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Developing healthcare regulated solutions inthe cloud presents many challenges driven bythe necessary security, privacy and regulatorycontrols. This involves a significant investmentin resources, time and expertise that manyorganizations cannot afford.Philips HealthSuite digital platform is focusedon providing a simple, fast and cost-effectivecloud platform designed to support innovationin a healthcare regulated environment.2Philips HealthSuite digital platform

Accelerating the pace ofinnovation for healthcare andlife science organizationsAt Philips we strive to help make the world healthier and moresustainable through innovation. Our HealthSuite digital platformfosters open and collaborative innovation focused on developingbreakthrough health, wellness and life science solutions that willtransform the way care is delivered. By connecting devices, unlockingdata and fostering collaboration we will help to encourage new formsof engagement, actionable insights and better health outcomes.HealthSuite Key ComponentsPrivacy, security and regulatory complianceto ensure that the cloud infrastructure andplatform as a service offering are compliant withappropriate healthcare and regional requirements. Privacy, security and regulatory controls Operational security Penetration, privacy, and security testing andreviews Security and privacy incident managementand specialized security services, includingEnforced Security Logging and containerization An extensive set of external compliancecertifications and attestations to provideobjective evidence of compliance to securityand privacy regulations An Information Security Management systemdesigned to help ensure that services providedby HSDP are compliant with current certificationlevels Platform services with APIs to address the needsof healthcare and consumer solution development Orchestration capabilities designed to integratedependent services with HSDP identity andaccess management Containerization of applications HSDP’s Cloud Foundry application hosting/build environment: A commercial Cloud Foundryenvironment for cloud-native development thatmeets regulatory requirements to support you inrapidly developing and testing applications Self-service model e.g. through developer webportals and extensive online documentationAPI’s that provide developers with the abilityto consume underlying orchestrated services. Abstraction layer on the cloud infrastructureand foundation cloud services that allowsdevelopers to consume the underlying services HSDP uses APIs, industry standards, such asOAuth2, and healthcare standards, such as HL7and FHIR, to reduce your development effort.Full Operations support from HSDP: 24/7,365 days a year support to configure, maintain,monitor and provide operational availability ofHSDP and the solution you are hosting on HSDP. Vendor management Configuration and maintenance of orchestrated,containerized, healthcare-compliantinfrastructure 24/7 support to provide operational availability oforchestrated, containerized, healthcare compliantinfrastructure Incident Management that complies with ITILstandards Continuous monitoring of the performanceand availability of the platform, including cloudinfrastructure, custom services, and applications Maintenance of HSDP infrastructure and softwarewithin expected service level commitmentsHSDP cloud expertise to support your clouddevelopment. Technical and business documentation and codesamples on the Client Experience Portal Cloud development expertise to supportdevelopers in designing interoperable, secure,cloud-based microservice architectures Curated and moderated Slack channels for topicalquestions and knowledge sharing by the HSDPecosystem communityPhilips HealthSuite digital platform3

Solutions developed on Philips HSDP can helpyou to achieve your key objectives includingbetter health outcomes, cost reduction, gains inefficiency, patient centricity, enhanced security& compliance and better decision making.Predictable costs and savingsHSDP improves your total cost of ownership by providing ashared multi-tenant, cloud platform that saves you the cost ofpurchasing, managing, configuring, updating and maintaininghardware and software, compliance and staff. Our self-service,on demand approach allows developers to either use ourportal for configuration or directly interact with the APIs. HSDPprovides flexibility to pay for only the services you use. Scaleup or scale down based on your needs.Keep pace with industry trends while meeting short termfinancial and technology goals. Since costs are operational vscapital your organization can ease into the solution and scaleand grow at your own pace.Security and complianceHSDP safeguards health and other sensitive data in the cloudthrough a certified Information Security Management System;specific security services within HSDP; external audits andpenetration testing; privacy, security and regulatory controls;and operational security. HSDP also maintains an extensiveset of external compliance certifications and attestations toprovide objective evidence of compliance to security andprivacy regulations such as ISO 27001/18, HIPAA, GDPR andHITRUST.Better decision making through robust dataThe ability to collect and analyze data is key to providingimproved patient care. HSDP provides easy access to bothclinical (EMR) and consumer data while allowing developersthe ability to create a unified view without having to go appto app. This makes it possible to create a holistic view ofthe patient to help improve decisions related to ongoingcare at the individual patient level. Applications created onHSDP have the potential to share and capture data withgreater frequency and intelligence which can allow earlierinterventions and strengthens the ability of providers tointeract with patients in settings outside of the hospital.Applications built on HSDP can support a variety of patientengagement solutions that help to make it easier for patientsto stay engaged throughout the healthcare continuum.Examples of solutions that can be developed on HSDP includeenterprise telehealth solutions, connected sleep monitoring,predictive analytics, medication adherence and clinicalinformatics capabilities to name a few.Simplicity, scalability and speed to marketHSDP removes the complexity of building and managingyour own healthcare security and privacy compliant cloudinfrastructure and platform. We created HSDP to providea shared expertise and fully managed cloud-basedinfrastructure and platform-as-a-service to eliminate theburden of having to develop and maintain it yourself.HSDP provides the tools to help speed your development timeand your transition to the cloud, whether you have existinglegacy products that you want to move to the cloud or want todevelop cloud-native applications, or both.HSDP provides the services, technical tools and resourcesoptimized for the creation and rapid development anddeployment of connected healthcare and life scienceapplications. HSDP provides a curated marketplace offoundational cloud services, such as databases and queuesto support a wide variety of solutions.4Philips HealthSuite digital platform

