe three ships jump out of hyperspace. It's a WHIRLWIND ofred clouds. Giant asteroids and collapsed planets litter thesurroundings.The ships fly towards a whirlwind, forming a tunnel throughthe dense nebula.Once again, the ships BOOST TO HYPERSPACE!CUT TO:EXT. UNKNOWN ASTEROID BELT - SPACEThe ships exit hyperspace. We're inside what looks like theatmosphere of a planet, rocky terrain is covered in livingtendrils, waving from side to side. Rocks are floating in theair, as if gravity doesn't exist here.The ships make a course correction, and once again, with aBANG! They fly into hyperspace.CUT TO:EXT. KORRIBAN - SPACEThe three ships leave hyperspace. We're in orbit aroundKorriban. It's covered in orange clouds. We can barely seethe sandy red terrain below.The ships start making their decent towards the surface.EXT. KORRIBAN - FORREST - DAYAn orange haze covers the shriveled, although living Forrest.In the distance, large mountains reach towards the skies.The three ships come ZOOMING above the Forrest. They slowdown. And start making their landing.The ships slowly touch down. The ramp of the troop transportdrops, and 35 troopers walk out, guns raised.INT. KORRIBAN - KYLO REN'S TIE SILENCERKylo presses a button. The hatch above him opens. Light flowsin, illuminating his face in an hazy orange light.He reaches and pulls himself up to.EXT. KORRIBAN - FORREST

5.EXT. KORRIBAN - FORRESTHe gets up onto of the ship. And jumps down, landing on hisfeet. He bends down slightly in the fall.He rises back up again. They're surrounded by scavengers.Dressed is ragged clothes, and wearing masks, not unlike themasks of Tuscan Raiders.HATTASKANatives.His voice is obscured by a mask.The KNIGHTS OF REN, Hattaska Ren, Vicrul Ren, Jaedek Ren,Orasha Ren, Rataka Ren and Ushara Ren have all exited theirship.KYLOI thought that there WERE nonatives on Korriban.HATTASKAMight be migrants from the unknownregions. They could have settleddown.Kylo nods.ORASHAWhat should we do master?Kylo remains silent. With the force, he reaches for thelightsaber attached to his waist. It FLIES INTO HIS HANDS!The second he gets a proper grip on it, he IGNITES IT, andassumes an offensive stance.HATTASKAAs you wish my lord.Hattaska pulls out his DARKSABER, and ignites it as well. Ablade of pure DARKNESS, ERUPTS! And pierces the air aroundit.Rataka lifts his KYPER blaster, aiming at the enemy. UsharaIGNITES her lightsaber, a crimson blade ERUPTS from theemitter. Vicrul detaches her DOUBLE-BLADED LIGHTSABER fromher waistband, igniting two CRIMSON RED BLADES. Orasha flingsout his LONG BLADED AXE, a crimson blade ignites along thespine of the metal blade. Jaedek pulls out his lightsaber,and ignites the red blade.All six stand next to Kylo. The stormtroopers have their gunsraised towards the locals. Ready to shoot.KYLOKill them.The soldiers OPEN FIRE! Hattaska leaps forward, and SLASHES a

6.The soldiers OPEN FIRE! Hattaska leaps forward, and SLASHES anative across the front. Kylo Ren RUN INTO BATTLE, as theother knights join as well.The natives flee! Running for their lives. But they areHUNTING them.KYLO (CONT'D)DESTROY. EVERYTHING.His hair has become wet from sweat, as and dust has settledin the moisture.The soldiers open fire, all over the Forrest. Kylo starts tocut down TREE AFTER TREE AFTER TREE! Bodies are EVERYWHERE.Kylo turns towards a native, who's frozen by fear. He slowlysteps forwards. The native stumbles back. Kylo lifts his arm,and with the FORCE he grabs onto the poor native, who islifted off the ground.KYLO (CONT'D)Where.The natives eyes go WIDE. Kylo pulls the native closer. He'smere inches from it. His hand is almost touching their face.The native starts to SPRAWL in pain. Panic sets in as Kylo'shand TIGHTENS.KYLO (CONT'D)Where.He repeats. More stern than last time.His hand tightens even more, to a FIST. The violent sounds ofwarfare in the background wash out, as Kylo focuses on theindividual.And then, Kylo releases the native, and IMPALES THEM with hislightsaber. He turns around, the once living forest is now adead, burned husk of what it was mere moments ago.Kylo starts to walk in a straight line. The camera BOOMS UP,above the forest, revealing not only the VIOLENCE of thebattle, but in the distance a giant PYRAMID, built halfwayinto a cliff-side.EXT. KORRIBAN - FOOT OF THE SITH TEMPLE - DAYThe forest is BURNING, smoke is everywhere as Kylo exits thefog followed by his knights and soldiers.They step towards the giant temple. Kylo motions for them tostop.KYLO

