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1 ProductOpen Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition Healthcare SolutionsProtect patient confidentiality, improve efficiency, and reduce costs with Fax Server“Desktop fax capabilities have been instrumentalin helping us meet HIPAA guidelines. Faxesare delivered directly to the planned recipient’scomputer which has built-in security policies,so we avoided the costly process of analyzingand securing all the stand-alone fax machines.”OverviewToday, healthcare organizations are facing challenges on manyfronts—desire for quality care on the part of patients and theirphysicians, and the need for cost control on the part of payers,including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Medicare,and Medicaid—all weighing heavily on the industry. Combinethese challenges with privacy concerns and heightenedregulatory requirements such as the Health Insurance Portabilityand Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the pressure is onhealthcare organizations to improve internal workflowprocesses, deliver information more quickly, andenhance communications efficiency—all whilereducing costs and safeguardinginformation security.

2 ProductEfficiency gains from using Fax ServerBenefitsOutcome“We were paying a few people to fax reportsacross three shifts—24 hours a day. WithFax Server, we have the same number ofemployees, but they are able to focus on otherjob duties, and they only send faxes during oneeight-hour shift. Overall, the system helps ussave quite a bit on salary-related costs.”Applications for Fax Server withinhealthcare organizationsFax Server easily integrates with a variety of healthcare softwarepackages as well as desktop, email, imaging, archiving,document management, and mainframe applications to providetightly integrated fax server and electronic document deliverysolutions for the healthcare industry. Common applicationsfor Fax Server include the following: “Face Sheets”—admittance documentation Payment andremittance advice Claim status Physician orders Coordination of benefits Plan enrollment anddisenrollment documentation Eligibility documentation Health planpremium payments Prescription filing information Healthcare claims or“encounter” informationand exceptions Radiology reports Invoices Treatment plans Lab and test results Purchase orders Referral certificationsand authorization

3 ProductFax and electronic document delivery provenfor healthcare organizationsFax Server reduces costs andspeeds patient records processingOpen Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition provides reliable faxserver and electronic document delivery capabilities provento meet the industry’s unique information delivery challengesas the organizations below illustrate.A large Midwest hospital group recognized as one of the nationsTop 100 Health Systems uses Fax Server to reduce costsand improve patient care. One of the challenges faced bythe hospital group was processing paper-based patient records.Legal and health standards obligate physicians to review and signpatient records after each visit. To meet these standards thehospital group needed to process more than 23,000 faxedpages monthly. Prior to implementing Fax Server and adocument imaging package, the hospital needed staff on hand24 hours a day to handle the volume. This paper and laborintensive process was costly and time consuming. To meettheir records processing challenge, the group implementedan enterprise document imaging package with Fax Server.The solution now electronically captures, indexes, storesand retrieves patient, and operational information and usesFax Server electronically to distribute the patient charts.As a result, the group hasFax Server supports HIPAA complianceand improves efficiencyFax Server has been instrumental in supporting compliance andimproving efficiency for a large family of physician-directed,managed healthcare organizations that service more thanone million patients. Prior to implementing Fax Server, staffmanually handled hundreds of faxed customer claims, requests,and other documents from its healthcare provider networkdaily. With some staff members receiving dozens—even morethan 100—faxes per day, mailroom staff were spending hoursdelivering faxes to their designated recipients. These faxes,often urgent or confidential, required secure and fast handlingto meet the HIPAA requirements. Today more than 130staff members use Fax Server to send and receive faxesfrom desktop, Microsoft Exchange, and other businessapplications. As a result, this healthcare provider has Enforced HIPAA security policies by centralizing faxing servicesand enabling staff to send and receive faxes confidentiallyfrom email and other business applications, Reduced the time staff spend managing faxes by30 percent, and Ensured compatibility and simplified administration byreplacing stand-alone fax machines with a fax serverthat integrates with their existing IT infrastructure.Key Fax Server features for healthcare servicesFax Server provides a central hub for the inbound and outbounddelivery of vital personal health information. With Fax Server,individual users and departments can send, receive, track, andmanage confidential information in a secure, reliable, and electronicformat directly from desktop and back-office applications.Centralized communications hubFollow through of communication process frominitiation to confirmation of receipt—Ensure deliveryto the right recipient, improve workflow processes, andeliminate paper-handling errors.Integrated with key applications—Integrate Fax Servereasily with desktop, MFPs, imaging, document management,workflow, and medical transaction systems using ApplicationProgram Interfaces (APIs) and technologies such as FCL.Directory and phonebook synchronization—Fax Serversynchronizes to your confidential contact data on patients,employees and other healthcare contacts. Expedited processing patient records by allowing physiciansto view, edit, and electronically sign charts from any location,as long as they have an Internet connection,Advanced administrative tools—Regulate permissions, setup security, and manage RightFax Servers using centralizedadministrative tools. Reduced costs by eliminating the supplies and reallocatingthe labor previously required to manually process highvolumes of patient records, andFoldering and auto-aging—Manage faxes in folders andautomatically delete older documents to optimize efficiencyand eliminate duplicity. Improved security and supported HIPAA compliance byproviding automatic fax tracking and enabling staff to senddocuments and receive confirmations at their desktops.

