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MELCHIZEDEKORThe Secret Doctrine oftheBibleBYJ.GRUMBINEC. F. CPublished byThe Orderof theWhite Rose, B.B.P.O.Boston, Mass.

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CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONLectureWhoI.Melchizedek ? Biblical History.Office and His Order.isLectureHisII.The Secret Doctrines of the Order;ItsMyths, Mysteries, Symbolisms, Canons,Philosophy.Lecture III.The Secret Doctrine on Four PlanesofExpression and Manifestations.Lecture IV.The Christ Psychology and ChristianMysticism. The Key.Lecture V.The Key—How Applied.Divine Realizationand Illumination.

INTRODUCTIONThe Bible has been regardedas asealed book, its mysteries impenetrable,itsknowledge unfathomable,lost.Evenitsexcluded frombeitskeymiracles have been soscientificresearch as towith a supernaturalisminvestedwhich forever separated them from thepossibility ofhuman understanding andrational interpretation.In the midst of these revolutionarytimes,it isnot strange that theologyand institutional Christianity shouldfeel the foundations of their authorityslippingfrom them, and a new, broaderand morespiritual thought ofman and

God takingtheir places.All thisisapart of the general awakening of man-kind and has not come about in a dayor a,It grew.It isbecause the souljustifiesand vindicatesstillgrow-iseternal anditsownunfold-ment.Somesee in thisnewbirth ofmanthe annihilation of church and state,but otherswhoaremore informed andillumined, realize that the chaff anddross of error are being separated fromthe wheat and gold of truth and thatonly the best, and that whichhighest good ofmankindisfor thewill remain.It is a pity that the churchmust con-tinually perish that the truth shall shinein perfectand eternal splendor. Would

that the church could let the light ofDivine Truth so shine that creeds, theologiesandmight be revisedritualtomeet the present and progressive needsof thehumansoul.Religion does not depend forexistenceitsupon the church, but thechurch depends upon religion.The moral andspiritual teachings ofthe Bible are revelations only in so faras they agree with truth, and truthdeterminesalonethespiritualsub-stance of revelation.The churchWhataway.will notwillwholly passand mustdie in allecclesiastical institutions is thatwhichman's freedom to know thetruth.limitsTheBible,nolessthan other books

on religion and science must stand thetests of time.tomanbutitsisnotItssupreme importanceor historyits literaturerevelation.from within thesoul.All revelationismixed andIt isfused with extraneous and alien matter.It opens whileNo Simon pureitcloses an-revelation oftruth has ever been given to the world.Itmust touch the spheretelligence to be perceivedofhumanand received,and through the purest beadapted to the needs of the generationstowhichit is sent.It is presented insymbols, allegories, parables and myths.Its doctrines are comparative as well asabsolute.In the one, theletter killeth,

in the other, the spirit givethlife.approved of and confirmed whatsaidwhen he told his disciplesspirit of truth will leadtruth, untilyouand the truthBut "whatisJesusisherethat "theyou intoallknow the truthmake you free."shallshalltruth?" asked Pilate andthe question repeats itself to every honest soul.It is never simple, becausemany sided. Its facets are infinite.At best, we can speak of the truth aboutit isthis or that doctrine of religion, philos-ophy andscience, but the truth likemathematicsis selftained, infiniteandcontained and suseternal.Facts are appearances of the working of the law of natural and spiritualcasuality.Religion and the church, in

the universal sense, deal with thesewhich are their creden-spiritual facts,tialsand on which they build their tech-nique and teaching of human and divineservice."Without them, religion as wellas the church would be without theThe supreme purpose and"witness."aimitof the "witness," is not to extractout ofallcredentialsrelationship with the otherand materialfacts ofbut to reveal the spirit oflife,life,whichhas no other means at hand to proveitstranscendent and independent reality,except to show that whereas the materialphenomenaup fromlife,of life appear to springpotential matter as a fact ofboth are traced back to and with-in Spirit.Thisisthe supreme revela10

tion of Jesus,when he"Iaffirmed,amthe resurrection and the life."The Bibleas well as the soul revealclearly four specific strata or spheresofhumantorical,unfoldment.second the occult, third, theastro theological (theThethe mystical.stratedFirst, the his-Law) andfourth,latterdemon-by the statementsisof Jesus.and the Father are one" and "Ithe Father and the FatherThefirsteveryone.isin"Iaminme."or historical is plain toTheoccult is that which isinvolved in mysteries, such as "the hid-den wisdom", concealed in parables,myths, symbols, allegories, dreams,vi-sions, prophesies, signs, miracles, thegnosis, lost word, canon, cabala, with11

