REUTERS/Srdjan ZivulovicCS PROFESSIONAL SUITEFROM THOMSON REUTERSKNOWLEDGE YOU CAN TRUSTThe Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters—the world’s leadinginformation resource—brings you the most comprehensive line of integratedsoftware, research and guidance available to the accounting profession.POWERFUL. PRODUCTIVE. PROFITABLE.The CS Professional Suite combines powerful data sharing, paperless processingand online convenience to help you achieve a more productive and profitablepractice. After all, when you’re able to customize just the right mix of suitesolutions for your firm, you can do some amazing things—like streamline firmworkflow, strengthen client ties and maintain a competitive edge. And that’spretty powerful stuff.Keep reading to go beyond integration—and straight to real-time collaboration.

TABLE OF CONTENTSADVANCEFLOWAdvanceFlow3Cloud-Based Convenience4Powerful Workpaper Management Features5Sophisticated Trial Balance Capabilities6Unparalleled Integration7Enterprise-Level Security8Integration with NetClient CS Client Portals9AdvanceFlow and GoFileroom10System Requirements12Training and Consulting Options13

ThomsonReutersAudit SolutionsTHOMSON REUTERSAUDITSOLUTIONSEXPERIENCED Experienced auditors on staff - over 300 years ofcombined practice experience Authors are practicing CPAs - some of the mostknowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industry Deep industry experience offers practical, “how to”solutions Developed by practitioners, for practitionersTRUSTED Time tested and proven Always current and reliable Overarching QC system provides consistency, efficiency,and peace of mind Peer reviewed for over 30 years Used by over 80% of the Top 100 U.S. firms andover 90% of firms across the U.S.Thomson Reuters Audit SolutionsThomson Reuters Audit SolutionsThomson Reuters Audit Solutionsnsnsnsuters/Tax & Accounting. All Rights Reserved.uters/Tax & Accounting. All Rights Reserved.uters/Tax & Accounting. All Rights Reserved. 2013 Thomson Reuters/Tax & Accounting. All Rights Reserved.T-600589EXPERIENCEDEXPERIENCED Experienced auditors on staff - over 300 years ofpractice experience combinedExperiencedauditors on staff with more than Authors are practicing CPAs - some of the most300yearsofcombined practice experience.knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industryindustry experienceoffers practical,“how to” DeepAuthorsare practicingCPAs;some of nalsEXPERIENCED Developed by practitioners, for practitioners Experiencedauditors on staff - over 300 years ofinthebusiness.combined practice experienceTRUSTEDare industrypracticing CPAs- some of the most AuthorsDeepexperienceoffers practical, Timetested and experiencedprovenknowledgeable,professionals in the reliable AlwaysDeep industryoffers practical, “how to”EXPERIENCEDsolutions QC system provides consistency, efficiency, Overarching ExperiencedDevelopedby practitioners, for practitioners.and peace ofauditorsmind on staff - over 300 years of Developed by practitioners, for practitionerscombined practice experience Peer reviewed for over 30 years Authors are practicing CPAs - some of the most Usedby over 80%of the Top 100U.S. he industryTRUSTEDover 90% of firms across the U.S.andproven offers practical, “how to” TimeDeep testedindustryexperiencesolutions AlwaysTime-testedand proven.current and reliableCOMPREHENSIVE Developed byQCpractitioners,for practitioners efficiency,system provides OverarchingAlwayscurrentand lutionsand peace of mindExtensivebreadthand 30depthof industry coverage PeerreviewedforoveryearsOverarching QC system provides yoverand80%of the awarenessTop 100 U.S. firms and Timeprovenefficiencyandof mind.over90%Trainingof firmsoptionsacross peacetheU.S. in-house, AlwaysCPEand(online,Checkpointcurrent andreliableLearning, AuditWatch)QC system providesconsistency, OverarchingPeer-reviewedfor morethanefficiency,30 years.and peace of mindCOMPREHENSIVE Usedbymorethan80%oftop100 firms andCompleteresearchand30guidanceEFFICIENT Peerreviewedfor overyears solutions NewstreamlinedExtensivebreadthanddepthof industrycoverageUsedby over80%engagementsof90%theTopof100U.S. firmsandmorethanfirmsacrossthe United States.over 90%of acrossfirmscurrentacrossthe U.S.Consistencyengagements LatestnewsandawarenessTRUSTEDengagement AutomatedCPE and Trainingoptionsprocesses(online, in-house, CheckpointLearning,solutionsAuditWatch) Tailoredfor small noncomplex auditsCOMPREHENSIVECOMPREHENSIVE Complete research and guidance solutions ExtensiveCompleteresearchand guidancesolutions.breadth anddepth of agementsnewsand tocurrentMultipleoptionsmeet awarenessyour firmneeds LatestExtensivebreadthanddepth of industry coverage.Consistencyengagements CPEand Trainingoptions(online,in-house,CheckpointUse withanyacrossengagementsoftwareor integratefor sses AutomatedLatestnews andcurrent awareness.Apply to solutionsany size audit,largenoncomplexor small audits Tailoredfor small CPE and training options (online, in-house,EFFICIENTCheckpointLearning, AuditWatch ). Newstreamlined engagementsINNOVATIVEFLEXIBLE d,and mobileMultiple