KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OFCAREER COLLEGES AND SCHOOLSThe Impact of Career Education in KentuckyKentucky’s Career Colleges and Schools make a significant impacton our local workforces and on the lives of individuals they serve.Spread the news by downloading and sharing a copy of our 2017Kentucky Info Sheet with leaders in your community. The document can be found on the KACCS website under Documents.Kentucky CareerColleges and SchoolsChanging Lives, LaunchingCareers and Filling JobsSources: Career Education Colleges andUniversities; Kentucky OccupationalOutlook to 2024; Education and Workforce Development Cabinet; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; IPEDSSpring 2017 NewsletterApril 2017Inside this issue:President’s Corner2Legislative Update2New KACCS Member 3First Anniversary3Legislation ChangeAccreditation Boost34D.C. Recognition4KACCS Training5KACCS BOARDPresident Cindy Landry,ATA CollegeImmediate PastPresident Jan Gordon,Spencerian CollegeVice President Chris Ernst,Sullivan College ofTechnology and DesignTreasurer Brett Weber,ATA College David Keene,Sullivan University Keeley Gadd,American NationalUniversity Jay Marr,Sullivan University Brenda Evans,College for TechnicalEducation Joel Musgrove,Daymar College Robin Boughey,MedQuest College Greg Brotzge,Legislative Liaison Candace Bensel,Executive Director

Page2President’s CornerAs we enter into thespring quarter, thefocus of our organization this season is opportunity.Opportunity to EngageFresh off of an exciting Career CollegeDay at the Capitolevent, the first opportunity I encourage allof our members toparticipate in is theopportunity to engageyour local leadership.Spring is an excellenttime to host a legislative visit, welcome alocal workforce groupKENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OFCAREER COLLEGES AND SCHOOLSto campus to holdtheir quarterly meeting or invite yourmayor or other county officials to campus.There are countlessopportunities to bringawareness to our sector and having thesekey individuals oncampus helps create astronger understanding of who we are andthe important role weplay in strengtheningour local workforce.Opportunity to BeHeardNext, I challenge youto make sure yourvoice is heard. KACCSoften speaks on be-Legislative Update March 15 and nowThe state constitution requires thatthe short legislativesessions be adjourned sine die bymidnight on March30.There were no major issues affectingour industry in the2017 session. Wemonitored HB 238,which was the Commission on Proprietary Education’shousekeeping legislation. HB 238passed the Senate onheads to the Governor, and is expectedto be signed. Wealso had some concerns about HB 254which would haveremoved the Commission’s authorityover Real EstateAppraiser programs. The bill wasnever given a hearing, but we expectthat issue will beback in 2018.KACCS had a verysuccessful legislative day this Febru-half of our sector onmatters of importance both in theCommonwealth andnationally. Thesemessages come frompeople who havechosen to get involved. KACCS hasnumerous committeeopportunities andthe individuals thatserve on these committees are vital todirecting the activityof our organization.Opportunity to NetworkAs you connect andwork with your peersin these groups, askyourself, “who isary devoted to individual legislativevisits. This was anew format andmost participantsagree we shouldconsider alternating between ourtraditional formatand the formatused this year dueto the quality ofconversations thattook place duringour day at the Capitol. We also continue to move forward on additionallegislative outreachmissing from this table?” and encouragethem to join. KACCS iscurrently in the midstof a membership drive.We strive to speak withone voice, but that voiceis stronger when we allstand behind it.Opportunity to LeadFinally, if you’ve beeninvolved but want moreopportunities, let usknow. We are currentlyaccepting applicationsfor an opening on ourboard of directors. Ifyou are interested, contact me or Candace Bensel by July 1 for details.Cindy Landry, Presidentclandry@ata.eduplans for 2017.Beyond the 2017 session, weare beginning to focus ontax reform and the specialsession that is supposed tobe called by year’s end.Currently there is no taxproposal on the table andthe expectation is that thedetails of any plan won’t beknown until the pension audit is complete. The Governor indicated in his State ofthe Commonwealth addressthat the pension problemwill require additional revenue.For additional information,contact Greg Brotzge atgbrotzge@impactgovrelations.com

Page3KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OFCAREER COLLEGES AND SCHOOLSKACCS Welcomes New Member, Lexington Healing Arts AcademyKACCS is pleased towelcome new member, Lexington Healing Arts Academy, toour organization. Located on SouthlandDrive in Lexington,the school offers programs in MassageTraining, HospitalBased Massage Ther-apy Training, Personal Fitness and YogaTraining. Their mission is to provide anenvironment andcurriculum that encourages and inspires professionaldevelopment andpersonal growth fortheir students. Theyare committed to,“creating a community spirit in whicheach individual is respected, appreciated,and accepted.”Lexington HealingArts Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau ofHealth EducationSchools.Representatives fromthe school have been actively involved withKACCS continuing education opportunities andwe are looking forwardto collaborating withthem on other importantmatters pertaining toKentucky students.wanted to find another trade, anothercareer,” Brown said.“It was just so convenient to come inand get started withclasses. Even thoughI’m studying online,having Sullivan righthere in town made itvery easy for me. Ihear other students saythe same things.”The location of theschool in the tight-knitcommunity has playeda significant role in itsfirst year success.Campus Celebrates First AnniversaryWhen Sullivan University opened theirLouisa, KY campus,Ranita Brown saw anopportunity tochange her life.Brown, 42, a nativeof Columbus, OH,moved to the areathree years ago. After a career in sales,she wanted a changeand found it in theSullivan UniversityCenter for LearningLouisa’s medical coding program. “I knewwhen I moved here IStudents Learn They Can Impact Change in FrankfortOn Tuesday, March7th, seven studentsfrom the College forTechnical Education’sCosmetology program in Winchester,along with RickChristman, CEO ofEmployment Solutions, Inc. and Brenda Evans, the Director of the College forTechnical Education,traveled to Frankfortto hear the SenateCommittee on Licensing, Occupations andAdministrative Regu-lations meeting. Themeeting was to address HB 271, whichwould reduce thehours of Cosmetologyfrom 1800 to 1500hours in the state ofKentucky. Those inattendance were ableto witness history asthe bill passed, forever changing the future of Cosmetologyfor students in Kentucky.Following the meeting, the group touredthe State Capital.They visited the Ken- to see what the futuretucky Supreme Court holds for all of them!”offices, the Senateand House of Representatives and wereable to see how theycan be part of positive changes, not only with themselves,but with their community and state.“I am so proud to bethe Director of such agreat school and suchfine, professionalstudents,” said Brenda Evans, College Director, “I can’t wait

KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OFCAREER COLLEGES AND SCHOOLSPage4Nursing Program Receives Accreditation BoostBeckfield College’snursing program hasreceived a major accreditation boost thatwill provide more career opportunities forstudents and graduates. The program’sRegistered Nurse (RN)to Bachelor of Sciencein Nursing (BSN) program has been accredited by the Commissionof Collegiate NursingEducation (CCNE), theaccrediting body of theAmerican Associationof Colleges of Nursinghas been created by(AACN). CCNE accred- a master’s degree in the federal Affordableitation ensures a nurs- nursing. Graduates Care Act and to advance improvementsing program’s curricu- have an advantagelum meets strict stand- for hire as potential in America’s increasingly complex healthards and assures theemployerssystem. “To ensurepublic that the nursing acknowledge thatprogram meets theCCNE accreditation its members are wellprepared, the profesquality and commitdenotes a certainsion should institutement toward theselevel of quality.”high standards.According to a report residency training forDean of Nursing, Dr.from the Institute of nurses, increase thepercentage of nursesDeborah Smith-Clay,Medicine, nurses’who attain a bachePhD, MSN, RN., shared, roles, responsibililor’s degree to 80“graduates from thisties and educationpercent by 2020, andprogram qualify to at- should change sigdouble the numbertend other accreditednificantly to meetwho pursue doctorschools to pursue adthe increased deates,” according tovanced studies such as mand for care thatthe report.Local Schools Honored in D.C.Two local schools,Spencerian College andSullivan University, recently visited theWhite House wherethey were recognizedfor their participationin the Obama Administration’s HealthyCampus Challenge.Sullivan UniversityCEO Dr. Jay Marr andSpencerian College Executive Director JanGordon joined administrators and leadersfrom nearly 60 campuses across the nationfor a featured paneldiscussion of Administration officials andeducation leaders andremarks from First Lady Michelle Obama.The White HouseHealthy Campus Challenge was launched inSeptember as an effortto enroll more students in the federalHealth Insurance Marketplaces establishedby the Affordable CareAct.Gordon said of theevent, “Everyone whoattended was very energized about workingto create a healthlyatmosphere on theircollege campuses, sowe were able to sharemany different ideas and ways thatschools have used toassist their studentsin getting healthierand making surethey have health insurance.”Dr. Marr shared,“The Challenge wasintended to helpstudents and otherslearn about andbetter understandhealth insuranceoptions available tothem. Knowinggood health is paramount to promoting student successin the classroom,the passion to helpstudents was evidentby all those institutions in attendance.”While at the WhiteHouse, the pair wereable to visit the EastWing and witnesspreparation for thepending inauguration,which took place daysafter their visit.

KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OFCAREER COLLEGES AND SCHOOLSPage5KACCS Online Training CenterThe KACCS OnlineTraining Centeroffers a wide varietyof professional development opportunities for your faculty, staff and management. Successfulcompletion of eachonline course provides credit towardthe Certified HigherEducation Profes-sional (CHEP) certification awarded by theNational Associationof State Administrators and Supervisorsof Private Schools(NASASPS). TheCHEP certification hasreceived tremendousrecognition in oursector and NASASPShas awarded over1,500 CHEP awards.KACCS member institutions that useKACCS Online Training Center to provideopportunities for theiremployees to earn andmaintain the CHEPcertification may display the appropriateCHEP RecognitionSeals(www.cheponline.org/seals) on their websites, providing eligi-ble KACCS membersan additional competitive advantage in thecareer education sector.Learn more by visitingthe KACCS OnlineTraining Center r 2017 discountcodes for onlinecourses.SAVE THE DATE: 2017 Regional Leadership InstituteJuly 13-14 at Beckfield College in Florence, KYLook for registration information on theKACCS website later this month!KACCS Annual Meeting andEducational ConferenceAugust 25 at Sullivan University in Louisville, KYRegistration will be available in the SummerNewsletter July 1!KACCS SymposiumRepresentatives from 22different organizationsgathered last month forthe KACCS annual Symposium. This event providesunique opportunities forattendees to network withrepresentatives from numerous organizations onmatters of importance inround table discussiongroups and through numerous breakout sessions.This year, those in attendance also had the oppor-tunity to hear keynotepresenter, Treasurer, Allison Ball, speak on Principles of Leadership.During a luncheon meeting, members voted onamendments to theKACCS bylaws includingan item which expandedeligible members to include schools licensed byThe Kentucky Board ofHairdressers and Cosmetologists. All proposed changes passed.SAVE THE DATE!

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Nursing Program Receives Accreditation Boost a master’s degree in nursing. Graduates have an advantage for hire as potential employers acknowledge that CCNE accreditation . Beckfield College’s nursing program has received a major ac-creditation boost that will provide more ca-reer