7.KYLOKnights. You're coming with me.HATTASKAYes master.Kylo starts walking up steps of the giant temple, the Knightsfollow him.EXT. KORRIBAN - SITH TEMPLE STEPSThey're halfway up, already having walked up THOUSANDS ofsteps. The burnt forest is far beneath the.EXT. KORRIBAN - SITH TEMPLE TOPKylo and the knights reach the top. It's a large flat area,that ends in a giant closed gate going into the mountain. Theoutline of a square is at the center of the area.They all step onto the square. Kylo eyes the door and raiseshis hand. He REACHES with the force. The surroundings startto RUMBLE! The door starts to groan. And then.The square that they're standing on, loosens! Dust FLIES outof the outline, as the small platform starts to movedownwards like an elevator.INT. KORRIBAN - SITH TEMPLEThe gigantic hall is empty, dark and disgusting. An orangelight illuminates a dark BLACK haze. Giant statues, resembleancient SITH figures, looming above EVERYTHING.Kylo and the knights inspect the room as the platformcarefully lowers itself, not attached to anything.PALPATINE (O.S.)At last.The voice is a rumble in the giant cave. Kylo IGNITES hislightsaber at the sound.The platform reaches the bottom. Kylo and the Knights walkoff. They begin walking between the giant statues. Searching.PALPATINE (O.S.)Snoke has trained you well. All ofyou.KYLOI killed Snoke, as I'll kill you.PALPATINE (O.S.)

8.PALPATINE (O.S.)Snoke was WEAK. Only coming out ofthe shadows once what he feared somuch was DEAD.(beat)He called for me. From the unknownregions i heard him. Felt him.Once i was dead, his desire torebuilt the EMPIRE that I created,was his ultimate downfall.They walk up a flight of stairs. Tanks of a mysterious yellowliquid stand around. Lightning has started to appear.Illuminating the room in short bursts of blue. A largemechanical arm reaches down to the ground.PALPATINE (O.S.) (CONT'D)He didn't even notice mymanipulation. He was so stubbornthat he refused to even acknowledgethe thought of me having survived.But alas. I silently guided himfrom the dark.KYLOWhy shouldn't i kill you?PALPATINEBecause of what i can give you.KYLOWhat could YOU give me?Kylo and the knights have walked over to the mechanical arm,they're still standing some distance from it, but we can seesomething, a shadow hanging down from it.PALPATINEEverything. You could become.(beat)A god.KABOOM! A lighting bolt ILLUMINATES the area, and EMPERORPALPATINE comes to view.Kylo is startled.KYLOWhat do you want?PALPATINEThe girl.BOOM! Another lighting bolt casts a BRIGHT light. Kylo andthe Knights form dark, contrasting silhouettes.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. ALYXYTH - SPACE

