xcviiiNAIC Proceedings – Spring 2015NAICCOMMONLY USED ACRONYMS / CIOAFPAFSAAHASAHCAAHIAAHIPAHPAmerican Academy of Actuaries or American Agents AssociationAmericas Association of Cooperative/Mutual Insurance Societies (Formerly North AmericanAssociation of the ICIF)American Association for Consumer BenefitsAmerican Association of Crop InsurersAmerican Association of Homes for the AgingAmerican Association of Health Plans (merger of GHAA and American Managed Care& Review Association)American Association of Home and Services for the AgingAccredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI designation)Alliance of American Insurers (PCI as of spring 2004 merger with NAII)American Association of Insurance Management ConsultantsAmerican Association of Insurance ServicesAmerican Association for Long-Term Care InsuranceAssociation for Advanced Life UnderwritingAssociate in Automation Management (AAM designation)American Association of Managing General AgentsAmerican Association of Preferred Provider OrganizationsAmerican Association of Retired PersonsAmerican Association of State Compensation Insurance FundsAmerican Bar Association or American Banking AssociationAmerican Banker Association Insurance Association (now ABIA)American Benefits CouncilActuarial Board on Counseling and DisciplineAssociation of Banks in Insurance (now ABIA)American Bankers Insurance Association (formed from ABI and ABAIA)American Banker Insurance GroupAsset-Backed SecurityAffordable Care ActAssociate of the Casualty Actuarial SocietyAssociation of Certified Fraud ExaminersAuthorized Control Level (regarding RBC) or Audit Command LanguageAmerican Council of Life InsurersAgency Company Operations Research & Development CorporationAssociation of Community Organizations for Reform NowAmerican Council of State Savings SupervisorsAcceptable Credit VariationsAmerican Dental AssociationAccidental Death and DismembermentActivities of Daily LivingAutomatic Data ProcessingAggregate Data Quality Incentive ProgramAmerican Depositary ReceiptAmerican Educational InstituteAutomated Examiner SpecialistsAccredited Financial ExaminerAssociation of Financial Guaranty InsurersAmerican Family Life Assurance Company of ColumbusAmerican Federation of Labor-Congress of Individual OrganizationsAssociation for Financial ProfessionalsAmerican Financial Services AssociationAdvocates for Highway and Auto SafetyAmerican Health Care AssociationAssociation of Health Insurance AgentsAmerica’s Health Insurance Plans (formerly Health Insurance Association of America)Association Health Plans 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NAIC Proceedings – Spring AASBASCASISASOASOPASSALASSUREASTAgency for HealthCare Research and QualityArtificial IntelligenceAmerican Insurance AssociationAssociate in Insurance Accounting and Finance (AIAF designation)Automobile Insurers Bureau of MassachusettsAssociate in Claims (AIC designation)Association of Insurance Compliance ProfessionalsAmerican Institute of Certified Public AccountantsAmerican Institute for CPCUInternational Association for Insurance Law in the United StatesAcquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeAssociate Insurance Examiner or Accredited Insurance Examiner (IRES designation)American Insurers Highway Safety AllianceAssociate in Management (AIM designation)American Institute of Marine UnderwritersAmerican Institute of Professional Association Group Insurance AdministratorAutomobile Insurance Plan Service OfficeApplied Insurance Research or Americans for Insurance ReformAmerican Insurance Services Group (A Unit of Insurance Services Office, Inc.)Allocated Loss Adjustment ExpenseAssociate in Loss Control Management (ALCM designation)American Legislative Exchange CouncilAccelerated Licensure Evaluation Review TechniquesAmerican Life Insurance AssociationAssociation of Life Insurance CounselAsset Liability MatchingAmerican Land Title AssociationAmerican Medical AssociationAcademy of Managed Care PharmacyAmerican Managed Care and Review AssociationAmerican Mutual Insurance AllianceAssociate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM designation)The Mexican Insurance Association (English translation)Anti-Money LaunderingAmerican National Standards InstituteActuarial Opinion and Memorandum RegulationActuarial Opinion Summary (P&C)Associate in Premium Auditing (APA designation)American Pharmaceutical AssociationAssociate Professional in Insurance RegulationAccounting Practices and Procedures ManualAmerican Preferred Provider PlanAssociation of Private Pension and Welfare PlansAssociate in Reinsurance (ARe designation)American Risk and Insurance AssociationAlien Reporting Information SystemAssociate in Risk Management (ARM designation)Associated Risk Managers InternationalAssociate in Research and Planning (ARP designation)Advanced Rating ServiceAssociate of the Society of ActuariesActuarial Standards BoardAdministrative Service ContractAnnual Statement Investment ScheduleAdministrative Services OnlyActuarial Standard of PracticeAssociation of Insurance Superintendents of Latin America (English translation)Alliance for Sound State Uniform Regulatory EfficiencyAnnual Statement 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissionersxcix

CCICACIEECIIGCINSCIPRCIRNAIC Proceedings – Spring 2015Association of State and Territorial Health OfficersAssociate in Underwriting (AU designation)Asset Valuation ReserveAutomated Valuation ServiceBlue Cross and Blue Shield AssociationBank Investment ContractBenefits Improvement and Protection Act of 2000Bank Owned Life InsuranceBasis PointsBank Secrecy ActCollaborative Action DesigneeCoalition Against Insurance FraudCalifornia Public Employers Retirement SystemCapital Asset Management Expenses and Liquidity (elements of risk assessment prioritization)Capital Asset Management Expenses Liquidity and Sensitivity (elements of riskassessment prioritization)Capital Asset Pricing ModelConference of Actuaries in Public PracticeCoordinated Advertising, Rate, and Form Review AuthorityCapital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Reinsurance, Reserve Adequacy, ManagementQuality, Earnings and Liquidity (elements of risk assessment prioritization)Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Reinsurance, Reserve Adequacy, ManagementQuality, Earnings, Liquidity and Sensitivity (elements of risk assessment prioritization)Commissioners Annuity Reserve Valuation MethodCasualty Actuarial SocietyComputer Aided Software EngineeringConsumer Assistance TrainingCollateralized Bond ObligationCredit-Based Underwriting and RatingConference of Consulting Actuaries (formerly Conference of Actuaries in Public Practice)Consumer Credit Counseling ServiceConsumer Credit Insurance AssociationConference of Casualty Insurance CompaniesCenter for Consumer Information and Insurance OversightCompetitive Care NetworkContinuing Care Retirement CommunityCertificate of DepositCollateralized Debt ObligationComplaints Database SystemChartered Enterprise Risk AnalystComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (Superfund)Consumer Federation of America or Chartered Financial AnalystCertified Financial ExaminerConsumer Financial Protection BureauCombating the Financing of TerrorismCommodity Futures Trading CommissionCommercial General Liability or Comprehensive General LiabilityCouncil of Governors’ Policy AdvisorsCalifornia Health AdvocatesCivilian Health and Medical Program for Uniformed Services (now Tricare) (Federal Program)Children’s Health Insurance ProgramCouncil of Insurance Agents and BrokersCertified Insurance CounselorCaptive Insurance Companies AssociationCredit Insurance Experience ExhibitConsumer Insurance Interest GroupCUSIP International Numbering SystemThe Center for Insurance Policy and ResearchCenter for Insurance Research 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NAIC Proceedings – Spring CPECUEDICrop Insurance Research BureauChina Insurance Regulatory CommissionConsumer Information SourceContinuing Legal EducationConsolidated Licensure for Entities Accepting RiskCollateralized Loan ObligationChartered Life UnderwriterComprehensive Loss Underwriting ExchangeCommercial Mortgage-Backed SecuritiesCollateralized Mortgage ObligationCompetitive Medical Plans or Commercial Multi-Peril Insurance PlansCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA) (Federal Agency)Committee for National Health InsuranceNational Insurance and Surety CommissionCoordination of BenefitsConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (Federal Act)Council on Governmental Ethics LawsCorporate-Owned Life InsuranceCommittee on Property and Liability Financial Reporting, AAACertified Public AccountantChartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU designation)Continuing Professional EducationConsumer Price IndexCertified Professional Insurance WomanCommercial Package PolicyConditionally RenewableCollege Retirement Equities FundCommissioners Reserve Valuation MethodConference of State Bank SupervisorsCouncil of State GovernmentsCentre for Studies in Insurance OperationsCommissioners Standard Ordinary (mortality tables)Credit Tenant LoanCommittee on Uniform Securities Identification ProceduresDeposit Administration ContractDatabase Management SystemsDebt Cancellation AgreementDepartment of Consumer and Business ServicesDetailed Claim InformationDrug Enforcement AdministrationDepartment of Financial InstitutionsDiversified Holding CompanyDisability IncomeDirect Marketing Insurance & Financial Services CouncilDepartment of Insurance or Division of InsuranceDepartment of JusticeU.S. Department of Labor (Federal Agency)Deficit Reduction Act of 2005Diagnosis Related GroupsDepartment of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom regulatory agency)Defense Within LimitsEmployee Assistance ProgramEarned But Not ReportedEmployee Benefit Research InstituteEarned But Unbilled PremiumsEuropean CommunityExempt Commercial PolicyholderEuropean Currency UnitElectronic Data Interchange 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissionersci

FCRAFDICFDRFEETSFEINFEMAFHLMC or Freddie MacFIAFICAFICCFIIAFINRAFIOFIREAFITFLTCIPFLUXFNMA or Fannie TCGAAPGAASNAIC Proceedings – Spring 2015Electronic Data ProcessingElectronic Data Systems CorporationEffectiveness and Efficiency Project (of the NAIC/SVO)European Economic CommunityEqual Employment Opportunity CommissionElectronic Funds TransferEnvironmental Impairment LiabilityEmerging Issues Task Force (a FASB task force)Excess Lines Association of New YorkEnvironmental Protection AgencyEquity in Prescription Insurance Contraceptive Coverage ActExclusive Provider OrganizationEarly and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and TreatmentEmployee Retirement Income Security Act (Federal Act)Excess & Surplus LinesElectronic Commerce and Transactions ActEmployee Stock Ownership PlanEducational Testing Service or Examination Tracking SystemEuropean UnionFair Access to Insurance RequirementsFinancial Accounting Standards BoardFinancial Analysis Solvency ToolsFinancial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (inter-governmental body)Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S. Government)Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial SocietyFederal Crop Insurance CorporationFair Credit Reporting Act (Federal Act)Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationFinancial Database RepositoryFinancial Exam Electronic Tracking SystemFederal Employer Identification NumberFederal Emergency Management AgencyFederal Home Loan Mortgage CorporationFederal Insurance AdministrationFederal Insurance Contributions ActFederation of Insurance & Corporate CounselFinancial Institutions Insurance AssociationFinancial Industry Regulatory AuthorityFederal Insurance OfficeFinancial Institutions Reform, Recovery & Enforcement ActFederal Income TaxFederal Long-Term Care Insurance ProgramFlow Uncertainty IndexFederal National Mortgage AssociationFreedom of Information ActFederation of Regulatory CounselFlexible Premium Deferred AnnuityFlexible Premium Retirement AnnuityForum on Privacy and Security in HealthcareFederal Records CenterFinancial Regulation Standards and Accreditation CommitteeFellow of the Society of ActuariesFederal Savings and Loan Insurance CorporationFinancial Stability ForumFinancial Stability Oversight CouncilFASB Technical BulletinFederal Trade CommissionGenerally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesGenerally Accepted Auditing Standards 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NAIC Proceedings – Spring GMDBGMIBGNAIEGNMA or Ginnie IBNRICAICACICHEICciiiGroup Annuity MortalityGeneral Agents & Managers AssociationGovernment Accountability Office (formerly General Accounting Office)Group Annuity ReservingGeneral Agreement on Trade in ServicesGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and TradeGross Domestic ProductGeographic Expense Reimbursement PlanGuaranty Fund Management ServicesGuaranteed Investment ContractGuaranteed Living BenefitsGramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Fin. Services Modernization Act of 1999, P.L. 106-102) (Federal Act)Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation BenefitGuaranteed Minimum Death BenefitGuaranteed Minimum Income BenefitGroup of North American Insurance EnterprisesGovernment National Mortgage AssociationGross National ProductGuaranteed RenewableGenerally Recognized Expense TableGlobal Receivership Information DatabaseHealth AllianceHealth Care Compliance AssociationHealth Care Delivery AssetsHealth Care Financing Administration (renamed CMS on June 19, 2001) (Federal Agency)Health Delivery NetworkHealth Plan Employer Data and Information SetU.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesHealth Insurance Association of America (now America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) )Health Insurance Consumer Assistance ProgramHealth Insurance NetworkHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (P.L. 104-191) (Federal Act)Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data BankHealth Insurance Purchasing GroupHighway Loss Data InstituteHospital, Medical and Dental Service or Indemnity CorporationHealth Maintenance OrganizationHome Office Life Underwriters AssociationHealth Plan Purchasing CorporationHealth Security Action CouncilCenter for Studying Health System ChangeU.S. Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentInterest OnlyInternational Actuarial AssociationInsurance Advertising Compliance AssociationInstrumental Activities of Daily LivingInternational Association for Financial PlanningInternational Association of Industrial Accident Boards and CommissionsInternational Association of Insurance Fraud Agencies, Inc.International Association of Insurance ReceiversInternational Association of Insurance SupervisorsIndividual Annuity MortalityInsurance Accounting and Systems AssociationInternational Accounting Standards BoardInstitute for Business and Home SafetyIncurred But Not ReportedInternational Claims AssociationInsurance Committee for Arson ControlInternational Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

ANLBOLCALHSOL/HLIAANAIC Proceedings – Spring 2015Insurance Company Information SystemInstitute for Civil JusticeInternational Cooperative and Mutual Insurance FederationInsurance Data Management AssociationIntegrated Delivery SystemInsurance Education AssociationInsurance Expense ExhibitInsurance Education FoundationInstitute for Health Policy (an education foundation formed by HIAA)Institute for Health Policy SolutionsInsurance Institute of AmericaIndependent Insurance Agents of AmericaInternational Insurance Advisory CouncilInternational Insurance CouncilInter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision RepairInternational Insurers DepartmentInsurance Institute for Highway SafetyInsurance Information InstituteInsurance Institute for Property Loss ReductionInterstate Insurance Product Regulation CommissionInsurance Institute for Research, Inc.International Insurance SocietyInsurance Loss Control AssociationInstitute of London Underwriters (merged into IUA)Insurance Marketing Communications AssociationInternational Monetary FundInterest Maintenance ReserveInsurance Marketplace Standards AssociationInland Marine Underwriters AssociationInternational Organization of Securities CommissionersIndividual Practice AssociationImmediate Participation GuaranteeInitial Public OfferingInsurance Research CouncilInsurance Regulatory and Development AuthorityInsurance Regulatory Examiners Society (for non-financial examiners)Insurance Regulatory Information Network (now NIPR)Insurance Regulatory Information SystemInternational Risk Management Institute IncorporationIntegrated Services Digital Network - Basic Rate InterfaceInsurance Solvency InternationalIntegrated Securities Information SystemInternet State Interface Technology EnhancementIntegrated Service NetworkInsurance Services Office, Inc.Independent Statistical Service, Inc.International Underwriting Association of LondonIndexed Universal LifeJoint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare OrganizationsJournal of Insurance RegulationJournal of Risk and InsuranceJoint Underwriting AssociationLoss Adjustment ExpenseLocal Area NetworkLeveraged BuyoutLife Communicators AssociationLimited Health Service OrganizationLife HealthLife Insurance Association of America 2015 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NAIC Proceedings – Spring IANAIBNAICNAIFANAIINAIIANAILBANALCLondon InterBank Offering Rate (an ARM index, a common financial term)Life Insurance Corporation of India or Life Insurers CouncilLife Insurance Companies of New YorkLife and Health Insurance Foundation for EducationLondon International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association (now IUA)Letter of CreditLife Office Management AssociationLoss Ratio GuaranteesLiability Risk Retention ActLong-Term CareLife Underwriter Training CouncilMarket Analysis ChiefMember Appraisal Institute or Multilateral Agreement on InvestmentsMarket Analysis ProfileMarket Analysis Profile ReportsMarket Analysis Prioritization ToolMinimum Asset RequirementMarket Analysis Review SystemMortgage Banker Association of AmericaMarket Conduct Annual StatementManaged Care Health Insurance PlanManaged Care OrganizationMarket Conduct Statistical UtilitiesManagement Discussion & AnalysisMortgage Experience Adjustment FactorMedicare Supplement InsuranceMedicare Supplement InsuranceMultiple Employer TrustMultiple Employer Welfare ArrangementManaging General Agent or Mortgage Guaranty AssociationMinimum Guaranteed Death BenefitMutual Holding CompanyMental Health Parity Act of 1996Medical Information BureauMarket Information SystemsMinistry

AIB Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts AIC Associate in Claims (AIC designation) AICP Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPCU American Institute for CPCU AIDA International Associatio