optionsto engagementsmeet your firmneedsengagementDynamicauditprocess— processes AutomatedUsewith anyengagementsoftware or integrate for ssystem for small noncomplex audits TailoredPowerfulonline Applyto anysizeresource—Checkpointaudit, large or small Leading engagement management—FLEXIBLEEngagement CS and AdvanceFlow Multiple options to meet your firm needsINNOVATIVEtechnology—desktop,cloud,and mobile AdvancedUse with anyengagement softwareor integratefor acompleteauditsystem Dynamicprocess—EXPERIENCEDCOMPREHENSIVE Complete research and guidance solutions Extensive breadth and depth of industry coverage Latest news and current awareness Authors are practicing CPAs - some of the most CPE and Training options (online, in-house, Checkpointknowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industryLearning, AuditWatch)EXPERIENCED Experienced auditors on staff - over 300 years ofcombined practice experience Experiencedon staff- over300 yearsDeep to”combinedsolutions practice experienceEFFICIENT New streamlined engagements AuthorsarebypracticingCPAsfor- someof the D Consistency across engagementsknowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industry Experienced auditors on staff - over 300 years of Automated engagement processes Deepindustryexperienceoffers practical, “how to”combinedpracticeexperience Tailored solutions for small noncomplex auditsTRUSTEDsolutions ndproven Developedpractitioners,practitionersin the LEXIBLE Always current and reliable Multiple options to meet your firm needs Deep industry experience offers practical, “how to” Overarchingsolutions QC system provides consistency, efficiency, Use with any engagement software or integrate for aTRUSTEDand peace of mindcomplete system TimeDevelopedpractitioners,for practitionerstestedbyandproven Apply to any size audit, large or small Peer reviewed for over 30 years Always current and reliable Used by over 80% of the Top 100 U.S. firms and OverarchingQC systemINNOVATIVEover 90% of firmsacrossprovidesthe U.S.consistency, efficiency,TRUSTED Advanced technology—desktop, cloud, and mobileand peacemind Timetestedofandproven Dynamic audit process— AlwaysPeer reviewedforover30yearscurrent and reliableCheckpoint Tools and SMART Audit SuiteCOMPREHENSIVE Usedby overQC80%of theprovidesTop 100 consistency,U.S. firms and Powerful online resource—CheckpointOverarchingsystemefficiency, Completeresearchand guidancesolutionsover90%offirmsacrosstheU.S. Leading engagement management—and peace of mind Extensive breadth and depth of industry coverageEngagement CS and AdvanceFlow Peer reviewed for over 30 years Latest news and current awareness Used by over 80% of the Top 100 U.S. firms andCOMPREHENSIVE CPE(online,in-house, Checkpointover and90%TrainingoffirmsoptionsacrosstheU.S. solutions Completeresearchand guidanceLearning, AuditWatch) Extensive breadth and depth of industry coverage Latest news and current awarenessCOMPREHENSIVEEFFICIENT Completeresearchoptionsand guidanceCPE and Training(online, solutionsin-house, Checkpoint thand depth ofengagements.industry coverage ExtensiveNewstreamlinedConsistency across engagements Latest news and current awarenessengagement processes AutomatedConsistencyacrossCPEand Training options(online,engagements.in-house, CheckpointEFFICIENT Tailoredsolutionsfor small noncomplex auditsLearning,AuditWatch) Newstreamlinedengagements ConsistencyAutomatedengagementprocesses.across engagementsFLEXIBLE AutomatedengagementprocessesEFFICIENT MultipleTailoredsolutionsfor small non-complex audits.options tomeetyourfirm needsaudits TailoredNew streamlinedengagementssolutionsforsmallnoncomplex UsewithanyengagementsoftwareConsistency across engagements or integrate for acomplete system Automated engagement processesFLEXIBLE Apply to any size audit, large or smallsmallnoncomplex TailoredMultiple solutionsoptions toformeetyourfirm needsauditsEFFICIENTFLEXIBLE UseMultipleoptions to meet your firm’s needs.with any engagement software or integrate for aINNOVATIVEcomplete systemFLEXIBLE AdvancedUse withany engagementsoftware or integratetechnology—desktop,cloud, and mobile Applyto optionsany size toaudit,smallMultiplemeetlargeyourorfirmneeds Dynamicauditprocess— system.foraanycomplete Usewithengagementsoftwareintegrate for aCheckpoint Tools and SMART Audit orSuitecomplete systemINNOVATIVE PowerfulApplyto resource—Checkpointany size audit, large or small.online Applyto anysize audit, large or smallAdvancedtechnology—desktop,cloud, and mobile Leading engagement management— DynamicauditCSprocess—Engagementand AdvanceFlowCheckpoint Tools and SMART Audit SuiteINNOVATIVEINNOVATIVE AdvancedPowerful oud, and mobile LeadingAdvancedtechnology;engagementmanagement— desktop, cloud and mobile.Dynamicaudit process—EngagementToolsCS andCheckpointandAdvanceFlowSMART Audit Suite PowerfulDynamicaudit process; Checkpoint Toolsonline resource—CheckpointandengagementSMART management—Audit Suite. LeadingEngagement CS and AdvanceFlow Powerful online resource; Checkpoint. Leading engagement management;Engagement CS and AdvanceFlow.