9.EXT. ALYXYTH - SPACEThe stars reach into infinity. BOOM! A ship exits hyperspace,and we hear the iconic sound of the MILLENNIUM FALCON as itflies into frame.The ship flies downwards and the camera TILTS DOWN, revealingthe bright blue sphere that is ALYXYTH. It's covered inoceans, giant ice sheets and clouds.EXT. ALYXYTH - OCEAN - DAYThe falcon comes SOARING down from the skies above. It comesclose to the ocean waters, but pulls up before it hits agiant wave, revealing a MASSIVE ice sheet covered in largehangar ports. The city of L'dash.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - MAIN HOLDFINN and POE DAMERON are sitting in front of CHEWBACCA. Theholochess table is turned on.POEAre you really going to that?Chewie grunts a little.POE (CONT'D)Think real hard. Are you sure thatsa good idea?Finn turns to him.FINN(whispering)Don't give him good ideas.POEIt's not me playing.Chewie grunts again, and presses a button on his controls.One of the figures on it walks over to another, it lifts alarge club, but.WHACK! Another figure beats down the figure and it fallsdown. The figures disappear. Chewie ROARS IN ANGER!POE (CONT'D)Whoa! Whoa! Calm down. I told youto not do that!Chewie ROARS again.FINNI mean, he told you.Chewie grunts in dissatisfaction.

10.Chewie grunts in dissatisfaction.The camera turns and BB-8 rolls in. He beeps something andPoe gets up.POEAlright. Let's get moving, we'realmost there.He pats Chewie on the shoulder. He gets up and follows Poeand Finn.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe and Finn walk in, followed by Chewie. Finn sits down onthe third pilot seat, Chewie sits down in the co-pilot seatand Poe sits in the pilots seat.POEQuick mission.Finn nods.FINNGet the information and leave.Simple. What can go wrong?Poe smiles. Chewie Protests in a howl. Poe turns to face him.POEWhen has it ever gone wrong?Chewie replies with a grunt.POE (CONT'D)That was an UNLUCKY shot. Okay?It's not fair to compare them!Chewie makes a sound resembling that off a laugh.EXT. ALYXYTH - OCEANThe falcon makes an approach to one of the hangar bays andflies into.INT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - MARKETPLACEThe falcon enters the hangar, and flies over hundreds ofpeople, walking about. There are shops set up everywhere.Sellers are peddling their goods and customers are lookinghere and there.In the crowd, we see someone clad in dark robes, wearing amask concealing their face.They're following the Falcon as it passes by overhead.

11.They're following the Falcon as it passes by overhead.The Falcon turns down a corridor and into.INT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - HANGARThe hangar is GIANT. Large support structures hold the blueice in place. Hundreds of small to mid-sized ships areparked. The falcon makes and approach, and falls to a softlanding.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITFinn is gathering his things, preparing to exit the ship. Poeand Chewie are making their final preparations, setting theship to stand by mode.POE(to Chewie)See? Nothing to worry about.Chewie looks him dead the eyes. Then gives him a gentle push.Poe smiles as his gets up.INT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - HANGARThe dark robed person from before, slowly approaches thefalcon, still keeping some distance. They stop about 20meters away, and hides behind a large fuel tank.INT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - HANGARPoe, Finn and Chewie walk down the ramp, followed by BB-8.FINNWhere's our contact?POEShould be here.Chewie roars.POE (CONT'D)Whoa buddy! Calm down. It probablydoesn't mean anything.He leans over to Finn.POE (CONT'D)(to Finn, whispering)Should we be worried?Finn replies with a questioning "I don't know" look. At this,

12.Finn replies with a questioning "I don't know" look. At this,Poe bites his lips slightly.KAY (O.S.)Sorry I'm late.They turn around and face a yellow, horned alien, about ahead taller than an average human.FINNYou got it?KAYRight here.He holds up a DATACABLE.KAY (CONT'D)You know. It's pretty hard to findan adapter that fits to that relic.He gestures to the falcon.POEIt's old. And dirty. But I'll belying if i didn't say that its thefastest freighter I've ever flown.Kay hands the cable to Chewie, who walks off screen.KAYLooks like it's gotten its fairshare of illegal mods.POEYou can thank the original ownerfor that.KAYThe war hero?POEYeah.KAYIt's a shame. Really.EXT. ALYXYTH - OCEAN - DAYWHAAAAAM! A FIRST ORDER TIE FIGHTER flies into frame, andSOARS towards L'dash. Then. ANOTHER. And ANOTHER. AndHUNDREDS OF TIE FIGHTERS ALL SOAR TOWARDS THE CITY!INT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - HANGAR - DAY

