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BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN:Business Administration (ADE)Business Administration (ADE English Programme)ADE Industrial and Production EngineeringADE LawADE Humanities and Cultural StudiesADE BSc EconomicsADE BSc Financial EconomicsADE BSc MarketingCONTACT 34 932 541 800Exchange UniversitiesNorthAmerica11 agreementsCentral andSouth America21 agreementsEurope40 agreementsAsia10 agreements

Patricia“Studying ADE at UIC Barcelona means a lot more thanobtaining a university qualification. It’s an experience thathas allowed me to learn at an individual level. A place whereI’ve been able to develop communication and publicspeaking skills thanks to the Debating Team. I had theopportunity to live in another country, learn from highlyqualified professors and interact with people from everycorner of the world.”Patricia ManresaBusiness Administration (ADE) student

ADEADE Industrialand ProductionEngineering(5-6 years)4ADE Law(5 years)ADEProgramme4 yearsADEEnglishProgramme4 yearsADE Humanities(5 years)ADE Economics(5 years)ADE FinancialEconomics(5 years)ADE Marketing(5 years)Prospective studentsJob opportunitiesIf you have previous education in the area of humanities orsocial sciences, or have taken a technological baccalaureate,then studying business at UIC Barcelona is a good choice,due to the wide range of double degrees we offer. We arelooking for people with the following qualities:— The ability to plan and organise— Quick decision-making skills— Leadership and empathy— Responsibility and observation skills— Teamwork and initiative— Discipline and dedication— Healthy professional ambition— The desire to help others— The ability to undertake a sustained effortBy being an ADE graduate you can acquire jobs in highlydiverse environments. The Bachelor’s Degree in BusinessAdministration opens up a wide range of job opportunitiesin such varied fields as:— General and strategic management— People management— Banking and Finance— Entrepreneurship— Consultancy— Planning and control— Logistical and distribution management— Marketing, advertising and sales— Accounting and auditingAdvice and mentoringTeaching staffUIC Barcelona offers students an optional academic,professional and personal mentoring service fromtheir first year.Many of the lecturers in the Faculty are currently workingin their field, which allows students to learn about realsituations they will come across in their future.You will learn through:— Case studies— Teaching innovation— Individual attention and guidance— Small class groups

ADD VALUE TO YOUR CVBusiness Day“University-Business Day”The Faculty organises a Business Day every year,an event that promotes the development of thesoft personal, social and professional skills ofour students, through real challenges providedby companies which students must deal with inteams. During the competition students learn andput into practice leadership skills, cooperative work,communication creativity and innovation skills.UIC Barcelona facilitates meetings between our studentsand leading companies from various sectors that arelooking for students to do work placements or employeesfor junior positions. Participating companies:B-Excellent ProgrammeWork placement agreementsThis programme prepares students for positionsof responsibility and business leadership. It provides aprofound and immediate overview of professional reality.Sessions are taught by teachers from internationallyprestigious business schools.Professional development and young peoplejoining the labour market is a priority at the Facultyof Economic and Social Sciences at UIC Barcelona.The programme incorporates variousmethodologies and includes a discussion ofreal cases with consultants, executives seniorexecutives and offers visits to companies.You will also have an opportunity to participate inthe Consulting Competition with students in differentyears. The programme director will supervise theprojects. Project conclusions will be presented in public,and before a panel of experts so they can be assessed.— CaixaBank— Danone — Deloitte— EVERIS— EY— Grant Thornton— Inditex— KPMG— Mango— Mapfre— Media Markt— Mediolanum— Nautal— Nestlé— Page Personnel— PwC— SEATThe professional work placement programme issomething different for our students, it allows them tocomplement the knowledge and skills they acquired inthe classroom with Real professional experience. Weoffer guidance, training, tutorials and individual advicefor each student, to ensure the success of this highlyenriching experience. Apart from being educational,it can also lead to jobs for students. We hold morethan 450 agreements with prestigious companiesand institutions in different fields and we offeropportunities for work experience both at a nationaland an international level over a full semester.INTERNATIONAL WORK PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIESMobility agreementsWe hold 77 international mobility agreementsin 30 countries around the world and universitiessuch as the Freie Universität Berlin, the University ofBirmingham (United Kingdom), the University of Zurich,the National University of Seoul, the University of WesternOntario (Canada) and Felician College (New Jersey),among others.Agreements with the US:UCLA & BerkeleyUIC Barcelona holds an agreement with the Universityof California-Berkeley, via which our students can takesummer courses in the prestigious Californianuniversity as well as having credits for these coursesrecognised. UC Berkeley is one of the best universitiesin the world. We also hold an exclusive with UCLAin California.5

