NORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC HEALTHASSOCIATION, INC.68 ANNUAL MEETINGFORECAST FOR THE EIGHTIES:SUNNY OR CLOUDY FOR PUBLIC HEALTH?"September 11, 12, 13, 14, 1979SmokyMountainsNNON41FAfit-evillesZhomasWVSmoky Mountains Inn On The PlazaAsheville, North Carolina



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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINAOFFICE OF THE GOVERNORRALEIGH27611JAMES B. HUNT, JR.GOVERNORSeptbmberDear11,1979Friends:It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the AnnualMeeting of the North Carolina Public Health Association.workI want to congratulate each of you for your hardthe people of North Carolina.We really appreciateforyour efforts in promoting public health.public health is one of my top concerns.Asyou know,We wanttomakesure that all our people get the proper health care theyneed.we need more groupslike the North Carolina PublicHealth Association to help encourage our North Carolinians -toraise up a new generation of strong, healthy citizens.You have my best wishes for a successful meeting.My warmest personal regards.Sinc3ely,

1NORTHPUBLIC1'iIL,jt I.i.Iti' i3t[CAROLINAHEALTHASSOCIATION. INC.ASn/ale6 with the Awbitan Pub/ ie Health Aseaobtbn endthe SOWA""B a4 of Ameeloan Public Health AnoelatfonBox 10397, RalelBh. N. G 27606TEL. (919) 821- andandthethe68th68th AnnualAnnual MeetingMeeting ofof thethe NorthNorth CarolinaCarolina PublicPublic HealthHealth AssociationlAssociationlWeWe eagerlyeagerly looklook forwardforward toto thisthis meetingmeeting throughoutthroughout eacheach yearyear asasaatimetime toto makemake newnew friends,friends,visitvisit withwith thethe oldold andand cherishedcherished ones,ones,swapswap experiences experiences andand knowledge,knowledge,""seeseethetheinin thetheaathethetimetimeofofsobersober reflectionreflection-totolistenlisten toto ouroursights",sights",peerspeers andand somesome ofof thethe bestbest d.past,past,ItIt isis alsoalsoappraise appraisethethepresentpresent andand collectively collectively chartchart ourour futurefuture inin publicpublic healthhealth duringduringthethe eighties.eighties.WhatWhat wewe dodo herehere andand now,now, eithereither byby commissioncommission ororomission,omission,cancan andand willwill affectaffectforfor decadesdecadesthetheliveslivesofof allall NorthNorth CaroliniansCarolinianstoto come.come.OurOur StateState hashas beenbeen blessedblessed withwith goodgood governmentgovernmentcenturiescenturieshashasandand cernthisthisciviccivicandand embryonicembryonicforforhealthhealth andand al HealthHealth zensBeginningBeginning withwith oneone ofof thetheBoardsBoardsinin thetheforfor overoverofofofof tfirst1909,1909,thethefull-full- timetimecreationcreationNowNow isis thethe timetime totoNorthNorth CarolinaCarolina hashas ledled thethe way.way.rededicaterededicate ourour bestbest effortsefforts andand activitiesactivities toto thethe safety,safety, healthhealthofof NCPHANCPHA-andandcomfortcomfortplanplan e.livelive throughthrough thethe night,night,ifif you,you,oror anyany ofof usustoto seesee tomorrow'tomorrow' ss dawn,dawn,wewe can'can' tthelphelp butbut bebe environmentalistsenvironmentalists andand deeplydeeply concernedconcerned withwith thethecommunity'community' ss health!health!II wouldwould indeedindeed bebe remissremiss inin mymy dutiesduties werewere ourour sinceresincere andandheartfeltheartfelt appreciationappreciation notnot publicly publicly expressedexpressed toto allall thosethose whowhothisthis year'year' ss mostmost successfulsuccessful administrationadministration possible.possible.Firstly,Firstly,mademadeourour deepestdeepest bowsbowstoto thethe Officers,Officers,AssistantAssistant andand herher staff,staff,ExecutiveExecutive Committee,Committee,Administrative Administrativeandand mymy WesternWestern RegionalRegional OfficeOffice colleagues colleaguesandand associatesassociatesforfor efficientefficient andand effectiveeffective teamwork teamwork farfar beyondbeyondcallcall ofof duty.duty.SecondlySecondly toto thethe GoverningGoverning Council,Council,Committees,Committees,AndAnd finally,finally,Section Section TaskTask ForcesForces andandSpeakers,Speakers,Exhibitors.Exhibitors.toto youyou thethe membershipmembership andand guestsguests whowho mademade thisthis annualannualassemblyassembly possible.possible.WeWe hopehope youyou havehave aamountainsmountains ofof thethegoodgoodBlueBlue Ridge;Ridge;andand profitableprofitablethatthatlingerlinger forfor aa long,long, longlong timetime and;and;andand goodgoodinin safety,safety, dfond memories memories ofof AshevilleAsheville willwillatat week'week' ss end,end,youyou returnreturn esident,President,1978-1978- 7979PublicPublic HealthHealth AssociationAssociation7--7--44