Philips HealthSuite Digital PlatformCloud expertise and curatedservices to unlock dataBuild and deployhealthcare solutionsConnect devicesand dataStore and sharedata securelyAggregate clinicaland consumer dataSupportanalysisCreate solutions thatmake data actionableSolutions layerServices layerCurated servicesbased on yourunique needsInfrastructure layerClinical and consumer applications & tration – Serverless Computing – Security – Cloud Hosting – Container ServicePhilips HealthSuite digital platform5

Philips HealthSuite Digital PlatformServices layerConnectOur secure and scalable IoT services to manage, update,monitor and collect data from smart devices.Value Device management: Highly scalable and secure servicesto manage connected devices for remote service,diagnostics,software updates, messaging, and device control Collect health and wellness data: Collect, store,validate,correlate and broker both personal (health)measurements and observations as well as deviceinformation and data Third-party data integrations: Access a wealth of datafrom third-party services and devices through Philips’partnerships with other industry platformsStoreOur service to acquire, manage and archive consumer andclinical data from applications and devices through securecloud-hosted repositories.Value Managed service: Use a host of features and advantages thatcome with a managed service, rather than a raw brokered service Collect and store data: Data from users, health and wellnessdevices, and clinical datastores across the health eco-system in amanaged cloud repository Open APIs: Facilitate access to health data from multiple sources(devices, applications, systems) and enable faster developmentof consumer and professional applications Data Security: Secure and encrypted storage capabilities,access control and healthcare compliant auditing and loggingfocused on providing requisite privacy and security of personaland clinical dataShareAuthorizeOur standards-based interoperability between enabledapps and devices with third party systems via FHIRand HL7.Our secure identity and access management with a unifiedview into security policy, authorization, consent and dataprivacy.ValueValue Rapid and scalable integration: Provides a high performingintegration engine with many built in capabilities to providesemantic interoperability, connecting On-premise with thecloud API based systems API based flexible framework: Out-of- the-box supportfor REST based APIs, with support for a variety of messagemapping and routing capabilities and custom integration tostandard and application-specific workflows Flexible messaging format support: Supports variety ofmessaging formats, such as HL7 (version2 and 3) to HL7 FHIR,and enables integration with systems based on well-definedXML, JSON and other proprietary formats Enterprise-identity approach: IAM provides capabilities forharmonizing multiple applications built on HSDP, enablingclients to use a single identity across multiple applications Standard identity management workflows: Standards-basedidentity, authentication and authorization capabilities toeliminate redundant, error-prone, and often incomplete (re)implementation of standard workflows Cross-platform integration: Centralized set of enterpriseidentity and access management mechanisms that enableidentity integration across consumer or healthcare applicationsbuilt on HSDP Collaboration with third parties: Support integration andcollaboration with third-party applications and servicesthrough federation and single sign-on capabilities6Philips HealthSuite digital platform

HostOur core services for cloud-native development andmanaged infrastructure in order to deploy and continuouslymonitor application performance and the health status ofsystems.Value Marketplace of building blocks: Commonly used services,including databases and queues, in an environment thatmeets security and privacy regulatory requirements Auditing and logging: Enhanced debugging efficiency,traceability, and compliance with privacy, security, regulatorystandards for applications being developed Specialized services: Services to increase developers’visibility into application activity Notifications and configuration: Facilitations and looselycoupled integrations with other services Environment for cloud-native development: Environmentthat meets regulatory requirements to support you in rapidlydeveloping and testing cloud-native applicationsLeading cloudexpertise andregulatory compliantcloud infrastructureHSDP meets the privacy, security, andregulatory requirements needed to protectan individual’s sensitive data.AnalyzeOur framework to ingest and manage data, execute ETLsand analytics applications, and visualize data.ValueGDPR More data, more insights: Provides the ability to developbig data analytics solutions to help derive predictions andmeaningful insights Simplification: Reduces the complexities of building andmaintaining distributed big data computing environmentsby providing a common set of tools to ingest, transform, andextract data for advanced data visualizationPhilips HealthSuite digital platform7

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HealthSuitedigital platformby the numbers*BillionsPetabytesMillionsHundredsof imagesarchivedof imagingstudies archivedfor healthcareprovidersof IoT devicesconnectedof features onthe platform* Based on internal Philips dataPhilips HealthSuite digital platform9

How do youuse HSDPAnd what does ithelp you do?Legacy solutionsHave a legacy application orsolution to move to the cloud?New nativeclouddevelopmentHost your application on our cloud infrastructurewith 24 x 7 operational support.Looking to create a newnative cloud solution fromscratch?Use HSDP’s managed, compliant cloudplatform as a service to build anddeploy your new solution using ourCloud Foundry environment and HSDPplatform services.Combinationof native clouddevelopment andlegacy solutionsHave a mix of legacy andnative cloud development?Use our services in flexible ways to addressyour varying needs. Take advantage ofcontainerization that allows you to use yourlegacy components in combination with cloudnative services.10Philips HealthSuite digital platform

Powering innovationswith HealthSuitedigital platformPhilips HSDP provides thetechnical tools and services tocreate innovative healthcare andlife science applications that candeliver a more personalized careexperience for individuals andhealth and wellness professionals.Visit to learn more.Philips HealthSuite

HSDP’s Cloud Foundry application hosting/ build environment: A commercial Cloud Foundry environment for cloud-native development that meets regulatory requirements to support you in rapidly developing and testing applications Self-service model e.g. through developer web portals and extensive online documentation At Philips we strive to help make the world healthier and more .