BACHELOR’S DEGREE INBusiness Administration (ADE)Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (ADE)The teaching programme has an impact on two keyat UIC Barcelona teach professionals and entrepreneursaspects: practical training and an international outlook.who are committed to society.At UIC Barcelona many of our students take part of theirYou will work in a team and we will help boost yourstudies at universities abroad. You also have the optiontalent, which means you will be able to carry out yourof taking our Bachelor’s degree in Business in Englishown projects.(ADE English Programme).Reducedgroups6Work placementagreementsMobilityagreements

8 semesters – 240 ECTS – 80 placesBarcelona Campus – Spanish, Catalan and EnglishFrom September to JuneSTUDY PROGRAMME1ECTS24ECTSSEMESTER 1ECTS6Business Law6Statistics I3Accounting IV3Organisational Behaviour6History of Economics9Accounting I6Financial Management I3Communication in English*6Mathematics I3Macroeconomics II6Operations Management6Strategic Management6Microeconomics I*3Microeconomics II*6Human Resource Management6Financial Management III6Social Thought I3General Ethics3Econometrics6Business Taxation30Subtotal6Option I6Marketing I3Marketing II30Subtotal30SubtotalECTSSEMESTER 13SEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 1SEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 13Business Ethics6Option IV36SubtotalECTSSEMESTER 26Business Economics6Accounting II30Option III15Work placements6Management IT I3Accounting III30Subtotal9Final Degree Project6Business English*6Financial Management I24Subtotal6Macroeconomics I3Spanish Economy3Mathematics II3World Economics3Social Thought II3Statistics II30Subtotal6Option II30Subtotal*Consult language of instructionSpanish Electives:English Electives:— Marca Personal— Psicología Positiva— Análisis Bursátil— Análisis Financiero y Bancario— Dirección por Misiones— Excel Avanzado y Visualización de Datos— Investigación Cualitativa de Mercados— Italiano 1, 2, 3 y Derecho Europeo (solo para el itinerarioADE Ingeniería de la Producción Industrial)— Digital Transformation— IESE Management Week— Entrepreneurship— Business English 2— Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment— International Trade— Family Business— Marketing Research— Global Retail Marketing— Business Advertising— Corporate Governance— On-line Marketing— Topics in Management 1, 27

BACHELOR’S DEGREE INBusiness Administration (ADE English Programme)The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration aimsopportunity to take part of the programme at foreignto train business professionals and entrepreneurs whouniversities. These are key values of UIC Barcelona. Weare committed to society. It combines the most rigorousalso encourage practical experience and teamwork, ontheoretical knowledge with a practical focus in order tothe basis of which we can enhance your ability totrain professionals who are able to resolve problems.implement projects. Many of the lecturers in the Facultyare also active professionals in their respective fields,The goal is to respond to challenges, join together andwhich means that students learn to approach futureensure an international focus. We offer students theproblems in a way that is real.Reducedgroups8Work placementagreementsMobilityagreements

Contact us forfurther semesters – 240 ECTS – 80 placesBarcelona Campus – EnglishFrom September to JuneSTUDY PROGRAMME1ECTS2SEMESTER 134ECTSSEMESTER 1ECTS6Business Law6Statistics I3SEMESTER 1Accounting IVECTS3Organisational Behaviour6History of Economics9Accounting I6Financial Management II3Professional Communication6Mathematics I3Macroeconomics II6Operations Management6Microeconomics I3Microeconomics II6Human Resources6Human Thought I3General Ethics3Econometrics30Subtotal6Elective I6Marketing I30Subtotal30Subtotal66633636ECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 1SkillsStrategic ManagementFinancial Management IIIBusiness TaxationMarketing IIBusiness EthicsOption IVSubtotalSEMESTER 26Business Economics6Accounting II30Option III15Work Placements6Information Systems3Accounting III30Subtotal9Final Degree Project6Business English6Financial Management I24Subtotal6Macroeconomics I3Spanish Economy3Mathematics II3World Economics3Human Thought II3Statistics II30Subtotal6Option II30SubtotalEnglish Electives:Spanish Electives:— Digital Transformation— IESE Management Week— Entrepreneurship— Business English 2— Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment— International Trade— Family Business— Marketing Research— Global Retail Marketing— Business Advertising— Corporate Governance— On-line Marketing— Topics in Management 1, 2— Marca Personal— Psicología Positiva— Análisis Bursátil— Análisis Financiero y Bancario— Dirección por Misiones— Excel Avanzado y Visualización de Datos— Investigación Cualitativa de Mercados— Italiano 1,2,3 y Derecho Europeo (solo para el itinerarioADE Ingeniería de la Producción Industrial)9

