MATH 227 (HYBRID) SPRING 2020 (3/27/2020 Version)


MATH 227 (HYBRID) SPRING 2020 (3/27/2020 version)SECTION 24070MathXL Code: The Course ID for your course is: XL3I-H180-8022-4E12PROFESSOR: MS. DEUTSCHContact: Phone: 323-780-6735 (land line---do not text to this number)Website: deutsclk@laccd.eduOffice: G5 111HOffice Hours: M: 12-1:40, W: 1:00 – 1:40 & 6:30 – 7:30, Th: 12:20 – 1:40 & 4:20 –5:20 PM or by appointment. I will be available online during my regular officehours. If you want help, email me and I will open a zoom/online discussion that youcan join to ask questions.Welcome to the online Math 227 Hybrid for Spring 2020. The following information isyour guide to navigating through this course successfully. Please download the syllabusand schedule provided. Review it for your complete understanding.In the following pages you will read about: Logging onto Canvas (for documents, practice sets, discussions and extras) Logging onto MathXL (for online HW and Quizzes – this is an online class!) The required textbook and other supplies. The grading and attendance policy. The preferred calculator to succeed.TEXT: Elementary Statistics , 13th Edition. If you have an older edition, see the end of thissyllabus for changes that were made from the 12th edition. Triola Intro Statistics 13th editionLoose leaf version of the text with a 6 Month Math Xl Access code at your ELAC bookstorefor 78.85 (approximately)Prerequisite Satisfactory completion of Math 125 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 137 or anacceptable level of skills in algebra that will allow you to successfully complete this course.Other Qualifications: An online course requires a great deal of discipline, organization,and time management. Look over the documents and only stay in the course if you feelyou can follow them. I do not allow any make up exams. Therefore you must be presenton the designated dates for the on-campus lectures and exams and you must finish allassignments by their respective due dates. No exceptions. I understand that emergenciescan happen and that is why I replace the lowest exam grade with the grade on your finalexam if higher.

Course Description: This course is an introduction to probability, measures of centraltendency and dispersion, descriptive and inferential statistics including sampling, estimation,hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, chi-square and student’s test, linear correlation andregression analysis are also presented as topics.MANDATORY ON-CAMPUS ORIENTATION:Monday February 10 7:10 – 9:40 PMYou must be present at the orientation to hold your spot in the class.Adding: If you are trying to add, you must attend the orientation. Being added is notguaranteed. I will only add if I have available seats and adding will be done through alottery system.CANVAS LOGIN FOR STUDENTSAll Canvas users need to log into the NEW PeopleSoft SIS and click on the Canvas linkto access the Canvas LMS.SIS Website: mycollege.laccd.eduSIS LoginID: Your 9 digit student ID number (example: 881234567 or 991234567)SIS Password: Students will be using the same password to access the new PeopleSoftSIS and Canvas.NOTE: You will not have access to Canvas on the same day you register for a course. It cantake 1-2 business days after registration before your login will work, if the semester hasstarted. Otherwise, your Canvas access should work on the first day of class. Instructions for NEW SIS, First Time Login (PDF)Canvas Phone SupportMonday – Friday 8am – 4:30 pm 323-415-5313Monday – Friday 5pm to 8 am and Weekends 877-890-2142For additional information go to Supplement: T1-83 or T1-84 Graphing Calculator (Required) which can be used forhomework assignments, quizzes, and tests or Casio Classpad. The calculator costs about 90 100 or you can borrow it from the math department for 15 a semester or for 8/month. Rentacalc also rents these. It is possible to complete the assignments in class with amore advanced scientific calculator that does 2 variable statistics.Other Supplies for this class: You will need a pencil and eraser.NEW: You will need access to online instruction during class times. For lectures you can useany device like a computer/tablet/phone/ with internet access. For exams you will need a desktopor laptop with internet access. When class is about to begin, log onto CANVAS and click on theleft navigation bar. Click on Conferzoom. You should see a “JOIN” button (only if classbegins). Click “join” and the first time you do this you will have to download an app. Install the