13.INT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - HANGAR - DAYThe cable has been hooked up to the falcon. We can see chewiein the cockpit. Kay, Poe, Finn and BB-8 are standing by theramp of the ship.POEHow did you get the message?KAYIt was probably a leak. I was justthe one individual lucky enough tocatch it. To be honest, it could beanything. Most likely some uselessrestoration rapport.POEAnything helps in times like these.FINNYou sure the First Order didn'ttrack you?Kay makes a wide gesture with his arms.KAY100 percento my friend.In the distance we hear something. The roar of MEANENGINES. They all hear it and start to listen.POEMaybe you should retract that laststatement.Poe runs up to the Hangar entrance. The sound is even louder.FINNWhat is it?!POEFIRST ORDER! TIE FIGHTERS!He RUNS back to the falcon.FINNWell, now we know that it'ssomething important!POETell chewie to start the engines.Finn nods and runs inside.POE (CONT'D)I can't thank you enough. I.KAY

14.KAYNo. It's me who thanks. Go save thegalaxy.Poe starts to run up the ramp.KAY (O.S.) (CONT'D)Wait!Poe turns around.POEWhat?KAYI almost forgot. The transmissionis encrypted. I didn't have time todecrypt it, but i made this key!You need it if you want to accessthe contents of the message.He hands a small data-drive to Poe.STORMTROOPERSTOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!They're surrounded! Stormtroopers, guns raised.STORMTROOPER COMMANDERHand that to me now.He turns around.STORMTROOPER COMMANDER (CONT'D)(to Troops)Detain that ship. And have themcuffed.A trooper walks over and cuffs them.POELooks pretty bad.KAYThis is all my fault. Sorry.POEDon't be.WHOOSH! WHAM! Stormtroopers scream as they're cut down! Thedark robed figure from before is standing above the corpse of10 troopers, wielding a double-bladed blue lightsaber. Thefigure turns to Poe and pulls off the mask. It's REY.POE (CONT'D)REY?She smiles to him. Then storms towards them and the troopers.

15.She smiles to him. Then storms towards them and the troopers.She cuts them down left and right. With an elegant swing, shecuts off Poe and Kay's cuffs.Poe pulls his blaster and starts to fire left and right atthe troopers, while Kay is violently beating them down. TieFighters enter the scene! Blowing up ship after ship andbuilding after building. People are running and screaming.There are now HUNDREDS of troopers, it's OVERWHELMING! Onegrabs onto Kay and pulls him away. Poe runs towards him.KAYNO! Forget about me! Go! GO!Poe stops reluctantly. Then turns around and jumps into thefalcon. The ramp lifts up and the ship slowly starts toLEVITATE.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - MAIN HOLDRey and Poe come running in. They continue down the hallwayinto.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe JUMPS in through the door! He lands on his pilot seat.Finn is already sitting in the third pilots seat and Chewiein the co-pilots seat. Behind them Rey comes RUNNING in.POEYou shouldn't be here Rey. You knowthat.He pulls a lever and the engines ROAR to life.REYI could feel something was going togo wrong. I couldn't just let themcapture you.POEIt's better than loosing you.He blushes a tiny, almost unnoticeable bit.Finn has just noticed Rey.FINNRey?REYHey.She smiles.Poe PUSHES the accelerator forwards. The engines ROAR as the

16.Poe PUSHES the accelerator forwards. The engines ROAR as theship SOARS FORWARDS!EXT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - HANGARThe falcon BOOSTS away! Evading Tie Fighters and Laser-bolts.The ship turn down a tight alleyway dug into the ice. Metalstructures hold the ice in place.Tie Fighter PURSUE! The falcon evades them incredibly well.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe and Chewie are working hard to keep the ship in check.Pressing buttons pulling levers and entering computercommands on the main console.POE(to Finn)FINN! Man the quad laser!FINNYou got it!He run out of there down through.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - HALLWAYFinn storms down the hallway, past the Main Hold and over tothe Quad laser. He jumps down the hatch into.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - QUAD LASER BFinn gets seated and activates the systems. The computerSPRINGS TO LIFE and Finn gains control over the lasers. Heaims and SHOOTS DOWN FOUR FIGHTERS!INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe is constantly readjusting the course of the ship tocompensate for the ever-changing corridor.POEHow many on our tail!?Rey reads a display.REY12.POEWe need to get out of here now.Chewie roars.

