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Here’s everything you need to create your perfect FiOSSM TV package.First, choose your service. Then, add to it from our selection of digital packagesand premium channels below.SAMPLE - FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLYRefer to the Channel Lineup for a complete listing of the channels included in each package.ServiceBasic 1Number of ChannelsMonthly Price15–35 12.95Set Top Box (STB)Digital Service (Requires Set Top Box [STB] and Router 2)Expanded Basic 3160 Basic 39.95La Conexión 4115 Basic 32.95Monthly PriceStandard Definition 3.95High Definition (includes HDTV channels) 9.95Digital Video Recorder (includes HDTV channels) 12.95Initial InstallationOne-Time ChargesNow, add more channels for just a few dollars more.Packages5 (Requires STB)Sports PackageNumber of Channels15 50.00Additional Outlet/Set Top Box Hookup (existing outlet) 19.95 5.95New Outlet Installation (per outlet) 54.95Outlet Relocation 54.95Movie Package44 11.95Sports/Movie Package Combination59 14.95Spanish Language Package25 11.95Number of ChannelsMonthly PricePremium Channels6 (Requires STB)Existing Outlet Hookup (up to 3)Monthly PriceSubsequent Installations/ChargesOne-Time ChargesSet Top Box Addition or Upgrade/Downgrade 24.95Premises Visit 7 50.00HBO 14 14.95New Outlet Installation (per outlet) 54.95Cinemax 12 14.95Outlet Relocation (per outlet) 54.95HBO/Cinemax Combination26 24.95Setup of TV Equipment (new TV with existing STB)2 14.95Disconnect of Set Top Box 8 24.95 5.00/STBDowngrade of Service from Digital to Analog 50.00 5.00/STBNumber of ChannelsMonthly Price16Individually PricedPlayboy TV /Playboy TV en EspañolInternational Premiums6 (Requires STB) 50.00FiOS TV Service DisconnectNo ChargeFiOS TV Service Reconnect (up to 3 outlets) 9International Premium Channels 50.00Other Services and ChargesVideo On Demand (VOD) and Pay Per View (PPV) (Requires STB)Seasonal Service Suspension (charged at initiation, 2–6 months)On Demand MoviesReplacement RemoteNew Releases 3.95Library 2.95On Demand SubscriptionsWWEOne-Time ChargesPrice10 24.95 5.00 Shipping & HandlingUnreturned/Damaged Receiver — Standard Definition 240.00Unreturned/Damaged Receiver — High Definition 350.00Unreturned/Damaged Receiver — Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 550.00 7.95/mo.On Demand Adult 11.95PPV Movies 3.95PPV EventsVariesPPV SportsVariesExpanded Basic or La Conexión required for purchase of Movie Package or Sports Package. The Spanish Language Package may be added to Basicservice. 30-day minimum billing period required for all digital packages.Subscription Video on Demand is included with all Premium Channels at no extra charge (where applicable). 30-day minimum billing period requiredfor all Premium Channels and International Premiums.7A premises visit charge is assessed when relocating or installing new outlets, or when a technician installation is required to set up a new or additionalTV with an existing FiOS TV STB. A premises visit charge is not assessed when adding new, upgrading/downgrading existing or disconnectingSTB receivers.8The STB disconnect charge is assessed only when the customer maintains at least one FiOS TV STB. If all STB receivers are disconnected, the servicedowngrade charge applies.9The reconnect fee applies when establishing service after a service disconnect.10Seasonal service suspension requires a minimum suspension of two months and a maximum suspension of six months.5Save 5 per month when qualifying voice or data services are bundled with FiOS TV Digital Service.In order to be eligible for the Movie Package or Sports Package, Expanded Basic or La Conexión is required. The Spanish Language Package maybe added to Basic service, but requires a Set Top Box for access. The addition of a Set Top Box with Basic service provides access to Video onDemand and Pay Per View, as well as the ability to order Premium Channels and International Premiums.2Router provided will be a new or fully inspected, tested and warranted return unit. If service is cancelled within the first 12 months, router must bereturned or 49.99 equipment fee applies. If you maintain service for twelve (12) consecutive months, ownership of the router shall transfer to you,after which all maintenance of the router shall be at your sole cost and expense, and the risk of loss will be yours should the router be damagedor stolen.3Expanded Basic includes all Basic channels, additional all-digital programming, digital music channels and access to Pay Per View and Video onDemand (VOD).4La Conexión includes all Basic channels, digital programming including popular English-language networks and Spanish-language networks, digitalmusic channels, and access to PPV and VOD. La Conexión cannot be combined with the Spanish Language Package.16Programming services offered within each package are subject to change, and the number of channels within each package are approximations. Notall programming services will be available at all times. Blackout restrictions also apply. In addition, the pricing of the packages and the terms andconditions regarding your use of Verizon FiOS TV are also subject to change. Pricing applies to residential use only within the United States. Not allservices are available in all areas. Acceptance of the FiOSSM TV Terms of Service is required in order to use FiOS TV, and a copy of the Terms of Servicewill be given to you at the time of installation. The customer is financially responsible for any damage to, or misuse of, any equipment or for the failureto return any equipment if service is terminated. Applicable franchise fees, regulatory fees and taxes apply. Other terms and conditions apply. 2005. Verizon. All Rights Reserved.

