CULINARY ARTS INSTITUTE@ LOS ANGELES MISSION COLLEGECULINARY ARTS PROGRAM/PROFESSIONAL BAKING200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie ISyllabusSpring 2015Section:Units:Location:01394Culinary Arts Institute, Room 232/ Baking and Pastry Production Kitchen Lower LevelMonday / TuesdayHours:Lecture - 2:20 pm- 3:15 pm (CAI Room 232)Lab – 3:30pm – 6:40pm Baking and Pastry Production Kitchen Lower LevelTexts:On Baking, 3rd Edition, Author: Labensky, Martel, Van Damme, ISBN: 0-13-237456-0Chef Instructor:Phone:Email:Office Location:Office Hours:Chef Jesus S. SanchezOffice: 818-364-7600 Ext. 7148SancheJS@lamission.eduCulinary Arts Institute Building 2nd Floor – Office 2236:45pm - 7:15pm Mondays & Tuesdays or by AppointmentPREREQUISITE:CLN 50 & CLN 60 or FSMgmt 50 & 100WHAT ARE STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES? Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) focus on designing curriculum around answering this question: What will a student be able to DO in his/her multiple roles with what he/she learns in the course? When instruction focuses on SLO’s the learning process is more learner centered and more relevant toa student’s life.STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES:1. Upon successful completion of this course students will demonstrate proper knowledge, skills, theory,practice of the professional baking industry and basic baking principles and techniques for the foodservice industry. Students will demonstrate proper and safe use of equipment and utensils needed inbaking. Students will understand the 12 steps of baking.2. Upon successful completion of this course students will develop proper knowledge of all flours andingredients used in baking, understand and demonstrate yeast doughs, artisan breads, lean/rich yeastdoughs, quick breads, doughnuts, fritters, pancakes, waffles, pies, puff pastry basics, tarts, cobblers,brownies, cookies and breakfast breads.3. Upon successful completion of this course students will demonstrate basic syrups, creams and saucesfor baking and understand basic cake mixing and baking.200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The study of professional baking functions, practical instruction, and skill development inyeast doughs, artisan breads, lean/rich yeast doughs, quick breads, doughnuts, fritters, pancakes, waffles,pies, puff pastry basics, tarts, cobblers, brownies, cookies and breakfast breads. There are no repeats allowedin this course so students who have taken this course will be asked to drop the course and come in on avolunteer student basis and be part of our Baking Production Team. You can only take this course once untilfurther notice.INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS: In the Professional Baking course, recipes and techniques are discussed and/ordemonstrated by the chef instructors. Videos are used to further enhance the knowledge of the student whenviewing techniques and cooking methods. Students then prepare the lesson as instructed or demonstrated, allstudents working in groups or individually to produce the required competencies. Periodic use of videos,Multi-media presentations and guest speakers augment the curriculum.OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of, or be able to apply thefollowing principles and concepts: gain an appreciation of the art of bakingTo understand the functions of ingredients in the baking/ pastry processTo understand correct working methods of professional baking techniquesTo understand recipes, formulae, and techniques used by professional pastry chefsTo successfully execute basic baked goods as mentioned in the course descriptionUNIFORM CODE: Students must be in proper CAI school uniform at all times. White skull caps