app and you should be in the online class. Subsequent lectures you will follow the same sequenceexcept you will not have to download any app if you are using the same device.Attendance: Since this course is hybrid and meets every Monday for 2.5 hours. This isa hybrid class so weekly attendance is required to help you succeed. You may bedropped from the class if you miss 4 or more class hours for any reason (as per the ELACschedule of classes). You may be dropped from the class if you have not participatedregularly using my MathXL for online assignments. It is your responsibility to keep upwith the work and make sure that you meet all due dates and times as posted on MathXLand the syllabus calendar. If you leave class early those hours missed also contribute toyour missed in-class hours for drop purposes. Four tardies is equivalent to one absencefor drop purposes.Exams: You must bring 2 valid forms of picture ID to take the exam. You may use ascientific calculator or graphing calculator (absolutely no cell phones). Any violation ofthis rule will result in a zero grade on the exam. Exams are worth 55% of your grade.NEW: Due to the recent health concerns, all exams will be done online usingMathXL. Unlike the first exam, these are timed with only 2 attempts during thetime allotted. You are on the honor system, and this is expected to be an individualeffort without use of outside tools. Each person will get a different version of theexam.Exam 2 will be available on MathXL April 4th from 8 AM to April 5th at 6 PM.Exam 3 will be available on MathXL April 25th from 8 AM to April 26th at 6 PMExam 4 will be available during our regular class time May 11 7:10 – 9:40 PMFinal Exam: Set by the school is June 8: 7:30 – 9:30 PM on MathXLThere will be 4 exams. All exams are one hour or less (except the final which is 2hours). There are no make-up exams because I will replace your lowest exam score withyour final exam score, if higher. No exceptions.Partnership: I strongly recommend having at least one work partner in the class who isresponsible for offering feedback on assignments and providing missed information.Also, it has been statistically proven that students who participate in study groups aremore likely to increase their success on exams.NEW Final Exam: The Final exam is cumulative and is worth 20% of your grade. Thefinal exam is given on Monday June 8 7:30 – 9:30 PM on MathXL. The final will not begiven early or late so please make room in your schedule to take this exam. Failure totake the final exam results in a grade of “F” in the class. Additional practice sets are onmy website.Online Homework: Homework assignments are posted on MathXL ( have due dates. You can attempt the questions unlimited amount of time until the

due date. There is a late due date as well. If the homework is completed late 15% isdeducted. The course ID is XL3I-H180-8022-4E12MathXL Tech Support at 1-800-677-6337 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST Monday – Friday)Students are required to do online homework on a regular basis. Online homeworkassignments due dates will automatically be extended one time only with a 10% pointreduction. Once the time has lapsed for the final due date, the homework cannot beaccessed. No exceptions. The homework can be attempted unlimited times to improveyour score up until the due date. Attached are the instructions on how to get access.Homework is worth 15% of your grade.The approximate cost of the MathXL platform is 60 if purchased from Pearson (pricesmay vary depending on the length of access you decide to get and where you purchase it).Last semester the bookstore offered the Book MathXL for approximately 78.85. This is a really good price considering purchasing just the MathXL access code is over 60.NEW Classwork/Quizzes: Using what you learn is going to help more than just listening.Hence, there will be regular quizzes on MathXL. These count for 10% of the grade. These willbe posted on MathXL so please look for these along with your homework. Unlike homework youwill be given a limited number of attempts to complete these before the due date.Your final grade is a weighted average of the Unit Exams (55%), Final Exam (20%),Online Homework (15%), Classwork/ Quizzes (10%) . Grades are given per thefollowing schedule:90 – 100% is an A, 80 – 89% is a B, 70 – 79% is a C, 60 – 69% is a D, and below 60% isan F.Grade Tracking: Keeping track of your grade average is your responsibility.Class procedures:. Bring the textbook and a graphing calculator to every class. When solving problems, show all work, not just answers, in a logical sequenceof mathematical steps (applies to board work, homework, tests and the finalexam). If you carry a cell phone, please turn the audio off before entering class. Texting andcalls will be done during class breaks only. Stay alert, take a lot of notes, and ask questions. Daily participation is expected. Please do not bring food into the classroom or chew gum. Be courteous and respectful of others. When others are speaking, it is your time tolisten. Their question or my answer may have been what you were seeking to learn.Note: Failure to comply with class rules will result in points being deducted from examsor being asked to leave. If you leave early or are asked to leave, it does count as anabsence for that day.How to succeed:

The class will be conducted as a dynamic learning environment whose value depends on yourindividual contribution and involvement. You cannot get back something better than what youput in. Consequently, your being able to do well in this course will depend upon the following: Showing up for class on a timely basis, being attentive, listening to lectures and to fellowstudents, taking notes, responding thoughtfully during class discussions and interactions,and by helping others. Mostly, being tuned in to what is happening (100% of your best) Do homework assigned with regularity (2 hours per day is recommended). Thoughhomework will not be collected until each exam, learning is achieved through regular,steady, faithful practice rather than through cramming. Don’t quit. You miss 100% of the things you never attempt. Maintain an open channelof communication with your professor. Let me know how you are doing and how I canhelp you maximize your educational experiences.Cheating: As per the student conduct code: A student enrolling in one of the Los AngelesCommunity Colleges may rightfully expect that the faculty and administrators will maintain anenvironment in which there is freedom to learn. This requires that there be appropriateconditions and opportunities in the classroom and on the campus. Any form of dishonesty willnot be tolerated. Do not give me reason to suspect you are cheating on an assignment. Any formof cheating on an assignment will earn an automatic F on that assignment.Incompletes: I do not believe in giving an incomplete (I) grade, except for the severest reasonsthat are totally beyond your control. Just because you are not ready to take the final is not a goodreason. Unless you drop this course you will receive a grade.Disabilities: Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations should promptlyalert the instructor, then provide verification of disability to the Disabled Students Programlocated in E 1 160 or call (323) 265-8787 to make an appointment. If a student with a disabilityfeels that accommodations offered are inappropriate or insufficient, she/he should seek theassistance of the DSP & S Coordinator and/or the Vice President of Student Services. If yourequire time ½ I will be happy to provide you with that on exams when you give me thedocumentation. The exams will be taken in my presence.Note: The schedule/homework is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.Math Free Tutoring Services:Free walk-in tutoring service is available to all students enrolled at ELAC. Please bring yourstudent ID card to the lab. The tutoring lab is staffed by up to 5 tutors every hour and is open 6days a week. The tutoring lab has resources that would help you in mastering the topics coveredin class. The Math Tutoring Lab is located in the G building on the lowest level.Student Learning Outcome for this course:Given the mean and standard deviation of a normally distributed population, students willdetermine the continuous probability of a specific value. Students will also represent theprobability using a density curve.Other information about our textbook:Changes made in the 13th edition of this book:New Subsection 1-3 Part 2:New Section 2-4 (similar material in Chapter 10)New Subsection 4-3, Part 3 Bayes Theorem