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11/16/057:49 AMPage 3BasicChnl.BRO.DKR.crw1Woburn2PBS — WGBH3UPN — WSBK4CBS — WBZ5ABC — WCVB6WNDS7NBC — WHDH8FOX — WFXT9ABC — WMUR10Telemundo — WNEU11ETV — WENH12WB — WLVI13Superstation — WGN-TV 914Local Education15Local Education16Local Government17PAX — WBPX20WMFP21Telefutura — WUTF22Local Education25ETV — WYDN27Univision — WUNI44PBS — WGBX46WWDP47TV Guide49Weatherscan Local

11/16/057:49 AM50USA Network51TNT52TBS53FX54Spike TVSportsExpanded BasicExpanded BasicEntertainmentPage 4100 Animal Planet162Fox Reality101 TLC (The Learning Channel)163FuelWomen164ABC Family110 Lifetime111Lifetime Movie Network112 Lifetime Real Women113 SoapNetExpanded BasicChnl.BRO.DKR.crw1Music170MTV171MTV2173MTV Jams174MTV Hits60ESPN61ESPN ClassicShopping175VH162ESPNews120 QVC176VH1 Classic63ESPNU121 HSN177VH1 Soul64ESPN 2122 Shop at Home179BET Jazz65New England SportsNetwork123 America’s Store180CMT125 Jewelry181VH1 CountryFox Sports Net —New England126 EXPO182Great American Country127 Shop NBC183Gospel Music ChannelHome & Leisure184BET Gospel130 Style185Soundtrack Channel131 Discovery HealthMovies132 Wisdom190Turner Classic Movies133 Fit TV192Fox Movie Channel134 Food NetworkFamily6668Speed ChannelNews114 Oxygen70CNN71CNN Headline News72Fox News73CNBC74MSNBCBloomberg TV135 HGTV (Home &Garden Television)200 Hallmark Channel7576CNN International136 Fine Living203 AmericanLife TV77CNBC World137 DIY (Do It Yourself)204 TV Land78ABC News Now138 Discovery HomeChildren79C-SPAN139 Wealth TV210Disney80C-SPAN 2140 Travel Channel211Toon Disney81C-SPAN 3Pop Culture212Nickelodeon89The Weather Channel150 Sci-Fi Channel213Nick Too151 A&E214Nick Toons215GAS216Noggin217Cartoon Network (ESP)*218Boomerang219Discovery KidsInformation202 Family Net90Discovery Channel91National Geographic152 Crime & InvestigationNetworkScience Channel153 Court TV93Discovery Times154 GSN94Pentagon Channel155 BravoMilitary Channel156 TRIO96Military History Channel157 Logo97History ChannelInternational158 Ovation98History Channel160 Comedy Central99Biography Channel161 E! EntertainmentTelevision9295BasicArts & Entertainment159 BBC AmericaSportsPeople & Culture230 BET231TV One232 Black Family Channel234 Galavisión235 Mun2News & InformationLifestyle