REUTERS/Andrew WinningCLOUD-BASED CONVENIENCE MEETSENTERPRISE-LEVEL POWER: ADVANCEFLOWAdvanceFlow is the first audit management application that gives you the power to work and collaborateon even the most complex jobs anytime, anywhere. Engagements, workpapers and colleagues are availablein real time with just a click, whether you’re in the office, in the field or anywhere else.It’s a new level of convenience and a new set of possibilities—backed by the audit management and trial balancepower to handle the most complex clients and the most data-intensive jobs.Powerful Workpaper ManagementWe’ve built in features that make it easy to manage even the most data-intensive engagement, with extensivetemplates, a high level of customizability, the ability to perform several tasks at once and much more.Sophisticated Trial Balance CapabilitiesThe working trial balance in AdvanceFlow has the power you need, even for large consolidation and fund clients.Fast imports and sophisticated filtering and tabbing help you get the job done quickly and accurately.Streamlined Document ManagementAdvanceFlow is built to complement the GoFileRoom platform that’s already used by most of the top accountingfirms across the U.S. It integrates document management into the audit process, paving the way to morestreamlined workflows and making it easy to maintain a consistent document retention policy across the firm.Unparalleled IntegrationAdvanceFlow features deep integration with a variety of other applications including PPC’s SMART Practice Aids ,GoSystem Tax RS, UltraTax CS , a variety of other tax applications and the Microsoft Office suite of products. Anytime-anywhere access to the full functionality of AdvanceFlow, as well as all workpapers and data. Real-time collaboration with no syncing, no complicated file transfer process and no version control issues. Flexible system configuration allows each staff member to customize their workspace to fit their joband provides customizable security settings.Cloud-Based ConvenienceThe cloud-based architecture of AdvanceFlow puts the tools you need for complex audits at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere. No downloads, no versioning contacts, no software installations or updates.ADVANCEFLOW 3

CLOUD-BASED CONVENIENCEThe first application of its kind that’s designed to work completely in the cloud, AdvanceFlow makes allthe resources you need available anytime, anywhere. The full power of the application is available to you inthe cloud; even linked balances and integration with third-party software are available in the office, in the fieldor anywhere else.Just Log In and Go to Work Real-time collaboration capabilities enable youto work and exchange files with colleagues online,from anywhere. Reduced IT burden with no syncing, no versioncontrol issues, no complicated assignment ortransfer of files. The full power of the applicationis just a username and password away. I nstantaneous access to the entire audit,including engagements, workpapers, files, trialbalances, reports and notes. All in real time,all with just a few clicks. U ltimate security and reliability from a networkof world-class data centers means that yourapplications and data stay safe and secure.CLOUD-BASED POWERWith AdvanceFlow, your workpapers are just a click away.4 Tax.ThomsonReuters.com/AdvanceFlow