New Section 7-4: BootstrappingCombined Sections:4-2 combines the Addition and Multiplication rule of the previous edition5-2 Binomial Probability Distribution combines 5-3 and 5-4 of previous editionChanged Terminology:Significant: Previously called “unusual” outcomes are now termed “significantly low” or“significantly high”Multiplication Counting Rule: Previously termed “fundamental counting rule” is now“multiplication counting rule”Web EtiquetteSome helpful hints with regards to taking an online class1. Be respectful to your fellow classmates and instructor - be aware that what you writemay be misconstrued, so think about it before you send it2. Do not write in all capitals - this is considered SHOUTING3. Do not belittle any of your classmates opinions/ideas - everyone is entitled to theirown ideas whether you agree or not, it is OK to disagree in a constructive way4. Do not expect immediate responses to questions - just because this is an online classdoes not mean that fellow students and/or the instructor is always online andavailable. All questions will be answered within 48 hours unless it is a weekend, thenquestions will be answered during the next class meeting.This syllabus and attached calendar is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor

MONDAY10-FebIntro & 3.2/3.3/4.1/4.2 - ONLINE EXAM FOR CH 1-3 DUE MARCH 79-Mar4.3/4.4/5.1/5.216-MarNon Instruction23-MarSpring Break30-Mar5.3/6.1/6.2/ Exam 2 (Available from 4/4/2020 8 AM to -4/5/2020 6 PM on MathXL)6-Apr6.3/6.4/7.1/7.213-AprNON INSTRUCTION20-Apr7.2/7.3/8.1 & Exam 3 (Available 4/25/2020 at 8 AM to 4/26/2020 at 6 PM on -MayExam 4 (using MathXL during class time)18-May9.4/10.1/10.2 & Review25-MayHOLIDAY1-JunReview for Final8-JunFinal Exam 7:30 - 9:30 PM (on MathXL)Subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.Feb 23 Add DeadlineFeb 23, Drop Deadline #1May 10 Drop Deadline #2 (tentative)Sunday May 23 Last Day of Instruction

EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE POLICY ON ACADEMIC HONESTYApproved February 28, 2006 by the Academic Senate and Vice President of StudentServicesStudents, you are expected to refrain from engaging in the following behaviors:1. Using, receiving, or providing unauthorized information during tests or on any writtenassignments.2. Changing answers on assignments after work has been graded.3. Using unauthorized electronic devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, electronicdictionaries, IPODs, etc.4. Having another student take an examination for you or taking an examination foranother student. Photo identification may be required at the first examination.5. Plagiarizing or presenting someone else’s work as your own.6. Forging or altering registration documents, grades, or add permits.7. Bribing or attempting to bribe an instructor or other college official for gradeconsideration or other special favors.8. Violating any other standard that an instructor identifies as cheating in that particularcourse or subject area.When there is evidence of academic dishonesty, the instructor may issue the student azero or “F” on that particular assignment or test. The instructor may also initiate studentdiscipline under LACCD Board Rule 91101, which may include the issuance of a verbalor written warning. Pursuant to LACCD Board Rule 91101 .11(a), the Vice President ofStudent Services will place documentation of such warnings in the student’s file.Any student concerned about the implementation of this policy should review the CollegeCatalog Student Information, where he/she will find references to the Student GrievanceProcedure and the relevant Board Rules. He/she might also contact the Office of StudentServices in El-136 or the Ombudsperson at 1/06

a hybrid class so weekly attendance is required to help you succeed. You may be dropped from the class if you miss 4 or more class hours for any reason (as per the ELAC schedule of classes). You may be dropped from the class if you have not participated regularly using my MathXL for