cgt#L of AiV4-etrtllrwjart4 (garaffimOffi-m of tht AmRjorrGneeti,nga 8 We come!On behatj ob the City ob A6hev.iUe I wouldtike to extend the ojjiciat welcome to thedetegates and guedta attending the 68th AnnuatMeeting o5 the Pubti.c Heatth Adaoc iati,on to beheed at the Inn on the on SeptembeA 11- 14,1979.Abhevitte i.6 noted throughout the count,cybat itz hoapc tatity, excee2ent bacititi.ez, andacendc beauty, and -I hope you wilt take the op-pon tun.i ty to notice out continuing ptog,%uz inabbotdi.nj out vi,6itoAz an enjoyable,combottabteatmo.bphete.I hope your .stay . in Ashev.We wilt be enjoyabte and that each ob you w.cU have an oppottun.i tyto visit out City aga.i.n. doon!Vett' truty youU,Roy M.Mayo&ntham

CALENDAR OF EVENTSNORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION, INC.Smoky Mountains Inn On The PlazaAll meetings held at the Inn On The Plaza, unless specific location is stated.Tuesday, September 1110: 30 a. m.Executive Committee MeetingGovernor' s Western Residence12: 00 noon -5: 00 p. m.Governing Council Luncheon and MeetingGovernor's Western Residence3: 00 p. m. -7: 00 p.m.RegistrationHotel Foyer/ Inn On The PlazaWednesday, September 12Registration8: 00 a. m.- 5: 00 p. m.Hotel Foyer9: 00 a. m.- 9: 00 p. m.Exhibits Open10: 00 a. m.FIRST GENERAL SESSIONCentury SuiteUniversal/ Gallery SuitesSECTION MEETINGS1: 30-4: 30 p. m.Dental Health Section1: 00.5: 00 p. m.Environmental Health Section12: 00-4:30 p. m.Health Education SectionPetite SalonUniversal SuiteSheraton Motor InnLodge I & II1: 30-4: 30 p. m.Maternal and Child Health Section1: 00.4: 30 p.m.Management Support Section12: 00 noon -1: 15 p. m.Nursing Services & CommunityFirst Baptist Church ChapelConsort/ Royal SuitesGrosvenors- 12th FloorHealth Aides -Luncheon1: 45- 2: 30 p. m.Joint Meeting: Nursing ServicesGallery SuiteCommunity Health Aides2: 30-5: 00 p. m.Community Health AidesFirst Baptist ChurchAdult 6 Room1: 00-4: 30 p. m.Nutrition SectionSheraton Motor InnLodge III2: 00-5: 00 p.m.Statistics and Epidemiology SectionFirst Baptist ChurchAdult 5 Room1: 30- 4:00 p. m.Venereal Disease Control SectionFirst Baptist ChurchAdult 3 Room2:00-4: 00 P. M.5: 00- 6: 00 p.m.N. C. Local Health Directors AssociationUNC School of Public HealthAlumni Association -Wine & Cheese6Colonnade/ Charter SuitesPetite Salon