and bistroaprons are necessary only if food is being prepared. By law, students must wear appropriate attire in the foodproduction laboratory. It is the student’s responsibility to be dressed in clean, proper attire for all lab periods.If you are not dressed appropriately/complete uniform, you will not be admitted to class, and you will be givenan absence for the day. If you are passing through or working in the kitchen, you must be in uniform. NOEXCUSES!COMPLETE UNIFORM: White Chef Coat, white bistro apron, white skull cap, heavy non-slip black shoes with shoe laces/ties orclogs, black or white socks, and hounds tooth/checkered pants. Student will be sent home andmarked absent if not in full uniform. No nail polish, faux nails or rings. Wedding band okay. Nails must be trimmed and short. No excuse. No earrings (studs ok), nose rings or facial piercings. Completely clean shave or beard and mustache trimmed neat to ¼ inch in length. You will be senthome if you have not shaved and can only return if you have shaved.ATTENDANCE: Culinary Arts Institute’s attendance policy approximates the expectations found in a workingsituation. It is essential that each student learns the discipline of regular and prompt attendance as well as theskills involved in the culinary arts and hospitality industries. At the time the student moves from training intoa career, the employer will be very interested in dependability and punctuality. No matter how skilled theperson, an employee is valuable only when present on the job. The faculty and staff of Culinary Arts Institute@ LAMC consider each moment in class imperative for success. When the student is not in the classroom, theinformation missed cannot be recaptured.MISSED WORK: If a student arrives late to class, and a test is still in progress, the student may take the testwith no penalty. If a student misses a test or an assignment, the test/assignment will have ten (10) pointsdeducted from the score. The student must contact his/her chef instructor to arrange to make-up thetest/assignment prior to his/her return to the next scheduled class. If a student does not contact the chef200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015

instructor to make-up the test assignment before the day he/she returns to the next scheduled class, thestudent will receive a zero (0) for the test/assignment.SPECIAL CATERING EVENTS:Occasionally as part of your learning environment in the Culinary Arts Institute, you will be asked toparticipate in food preparation and baking for catering events for the college. This enhances your experiencein the kitchen and makes you a stronger culinary arts student.LAB CHECKS OUT REQUIREMENTS: Food is not to be taken out of the lab unless authorized by the chef instructor. All pantry supplies and equipment returned to proper storage area before class ends. Class hours mustbe adhered. All cutting boards stacked in order of color for the next class All workstations and sinks cleaned and wiped dry. All appliances/equipment cleaned after use, including stove tops, French tops, all reach-in and walk-inrefrigerator doors wiped cleaned, counter tops and cupboard doors. All equipment, supplies and dry herbs/spices must be put back in its proper space. All under sinks cabinets cleaned and in order. All spills are to be wiped up and all wet towels placed in washing machine in lower level. If you use it,clean it! Floors swept and mopped. If you leave prior to class ending, you will be marked ½ absent. Attendance will be taken at the end ofclass as well.TEXT & MATERIALS:On Baking, 3rd Edition, Author: Labensky, Martel, Van Damme, ISBN: 0-13-237456-01. Notebook (8 ½ x 11” notebook for recipes and notes)2. 2” binder3. Digital Scale4. Calculator and Scantron sheets for exams5. Instant-read thermometer6. Measuring Spoons, measuring cups (liquid weights)7. Student Pastry kit8. Other Pastry tools and suppliesASSIGNMENTS & EVALUATION: and team cooperation in labQuizzes – 4 @ 25 ea.Homework assignmentsMidterm & final examFinal Practical One plated dessert One cake One cookie tray Bread basketTotal Points200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 20153001001002003001000

