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RH000Red Hat Trainingand CertificationCourse Catalog: December 2006–May 2007rh*** * days/ ****Harry Sutton, RHCEGroup Leader of senior technologists, HPLaurence Oberman, RHCEMaster Technologist in the multivendor UNIX team, HPNow includes JBoss training!Turn to page 22!

THINK TrainING. THINK GEEK.This holiday season, use your time off from work to take Red Hat Training andreceive a 150 gift certificate to up on the latest gadgets and cube toys. Keep them for yourself or spreadthe holiday spirit around the office--check out your options at qualify for a 150 gift certificate, enroll and attend a class by January 26, 2007.See eligible classes and register: specialUse promo code RHG33K to enroll. Please note that only classes listedon the promotion page are eligible for the gift certificate promotion.Looking for more training specials?Check the training specials page for our latest promotions.Visit for more information.Want to be a star? If you have a Red Hatcertification, you could be the next TrainingCatalog cover model. Submit a picture, shortbio, and a couple of paragraphs detailinghow Red Hat training has helped your careerand/or your organization, and we couldmake you a Linux legend. All entries receivea discount coupon for future training, andthe winner(s) will receive a free Red Hatcourse of their choice. Submit informationto, but don’t blameus if the paparazzi become a problem!2 What’s New With Red Hat Training?RH0003 Three Ways to Train4 Certification Tracks6 RH033 Red Hat Linux Essentials7 RH035 Red Hat Linux Essentials for Windows Professionals8 RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration (and RHCT Exam)9 Get a Taste of Training10 RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration11 RH300 RHCE Rapid Track Course (and RHCE exam)12 Red Hat Certified Architect /Enterprise Architect Curriculum13 RHS333 Enterprise Security: Securing Network Services14 RH401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management15 RH423 Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication16 RH436 Red Hat Enterprise Storage Management17 RH442 Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning18 RHCSS Overview19 RHCSS CoursesCover: Harry Sutton manages a group of senior technologists whospecialize in complex multivendor UNIX environments at HP. Withthree RHCE engineers in the organization (including himself), Harrywanted to add the RHCA certification to the groups profile. With oneexam remaining,he continues to make the most of his skills for HPrh**** days/ ****Services’ Multivendor Systems Engineering organization. His title isGroup Leader, and he’s an RHCE (#809003792308012) with four of fiveRHCA certs (EX436, EX423, EX401, and EX333.)Laurence Oberman is a Master Technologist in the multivendorUNIX team at HP. He focuses on UNIX and storage technology andcomplex interoperability issues between them. Laurence has workedwith Linux from the humble beginnings and introduced Linux to themultivendor UNIX team. Laurence is an RHCE (#809003454608494)with three of the five RHCA endorsements. (EX436, EX423 and EX401)20 Developer Courses22 JBoss Middleware Training23 JBoss Courses RHD 161/16324 JBoss Course RHD 16725 JBoss Course RHD 26726 JBoss Course RHD 26127 JBoss Course RH 33628 JBoss Course RHD 43929 JBoss Courses RHD 449/45130 eLearning31 Training Bundles32Training Units/Team Training Credits33 Terms and Conditions* GSA discount 12%, visit for more information.

Three Ways to Trainwhat’snewwithred hattraining?JBoss Training now available!Red Hat is now proud to offer JBoss Middleware training, making for a combined30 classes in over 50 locations. See page 22 for more details.Updated certification CentralCompletely overhauled with new benefits for Red Hat Certified ProfessionalsVisit for more informationOnsite TrainingeLearningOpen enrollment courses areoffered continually in 50 locationsacross North America and 125 locations worldwide. Red Hat coursesare performance-based—students haveaccess to at least one dedicated system,and in some courses, as many as five.Instructors are all experiencedRed Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs)who are intimately familiar withcourse curriculum.Onsite training is delivered byRed Hat at your facility for teams of12 to 16 people per class. Red Hat’stechnical staff will assist your technicalstaff prior to arrival to ensure thetraining venue is prepared to runRed Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hator JBoss courses, and/or Red Hatcertification exams. Onsites are agreat way to train large groups at once.Open enrollment can be leveraged laterfor incremental training.Fully updated for Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 4! No time for class? Red Hat’s eLearning titles are delivered online andcover RHCT and RHCE track skills. Ourgrowing catalog also includes courseson the latest programming languages,scripting and ecommerce.See for more hot newsCourse schedules are availablethroughout this catalog or more information, call Red HatEnrollment Central: 1-866-626-2994taste of training videosrh*** * days/ ****RHCE named the hottest cert of 2006 by CertCities.comrh*** * days/ ****Open EnrollmentWatch Red Hat instructors giving sample lessons from RHCT/RHCE track courses.Turn to page 9 for more information.Turn to page 22 for course listingsor visit more information, call Red Hat Enrollment Central:1-866-626-2994Microsoft CertifiedProfessional Resource CenterTailored info and offers for Microsoft Certified Professionals looking to add aRed Hat certification to their personalportfolio.Check it out * GSA discount 12%, visit for more information.* GSA discount 12%, visit for more information.