'which the Bible abounds, but whichmust be penetrated before the objectof the Bible as a revelation is under-This, thestood.''thus saith the Lord,or the working of theLaw'as typifiedby the astro theological sphere makesclear."God geometrizes, " wrote RalphWaldo Emerson, and Pythagoras, anancientGreek philosopher, hadin-scribed on the portal of his temple, "Letno one enter here whogeometry.'"There'isignorant ofis,"saidtheauthor of Proverbs, "a time and a placefor everything under thesun," andJesus emphasized the same truth whenhe added "every hair of your headnumbered.Law?'governsisThis, briefly, signifies thatlifeand that that12Lawis

of spirit, that " actionand reaction arethat whatsoever aequal,that will he also reap,''mansows,and that under-neath the operations of natural pheno-menaand(effectsresults) is thethe Spirit, revealingeternalitsLawofabsolute andMajesty and Sovereignty ineach form ofcell,corpuscle and organ-ism.History manifests what theLawoccultly reveals.The objectreveal,of this book is to hint andso far asitispractical,Secret Doctrine of the Bible, thatmay nothewelonger grope in darkness orblindness and that the seamless robeof Christmaybe our inheritance.13

LECTUREWhoisMelchizedek? Biblical History.HisOfficeAll thatisMelchizedekisand His Order.knownnects5: 6, 7.historically ofcontained in the Bible,in Genesis 4: 18;brews1Psalms 110 and He-The incident which con-him withhow Abraham,historyisthe story ofreturning to hisowncountry with the spoils captured fromChedorlaomer who was battling Lot,his sonsandtribeandwhom Abrahamsought to rescue, gave tithes to thissuperior functionary, Melchizedek, highpriestof righteousnessSalem, city of peace.14and king ofIt relateshow

mostthis distinguished priest of theAbraham withbread and wine and bestowed upon himhis blessing, making him a priest ofhighhisGodownWhoclear.refreshedorder,Melchizedek wasNumerousnotmadespeculations arise asHeto his identity.isissaid to be with-out birth and death, father, mother anddescent.Assuch, his existence is in-volved in mystery.fancifulandHe is invested withmythologicalconceits.Some, however, trace him back to afather of one branch of thetoShem andrace,Theastroothers to Noah.mythological connectionobscure.humanHeisiseven moreregarded by certainauthorities (Bryant in Analysis of15An-

cientMythology) as Sadik or Sy (Ze-dek),whois also identifiedwith Cronus(Father Time) or Saturn, personifications of planetary principles or gods.Infact,such personifications were notthe exception,whenthe mystery of thebetween heavenly prin-relationship,ciples or astrologicalhistoricalcharactersnames and earlyCain,asAbel,Noah, Abraham, Moses, are considered.Forinstance,Ab-EamorAb-Ea (h)am'could easily be translated in the two derivatives—Ab and E. A. M. or A-Bram,meaningMeridian, ""fromAbAbba is fatherEight,Ascension,referring to father as—and Bram or Bra(h)mameaning God, the name of the Hindudeity in the trinity of which Siva and16