17.Chewie roars.POE (CONT'D)Yeah, i know I've flown us into alabyrinth, but we need to get out!EXT. ALYXYTH - L'DASH - CORRIDORThe falcon turns down another corridor. Then another. Ittruly IS A LABYRINTH. The quad laser shoots down another twoTie Fighters.The falcon turn AGAIN! But. It's A DEAD END!INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe sees the end of the corridor far down. He knows that it'stoo late to turn around. He pushes the accelerator EVENFURTHER! The ship BOOSTS FORWARDS!REYIT'S A DEAD END!POEHOW THICK DO YOU THINK THAT ICE IS?Rey looks confused and worried.REYYou aren't going too.Poe nods.HE PULLS THE LEVER TO THE HYPERDRIVE! Stars turn to stripes!REY (CONT'D)Poe! NO!EXT. ALYXYTH - L'DASHBOOM! THE ICE CRUMBLES AND OUT COMES A BRIGHT LINE OF LIGHT!SOARING TOWARDS THE STARS!INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITRey looks extremely angry.REYYou could have killed us!POEWouldn't be the first time.He pulls the lever. The stripes once again appear as the ship

18.He pulls the lever. The stripes once again appear as the shipdecelerates. Exits hyperspace.EXT. MIRROR WORLD - DAYThe falcon drops out among thousands of weird looking towerconstructions. The surface of the planet is covered is waterand salt, creating an incredibly reflective surface.BOOM! 8 Tie Fighters exit hyperspace behind them and pursue!The falcon flies up in a loop. Finn shots down three of them,as the falcon changes course and QUICKLY ACCELERATES throughthe tower constructions.While evading fire and the towers, the falcons engines ROAR!And the ship SOARS INTO HYPERSPACE!INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITRey looks shocked.REYWhat was that? What are you doing?POELightspeed skipping.She looks shocked at those words.REYYou know the falcon can't do that.The compressor will be overloaded!In that moment, the ship EXITS LIGHTS RIGHT INTO A RED ANDDARK WORLD, covered in deadly black spikes.REY (CONT'D)Poe! STOP!He pulls the lever again, and the STAR TURN TO STRIPES!Rey is PUSHED BACK, by the jump.EXT. UNKNOWN PLANETARY SURFACEThe falcon exits hyperspace. It's inside a green and hazyatmosphere, four Tie Fighters exit hyperspace as well. Finnshoots down two.The falcon makes evasive maneuvers through the terrain.Suddenly, a GIANT BEAST RISES FROM THE HAZE! Its gape is WIDEOPEN the falcon makes an approach!INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPIT

19.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe pulls the LEVER!POELAST JUMP!(beat)Maybe forever.The STARS TURN TO STRIPES!EXT. UNKNOWN PLANETARY SURFACEThe FALCON JUMPS INTO HYPERSPACE! RIGHT THROUGH THE BEAST!The Tie Fighters CRASH INTO the now lifeless being.EXT. HYPERSPACE - CONTINUOUSThe falcon soars through the vast, blue tunnel.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITRey looks startled.REYYou could have killed us.POEThere was no other options. Notwhen you were here.REYSo you wanted to kill me?POENo! I wanted to get you out ofthere as quickly as possible.REYBy killing me?POEDid we die?REYVery nearly did.Poe gets up and walks towards her. They step inside.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - CORRIDORChewie walks past them. We can hear Chewie greeting Finn inthe background.POE