Grading CriteriaA 1000-900B 900-800C 800-700D 700-600F 600 and belowIMPORTANT INFORMATION: Class hours must be adhered to. A student who misses more than 3 absencesmay be dropped by the instructor, but is your (THE STUDENT) responsibility to drop or withdraw from theclass. Continued tardiness will affect your attendance (2 tardy 1 absence). If there is an emergency, the chefinstructor can be contacted by phone or by email so that arrangements can be made.STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: If you have any health impairments that require regular medication, or anydisability that might affect your performance in the class or lab, and would like your chef instructor to makespecial accommodations, please call our campus Special Services Director at 818-364-7734 as soon as possible.They will help you arrange special accommodations for your classes. The special needs of each student aremet, in part, by:1. Group discussion at the “peer” level, providing for the interchange of ideas2. Reading materials supplementing the required text material3. Availability of the teacher for personal interviews and referral to appropriate community resourcesas indicated.Success Tips from Chef: SHOW UP TO CLASS! Bring your books to every class Read the chapters prior to attending class in advance and review thoroughly Bring recipes to every class Do not read other class’s books in the Culinary Arts class. I will take it away and sell it on eBay! No cell phones, Bluetooth, iPods, iPhones, laptops, iPads, tablets of any sort, PSP, DS, XBOX 360s, anyhandheld contraption, etc. are allowed in the classroom or lab. No calls or text messaging while inclass or lab. YOU are here to learn how to bake. HAVE FUN!200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015

COURSE OUTLINE PRINCIPLES OF BAKING & PATISSERIE I SPRING 2015Chef Ramiro VillegasPlease note that the schedule below may be subject to change.WEEK 1DATETOPICDay 18/31First Day!MONWelcome to Professional Baking! Introductions, Class Objectives. Course Outline,Binder; Syllabus, Class Assignments & ReadingsDAY 2WED9/2WEEK 2Day 3Day 4WEDDATE9/79/9WEEK 3Day 5MONDATE9/14DAY 6WED9/16WEEK 4DAY 7MONDATE9/21Lecture: On Baking (LABENSKY)Chapter 1 - Professionalism,p. 2 - 21 Bakers, Chefs and Restaurants The Bakeshop and Foodservice Operation Safety and Sanitation Kitchen etiquetteTOPICASSIGNMENTSChapter 1 assigned Complete Terms on pg. 21 andanswer Questions 1-5 and turnon Wednesday, Week 2.Chapter 1 review Q&A Collect TB test Serve safe certificate Additional resources from:How Baking Works 3e byFigoni (Hand-outs provided).ASSIGNMENTLABOR DAY COLLEGE CLOSEDChapter 2 – Tools and Equipment for the Bakeshop, Chapter 2 assignedp. 22–45 Complete terms on pg. 45 and Tools and Heavy Equipmentanswer Questions 1-6 and turnon Wednesday, Week 3. Measurement and PortionPans, Containers and Molds Chapter 1 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs) Bakeshop visitTOPICChapter 3—Principles of Baking,p. 46-61 Mixing Methods and Techniques The Baking Process Sensory Science Chapter 3—Principles of Baking,p. 46-61, cont. Mixing Methods and Techniques The Baking Process Sensory ScienceASSIGNMENTChapter 3 review Complete terms on pg. 61 andanswer Questions 1-8 and turnon Wednesday, Week 4.TOPICChapter 4 –Bakeshop Ingredients,p.62 - 117 Flours Sugars Milk and Dairy ProductsASSIGNMENTSChapter 4 assigned Complete terms on pg. 117and answer Questions 1-9 andturn on Wednesday, Week 5.200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015Chapter 3 review Chapter 2 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs) Quiz # 1 on CH. 1, 2 & 3