Visnu are the other two, Brahma beingtheGod above everysolute, Eternal,aldMasseynings/Jother God, the Ab-Unchanging One. Ger-in"The Book" Naturalof Begin-Genesis,''and"Egypt, the Light of the World," elaborates the source and connection ofEgyptian Mythology andritualisticmysteries with Christolatry, so thatBiblical historyandfacts can be threshedNewTestamentfrom the mass ofthe fictitious, apocryphal, symbologicalliteraturewhich the Bible contains,clearing thewaysicalandsuchassumedfor an ideal, alMelchizedek.Thus,when Melchizedek17islikened

head of the humanto thethe son ofsiah,Godinhumanrace,an angel,form, the Mes-the potential representative onearth of the Christ and finally, the HolyGhost, the student of the Secret Doctrinemust not be sweptoff his feetbythese claims, but must diligently andhow and why suchhave been made, and why thepatiently inquireclaimsname Melchizedek haslain like gold inthe river bed of Biblical literature overwhich the riverof life itself has longsince ceased to flow.It is true that historical personshave frequently beenand thenfirstcanonizeddeified, as it is also true thatmythological personifications of naturalforces,laws and phenomena have been18

humanreduced toIsis,Osirus andbeings.once Egyptian prince and princess,some thousands of yearsbecameago,indue course of time king and queen, andafter the lapse of ages, a sunmoon GodfounderofChurch.AagainstisAdeifi-expected to beMary Baker Eddy,of the latearisento them.metamorphic change and acation of this sortmadeathat were actually worship-ped in temples dedicatedsimilarGod andChristiantheSciencesecret enmity has causethey see modern tendencies in thatdi-rection and fear that the throne of theChristian, Divinecupied bymotherhood nowoc-Mary may be usurped by19

what may becalled, in theterms of theshop, a spiritual competitor.All thissounds strange and uncanny to ears un-accustomed to the wild and audaciousclaims of supernaturalists, and Christian Science metaphysicians, but his-tory often repeatsitself.Thus the language which investsMelchizedek with historical authenticity disguises his real self or Divinity.It can be said, withmuch assuranceofcertainty that Melchizedek symbolicallyand mysticallytypifies the personifica-tion as well as impersonation of theHoly Ghost which,firstin Genesis for thetime was mentioned intory andmadehumanhis-the representative em-blem of man's divine heredity and Pro20

vidence.Thus the Order was formedin the Spiritual Spheres, in the mysticalsense and transferred to the sublimewho wasconsciousness of a man,alleged first enlightenedGodthefather ofFrom him sprungthe Jews, Abraham.the prophetic capacity, whichismostvirileand active among those who areof theOrder of Melchizedek.The senseof exalted, dignified, ex-clusiveness, separateness,and augustdivinity which clothed that personalityof the ancient Jewish prophets,foundeduponspiritualwasrelationshipwhich connected Abraham mysticallywith Melchizedek.Worthiness of bodyand mind, heroic and truesecration to truth, they21in their con-became the high

priests after the Order of Melchizedek,throughwhom was preservedof the originalhumanthe spiritvision and spirit-ual ideal of divine perfection, which inprocess of time,whenthe old school ofmajor and minor prophets had closedtheir books of prophecy, therealizationshould comeanddivinehumanincarnationamong mankindas theMessiah or Christ.Itwas not improbable thatthis di-vine perfection should lodge potentiallyand inactively in the soul of man,untilkindled into a conscious vision by adi-vine visitation as that of an angel, anavatar, an epiphany,uponitsand then enterearthly travail in thewoman andthemind22ofmanwombofto cele-

brateits nativity, first insion and afterwardprophetic vi-when cosmic andearthly conditions are ripe, to manifesthumanincarnation.Allthis is hinted at in Genesis in themys-in its perfectteriousmeeting of Melchizedek andAbraham.23

LECTUREThe Secret DoctrinesIIof the Order.ItsMyths, Mysteries, Symbolisms,Canons, Philosophy.knownIt is a wellwas andknowna "Secret Doctrine"and ignored byto the ancientmodern world, although glimpsedthebystill isfact that therecertainGodconscious and illuminedsouls as prophets or seers,racial teachers,was hintedin thedek.atand thatby PaulHebrewsto theand greatthis doctrinein his referencesOrder Melchize-In a unique book printed in Lon-don 1897 andentitled,"The Canon,"with an introduction by R. B. C. Gra24

