The Direct Sales Video Conversion Blueprint


The DirectSales VideoConversionTMBlueprintThe 20 min short cut thatturns more prospects intocustomers and distributors

Here’s why your sales process needs an EvergreenWebinar using The Direct Sales Video ConversionBlueprint If you don’t have an Evergreen Webinar using TheDirect Sales Video Conversion Blueprint, your fieldwill be limited to doing one on one presentationsor home meetings.Even when this sales process converts well (whenconducted by an experienced leader), this is still alimiting sales process as it is hard to apply tointerstate and overseas prospects.Hi My name is Liza Choa. I helpDirect Selling Companies that arestill using the non-digital ways ofmarketing or not scaling fastenough.I help them automate theirmarketing process, sell withevergreen webinar funnels, andleverage their field distributors sothey SELL more products, KEEPmore distributors and GROWmore leaders.This short guide will show youhow.More often, the conversion rate will be inconsistentas it relies on the ability (and confidence) of thepresenter. With unpredictable sales and sign ups,this can be demotivating for your new consultants.This becomes too hard, and they ended up beinginactive. They might stay as customer (as best), ortotally drop out - all of which means your businessis stalled.TRAFFIC Warm ColdLEAD UP Drive webinarregistration Maximisershow up rateThe Perfect Direct Sales Funnel The Perfect Direct Sales Funnel has 4 essential pieces — theEvergreen Webinar is the third step. First is the traffic source. This canbe warm or cold traffic. The Lead Up includes both your webinarregistration page, which is designed to ensure your information isenticing enough for your prospect to register for the webinar, as wellas the email and sms sequence to get your prospect to actually showup to the webinar. The 20 min Evergreen Webinar builds trust &qualifies buyers automatically.With an Evergreen Webinar in place following The Direct Sales VideoConversion Blueprint , your prospects will self-select. Your field willno longer need to “sale”. Instead, your prospect will self-quality. Afterwatching the evergreen webinar, your prospect will simply let yourconsultant know whether they are want the product, the opportunity,or not. Your distributors will sign more customers with less resistance,and that means more money, more meaning, and more freedom.When I was in the field, this process has helped myself and my teamconverted over 70% of prospects into customers or distributors. Hereare the 5 Key Principles you need to for The Direct Sales VideoConversion Blueprint .EVERGREENWEBINAR Streamlinesales process Builds trustandcredibility EducateSIGN UP Unifiedmessaging Make fit/nofit decision Prospect select

1 gniKsidnameOn D“Live TVviewership issinking at anastonishingrate* cline-2015-9?r US&IR TIn a recent study, AdAge notedthat live TV viewership is sinkingat an astonishing rate amongmillennials.Viewing amongst millennials (aged18 – 24) dropped an incredible20% against the previous year.That’s just in 12 months!Instead they are flocking toservices such as Hulu, Netflix, andAmazon Prime that offerprogramming on demand.Today’s customer wants to watchtheir content on their ownschedule, not on yours.So how do you adapt to this?With an Evergreen Webinar funnel.These software tools are a cloudbased solution that let you presentyour prerecorded video as a webinar.Why do a webinar instead ofjust putting a video up onYouTube? Avoid distraction - The business ofYouTube is to get people to watchmore videos – and they do it verywell! You want your prospect to befocused on your presentation, notwhat is next to it. Avoid competition - You can’tcontrol what YouTube’s algorithmswill suggest as the next “related”video to watch or put up in thesidebar. It may even be a video fromyour competitor. Gain better analytics - With awebinar, you get detailed reports,including who is watching, for howlong, and – if they drop out – atwhat point they lost interest andclicked away. This helps youoptimise your presentation.ACTION POINT:Make sure your sales process is OnDemand!

2FirstImpressionCounts eiDro,ngiseDrK i l leIf your target market are Gen X,Gen Y, or the Millenials then youneed a modern, attractive designfor your company’s website,logo, content, social mediaplatforms and presentations.Bad design turns potentialcustomers off.Young people, bombarded withads on their screens and out inpublic, are used to making snapdecisions on where to direct theirattention.If you present information as astodgy PowerPoint, then at bestpeople will see your business asout of touch and tired. At worst,they’ll see you as unprofessionalor even untrustworthy – a fly bynight company that can’t affordproper design.How do you create gooddesign for presentations? Use meaningful images Easy to read infographicsWhat is a meaningful image?It’s one that enhances the message ofthe text or narration. Spend the moneyto get your imagery from a reputablestock photography service.Don’t download from a Google search– you may run into copyright issues,and find yourself with low qualityversions that look blurry or pixelated atfull size.Along the same lines, be careful not tostretch or squash your images. Usehigh resolution images that match thecontent and add meaning.