POWERFUL WORKPAPER MANAGEMENT FEATURESWe understand that enterprise-level engagements require a higher level of data processing and multitasking.So we’ve built an extensive variety of workpaper management features into AdvanceFlow, enabling your team toget the job done faster and more accurately—no matter where you happen to be.Customize Your WorkspaceGet Up and Running Fast Multi-monitor support gives you a largerworkspace and enables you to customize it to fitthe way you work. Powerful documentation capabilities make it easyto add documentation quickly and even enable usersto add many documents at once. Customizable workspaces with tabs, ribbons andwindows that each user can arrange in any way theychoose according to their specific job requirements. Extensive template library helps you get started fastwith an extensive selection of pre-created foldersand structures. Workpaper Preview feature enables you toview many workpapers without opening theirnative application. Multi-user access enables multiple users to accessworkpapers and trial balance simultaneously—thesame set of workpapers can be edited and reviewedat the same time. Engagement Window feature provides a fastoverview of current projects and intuitively associatesrelated entities. Workpaper wizard makes it easy to createMicrosoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents that link to the trial balance. Powerful multi-tasking capabilities enable you andyour colleagues to perform several tasks at once.Begin an import or export, assemble workpapers,leave notes and create journal entries, all withouthaving to wait for the prior process to finish.CUSTOMIZABLE WORKSPACEAdvanceFlow enables you toseparate individual tabs fordisplay in a separate window oron a separate monitor, makingit easy to view multiple items atonce and maximize efficiency.ADVANCEFLOW 5

SOPHISTICATED TRIAL BALANCE CAPABILITIESThe trial balance capabilities built into AdvanceFlow can handle even the most complex and most demandingclients. You can import source data quickly and easily, then give your whole team access to the trial balance anduse multiple tabs to filter accounts and examine subsidiaries, funds and tax groupings.Handle Complex Trial Balance Clients Fast imports and exports make it easy to transferdata from spreadsheet files. Customizable views make it easy to set upand save the column structure of your workingtrial balance tabs. Extensive account filtering enables staff membersto quickly focus on a specific account segment of theaccount list. Powerful binder structure makes it easy to managemultiple consolidation clients. C ustomizable viewing and filtering gives you aset of powerful tools to analyze and manage thetrial balance for complex jobs, including global,consolidated and fund clients. S treamlined groupings and coding for alltypes of engagements and entity types. C ustomizable dashboards show importantalerts and give you quick access to yourmost-used applications.ENTERPRISE-LEVEL POWERAdvanceFlow has the powerto handle even the mostcomplex trial balance clients6 Tax.ThomsonReuters.com/AdvanceFlow

UNPARALLELED INTEGRATIONAdvanceFlow brings you a new level of productivity by combining the convenience of the cloud with the powerof the most trusted applications in the profession. From document management to research and workflow, itbrings new possibilities to the audit tools you trust.DYNAMIC INTEGRATIONThe AdvanceFlow trial balance featurelinks dynamically with Microsoft Excel.Microsoft OfficePPC’s Smart Practice Aids Seamlessly link data from AdvanceFlow toMicrosoft Excel, including trial balance, datesand text. Integrate seamlessly between SMART Practice Aidsand AdvanceFlow. Create dynamic Microsoft Excel workpapers andreports, with balances linked to the trial balance. Sign off on completed items. Use notations, tickmarks and references. Workpaper wizard makes it easy to link MicrosoftExcel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documentsto the trial balance. Automatically include SMART Practice Aidsdocuments in the AdvanceFlow binder. Automatically flow changes to SMART PracticeAids documents to AdvanceFlow. Review and manage SMART Practice Aidsdocuments in your web browser as part of yourAdvanceFlow engagement. Preview feature enables you to view documentswithout opening their native applications andenables multiple employees to view and collaborateon the same document simultaneously.ADVANCEFLOW 7

ENTERPRISE-LEVEL SECURITYDocument Level Security OptionsEnsure the Integrity of All Your FilesBuilt-In Security and Automatic Back-UpsSafeguard Against Corrupted or Lost DataAdvanceFlow offers multiple layers of security, so thatonly authorized users can access specified documents.The system also offers features that protect emaileddocuments, so only the intended recipients can openand view them. The advanced security options inAdvanceFlow enable you to maintain full control overyour documents while ensuring their integrity.With AdvanceFlow, you can be assured that yourdata is in the safest location possible. The systemuses sophisticated network and data center securitytechnologies to protect all your documents and data.Access control employs user name and passwordauthentication and 128-bit SSL encryption. Andall user sessions are tracked—providing a completeaudit trail.The system allows you to: Prevent unauthorized access through theAdvanceFlow website, restricting “back-door”access that inherently exists with in-house systems. Restr

Training and Consulting Options 13. Thomson Reuters Audit Solutions EXPERIENCED Experienced auditors on staff - over 300 years of combined practice experience Authors are practicing CPAs - some of the most