ham, muchwritten about the paganismystery perpetuated in the Cabala asthe rule ofAdamallthe arts.The supernal(of the spirit or heavenly world)became the earthly Adam, since "theearth" to quote the Canon, "was philosophically considered to be the motheror receptivepowerin the planetarysystem, she was figuratively said tohave conceived and brought forth theprimeval man, the earth born Adam, theson of the supernal Adam.Thus, ac-cording to the Hebrews, the race ofmortals was produced; and the spirit oflifehaving been implanted in the bodyofthefirstmanthrough Eve totions."he transmittedallitsubsequent genera-This sounds vague, indefinite,25

unscientific, as it is towho does notgoricallifeortion,an evolutionistaccept as simple andalle-an explanation of the originofman on this planet. Such a solu-however,isby theanimists, cabaliststraditionalists,and advocates of theSecret Doctrine treated as a myth, notasanhumanhistoricaloriginandfact,secretofbirth, being withheldfrom and concealedlanguage,thein the parabolicalNor has modernscience sofar furnished the key, either to unlockthe mystery or to explain the myth.The word " involution"will help thestudent to understand the natural progressknowning arc ofas evolution, the ascend-life,which word involutionpsychical investigators arenow throw-

ing light upon as clearing up the falseclaims,first,ernaturalof theologians as to a sup-humanorigin, ratherthan asupernormal or divine, and secondly, ofphysical scientistsisahumanedityissoulwho denyandthathis origin or her-from God; thus by theoutlawingalldences, whichmandenial,other and spiritual eviisincluded in and af-firmed and confirmed by the spiritualhypothesis.Bergson in " Matter andMemory"boldly claims that spirit has an exist-ence ofitsown, "that thereisin mattersomething more than, but somethingdifferent from, thatgiven.The truthiswhichis actuallythat thereisoneand only one, method of refuting mater27

'ialism, it is tociselyshow that matterthat whichweThereby,itispre-appears tobe.eliminate all virtuality,hidden power, from matter andallestablish thephenomenaindependentreality.we mustwhichof spirit as anButto do this,leave to matter those qualitiesandmaterialistsalike stripmay makefromofit;spiritualiststhe latter that theythem representationsthe spirit, the former that theyofmay re-gard them only as the accidental garbof space/Thus Bergson defends thespirit astersoul oran entity quite apart from mat-and the material world, with whichit isassociated.However, in the mysterious language28

of Plato, the soul in its natural pil-grimage throughdistinctlife,forms under diverse conditions.The human germ firstofexists in threeman, whoisexists in theIn the act ofthe father.coition, it is transferred to thewhoisform,born into the world an inde-pendent human body, and asfirstitresidence of the psychicinwhoHebrewsis"LeviFor he was yet in theloins of his father''Thewhen Melchizedektransitionresidence to the secondfirstThegerm7: 9-10orreceived tithes, payed tithesAbraham.met him.manso remains until death.referred to inalso,womanthe mother, and in the thirdit iswoman,bodyfrom themarks thedeath and birth. This29isfirstsoul'ssymbol-

izedby the Phoenix,rising again afterThedisintegration and dissolution.Phoenix was a sacred Egyptian andGreek mythological birdlikeaneagle,fabled as coming out of Arabia everyfivehundred yearsto Heliopolis, Egypt,the city of the sun, whereselfitburntit-on the altar and rose again fromits ashes,young andbeautiful.It be-came a perpetual typeof immortalityand the resurrection.Ofbird and the storyiscourse, thea myth, contain-ing the ancient secret doctrine of theimmortalityhumanofexistence,soulwombwhenof theitmanifestingrowth and evolution.The second stageence, isasof the soul's exist-reaches as a germ thewoman, the abode30of dark-

ness (sheol or hades of theJews andGreeks), and in the third stage, asissuesfrom the womb,ithas a substan-physical body and so beginstialas aitits lifeman.Inthis body, the soulwas by the an-cient teachers conceived as a spark ofthe divine essence of God, and so, thusendowed with Divinity, was capableoftransmitting a portion of the soul within him,and being essentially immortal,added a "new link in the continuouschain ofheaven"life,whose beginning was in—Salem, the city of peace.This, briefly was,whatisknownasthe gnosis, or Secret Doctrine of thesoul's birth, existenceand destiny astaught in the Scriptures and imparted31