RH000Certification TracksFree Pre-assessment testsRed Hat certifications are indisputably regarded as the bestin Linux, and perhaps, according to some, in all of IT. Taughtentirely by experienced Red Hat experts, our certificationprograms measure competency on actual live systems andare in great demand by employers and IT professionals alike. Named Hottest Certification for 2006 ( Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE )Red Hat Certified Engineer began in 1999 and has been earned by morethan 20,000 Linux experts. Called the “crown jewel of Linux certifications,”independent surveys have ranked the RHCE program #1 in all of IT.Choosing the right certification depends onyour background and goals. Whether you haveadvanced, minimal, or no UNIX or Linux experiencewhatsoever, Red Hat Training has a training andcertification path that is right for you.SECURITY SPECIALIST(Certification Mag./Fairfield Research)RHCA RHCE is the “crown jewel of Linux certifications” ( Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS)An RHCSS has RHCE security knowledge plus specialized skills in Red Hat Enterprise Linux,Red Hat Directory Server and SELinux to meet the security requirements of today’s enterpriseenvironments. RHCSS is Red Hat’s newest certification, and the only one of its kind in Linux.See page 18 for full details.rh*** * days/ **** Red Hat Training and certification programs areRHCE“unparalleled in the Linux realm” (UnixReview) Red Hat certifications lead to second-largest payincreases year to year (CRN 2004 Study)RHCT “Red Hat certifications continue to grow in prominence anddividends and will generate even stronger returns as theLinux market grows.” (CRN 2004 study)rh*** * days/ n ProsSome UNIX/Linuxexperience #1, Overall Quality of Program, Education and Test ExamsRed Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)RHCEs who seek advanced training can enroll in Enterprise Architect courses and prove theircompetency with the newly announced Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification.RHCA is the capstone certification to Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) and Red HatCertified Engineer (RHCE), the most acclaimed certifications in the Linux space. Full detailson the five-course Enterprise Architect curriculum can be found on page 12.No UNIX/LinuxexperienceTest your Linux smarts and identifyyour Red Hat course level with ourautomated pre-assessment tests.Completely free, no obligations, 10minutes of your time.Red Hat training and certification programs consistently attain the highestpossible ratings from customers, publications, and industry analysts alike.Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT )Now entering its third year, Red Hat Certified Technician is the fastest-growingcredential in all of Linux, with currently over 15,000 certification holders. RHCTis the best first step in establishing Linux credentials and is an ideal initialcertification for those transitioning from non-UNIX / Linux environments.Considerable UNIX/Linuxon-the-job skills and experience* GSA discount 12%, visit for more information.RH133 (Includes Exam)System AdministrationRH253Networking andSecurity AdministrationRH302EXAMRH133 (Includes Exam)System AdministrationRH253Networking andSecurity AdministrationRH302EXAMRH300Rapid Track (includes Exam)RHCSSRHS333Enterprise Security:Network ServicesRH401Deployment andSystems ManagementEX401EXAMEX333EXAMRH423Directory Services andAuthenticationRH436Storage ManagementEX436EXAMEX423EXAMRH442System Monitoring andPerformance TuningEX442EXAMRHS333Enterprise Security:Network ServicesEX333EXAMRHS423Directory Services andAuthenticationEX423EXAMRHS429SELinux PolicyAdministrationEX429EXAMRHCA courses may be taken in any order and require RHCE or equivalent experience.* GSA discount 12%, visit for more information.

RH033Red Hat Linux Essentials033 OR 035Essential instruction for common command lineprocesses and desktop productivity roles.Course DescriptionThe first course for both RHCT and RHCE certificationtracks, RH033 is ideal for individuals who have neverused Linux or UNIX, and who have no prior commandline experience in any other operating system. You aretaught the basics of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment, and it prepares you for your future role as asystem administrator.PrerequisitesUser-level experience with any computer system, useof menus, use of any graphical user interface.GoalA Red Hat Enterprise Linux power user who canbe productive in using and customizing a Red Hat system for common command line processes and desktopproductivity roles, and who is ready to learn systemadministration (RH133).AudienceUsers who are new to Linux and have no prior UNIX orcommand line skills, who want to develop and practicethe basic skills to use and control their own Red HatLinux system.RH133RH253RH302RH133RH253RH302Follow-on CoursesRH133 Red Hat Linux Sys. Admin. (p. 8)RH253 Red Hat Linux Net. and Sec. Admin. (p. 9)RH300 Red Hat Linux RHCE Rapid Track (p. 10)“I would enthusiasticallyrecommend this course toanyone interested in Linux.”Mike Kimmel, ITT Systems Divisionrh033: 4 days/ 1998 * ScheduleUSAAZ Phoenix 3/06, 4/24CA L.A. (Anaheim) 2/06, 5/01CA L.A. (El Segundo) 1/09, 3/20CA Mountain View 1/02, 02/27, 4/24CA Sacramento 1/09, 4/17CA San Diego 2/20, 5/15CA San Francisco 12/12, 2/06, 4/10CA Santa Clara 11/28, 1/30, 3/27, 5/22CO Denver 1/09, 3/06, 4/17, 5/29CT Hartford 5/22FL Ft. Lauderdale 1/09, 4/17FL Jacksonville 3/20 FL Orlando 11/28, 1/02, 2/13, 4/10GA Atlanta 12/05, 1/23, 3/13, 4/24IL Chicago Downtown 11/28, 1/09, 2/20,4/03, 5/15IN Indianapolis 4/17MA Boston (Westford) 1/02, 2/06, 3/13,4/17, 5/22MD Columbia 12/05, 1/09, 1/30, 2/20,3/13, 4/03, 4/24, 5/15MI Detroit 12/12, 5/01MN Minneapolis 1/30, 4/17MO Kansas City 1/30MO St. Louis 3/20RH133RH253RH302RH133RH253RH302RH300Course Objectives Understand the Linux file system Perform common file maintenance Use and customize the GNOME interface Issue essential Linux commands from thecommand line Perform common tasks using the GNOME GUI Open, edit, and save text documents usingthe vi editor File access permissions Customize X Window System Regular expression pattern matchingand I/O redirection Install, upgrade, delete and query packageson your system Network utilities for the user Power user utilities033 OR 035Red Hat Linux Essentialsfor Windows ProfessionalsRH300Course DescriptionDesigned for Windows professionals with no priorUNIX or Linux experience, this course teachesfundamental Red Hat Enterprise Linux systemadministration skills. The first day provides aconceptual and practical transition for individuals tosuccessfully add Linux management competenciesto their portfolio. The remaining four days combineswith the highly-acclaimed RH033 course, immersingindividuals in the basics of a Red Hat Enterprise Linuxenvironment and preparing them for future roles ascross-platform system administrators. The course alsoserves as the first course in the RHCT and RHCE tracks.PrerequisitesHave experience with job tasks using Windows OSproducts at technician or system administrator level;experience as an IT professional; no prior UNIX or Linuxexperience required.GoalA Red Hat Enterprise Linux power user familiar withcommon command line processes who can performsome system administration tasks using graphicaltools. The individual will also be ready to develop adeeper understanding of Red Hat Enterprise Linuxsystem administration (RH133).AudienceThe typical student will be a Windows technicianwho prefers to manage servers using a graphic userinterface. The individual will also possess a desire toeffectively manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux systemsand broaden their individual skill set.Course Objectives Learn to install softwar

certification path that is right for you. CeRtifiCation tRaCKs Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) An RHCSS has RHCE security knowledge plus specialized skills in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Directory Server and SELinux to meet the security requirements of today’s enterprise environments. RHCSS is Red Hat’s newest certification, and the only one of its kind in Linux.