4 ProductEnterprise-wide fax and electronic document deliveryDocument security and privacyDependable transmission, receipt, and trackingEnterprise-wide electronic document delivery—Enable alldepartments or groups to electronically transmit and managedocuments directly from enterprise software applications.Encrypted and certified delivery—Maintain privacy andsecurity with certified or encrypted email delivery options.Immediate electronic delivery—Provide timely, automatedelectronic delivery of personal health information and otheressential documents.Network-wide desktop faxing—Allow authorized users to send,receive, and manage communications right from the desktop.Email gateways—Send, receive, and manage faxes directlyfrom email.Automated, unattended document delivery—Automatedocument delivery from back-office applications to speedcommunications, streamline processes, and cut costs.Fax broadcasting—Broadcast fax—one fax to hundreds orthousands of recipients at once.Inbound routing—Route documents to the correct recipientvia a variety of methods including Direct Inward Dialing (DID),Dual-tone Multi-frequency (DTMF), Caller Service Identification(CSID), OCR, and email.Automatic fax distribution—Provide systematic distribution offaxes to groups of users for fast, efficient and secure processing.Fax authorization system—Enable managed review ofconfidential faxes prior to their release to send.Permission and delegate features—Establish securitycontrols to limit access to data and limit the number ofpeople handling personal healthcare information.Secure delivery format—Deliver image-based TIF or PDFdocuments over secure Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).Fax archival—Record all inbound and outbound fax transactions.Real-time status—Provide real-time status to email, FaxUtil,or back to the sending application.Notifications—Receive customized notification options andverification of document transmission and receipt.Windows security authorization—Take advantage of yournetwork’s Microsoft Windows security system by linking eachFax Server user ID to a Windows user account.AutoReply—Monitor one or more Fax Server mailboxes forinbound faxes, and provide fax replies to the sender.Customizable dialing rule—Gain control of outbound faxingwith sending rules and restrictions.Reporting and tracking tools—Log, record, and provide audittrail of personal healthcare information with reporting tools.“Do not dial”—Avoid sending information to unauthorizedand unsecured fax numbers.

5 ProductCost reduction and cost recoveryReliability, scalability and fault toleranceIntelligent Least-cost Routing—Route outbound faxesbetween servers on a Wide Area Network using the OpenText Fax Server, RightFax Enterprise Edition to minimizelong-distance telephone charges.Load-balancing—Maximize system performance by directingthe fax to the server with the most available lines.Fax, email or over the Internet delivery—Eliminate paper,postage, equipment and related supply costs with fax, email,SMS or Fax over IP document delivery capabilities.Scheduled delivery—Schedule or prioritize delivery to leverageoff-peak phone rates or expedite orders.Billing codes and cost recovery—Track and report fax activityusing billing codes by recipient, department or group torecover costs.24x7 reliability—Ensure continual uptime with proven andreliable Fax Server technology.Open database—Leverage Microsoft SQL Server for enterprisescalability, reliability, performance, and interoperability.Automatic backup—Conduct system backup withoutsuspension of operations for maximum uptime.Adjustable bandwidth controls—Adjust channels automaticallyto send, receive, or both, during peak intervals to control faxtraffic volume on a group-wide basis.Scalable and expandable—Start small and add servers,channels, modules, and document delivery options.www.opentext.comVisit for more information about Open Text solutions. Open Text is a publicly traded company on both NASDAQ (OTEX) and the TSX (OTC). Copyright 2009 by Open Text Corporation.Open Text and The Content Experts are trademarks or registered trademarks of Open Text Corporation. This list is not exhaustive. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 09FXDD0046

Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition Healthcare Solutions Protect patient confidentiality, improve efficiency, and reduce costs with Fax Server Overview Today, healthcare organizations are facing challenges on many fronts—desire for quality care on the part of patients and their physici