Chnl.BRO.DKR.crw111/16/05408 HBO Comedy355 Encore Mystery West409 HBO Comedy West241INSP242 I-Life243 Church357 Encore Drama West358 Encore Action359 Encore Action West360 Encore WAM!361244 JCTV411356 Encore DramaShowtime362 Showtime WestVerizon InformationPremium Channels354 Encore MysteryAZN TelevisionMovie PackageSí TV237240 EWTN410HBO Zone412HBO Zone West413HBO Latino414HBO Latino WestCinemax415Cinemax416Cinemax WestSports363 Showtime Showcase417More Max300 Fox College Sports —Atlantic364 Showtime ShowcaseWest418More Max West419Action Max301365 Showtime TooFox College Sports —Central420 Action Max West366 Showtime Too West302 Fox College Sports —Pacific367 Showtime Beyond303 Tennis Channel368 Showtime Beyond West304 NFL Network369 Showtime Extreme307 Outdoor Channel370 ShowtimeExtreme West308 The SportsmanChannel371421Thriller Max422 Thriller Max West423 Women’s Max424 At Max425 Five Star Max426 OuterMaxShowtime WomenOther Premium Channels430 Playboy TV311Fox Sports Español372 Showtime Women West312Fox Soccer Channel373 Showtime Next313GolTV374 Showtime Next West431315TVG (Horse Racing)375 Showtime Family ZoneEn Español316Horse Racing TV376 Showtime FamilyZone West440 Galavisión318Mav TV377319Blackbelt TV378 The MovieChannel West320 G4The Movie Channel379 The MovieChannel XtraMovies340 Starz!341380 The Movie ChannelXtra WestStarz! West381343 Starz! Edge West382 Flix West344 Starz! in Black384 Sundance345 Starz! Kids & FamilyHBO346 Starz! Cinema400 HBO347 Starz! Comedy401348 Encore349 Encore West350 Encore LoveEncore Love West352 Encore Westerns353 Encore Westerns WestLifestyleSportsPremium Channels342 Starz! Edge351Spanish Language PackageSports PackagePage 5236ReligionMovie Package7:50 AMFlixPlayboy TV en Español442 ESPN Deportes443 Fox SportsWorld Español444 GolTV446 CNN en Español447 Canal SUR448 TVE Internacional452 History Español453 Discovery en Español456 Infinito457 MTV Español458 VH UnoHBO West459 Telehit402 HBO 2462 De Película403 HBO 2 West463 De Película Clásico404 HBO Signature464 Cine Latino405 HBO Signature West465 Cine Mexicano406 HBO Family468 La Familia Cosmovision407 HBO Family West469 TV ChileArts & EntertainmentPremiumNews & Information

Chnl.BRO.DKR.crw111/16/05Movies522 CNBC569 De Película473 Toon Disney Español523 MSNBC570 De Película Clásico480 SBTN (Vietnamese)481CCTV-4 (MandarinChinese)482 CTI — Zhong TianChannel (Chinese)483 TV Japan484 MBC (Korean)485 The Filipino Channel486 TV Asia487 ART (Arabic)488 RAI (Italian)489 TV 5 (French)490 TVP Polonia (Polish)491Rang A Rang (Farsi)492 RTN Russian493 Channel 1 Russian496 Bridges TV499 MTV DesiEntertainment500501502503504505USA NetworkTNTTBSGalavisiónFXSpike TV524 C-SPAN525 Canal SurInformation529 TVE InternacionalLa Conexión478 EWTN EspañolInternational PremiumsFox News530 History Español531571Cine Mexicano572 Cine LatinoFamily574 ABC Family575 La FamiliaDiscovery Channel576 TV Chile532 Discovery en Español577534 Animal Planet578 TV Land535 TLC (The LearningChannel)ChildrenTV Colombia580 NickelodeonWomen581Disney Español537 Lifetime582 Toon Disney Español538 Lifetime Movie Network583 Boomerang (ESP)*Shopping584 Cartoon Network (ESP)*540 QVC541585 SorpresaHSNReligion542 Shop at Home588 TBN Enlace543 Shop NBC589 EWTN EspañolHome & LeisureDigital Music545 Discovery Health549 Infinito550 Food Network551HGTV (Home &Garden Television)552 Travel ChannelPop Culture600 ShowcaseDigital MusicTBN EnlaceLa Conexión521472 Sorpresa477International Premium ChannelsPage 6470 TV Colombia474 Boomerang (ESP)*La Conexión7:50 AM601Today’s Country602 Classic Country603 Bluegrass604 R&B and Hip-Hop605 Classic R&B555 E! EntertainmentTelevision606 Smooth R&B556 A&E608 RapSports557 Sí TV609 Metal508 ESPN Deportes510 New England SportsNetwork511 Fox Sports Net —New England513 Fox Sports World Español514 Fox Soccer Channel516 GolTV558 Mun2610Rock559 Comedy Central611Arena Rock560 Sci-Fi Channel612Classic RockMusic613Alternative562 MTV Español614Retro-Active563 MTV2615Electronica564 Telehit616DanceNews565 VH Uno518CNN en Español519CNN607 R&B Hits566 CMT520 CNN Headline NewsDigital Music*A Spanish-language Secondary Audio Program (SAP) is available for selection.