Day 8WED9/23WEEK 5Day 9MONDATE9/28Day 10WED9/30WEEK 6Day 11MONDATE10/5Day 12WED10/7Chapter 4 –Bakeshop Ingredients,p.62 – 117, cont. Eggs Thickeners Fruits, Nuts and FlavoringsTOPICChapter 5—Mise En Place p. 118-135 Discussion/Demo: How to safely useequipment in the Bake Shop and PastryShop.Chapter 4 reviewChapter 5 — cont. Discussion/Demo: How to safely useequipment in the Bake Shop and PastryShop.Chapter 5 review Chapter 4 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)FIELDTRIP to Divine Specialties inSan Fernando, CA. (Tentative)TOPICChapter 6 – Quick Breads, p. 136-167 Restock Bake Shop with product to startbaking next week.Chapter 6 – Quick Breads, cont. Recipes assigned On Baking ASSIGNMETChapter 5 Write Terms down from pg. 135and answer Questions 1-6 andturn in on Wednesday, Week 6.ASSIGNMENTSChapter 6 – Complete terns on pg. 148 andanswer Questions 1-5 and turnin on Wednesday, Week 7.Chapter 6 reviewQuiz # 2 on CH. 4, 5 & 6 WEEK 7Day 13MONDATE10/12TOPICChapter 7 – Artisan & Yeast Breads, p. 168-233Lab/Demo: Cream Scones, p. 149 Blueberry Muffins, p. 143 Sour Cream Coffeecake, p. 165 Old Dough, p.199 Natural Sourdough Starter, p. 194Chapter 3 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)Chapter 5 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)ASSIGNMETChapter 7 - Write Terms down frompg. 197 and answer Questions 1-6 andturn in on Wednesday, Week 8.***All products will be kept andsold in The Servery***Day 14WED10/14Chapter 7 – Cont.Lab/Demo: Soft Rolls, p. 190 Baguettes/Epi, p. 212 Pain Au Levain, p. 219 Plain Fougasse, p. 231200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015Chapter 7 review Chapter 6 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)

WEEK 8Day 15MONDATE10/19Day 16WED10/21WEEK 9Day 17MONDATE10/26Day 18WED10/28WEEK 10Day 19MONDATE11/2DAY 20WED11/4WEEK 11Day 21MONDATE11/9DAY 2211/11TOPICChapter 8 –Enriched Yeast Breads, p. 234-271Lab/Demo: Challah, p. 240 Brioche, p. 244 Yeast-Raised Doughnuts, p. 248 Cinnamon Buns, p. 258Chapter 8 –Enriched Yeast Breads, p. 234-271Lab/Demo: Challah, p. 240 Brioche, p. 244 Yeast-Raised Doughnuts, p. 248Cinnamon Buns, p. 258TOPICChapter 9 – Laminated Doughs,pgs. 272-309Lab/Demo: Puff Pastry, p. 280 Danish Pastry Dough, p. 290 Croissant Dough, p 290***All products will be kept and sold in The Serveryor served in the Executive Dining Room WednesdayLuncheons & catering***Chapter 9 – Laminated Doughs, Cont.pgs. 272-309Lab/Demo: Puff Pastry, p. 280 Danish Pastry Dough, p. 290 Croissant Dough, p 290TOPICChapter 10 – Cookies and Brownies, p. 310-361Break – 10 minutes Spritz Cookies, p. 347 Blondies, p. 357 German Chocolate Layered Brownies, p 360 Tulipe Cookies, p 354Chapter 10 – Cookies and Brownies, cont.Break – 10 minutes Spritz Cookies, p. 347 Blondies, p. 357TOPICChapter 11 – Pies and Tarts, p. 362-403Break – 10 minutes Basic Pie Dough, p. 366 Sweet Tart Dough, p. 368 Freeform Apple TartsASSIGNMENTSChapter 8 – Complete terms on pg. 249and answer Questions 1-6 andturn in on Wednesday, 9.Chapter 8 review Chapter 7 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)ASSIGNMENTChapter 9 – Complete terms on pg. 298and answer Questions 1- 6 andturn in on Wednesday, Week10.MIDTERM EXAM ON CHAPTERSCOVEREDChapter 9 review Chapter 8 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)ASSIGNMETChapter 10 – Complete terms on p. 322 andanswer Questions 1-5 and turnin on Wednesday 11, Week 6.QUIZ 3 ON Ch. 7, 8, 9Chapter 10 review Chapter 9 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)ASSIGNMENTSChapter 11 – Complete terms on p. 381 andanswer Questions 1- 6 andturn in on Wednesday, Week12.VETERAN’S DAY COLLEGE CLOSED200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015