3What’s InIt ForMe?Step 3 is reaching the mosttuned in radio in the world, thequestion every prospect is askingthemselves: “What’s In It ForMe?”What’s the single biggestmistake most companiesmake with their content?Their content is all about them.When you get this wrong, it feelslike being in a conversation withsomeone who only talks aboutthemselves. It’s off-putting andno one cares. oidaRW I IFMWhat you want to do is connectwith your audience on a personallevel. You want them to feel thatyou understand their frustration,you know what they need, andyou have a solution for them.Empathy converts.Connecting with your audience: Make the delivery about theviewer Focus on benefits, notfeaturesHow to do this?Go through your text and count howoften you use “Us” or “We” insteadof “You” and “Your”.Make sure your communication isdirected towards your prospect.When presenting features, end with“What that means to you is ” Don’tbe shy about spelling out exactlywhy your features are important –what may seem obvious to youmight not be to the person seeingthe information for the first time.

4MonkeySee,MonkeyDo snoitseuQyeKTh re eIf your prospect is evaluatingyour opportunity, they will beunconsciously askingthemselves these questions “Can I do this?” “Will I do this?” “Do I have the time for this?”If your prospect answers “No”to one or more of these threequestions, they will not moveforward with the opportunity.Monkey See, Monkey DoThey are watching how theopportunity is being presented tothem, and they would naturally thinkthat they have to do the same thingif they are in the business.You need to demonstrate to themthat: They can do this They will feel comfortable doingthis It doesn’t take a lot of time, andthey can fit it inBe explicit in explaining the different waysthey can do the business: Home party One-on-one presentation Running markets (if applicable to yourbusiness) Online by inviting people to watch thiswebinar like you are doing now!Show them all the tools your company has tomake it simple for them to do the business.When your prospect says “Yes” to these 3questions, watch how your company’sgrowth goes through the roof!

5Help YourProspectto SelfSelect Sh o yaWehTmehTwYou have done the hard work. Youhave established relationship, sharedinformation on your company, yourproducts and your opportunity. Nowit’s time to close the sale by guidingthem on how to get started.Far too many companies build up adetailed exploration of their productsand their opportunity, only to backaway with their call to action.They expect the consultant to explainthe pricing and packages. This killsthe momentum of your pitch, requiringthe consultant to start all over again.Have a Strong Solid CloseTake people through the pricing on yourflagship products and the packs that youhave.Be explicit on what is in each pack andwho the ideal customer is for each item.For example: A small pack is for a single person for amonth’s consumption. The next size upis ideal for a couple, and the large packis perfect for a family. The business builder pack is designedfor someone who want to do thebusiness as it has everything so you cansample and experience all the productsAt the end of the presentation, let themknow it’s time to make a decision. Hereare the 3 options: No, this is not for me. Then thank themfor their time I’m interested in trying some products.Help them to be a customer andchoose the right products I’m interested in the opportunity. Helpthem choose the right pack to comeonboard. Them them through the signup form so they know what to expect.This process will enable your prospect toself-select, and saves your consultanttime from explaining and closing the sale.They simply need to take the order.

hcnuaLdnadaoLSellWithoutSelling Whether you’re just starting aDirect Selling company, or youhave hundreds of thousands ofdistributors and consultants, theEvergreen Webinar is a powerfultool for recruitment, sales, andcustomer education.Once this is implemented, you aresaving your field hundreds ofwasted hours of manualpresentation, and provided themanother option to do theirbusiness digitally.The Perfect DirectSales Funnel At the start of this short guide, yousaw a diagram which showed howthe The Evergreen Webinar fits intoStep 3 of the The Perfect DirectSales FunnelTM.If you want to take and install thewhole Perfect Direct Sales FunnelTMinto your business, the next step isto fill in a simple form to expressyour interest. Once we have finalisedthis product, we will be in touch.Express your interest here:Tell Me More

are the 5 Key Principles you need to for The Direct Sales Video Conversion Blueprint . TRAFFIC LEAD UP EVERGREEN WEBINAR SIGN UP Warm Cold Drive webinar registration Maximiser show up rate Streamline sales process Builds trust and credibility Educate Unified messaging Make fit/no fit decision Prospect select