11/16/05HDTV810TNT HDTV811ESPN HDTV812ESPN 2 HDTV814NFL Network HDTV817HD Net818HD Net Movies819Universal HDTV820 Discovery HDTV821PPVHBOShowtimeStarz!SundanceThe Movie ChannelWWEPlayboyAdultEvents830 HBO HDTV831HustlerCinemax HDTVSpice832 Showtime HDTVTEN833 TMC HDTV834 Starz! HDTVBasic Plus850 NBC Weather PlusVIDEO ON DEMAND900On Demand Access& MenuPlayboy Subscribers*FiOS TV Help*Subscription to corresponding premiumchannels and packages required.Programming services offered withineach package are subject to change,and not all programming services willbe available at all times. Blackoutrestrictions also apply.Kids FREEALL FREEHome & LeisureInfo & EducationKidsMoviesMusic700 Movie/Event Previews701 TVN EventsNewsPop CultureHDTV BroadcastHDTVWealth TV HDSubscriptions*CinemaxHDTV PremiumPay Per View802803804805806807808Page 7HDTV NationalAdult AlternativeSoft RockHit ListParty Favorites90s80s70sSolid Gold OldiesSingers & StandardsBig Band & SwingEasy ListeningSmooth JazzJazzBluesReggaeSoundscapesClassical MasterpiecesOperaLight ClassicalShow TunesContemporary ChristianGospelRadio DisneySounds of the SeasonsMúsica UrbanaSalsa y MerengueRock en EspañolPop LatinoMexicanaAmericanaBasic 32633634635636637638639640641642643644645646Video on DemandDigital MusicDigital Music (cont.)7:51 AMVideo on DemandChnl.BRO.DKR.crw1ShoppingPBS — WGBHUPN — WSBKCBS — WBZABC — WCVBWB — WLVINBC — WHDHFOX — WFXTSportsMoviesNew MoviesNew by CategoryAll MoviesAll Movies by CategoryIn TheatersEn EspañolDigital MusicPPVHDTVBasic PlusVOD

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Chnl.BRO.DKR.crw111/16/057:53 AMPage 1CustomerService1-888-553-1555VEFIOS50447 11/05 2005. Verizon. All Rights Reserved.

FTTP System ArchitectureEnd-to-End ArchitectureFigure 1 shows the architecture topology for supporting service across multiple market areas. Abrief summary of the end-to-end architecture follows. Subsequent sections provide moreinformation on each major component within the planned Verizon FTTP overlay architecture.Figure 2 shows full build and overlay architecture. FTTP will be built instead of copper facilitiesin new communities. In existing communities, the existing copper network will continue toserve those customers who have not migrated to the FTTP network. The fiber is deployed from aCentral Office location within a wire center area.Figure 1-High Level End to End ArchitectureFTTP Reference ArchitectureFiber to the PremisesPSTNInternetClass 5TDM SwitchTR08GR303POTSOLT &VoiceGatewayLATA CoreRouterOC-3/12GatewayRouterONTWDM1 x 32SplitterHubDataATMAggregationSwitchVideoPower &BatteryHead EndEDFANOTICE: Proprietary and Confidential Not for use or disclosure outside Verizon companies without written permissionFigure 2-FTTP Full Build and Overlay Architectures