20.POEYou know how we work together. Youand I.She blushes a little.POE (CONT'D)Like clockwork. You haven'tforgotten Cordia Prime, have you?REYI haven't.She smiles. Rey steps closer to Poe. They share eye contact.REY (CONT'D)But.POEPlease just give it a chance. Youwant it to happen. I want it tohappen.REYI can't. I'm sorry.She looks genuinely torn up.Poe nods. He takes a deep breath.POEI understand. It's not.REY.The Jedi way.He blushes.POEAs long as you're happy. I'm happy.She smiles. Then softly kisses him on the lips.REYTake that as a thank you. Therewon't be anymore where that camefrom.Poe is stunned. He laughs.POEI. Uhm.Then. The hyperdrive starts to beep. Poe turns around, thenback to Rey.POE (CONT'D)

21.POE (CONT'D)We're here. I have to. You know.She smiles.REYI know.POEChewie!We hear Chewie bark in the background, then he walks intoframe.REYHey Chewie.Chewie makes a sound that resembles laughter, then hugs Reyin his wide furry arms.Chewie follows Poe into the cockpit, while Rey walks into.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - MAIN HOLDRey enters. Finn is on his knees loading the data-drive frombefore into BB-8.FINNYou should be able to decrypt thedata now.BB-8 chimes in happy sounds.FINN (CONT'D)Don't worry. You won't shortcircuitBB-8 sounds suspicious, but drives off to the cockpit.Finn looks up and makes eye-contact with Rey.REYHey Finn.FINNWhat an entrance.REY(laughing)Thanks.FINNReally, i should be the onethanking you.(MORE)FINN (CONT'D)

22.FINN (CONT'D)(eyes the lightsaber)You've really gotten used to thatthing.REYIt's not too different from mystaff.FINNLooks good.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPIT - MOMENTS LATERPoe and Chewie are sitting at the controls of the ship. BB-8rolls in.POEHey buddy! Finn gave you the drive,right?BB-8 confirms this with three short beeps.POE (CONT'D)Great. Just hook up to the maincomputer when you're ready.Him and Chewie share a look, and they pull one lever each.The infinite blue tunnels turns to white stripes and then.BOOM! They're back in realspace. The bright orange spherethat is Bespin warps into frame.POE (CONT'D)Home sweet home, if you can call itthat.EXT. BESPIN - SPACEThe falcon SOARS towards Bespin. Flames and smoke are comingoff the back end of it.EXT. BESPIN - SKIES - DAYThe smoke trail from the falcon has now become even moreapparent. The ships SOARS through the skies as smaller CloudCity fighters come to assist it. A hose on one of the shipsstarts to spray water on the fire.The ships all make an approach to CLOUD CITY. A beautifuldisk floating mid-air. A city built on top. Its upside downspire reaches far down through the dense clouds.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPIT

23.INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPITPoe and Chewie are in half a panic. Alarms are beeping leftand right.Chewie yells at Poe.POEYEAH, I KNOW! THE COMPRESSOR!LISTEN, WE'RE ALMOST THERE, LET'SJUST SEE IF WE CAN MAKE IT THE RESTOF THE WAY.Chewie ROARS at Poe, he leans back in shock.EXT. BESPIN - CLOUD CITYThe falcon flies in between the towers and buildings, andfinally makes an approach on a landing platform. The enginesare struggling to keep the ship floating as it slowly reachesthe ground.Then. The engines cut out. The ship falls the last two metersand crashes into the platform, one of the landing gearsbreak. The ship is leaning to one side, as the ramp slowlyfalls down. Chewie, Poe, Finn, Rey and BB-8 all walk out.A crew rushes to their aid, and Poe runs to meet them.POEIt's on fire! Very much on fire, alittle assistance would be greatlyappreciated! There's some valuabledata on board!Crew members rush over to the falcon and get to work on it.Hooking up a datacable and putting out the fires. Leia comesrushing to them. She approaches Rey.LEIA(to Rey)I was worried sick.REYI'm sorry, but i felt thatsomething was going to happen.LEIAWhy didn't you tell me?REYBecause i was afraid you wouldn'tlet me go.Leia hugs Rey.LEIA