DOUBLE DEGREE INADE Industrial and Production EngineeringDouble Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration approach is possible because the studies are organisedIndustrial and Production Engineering offers ain conjunction with the Polytechnic University ofmultidisciplinary overview of the sector which willTurin: part of the programme is taught in Barcelona andprepare you for any challenge. Our proposalthe other in Turin.incorporates two points of view: an international focusAlso, you will be able to enjoy a period of six months ofand a cross-cutting and eminently practical experience in companies in both countries.The international nature of this double degree is alsoThe study programme for this double degreedemonstrated through the opportunity to take theprogramme combines learning about business, as wellmajority of ADE subjects in English, if you enrol on theas industrial production systems. This multidisciplinaryUIC Barcelona English programme.Work placementagreementsMobilityagreementsTracks:1) ADE Laurea Triennale Master’s Degree inBusiness Management and Production Systems(MUDESP) in five years.2) ADE Laurea Triennale Master’s Degree inBusiness Management and Production Systems Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneriadella Produzione Industriale in six years.10

10/12 semesters – Barcelona Campus / Polytechnic University of TurinSpanish, Catalan, Italian and English – From September to JuneYou can study ADE English Programme Industrial and Production EngineeringSTUDY PROGRAMME1ECTS24 TurinECTSSEMESTER 1ECTS6Business Law6Statistics I3Accounting IV6History of Economics9Accounting I6Financial Management I6Mathematics I3Macroeconomics II6Operations Management6Microeconomics I3Microeconomics II6Human Resource Management6Social Thought I3General Ethics3Econometrics30Subtotal6Option (Italian I)6Marketing I3Communication in English3Option (European Law)**3Organisational Behaviour3Option (Italian III)36Subtotal6Strategic Management42SubtotalECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 13SEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1ECTSSEMESTER 16Databases andInformation Systems6Quality Management Systems10Graphic Communication andMechanical Manufacturing8Material for Technology30SubtotalECTSSEMESTER 26Business Economics6Accounting II24Work placements5Energetics and Ecology6Management IT I3Accounting III6Finance Management III*10Industrial Facilities and Safety6Business English6Financial Management I3Marketing II*6Operational Research6Macroeconomics I3Spanish Economy33Subtotal6Integrated Factory Management3Mathematics II3World Economics3Final Degree Project Italian3Social Thought II3Statistics II30Subtotal30Subtotal6Option (Italian II)30Subtotal5 ADE5 ADE6 TurinECTSECTSECTS Laurea Triennale MUDESP Laurea Magistrale(Track 2) Laurea Triennale MUDESP(Track 1)SEMESTER 1SEMESTER 1(Track 2)SEMESTER 16Operations Managementand Production6Operations Managementand Production3Professional Ethicsand Industrial Relations6Financial Economy**6Financial Economy**5Business Strategy6Project Management65Process Innovation3Innovation and ProductDevelopmentOperations and ProductionManagement3Innovation and Product Development5Product Innovation3Marketing**3Marketing**8Production and LogisticsProgramming6Total Quality Management6Total Quality Management8Innovative Production Systems30Subtotal30Subtotal34SubtotalECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 2ECTSSEMESTER 29Final Degree Project3Financial Markets20Work placements18Work placements66Final Master’s Degree Project12Final Master’s Degree ProjectLogistics and Managementof Materials26Subtotal39SubtotalOn the English Programme thesubjects are taught in Englishapart from those taught in Turin.3Management of Strategic Partnerships3Company Information Systems3International Commerce**6Decision Analysis3Corporate Government**9Final Degree Project36Subtotal* Blended subject** Subject taught in English11

DOUBLE DEGREE INADE LawThis UIC Barcelona programme is adapted to the currentOnce you have completed fourth year, you will havecontext in order to offer a simultaneous double degreeearned your first official qualification in Businesswith an international and practical approach.Administration (ADE) and at the end of 5th year you willA comprehensive response to today’s social andbe a Law graduate. The programme has receivedeconomic challenges. Spread over five years, it willbacking from numerous companies, solicitor’s officesallow you to simultaneously undertake two degreeand organisations that guarantee its quality.programmes which have compatible timetables.Reducedgroups12Work placementagreementsMobilityagreements