to initiates at the celebration of themysteries.Origen wrote,after the troubleswe"Wehope,and struggles whichsuffer here, to reach the highestheavens, and receiving, agreeably tothe teaching of Jesus, the fountains ofwater that spring up into eternaland being,tlifewith the rivers offilledknowledge, shall be united with thosewaters that are said to be above theheavens, and which praise His name.As manyof us as praiseHimshall notbe carried about by the revolution ofthe heaven (reincarnation?) but shallever be engaged in the contemplationof the invisible things."*f See John 4.* Against Celsus, Book326,This was theChapter 20.

meaningof the Egyptian,Greek mysteries, tracingJewish andallsouls back,thread by thread, from son to father,culminating in the earth born Adam,andupward swingof thedownward swingof thefinally in thearc, after thearc of the circlehad been completed,they hoped and believed thatwhendeath came, they would ascend (by theseven spirits or angelsinto theplanets)firmament to join the choir ofthe stars,The—thewhence theyfall we knowsatisfactorily explained, notcannow beby thein-tent or accident of a theological fall orby a doctrine oftotal depravity, buta mystical gnosis, scientificallybyand phi-losophically explained by the involu33

by the fourtion of the soul in matter, orverities* ofBuddhahumanas applied to thedescent,and ascent astypified in the creationand generationsoul'sof souls in the firstAdam, and byteachings of Jesus. Forstatedby Paul, "Asin Christ shall all beinit ismysticallyAdam allmadedie, soalive."gnosis or Secret DoctrinetheisThethe sameessentially in all ethnic religions, couldwe butcultivate the inner sense of themeanings of parables, symbols, mythsand cabala.The canon*Hisof this gnosis or SecretBuddha taught that existence is caused by desire.Second verity, "Theverity is "Pain exists. "firstcause of painisdesire or attachment.''"Pain can be ended by Nirvana. " Fourthway is shown to Nirvana."34Third verity,verity,"The

Doctrine was given by word of mouthby master builders and teacherspriestscalledfrom temples in which theyciated, to the initiated,offi-who according tothe customs of the times concealed theteachings and the mysteries often incontradictory,and foolishgrotesquesymbolisms, for which the wise onlyheld the key. Again, the gnosis was hid-den away in the architectural plans ofcertainmonumentsas thepyramid andsphinx and in temples and cathedrals,as Solomon's templeof Milan.liad.and the cathedralHomer woveitDante, incorporatedinto hisitH-in his Di-vine Comedy, Milton in his story ofParadiseLost.Canonicaland philosophy buried35ittheologyin their sacred

palimpsests.Theepicstorysoul, is retold in the fourthofthechapter ofJohn's Gospel, where Jesus addressesthewoman of Samaria. Theology whichwas onceastrology,became suchceal the Secret Doctrinely wiseto con-from the world-and prudent, for the same rea-son that alchemy became chemistry andastrology became astronomy, and so theSecret Doctrine was temporarilyleast, tothosewholost, atpreferred to receiveorders from a Babel of confusion, ratherthan from the pillar offirethe cloud of light by day.36by night and

,LECTUREIIIThe Secret Doctrine on Four PlanesofExpression and Manifestation.In the metaphysical analysis of''Ehy e Asher Ehy se'',(Iam that I am)the mystical source of the self consciousness, (ego or person) is contrastedwith the consciousness of theSelf,Di-—the objective I or I ob-vinity orGodjectified,with the subjective I or I sub-jectified.The formertime, spaceisconditioned byand the necessity of exper-ience, the latter is unconditioned, free.In the one, the egoisunaware and un-conscious of its divinity, in the otherisquite awareand conscious