FTTP Full Build and Overlay ArchitecturesFiber to the NTFTTP OverlayFTTP Full BuildSAI X itterONTONTONTSplitterONTONTOLTNew BuriedDevelopmentSplitterNOTICE: Proprietary and Confidential Not for use or disclosure outside Verizon companies without written permissionAt the national or regional level, a “super” headend (SHE) shall serve as the single point ofnational content aggregation (see Figure 1). All content shall be encoded into MPEG2 streamsand transported over nationwide SONET services. In each market where Verizon seeks to offerservice, the broadcast cable television traffic is off loaded from the long haul network andterminated at a Video Hub Office (VHO). Network redundancy and route diversity shall extendfrom the SHE to the VHO.The VHO serves as the metro or local point of aggregation. It is here that off-air and public,education, and government (PEG) channels (where appropriate) are combined with the broadcastcable television coming from the SHE. Interactive Program Guides (IPG) shall be controlledfrom this site, also. The service that exits the VHO shall look like the final product viewed bythe end user subscriber.Cable television traffic is converted to optical signals at the VHO and transported over Verizon’smetro area, inter-office facilities (IOF) to Video Serving Offices (VSOs). Voice and high-speeddata signals are combined with the cable television at this location for final transport to thesubscriber premises over Verizon’s FTTP Passive Optical Network (PON).At the premise, the optical cable television signal is de-multiplexed and converted to an electricalsignal, which meets cable television industry standards for cable services. Standard home wiring

practices, using coaxial cables, as well as alternative media, shall distribute the signal to cableready TVs and standard set top boxes (STB).There will be 24x7 control and surveillance of the cable television platform from a remotelocation. This Network Operations Center (NOC) will be centrally located and shall beresponsible for the operation and maintenance of the Conditional Access System (CAS), whichdirects the encryption functions performed back at the VHO.Super Headend (SHE)A “super” headend (SHE) shall serve as the single point of national content aggregation. Atgeneral service availability, Verizon shall deploy a primary SHE and an additional SHE forredundancy.Both the primary and redundant SHEs will be strategically located to ensure technical andenvironmental requirements are met.The key functions of the SHE include:Content ReceptionSignal ProcessingEncodingNetwork InterfaceThe majority of cable television sources shall be individual content provider programming. Amix of standard and high definition formats shall be supported. All content shall be encoded intoMPEG2 streams, formatted for SONET, and transported via an OC48c to a local point-ofpresence (POP) for wide area (national) transport.Wide Area TransportIn support of the cable television service, Verizon will use OC48c SONET facilities in the POPsserving target cable markets. Where multiple POPs exist within a market, redundancy optionsshall dictate if a single or multiple POPs shall be designated for supporting the cable televisiontraffic.In most cases, it is expected that the cable television traffic shall traverse multiple interconnectedrings between the SHE and the destination market. Once the cable traffic reaches a POP locatedin a target market, it will be forwarded to an OC48c SONET interface connected to metro/localSONET facilities. These facilities shall connect the POP to a Video Hub Office (VHO). VHOsare capable of serving multiple communities within a target market. If more than one VHO isrequired, the metro SONET ring(s) would be deployed to cover multiple sites.

Video Hub Office (VHO)The VHO serves as the metro or local point of aggregation. The VHO location is based on acombination of technical factors, metro fiber/IOF availability, local channel receptioncharacteristics, and municipal regulations (e.g., zoning ordinances).Under current network design plans, the anticipated functions of the VHO include:WAN Interface for Cable television TransportAd InsertionPEG ContentSignal Grooming and MultiplexingEmergency Alert ServiceInteractive Program GuideConditional AccessLocal ContentThe VHO shall aggregate three basic sources of content: national broadcast channels, localbroadcast channels, and public, education, & government (PEG) channels. The national contentis the traffic sent from the SHE and is delivered via an OC48c SONET interface from theSONETPOP. The local broadcast channels shall be received off-air via antennas or terrestrialfiber transport located at the VHO site

FiOS TV Service Reconnect (up to 3 outlets)9 50.00 Other Services and Charges One-Time Charges Seasonal Service Suspension (charged at initiation, 2–6 months)10 24.95 . 217 Cartoon Network (ESP)* 218 Boomerang 219 Discovery Kids 230 BET 231 TV One 232 Black Family Chan