WEEK 12Day 23MONDay 24WEDDATE11/1611/18WEEK 13Day 25MONDATE11/23Day 26WED11/25WEEK 8Day 27MONDATE11/30Day 28WEDWEEK 9Day 29MON12/2Day 30WEDWEEK 10Day 31MONDay 32WEDDATE12/7TOPICChapter 11 – Pies and Tarts, cont.Break – 10 minutes Basic Pie Dough, p. 366 Sweet Tart Dough, p. 368 Freeform Apple TartsASSIGNEMTChapter 11 reviewChapter 11 – Pies and Tarts, cont. Banana Cream Pie, p. 374 Coconut Cream Pie, p. 374 Fresh Fruit Tart, p. 380 Peach Pie , p. 390TOPICGuest SpeakerChapter 12 – Pastry and Dessert Components ReviewLab/Demo: Pate a choux, p. 408 Demo variety of shapes with Pate a Choux Crepes, p. 416 Eclairs, Cream Puffs and Mini Paris Brest Strawberry Crepes FitzgeraldChapter 11 reviewTOPICChapter 12 – cont. Turned in all missimg HomeWork for credit.Chapter 10 How Baking Works3e by Figoni (Hand-outs)ASSIGNMENTSChapter 12 Complete terms on p. 417 andanswer Questions 1-5 and turnin on Monday, Week 8.QUIZ 4 on CH. 10, 11, 12Chapter 12 review Chapter 11 How BakingWorks 3e by Figoni (Handouts)ASSIGNMENTSPractical final reviewChapter 12 – cont.TOPIC12/9Practical Exam: 12 Sour Cream Muffins 12 Soft Rolls 2 baguettes 5 brioche 12 Cream Puffs 12 ÉclairsEach group will participate in themidterm practical and present to theChef InstructorPractical cont.DATE12/14FINAL WRITTEN EXAM12/16 TOPICEXTRA CREDITKITCHEN CLEN UP!200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Fall 2015PORTOS BAKERY FIELD TRIPTENTATIVE.ASSIGNMENTSFinal exam reviewASSIGNMENTSALL CHAPTERS COVERED ON COOKING.HAVE A SAFE&PROSPEROUS HOLIDAY SEASON!!

PLEASE NOTE:THIS COURSE OUTLINE IS A GUIDE FOR THE CLASS AND MAY BE MODIFIED OR REVISED TO ENHANCE THELEARNING OUTCOMES OR CHANGED DUE TO EVENTS THAT ARE OUTSIDE THE CONTROL OF THE CULINARYARTS DEPARTMENT AND THE CHEF INSTRUCTOR.THE SYLLABUS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO LA MISSION COLLEGE’S SCHEDULE, FACULTYFUNCTIONS, CATERING EVENTS AND PRODUCT/INGREDIENT AVAILABILITY.GENERAL CALENDAR DATESOnline Applications Accepted . Year RoundAssessment and Orientation . Year RoundResidency Determination Date . August 30DAY AND EVENING CLASSES BEGIN . August 31Saturday classes begin . September 6Last day to process Audit Add Request . September 11Last day for Section Transfer . September 11Classes end . December 12FINAL EXAMS . December 14 - 19PRIORITY Registration Dates - Enrollment is by appointment ONLY, through the Internet.(You may not register before your appointment.)CalWORKS, EOPS, DSPS, Foster Youth and Veterans . May 4 to May 6Continuing Students . May 7 to May 24New and re-entering students . June 8 to June 10ADD Dates - Late ADDs are not permittedDeadline to add online . August 30Deadline to add full term (16-week) classes in person . September 11NOTE: Short Term and Late Start classes have different Add & Drop deadlines. Please check with your instructor.DROP CLASSES ON-LINE ONLY (16-week classes)Drop classes without receiving a “W” with refund (By Internet only) . September 13Drop classes without incurring fees or with a refund(Registration/parking/non-resident fees/semester-length classes)(By Internet only) . September 13Drop classes with a “W” – A letter grade is required after this date forward (By Internet only) .

@ LOS ANGELES MISSION COLLEGE CULINARY ARTS PROGRAM/PROFESSIONAL BAKING 200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I Syllabus Spring 2015 Section: 0139 Units: 4 Location: Culinary Arts Institute, Room 232/ Baking and Pastry Production Kitchen Lower Level Monday / Tue