In the Secret Doctrine of the Bible,it istaught that there are four elementsand fourprinciples,as well as fourmanifestations and expressions ofThe four elements arefirelife.(oxygen),water (hydrogen), air (nitrogen) earth(carbon),necessary toorganism ormanifestation, and the four principlesare divine or spiritual, psychic, mentaland physical, necessary to expression.Divinity orspirit, soul,mind, bodyconstitute the four corner stones of lifeand have referenceWest andto the North, East,(NEWS), on whichSouth,broadly speaking, the foundation of theUniverse (Solomonor established.?sTemple)is builtThis was implied in theplan of Solomon?s38temple, the outer

court for the Gentiles (physical), theinner court for the Jews (mental), andHolytheof Holies for the high priest(psychic), where the fourth or Divineis realized.chicThephysical, mental, psy-depend upon the Divine Being,thus completing the circle around thesquare of existence.Fireamongalchemiststheandmystics has been symbolized by the sun,aswaterbythemoon,themasculine, (having the rose foroneits floralemblem) and the other feminine, (having theislily for its floralpositive(magnetic)electric or negative.emblem). Fireand waterAmongdus, fire is sacred to Sivaisthe Hin-and watertoVishnu, while the air (breath or spirit)39

would be sacredtoBrahma, the third inthe triune nature of theAshead.Sivafirewasfather,Hindu God-destroys outward form,calledtheand ruled overdestroyer,lifetheand death,and as water preserves, Vishnu wascalled the preserver,and ruled overmotherhood and children.Fire hasitsmetaphysical correpon-dent and symbolizes the active mind,thesenses,theobjectivelife,whilewater symbolizes the passive mind, theaffections, the subjective life.The sun germinates and generateslifefrom seed by transforming the seedinto its living potential form.isa destroyer.ThusitBut the seed does notgerminate until moistened by water.40

Andso thetides,moon, ruling the water, thewoman, preserves theform peculiarto its inaThus Sivaand Vishnu, active and passive prin(likened to light andciples of deitydarkness, heat and cold, evil and good)rule over springand summer, autumnand winter respectively.Manifestationouter and physicalis(phenomenon), while expressionis in-ner and mental, psychic and spiritual(neumonon).So thatitcan be saidthat the expression of the soulthe sphere what the manifestationthe plane ofistois toThis must be keptlife.continuously in mindifthe studenthopes to master the Secret Doctrine ofthe Bible.For how41willhe understand

"such mystical and occult sayings as thisone of Hermes Tris Megistus, " Asabove, soitis itbelow as;it isit iswithin, sowithout," and " whatever existsisupon the earthists ininan earthly form, ex-the heavens in a heavenly form.And this profoundsaying of Iamblicus,"the day time of the bodyisthe nighttime of the soul; the night time of thebodyisthe day time of theSpheres thussoul."reflect their contentsandsubstance on corresponding and kindredplanes, according to the law of expres-sionand manifestation. Gerald Masseythought that thiscorrespondencecomprehended by the lawisof dissimili-tude.Thesoul, in fact, all life, essentially42

spirit,functions on the four planes andin the four spheres, designatedby thewords, physical, mental, psychical andspiritualandis ofone essence inallforms of expression and manifestation.Thesoul or spirit does not creatematter, but usesattractsit.It vitalizes cells,and arranges atoms, determinesand disposes of the quality of the physical substance,and by its thought,feel-ing and character builds and destroysforms and transformsitsbody into theimages (subjects and objects)it loves.Thus, the physical body and thehumanpersonality are related integrally to thepsychic, spiritualEntityisand Divine Entity.*here employed to include one's Divinity.43

known andIt is a wellestablishedteaching in the Secret Doctrine of theBible, that the ladder onwhich Jacob(the soul expressing itself)saw angelsascending and descending,none otheristhan the expression of the technique orSecret Doctrine applied to the soul'sown powerswhich,orspiritualspheretranscending thelimitations of the sensesof the naturalfaculties,andandfacultiesman, afford a means ofescape from time and space and theobsessions of thehumanbrain to baskin the infinitude of eternity,iswhere timeno more, and where the soulfree to liveuntrammeled by theAbraham onthe plains ofrealizes that the soul is never44itself isflesh.Mamreborn and'