Thursday, September 13Hotel Foyer8: 00 a. m.- 2: 00 p.m.Registration9: 00 a. m.-2: 00 p.m.Exhibits Open9: 00 a. m.SECOND GENERAL SESSION10: 30 a. m.- 11: 00 a. m.Coke & Coffee Break11: 00 a. m.- 12: 00 noonANNUAL BUSINESS MEETINGCentury SuiteUniversal/ Gallery SuitesExhibit Area -Century SuiteUniversal/ Gallery SuitesAFTERNOON SECTION MEETINGS:1: 30- 4: 30 p. m.Dental Health Section1: 30- 4: 30 p. m.Environmental Health Section2: 00- 4: 30 p. m.Health Education Section2:00- 5: 00 p. m.Laboratory SectionPetite SalonUniversal SuiteMAHEC OfficesFirst Baptist ChurchAdult 5 Room12: 00 noon -2: 30 p. m.Maternal & Child Health SectionSheraton Motor InnLodge I & II1: 30-4:30 p. m.Managment Support Section1: 00-4:00 p. m.Nutrition SectionConsort/ Royal SuitesSheraton Motor InnLodge III2: 00-4:00 p. m.Public Health Management Section2: 00-4: 30 p. m.Rehabilitation SectionColonnade/ Charter SuitesFirst Baptist ChurchAdult 8 Room2: 00-4:00 p. m.Venereal Disease Control SectionFirst Baptist ChurchAdult 3 Room3: 00- 5: 00 p. m.Meeting of Developmental EvaluationCenter PersonnelBuncombe County Healthand Social Services Bldg.DSS Conference Room5: 30- 6: 30 p. m.PRESIDENT' S RECEPTIONPatio of theInn On The Plaza6: 30THIRD GENERAL SESSIONInn On The PlazaPlaza SuitesandANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET9: 15 p. m.Plaza SuitesAnnual Dance: Music byFluid Ounces BandFriday Morning, September 149: 30 a. m.- 11: 30 a. m.FOURTH GENERAL SESSIONInn On The PlazaPlaza Suites11: 30- 12: 30 p. m.Meeting of New Executive Committee7Charter Suite

North Carolina Public Health AssociationSmoky MountainInn On The PlazaAsheville, North CarolinaSeptember 11, 12, 13, 14, 1979Forecast for the Eighties: Sunnyor Cloudy for Public Health?"TUESDAY, September 11, 197910: 30- 12: 00 noonGovernor' s Western ResidenceExecutive Committee Meeting12: 00 noon -5: 00 p. m.Governing Council Luncheon and Meeting3: 00- 7: 00 p. m.RegistrationInn On The Plaza/ Hotel FoyerWEDNESDAY, September 128: 00 a. m.- 5: 00 p. m.RegistrationHotel Foyer9: 00 a. m.- 5: 00 p. m.Exhibits OpenCentury Suite10: 00 a. m.- 12: 00FIRST GENERAL SESSIONBallroomUniversal/Gallery SuitesPresiding:William A. BroadwayPresident, North CarolinaPublic Health AssociationInvocation:Dr. Cecil Sherman, PastorFirst Baptist ChurchAsheville, N. C.RatcliffWelcome:R. Curtis Ratcliff, ChairmanBuncombe County Board of CommissionersSYMPOSIUMJames B. Tenney, Nf.D., Dr. P. H. DirectorBuncombe County Health DepartmentAsheville, North CarolinaTenney8

June Jackson Christmas, M.D.Commissioner, New York CityDepartment of Mental HealthandPresident- elect, American PublicHealth AssocationChristmasBernard G. Greenberg, Ph. D., DeanSchool of Public HealthUniversity of North CarolinaChapel Hill, N. C.GreenbergModerator:Miss Emily T. Tyler, Vice -PresidentNorth Carolina Public Health AssociationAFTERNOON SECTION MEETINGS:Wednesday, September 12DENTAL HEALTH SECTION1: 30- 4: 30 p. m.Presiding:Program SessionPetite SalonRosemary Pike, R.D. H. ChairmanJacksonville, N. C.Program Chairman: William Milner, D.D. S.Chapel Hill, N. C.Topic: "Creative Community Dental Health Management" Facilitated by: Staff of the Divisionof Community Health ServicesContinuing Education Credit offered.9