24.LEIAYou wanted to be with Poe.Rey blushes. FOCUS ON: Poe standing around talking to crewmembers. He looks over at Rey, they make eye contact. Hesmiles, and forgets about his conversation, the crew membersremind him and he snaps out of it.FOCUS BACK ON: Leia and Rey.LEIA (CONT'D)Why don't you give it a shot?REYI can't. It's not.LEIAWill you cut that out? Where didyou get that? Those dusty ancientbooks? Rey, you're not the last ofthe old Jedi, you're the first ofthe New. Luke created a path foryou to make something better. Fixthe shortcomings of what made theold Jedi Order so fragile.REYIt's more than that. I.LEIAYou can tell me Rey.REYI have to train.Rey walks off. Leia looks after her, a worried expression onher face.WIPE TO:EXT. CORUSCANT - IMPERIAL CITY - NIGHTIt's raining.The once prestigious city has been perverted and corrupted.Hulls of unfinished buildings lay scattered around thedisgusting city. The once grand REPUBLIC SENATE, has beendestroyed by age.A spire takes center in the frame, it's the same medcenterwhere ANAKIN SKYWALKER was turned into DARTH VADER, but allwindows have been removed.In the background, a giant open plaza connects to a web ofstreets and boulevards. In the middle, the giant FIRST ORDERCAPITOL, TOWERS over the city.It's a jacked structure, balancing like a spinning top.

25.It's a jacked structure, balancing like a spinning top.A crowd is gathered around it, and in front of it, a largehologram of CHANCELLOR HUX, looms over the city. On thehologram, besides him, Kay is strung onto a laser-bladeguillotine.A single medical shuttle, four troop-transports and Kylo RensUPSILON CLASS COMMAND SHUTTLE approach one of the fourlanding platforms on the medcenter.HUXLike a growing parasite, theloathsome rebellion that callsitself the RESISTANCE.MATCH CUT TO:INT. BLACKSMITHThe remnants of KYLO RENS helmet are thrown of a blacksmithing table.HUX (O.S.) (CONT'D).LEACHES off of the GALAXY! Andtoday, another conspirator standscharged with TREASON.BESKAR, is melted. New pieces are forged. Old and New arewelded together, forming a new mask. One more evil andsinister than the last.MATCH CUT TO:EXT. CORUSCANT - CAPITOL STAGE - NIGHTIn front of a crowd of thousands, Hux stands in front of aholoprojector. In the background, we can see his hologramcast onto the nightsky as it towers over the terrified crowd.Besides him, Kay is strapped to the guillotine.HUX (CONT'D).The Resistance lives. Supportfor the Resistance lives. And aslong as this treachery is allowedto survive,THE FIRST ORDER WILL NOTREST, Until order has beenrestored.We can hear hammers and a blowtorch.MATCH CUT TO:INT. BLACKSMITH

26.INT. BLACKSMITHThe helmet is glowing red. Four smiths are standing by it,striking it with their tools.It's dipped in water. It boils instantly. CRYSTALLIZING THEMETAL.HUX (O.S.) (CONT'D)For the resistance, the SUPREMELEADER, is without remorse.New glass is applied. It's cut with a laser device. Veins ofwhere the mask has been stitched together is visible.It's handed to Kylo Ren, we cannot see his face. His puts itto his head.MATCH CUT TO:EXT. CORUSCANT - IMPERIAL CITY - NIGHTHux's hologram towers over the city. The ships makes theirfinal approach to the medcenter.HUX (CONT'D)let this day remind us of theconsequences for defying ourSUPREME LEADER.

Kylo starts walking up steps of the giant temple, the Knights follow him. EXT. KORRIBAN - SITH TEMPLE STEPS They're halfway up, already having walked up THOUSANDS of steps. The burnt forest is far beneath the. EXT. KORRIBAN - SITH TEMPLE TOP Kylo and the knights reach the top. It's a large f