neverinto theoredThis followed his initiationdies.Order of Melchizedek, who hon-him by placing uponhis shouldersthe mantle of authority, the symbol ofhis illumined consciousnesshim a high priestand so madeof spiritual revelation.Jacob, symbolizes the soul in the act ofexpressing as well as unfoldingwhile Isaac,isthe symbol ofitself,allper-sonal and physical sacrifices which eachone must and will make, who aspires tobe a high priest of the Order of Melchizedek, or, who, having obtainedbership, isnowmem-serving at the altar oftruth and helping others to do the same.Now it is strange that the meaning oftheword miracle should have been con-fused or mixed with the word superna45

tural, for theingless intwo words become mean-humanthe soul cannot do andthe seem helpless andBut when thesoul's divinityinvolved in God, both being of oneessence, will, intelligenceandlife,thewords miracle and supernatural becomeintelligible in thesultssupreme, divinewhich are attained by supremeredi-vine efforts, the divinity of the soul ex-pressingitsdivine attributes as omni-presence, omnipotence, omniscience andperfect love, attributes which are potential qualities of the soulstrablesion.and demon-on the four planes of expres-If supernaturalism suggests theidea of deus ex machina (a deity out46

side the machine),acle,ideaand the word mir-an act of such aisdeity,then theunnatural and erroneous.If,onthe other hand, the soul can and doesexpressandits divinity, sofeelsthatit sees,hearsbeyond the power, law andlimitation of the senses, these resultsare not to be accepted as supernatural,however, they are to be classified assupernormal (above the normal), andare not miracles*, because they occurunder divine law.The Secret Doctrineof the Bible assures us that the innersense of the Scripture depends upon theusewe makeof our psychicandspir-* A miracle is an act or result which takes placeby the suspension of natural law by the direct fiat ofGod.47

itual powers.And only therealizes that his divinityalone are alampwhomysticandto his feetitspowersand alightto his intelligence has a right to negotiate hispowers and personality indivine business.thisDoes our coin bear thesuperscription of Caesar or ofGod?If the Secret Doctrine of the Biblemakes demands upon us and thesemands when obeyed conditionde-results,he would be foolish who expected tostand on the outer court of the temple,and hopeto receive resultswhich be-long to thosewho have prepared them-selves to beworthy of the Holy ofHolies.Even suchthe inner courtcleareras are admitted tomayseethevisionand hear the voice deeper, be48

cause of the degree of spiritual attain-ment, but they must prepare themselves forwhatintellectuality,however, orisyet to come.Mereculture or refinement,self love,egotism and am-bition lead to a fool's paradise;and yetwithout intellectuality, culture and refinement a student cannot attain normaster the Secret Doctrine.not simple, except to oneeverything.silly toknownIsaacwho knowslittlewe know.think that truth can bein one short life?NewtonisThe more we know themore we confess howHowTruthWhatSirsaid is true of all learnedmen, "I seem to have picked up but afewshells along the seashoreocean of truth—the greatstill lies infinite49before

me."tureSo, aswe overcome humanna-on the physical plane, havinglearned the folly or evil of self indulgence,byselfmastery and the en-lightenment of our senses,we passfrom the outer court (earth plane)ofthe Gentiles and the uninitiated, to theinner court of thosewho havetheir first lessons.Here the mentallearned(water) and psychic (air) planes en-gage our earnest and patient attention.Some studythe connection, relationand correspondence between the psychicaland mental planes a long time, be-fore they realize that in order tomakesupernormalism a beneficent power,each supernormal faculty as well as the50

willmust be consciously under thetrol ofcon-ones divinity.To indulge supernormalismself alone is asforit-dangerous and reaction-ary as to induldge one's senses.Obsessions must yield to self possession,outward attractions to one's per-sonal choice of divine freedom, sovereignty,and no one can be a master, whoallows self interest, curiosity or self in-dulgence to control his thought or action.The impersonal enjoyment of thespiritual life willguard and protect onefrom the blindalleyswhich leaddarkness and misery.Amongtothoseand temptationswho have beendelegatedthe called, few are " chosen" to become51

the disciples, to say naught of becom-ing the perpetual high priests after theOrder of Melchizedek. If the soul mustbe born of water(mind),(spirit), the es tr

MELCHIZEDEK OR TheSecretDoctrineof theBible J.C.F.C BY GRUMBINE