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SECTIONWednesday, September 12Program1: 00- 5: 00 P. M.SessionUniversal SuiteInn On The PlazaPresiding:Julian M. Foscue, III, PresidentWinston- Salem, N. C.Program Chairman: Charles E. Powell, R. S.Program Moderator:Trenton G. Davis, Ph. D.Speakers:Welcome:Mr. Edward Randall, ChairmanBuncombe County Board of Health1: 15 p. m.Hugh H. Tilson, M. D., DirectorDivision of Health ServicesTopic:Views On Environmental Health Programsin North Carolina: Future Role of LocalEnvironmental Health Programs."2: 15 p. m.Frank L. Bryan, Ph. D. Chief, FoodborneDisease Training, CDC, Atlanta, GeorgiaTopic: "Prevention of Foodborne Diseases inFood Service Establishments."3: 15 p. m.Topic: "Dr. Oris Blackwell, Professor, Department ofEnvironmental Health, ECU, Greenville, N. C.Health Aspects of Asbestos in Schools andthe Environment."4: 00 p.m.Dr. Charles S. Apperson, Extension Ento-mologist, N. C. State University, Raleigh, N.C.Topic: "Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever in Relation toCommunity Health: An EducationalApproach to Disease Prevention."4: 45 p. m.J. M. Jarrett AwardPresented by: Marshall Staton, Chief,Sanitary Engineering Section, Division ofHealth ServicesDoor Prizes and Announcements:10J. S. Canady, R. S.

HEALTH EDUCATION SECTIONWednesday, September 1212: 00 noonSheraton MotorLuncheonInn Lodge I & II1: 00 P. M.Presiding:Program SessionEdith Alcorn, Chairm- .Salisbury, N. C.Speaker:Topic:Hank Collins, Asheville, N. C.The Buncombe County S'Slides, Sound, and Coma. „ Lary)3: 30 p. m.Business MeetingMATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTHWednesday, September 121: 30-4: 30 p. m.First BaptistProgram SessionChurch ChapelPresiding:Vashti " Ty" Sugg, R.N., ChairmanGreensboro, N.C.Introduction ofSpeakers:C. Arden Miller, M. D.UNC School of Public HealthSpeaker:Speaker:Mr. Cory Richard, Associate Director ofPublic Policy, The Alan Guttmacher InstituteWashington, D. C.Topic:Topic:3: 00- 3: 15 p. m.Speaker:National Policy Issues and Perspectivesin Family Planning"BreakJames L. Mathis, M. D., ChairmanDepartment of Psychiatry, ECUSchool of Medicine, Greenville, N. C.Topic: "Effects of Recent Social Changes onAdolescent Sexual Behavior."11

4:00- 4: 30 p. m.Responses, Discussion, Questionsand Answers5: 30- 6: 30 p. m.Wine and Cheese Party, Compliments ofSheraton MotorRoss Laboratories for MCH andInn Lodge I, IINutrition Section Members onlyand IIIMANAGEMENT SUPPORTWednesday, September 12Program1: 00- 4: 30 p.m.SessionInn on the PlazaConsort/ RoyalSuitesPresiding:Dorothy Baird, Chairman .Western Regional DHS OfficeIntroduction ofSpeaker:Myrtle Cook, Program ChairmanSpeaker:Patrice Solberg, Attorney, UNCInstitute of Government, Chapel HillTopic: "Legal Aspects for ManagementSupport Staff'NURSING SERVICES AND COMMUNITY HEALTH AIDESTuesday, September 117: 00 p. m.Executive Committee MeetingWednesday, September 1212: 00 noon -1: 15 p.m. Luncheon SessionInn on the PlazaConsort SuiteInn on the PlazaGrosvenors- 12thfloorPresiding:Linda York, R. N., ChairmanHickory, N.C.1: 45- 2: 30Presentation of Margaret Dolan AwardBy: Lillie Spence12Gallery Suite

Speaker:Mrs. Estelle Fulp, R. N., MPHOffice of Chief Nurse, Division ofHealth Services, Raleigh, N. C.Topic: "State of State"NURSING SERVICES:2: 304:00 p. m.Speaker:Gallery SuiteProgram SessionMr. Sammy Griffin, Executive DirectorN. C. Licensed Practical Nurse AssociationTopic:Speaker:Entry Level Into Nursing"Mrs. Mary Lou Moore, R. N., M. A.,Chairman, NCNA' s Committee on: EntryLevel Into Nursing, Bowman Gray School ofMedicine, Winston- Salem, North Carolina3: 454:00 p. m.Wrap- up Session: Questions and AnswersCOMMUNITY HEALTH AIDES:2: 30- 5: 00 p. m.First Baptist Church,Program SessionAdult 6 RoomPresiding:Ms. Minnie Edwards, ChairmanSpeaker:May P. Griffin, R.N. Nursing SupervisorPender County Health Department,Burgaw, N. C.Topic: "The Aide as a Vital Member of the HealthCare Team."NUTRITION SECTIONWednesday, September 121: 00- 2: 30 p. m.Sheraton MotorProgram SessionInn Lodge III13