10 semesters – 480 ECTS – Barcelona CampusCatalan, Spanish and English – From September to JuneThe Bachelor’s Degree in BBA can be taken in the language chosen by the student, except for a few subjects.STUDY PROGRAMME1 ADE2 ADE LawYEARBScECTS SEMESTER 1YEARBSciade6iade6iadeiHistory of Economicsilaw6Mathematics Iilaw66Microeconomics Iilaw6ade6Social Thought Iiiade9Accounting Iiiade3General Ethics36 SubtotaliiilawadeECTS SEMESTER 16YEARBScConstitutional Law Iiilaw6Administrative Law IEnglish for Lawyersiilaw6Civil Law IIHistory of Lawand Institutionsiilaw6European Union Lawiilaw3Criminal Law Iiilaw3Legal Information Technology IIiiiade3Econometricsiiiade3Accounting IViiiade6Financial Management IIiiiade6Operations ManagementIntroduction to theTheory of Law6Statistical Iiiade3Macroeconomics IIiiade3Microeconomics II6Marketing Iiiiade3 ADE LawECTS SEMESTER 142 Subtotal42 SubtotalYEARBScYEARBScYEARBSciadeECTS SEMESTER 26Macroeconomics Iilaw6Civil Law Iiilaw6Administrative Law IIiade6Business Economicsilaw6Constitutional Law IIiilaw6Civil Law IIIiade6Management IT Iilaw6International Public Lawiilaw6Criminal Law IIiade3Mathematics IIilaw6Roman Lawiilaw6Procedural Law Iiade3Social Thought IIiiade3Accounting IIIiilaw2iiade6Accounting IIiiade3Spanish EconomyIntroduction toComparative Lawiiade6Financial Management Iiiade3World Economicsiiilaw6iiade3Statistics IILabour Law andSocial Security Law Iivade6Financial Management III*36 SubtotalECTS SEMESTER 236 Subtotal4 ADE LawECTS SEMESTER 15 LawECTS SEMESTER 238 SubtotalBachelor’s Degree in Law creditsYEARBScYEARBSciiilaw3Administrative Law IIIiiilaw6Criminal Law III142 Compulsoryiiilaw6Civil Law IViiilaw3Procedural Law II6 Options (of 22)iiilaw6Financial and Taxation Law Iivlaw66 Final Degree Projectiiilaw6Commercial Law IEcclesiastic andMatrimonial Canon Lawivade3Organisational Behaviourivlaw6International Private Lawivade6Strategic Managementivlaw6Philosophyivade3Marketing IIivlaw3Commercial Law IIIivade3Communication in Englishivlaw3Procedural Criminal Law Iivade3Business Ethicsivlaw3Catalan State Lawivlaw3Labour and andSocial Security Law II39 SubtotalECTS SEMESTER 139 SubtotalYEARBScYEARBSciiilaw6Options Lawiiilaw4Financial and Taxation Law IIiii ivade18Options ADE orWork Placementsiiilaw6Civil Law Vivade9Final Degree Projectiiilaw6Administrative Law IViiilaw2International Contract Lawivlaw2Procedural Criminal Law IIiiilaw6Commercial Law IIivlaw6Final Degree ProjectECTS SEMESTER 233 SubtotalECTS SEMESTER 248 Basic education202 Total credits22 Recognised OB or FB16 Recognised options240 TotalBachelor’s Degree in ADE credits48 Basic education96 Compulsory18 Options taken (out of 63)9 Final Degree Project171 Total credits24 Recognised OB or FB45 Recognised options240 Total32 SubtotalAt the end of 4th year you will acquire a Bachelor’sDegree in ADEAt the end of 5th year you will acquire a Bachelor’sDegree in Law qualification*Blended subject13

DOUBLE DEGREE INADE Humanities and Cultural StudiesThis technical business training and a critical view of theorganisation and management in a world that isworld. Double Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities andbecoming more globalised. The double degree isBusiness Administration (ADE) at UIC Barcelonaspread over five years, and will allow you toprovides specific knowledge of the business world, andsimultaneously undertake two degree programmesat the same time strong analytical skills and intellectualwhich have compatible timetables.openness. The double degree provides depth andAt the end of 4th year you will have earned your firstknowledge in the field of humanities which complementofficial qualification in Humanities and Cultural Studies,business knowledge. The learning is optimal in order toand at the end of 5th year you will be a Businessface the challenges derived from the new trends inAdministration (ADE) graduate.Reducedgroups14Work placementagreementsMobilityagreements

10 semesters – 480 ECTS – Barcelona CampusSpanish, Catalan and English – Times: mornings and afternoonThe Bachelor’s Degree in BBA (Spanish), with the option of taking some subjects in English.STUDY PROGRAMME1 HumanitiesYEARBScECTS SEMESTER 1ihum6ihum3ihum6Written Communication Iihum6Introduction to Cultureihum9Classical Cultureiihum6Religion and Cultureiihum3Digital Humanities2 ADE HumanitiesYEARBScAnthropologyiade6Business LawHistory, Memoryand Historiography Iiade6History of Economicsiade6iiiiiadehumhumECTS SEMESTER 16693 ADE HumanitiesYEARBSciiihum6Geography of the Regionsof the WorldMathematics Iiiihum6Great History of Art WorksMicroeconomics Iiiihum6Mediterranean: Shared HeritageEthicsiiihum3Theory of CultureModern Culture(partially taught in English)iiihum3Aesth T. 34 932 541 800 Central and South America 21 agreements North America 11 agreements Europe 40 agreements Asia 10 agreements BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN: Business Administration (ADE) Business Administration (ADE English Programme) ADE Industrial and Production Engineerin