Presiding:Topic: "Susan Gregory, R. D., M. S.Child Feeding Problems -Preventionand Cure."Speaker:John Rosemond, Licensed PsychologicalAssociate, Private Practice, Director ofEarly Intervention Program, MecklenburgCounty Mental Health Center, Charlotte,Nationally Syndicated Columnist -CharlotteObserver2: 30- 3: 00 p. m.Break3: 00-4: 30 p. m.Program SessionPresiding:Topic:Susan Gregory, R. D., M. S.Living Without Meat -Lifestyle for the 80' s"Speaker:Barbara Mann, M.S., WIC NutritionEducation Consultant, Division of HealthServices, Nutrition Branch.5: 30- 6: 30 p. m.Wine and Cheese Party, compliments ofRossLabs ( MCHandNutritionSection Members only)Sheraton MotorInn Lodge 1, 11,and IIISTATISTICS AND EPIDEMIOLOGY SECTIONWednesday, September 12, 19792: 00- 5: 00 p. m.Program SessionFirst Baptist Church,Adult 5 RoomPresiding:Presiding:Barbara Moser, ChairmanSpeaker:Speaker:Dr. Daniel Horvitz, Vice -PresidentStatistical Research, RTI, ResearchTriangle Park, N. C.Topic:Issues in Medical Care Utilization andExpenditures Surveys"14

VENEREAL DISEASE CONTROL SECTIONFirst Baptist Church,1: 30- 4:00 p. m.Adult 3 RoomPresiding:Dennis McDowell, ChairmanSpeaker:Marie Roberts, M.D. AssistantHealth Director, Durham CountyHealth Department, DurhamTopic: "The Role of the Local Health Departmentin V. D. Control'Section Awards Presentation2: 00 p.m. -4: 00 p.m.Meeting of the N. C. Local HealthInn on the PlazaDirectors AssociationColonnade/Charter SuitesThursday, September 13, 19798: 00 a. m.- 2:00 p. m.RegistrationHotel Foyer9: 00 a. m.- 2: 00 p. m.Exhibits OpenCentury SuiteSECOND GENERAL SESSIONI9: 00 a. m.Presiding:William A. BroadwayUniversal/PresidentGallery SuitesIntroduction ofSpeaker:Speaker:Howard M. Fitts, Ph. D., President -ElectSarah T. Morrow, M. D., SecretaryN. C. State Department of Human ResourcesMorrow10: 30- 11: 00 a. m.Coffee & Coke BreakCentury SuiteVisit exhibitsExhibit Area15

ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING11: 00 a. m.- 12: 00Universal/Gallery SuitesWilliam A. BroadwayPresiding:President' s MessageReport from LegalJohn R. Jordan and Stephen R. Dolan,Counselors:Attorneys, Raleigh, N.C.Committee ReportsElection of OfficersAFTERNOON SECTION MEETINGSENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SECTIONThursday, September 13, 1979Inn on the PlazaBusiness Meeting1: 304: 30 p.m.Universal SuitePresiding:Julian M. Foscue, III, ChairmanPresentation of Registered Sanitarian Certificates by J. S. Canady, R. S.District Awards:Recognition of Recipients byDistrict ChairmenPresentation of Sanitarian of the Year Award:by Marshal Staton, Division of Health ServicesPresentation of Scholarships:Julian M. Foscue, IIIEnvironmental Health Sectionf'Jerry Williams, Ex. Director, NCRAN. C. Restaurant AssociationElection of 1979- 80 Officers:Door Prizes:J. S. Canady, R.S.16

DENTAL HEALTH SECTIONThursday, September 13, 1979Program Session1: 30- 4: 30 p. m.Inn on the PlazaPetite SalonPresiding:Program Topic: "Rosemary Pike, R. D. H., ChairmanCreative Community Dental HealthManagement'Facil

1: 30-4:30 p.m. Dental Health Section Petite Salon 1: 00.5:00 p.m. Environmental Health Section Universal Suite 12: 00-4:30 p.m. Health Education Section Sheraton Motor Inn Lodge I & II 1: 30-4:30 p.m. Maternal and Child Health Section First Baptist Church Chapel 1: 00.4: