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Ticket: # 3011470 - Re: [FCC Complaints] Re: BillingDate: 1/6/2019 11:26:39 AMCity/State/Zip: Kimberly, Alabama 35091Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionThis is a follow-up to your previous request #2968281 "Billing"From emails below it states I should receive a written response from Direct TV. This was datedDecember 11, 2018, I had yet to receive this response.Sent from my iPad

Ticket: # 3013992 - Extra chargeDate: 1/28/2019 12:19:30 PMCity/State/Zip: Birmingham, Alabama 35216Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionI canceled my Directv service January 27th. And I’ve been told by the agent and supervisor that I willbe charge until February 24th. They said they changed their “ agreements “ lately and don’t doprorated bills anymore.I’ve been a customer for more than 10 years and this company only focus on how much they couldget from their customers . They are stealing our money.

Ticket: # 3014898 - CnnDate: 1/28/2019 3:11:19 PMCity/State/Zip: Birmingham, Alabama 35222DescriptionBias on the part CNN CNN. There news cast have become propaganda

Ticket: # 3016437 - AT&T inaccurately reports debtDate: 1/28/2019 10:55:16 PMCity/State/Zip: Millbrook, Alabama 36054Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionSo So I started services with AT&T for wireless , cable, & internet October 2017. In March of 2018 Irelocated out of AT&T’s servicing area ((b) (6)Orlando Fl 32835) for internet &cable so DirectTV waived my early termination fee. Around June AT&T collections contacted meabout a outstanding balance for termination contract. After speaking with the agent they discoverednotes on my account stating that this fee was waived and this would be corrected. On September11th I contacted AT&T about a credit that was due to me and the agent explained that I had aoutstanding debt with the company. After speaking to several departments and the IMS team whocan see both Uverse and Directv bills which were once bundled he explained that Uverse paid thecancellation fee on my behalf to DirectTV which explained the credit of 769 on my DirectTV accountand the negative 642.69 on my Uverse account. The IMS contacted both departments that were oncebundled and told me that the reversal payment/credit would be sent back to Uverse and anyremainder would come back to me. I assumed this was done but big was I wrong. AT&T has nowadded this negative incorrectly reported debt to my credit! They are admitting to making this mistakeon phone calls also while telling me they aren’t sure what departments deals with this type ofcorrection and that I should dispute the debt with the 3rd party debt collection agency. How is it that acompany cannot reverse their own mistakes. Also after speaking to several of the 3rd party debtcollection agents they told me they see this all the time with AT&T & consumers are forced to accepta settlement of half off the price owed. Ironically a similar situation happened to my mother once shecancelled Uverse. She had been a customer for over 20 years and left once AT&T refused to fix herbill and also accepted the half off settlement to keep this from hurting her score. I’m taking legalaction, I’ve contactec my state attorney general, and also the FCC. This is a clear fault in AT&T’ssystem that their agents are aware of , the debt collection agencies are aware of yet AT&T refuses tofix this. Sounds like a class action lawsuit to me which is ridiculous but that’s the best way to getcorporate America’s attention. Hit them where it hurts !!!this is fraudulent behavior where AT&Tcapitalizes off of consumers willingness to clear debt fro their credit reports!

Ticket: # 3017313 - Fradulent Practices regarding Direct TV NowDate: 1/29/2019 12:44:02 PMCity/State/Zip: Birmingham, Alabama 35238Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionI was leaving Direct TV and going to ROKU. I called to cancel my account, and was assured byAT&T they wanted to keep my business. I could switch to Direct TV Now and only pay 35.00 permonth. They are currently advertising Direct TV now for 40.00 per month. I received a bill on myAmerican Express Account foran 102.50. I was told by an AT&T rep that it was for my TV service. I had beengiven a promotional deal for 35.00 per month. But now my TV was 102.50 permonth.I am disgusted with AT&T's business practices. They should be fined for defrauding the public. Andmost of their representatives do not know what theyare doing. They are located offshore, and we have to sit on the phone foreverwaiting to speak to someone. Then we are transferred again and again.The FCC should have never allowed this merger. Prior to the merger with Direct TV, I had been acustomer of Direct TV for over 15 years and never had a problemwith my billing or price I was paying. Normally, I understood it was a promotional, and I had to callback and negotiate a price. I was totally misleadon what I would pay for this service. AT&T has also been charging clients forequipment that has been returned. So that we have to keep a receipt in orderto prove we have returned it and get the charge removed.FCC is at fault with this mess. Unfortunately, they never protect the consumer,just the businesses.of

Ticket: # 3018044 - Exclusive cable contracts within MTEsDate: 1/29/2019 2:46:27 PMCity/State/Zip: Cullman, Alabama 35055Company Complaining About: CharterDescriptionThe apartment complex, Pinegrove, owned by Arlington Properties that is located in Cullman,alabama is requiring in the lease to pay 40 for internet and 40 for cable through LaunchBroadband. The tenants have no say in this and it is part of the lease agreement to be paid monthlywith the rent. According to everthing I have read this is illegal and would like information on the topicand how I should proceed. This is a gross breach of open market compliance and I am being forcedto pay for services I dont need or use.

Ticket: # 3024153 - Directv receiverDate: 1/31/2019 2:32:51 PMCity/State/Zip: Heflin, Alabama 36264Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionI have had 5 Directv receivers in the past 6 months and not a 1 of them works right. I have contactedthem a lot about my problems and they will not do anything about it. My bill is paid every month butthey do not seem to care if I can watch my tv as long as I pay my bill. This has been on going for 6months now and no one will help. I have plenty of transcripts I can send you if you want them. thanks

Ticket: # 3029534 - Unsatisfied CustomerDate: 2/3/2019 12:42:28 PMCity/State/Zip: Trussville, Alabama 35173Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionDirectv is the worst company for new customers. I called to have my services transferred fron onelocation to a new location. This all started on the 1/21/19 when a rep was to schedule a new date fordirectv service to be installed at a new location and for the services that was currently in place to beshut off on 2/1/19. The rep put in the wrong information and the service was shut off at the exsistinglocation on 1/26/19 which was wrong. It took at least 2 days for the services to be turned back on atthe exsisting location. 70 was taken off the bill and 200 directv tried to get me to pay for a movingfee which was wavied because when the first instalIment I was told that I could get a 1 free move peryear. I called to follow up on the new location installation which now scheduled fir 2/1/19 from thehours 12pm to 4 pm. I received a text message stating that the technician was running behind and Icould either reschedule or keep exsisting appointmen. Of course I wanted to keep the appointmen.4pm passed and still no Technician. I called 3 times yo check to see when the tech was suppose toarrive. Around about 7pm still no tech so thats when the 2nd call was made. The tech proceeded tosay the tech was on the way and the contact information was re verified. 8pm still no tech, made the3rd phobe call to customer service and now the rep has stated that directv bill was past due. Out of allthe calls that were made none of the reps mentioned that there was a past due balance. So now theservice was put on hold and a tech couldnt come out to the new location until 2/4/19. If there was apayment issue or bill issue every rep shouId have seen that information on their screen. The bill waspaid and still no directv service. I told the supervisor ir manager Anthony Ref#4636605612 that if thiswas done in error my money should be refunded back to me.Needless to say, thus is the worse cable company that I have ever had to deal with. Awful customerservice, bad business and need to be reported to the BBB & your local news outlets, I know I amASAP!!! I hate that you all or phasing out att uverse because otherwise I would have stayed withthem. And to say the last for all the errors that these reps made, I am requested more than 70 off mybill.Unsatisfied Customer,

Ticket: # 3031833 - Male nudity at the Super Bowl!Date: 2/4/2019 4:50:27 PMCity/State/Zip: Mobile, Alabama 36689DescriptionDisgusting display of male nudity on TV last night. The singer should be ashamed, CBS should beashamed, and the NFL should be ashamed. Janet Jackson was punished when she bared herbreasts at the Super Bowl, I expect this half-naked man and the people that allowed it on primetime tobe punished, too!

Ticket: # 3032960 - Unauthorized ChargeDate: 2/5/2019 10:04:13 AMCity/State/Zip: Wilsonville, Alabama 35186Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionI cancelled DirecTV after being a customer for ten years when they told me they were raising theirprice again. They sent me a bill for a 280 early termination fee that I never would have agreed to if Ihad been informed that there would be one.

Ticket: # 3036785 - DirecTVDate: 2/6/2019 2:10:07 PMCity/State/Zip: Ardmore, Alabama 35739Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionOn 2 January 2019 I contacted DirecTV (chat transcript attached) because my bill had went from 47.15 up to 97.15 and 50.00 increase. As you can see Dan told me that my bill would be 37.15with no contract as part of a loyalty offer. When I received the bill for February it was 100.15(attached). I contacted DirecTV today 6 February 2019 and sent them the previous chat fromJanuary and my bill and tried to get it resolved. Arles was offering me a 12 month offer at 35.98 taxes and fees with a 12 month contract extension. Why would I do a contract with all the trouble I'vehad? I just wanted them to honor the price and terms I was given and they would not.

Ticket: # 3037738 - Deceptive PracticesDate: 2/6/2019 5:28:31 PMCity/State/Zip: Wilsonville, Alabama 35186Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionI cancelled DirecTV and was told I must return a receiver I bought at Camping World because it wasleased and the receipt stated that it was. I can't look at a receipt until after I buy something and thenonly would to verify the price charged. Either something is leased or purchased, not both. Am Isupposed to read the receipt for a tent I buy there to make sure it is not leased? This is verydeceptive on the part of DirecTV and also Camping World.

Ticket: # 3042198 - BillingDate: 2/8/2019 1:06:13 PMCity/State/Zip: Orange Beach, Alabama 36561Company Complaining About: MediacomDescriptionI have had numerous issues with mediacom the most recent is that they attempted to withdraw fundsfrom my account without my permission then they interrupt service on the same day it's paid andcharge me 2 to fix their mistake . I went over a month without my Internet service because of theirmistake.

Ticket: # 3050755 - CNN is knowingly Broadcasting False News about RussianHackingDate: 2/12/2019 11:52:34 PMCity/State/Zip: Semmes, Alabama 36575Company Complaining About: CnnDescriptionCNN is knowingly broadcasting false information about the President of the United States collusionwith Russian Hackers despite failing to produce any evidence to support their claims. CNN isbroadcasting this information with the sole intent of harming the President of the United States andhis agenda for the American People.I feel CNN is intentionally broadcasting false information about the President of the United States andthis is due cause for the FCC to revoke their broadcastinjg license

Ticket: # 3052858 - MediaComDate: 2/13/2019 5:47:18 PMCity/State/Zip: New Market, Alabama 35761Company Complaining About: MediacomDescriptionMediacom is having issues with their TiVo system since 12/12/19. They are not communicating withtheir customer base.

Ticket: # 3053603 - Comcast removal of MGM channelDate: 2/14/2019 8:51:04 AMCity/State/Zip: Huntsville, Alabama 35803Company Complaining About: ComcastDescriptionComcast removed MGM channel without public information. I want this channel that I pay for.

Ticket: # 3056967 - Comcast billing IssueDate: 2/15/2019 1:20:04 PMCity/State/Zip: Dothan, Alabama 36303Company Complaining About: ComcastDescriptionComcast said that they would put me on a monthly charge of 164They were charging me more than what they agreedComcast is claiming that I still owe 366 for back pay because they were tacking on additionalcharges since May when I had the new monthly charges.I want this issue resolved by crediting me back the overcharges that I keep receiving and I want mybill to continue at 164 at the new monthly charge that was promised back in April.***CTR403Phone***

Ticket: # 3059928 - AT&T-DirectvDate: 2/17/2019 2:23:47 PMCity/State/Zip: Heflin, Alabama 36264Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionI have not got a call AT&T-DIRECTV about the bills they have overcharged me with and the lies theyhave told me. I was never treated this way by Directv. The lady that I talked to at the main office doesnot care. I have not got a phone call.

Ticket: # 3060061 - Commercials louder than programsDate: 2/17/2019 5:32:37 PMCity/State/Zip: Maylene, Alabama 35114Description(b) (6)

Ticket: # 3060224 - The Other Two commercialsDate: 2/17/2019 11:09:41 PMCity/State/Zip: Daphne, Alabama 36526DescriptionThe Other Two commercials aired on TVLand at 8PM at night are obscene, vulgar and of a sexual /pornigraphic nature. They need to be removed from the air immediately.

Ticket: # 3061092 - Smoking commercialsDate: 2/18/2019 3:35:08 PMCity/State/Zip: Scottsboro, Alabama 35769DescriptionI am writing concerning a recent commercial I saw regarding the e-cig JUUL. I thought that it wasillegal to advertise smoking products on TV. Has this changed or is this another instance where JUULhas pushed the boundaries again thinking that they are above all rules and regulations? I am a formersmoker who was influenced by the hype and advertisement of the ads of smoking when they wereallowed to advertise. I do not wish to see my kids or any others be influenced by the hype that e-cigsare safer. Sorry to have gotten off point, which was, how is JUUL able to advertise on TV?

Ticket: # 3061991 - complaintDate: 2/18/2019 9:02:21 PMCity/State/Zip: Enterprise, Alabama 36330DescriptionOn 2/18/19 at approximately 6:15 pm, the History Channel aired a commercial showing men usingfruits and vegetables as examples of their irregular erections. This content should be restricted to lateevening hours.

Ticket: # 3064678 - Poor serviceDate: 2/19/2019 6:34:12 PMCity/State/Zip: Harvest, Alabama 35749Company Complaining About: DirectvDescriptionDirect TVSeptember 22, 20191998 he was a customer. 73.20 they told him they will bundled two phones and TV.They debited his account 190.40 without his permission.They want to charge him 135.82 a month, for his phone and cable.Michael Supervisor and he hung upFrank another supervisor hung upOn 2/7 13.70 for cable for a month for 12 months.They told him there was no such an amount.He spoke to 20 some people.No one has made any notes, for all the promised things.Never bundled anything.He also spoke to a Sara, Avery, Josh,They keep putting him into numbers that doesn’t exist.He wants the number of the CEO.They told him they don't have the number to the CEO.They threaten to ruin his credit.He has been a customer for 21 years.Now he wants justice.***CTR394-phone***

Ticket: # 3067315 - CableCARD Problems with SpectrumDate: 2/20/2019 9:23:30 PMCity/State/Zip: Birmingham, Alabama 35222Company Complaining About: SpectrumDescriptionI continue to have problems with Spectrum (formerly BrightHouse and Charter) not providing thesame level of service to me as a CableCARD customer as to customers who use their proprietarycable boxes. So far, in the last 4 days, I have made one trip to their office to exchange a CableCARDand Tuning Adapter (that I was subsequently told was unnecessary) and had a technician visit myhome on two different days to install a new CableCARD and Tuning Adapter to no avail. I am nowbeing told that a technician will have to come back in 2 days to do additional work and then again 3days from now to finish the job. I am being treated vastly differently than a customer who rents/leasesSpectrum's proprietary cable boxes or DVRs which as I understand it is not compliant with FCC # DA11-1373.

Ticket: # 3072142 - Bait and Switch pricingDate: 2/22/2019 4:06:47 PMCity/State/Zip: Florence, Alabama 35630Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionAT&T sells customers on a special rate for a 2-year agreement. This month that rate increased, eventhough my 2-year agreement doesn't expire until Oct 2019. When I contacted AT&T I was told thatthe increase in price is due to a government fee that AT&T had no control over. When I asked whatthe fee and when it was imposed and increased by the government they couldn't provide anyinformation on a government mandated fee that increased the rate. Put simply, if a company sells apackage and says that a specific rate will hold for 2-years they shouldn't be allowed to switch thepricing at their will, and more importantly they shouldn't be claiming government fee increases whensuch increases don't exist. The support rep also stated that many people were calling to complainabout the hidden increase. I believe this should be grounds for a class action lawsuit as this is baitand-switch billing structure.

Ticket: # 3072752 - Antenna interferenceDate: 2/22/2019 6:24:35 PMCity/State/Zip: Bridgeport, Alabama 35740Company Complaining About: AntennaDescriptionI am currently reside in close proximity to a google plant that is under construction. Recently I havenoticed that my tv antenna as well as wifi signals have been less then normal.The area I reside isn't know for great reception to begin with but 8n the last couple of weeks I can'teven get local channels to see new. I have also been told that certain phones and carriers longerreceive signal while in proximity of the plant. While I can understand Google wanting to protect itselfinterfering with my signals while not on their property is infringing on my rights and totallyunacceptable.I would be happy for any help you can provide in this matter.Sincerely(b) (6)

Ticket: # 3073754 - False chargesDate: 2/23/2019 10:00:28 PMCity/State/Zip: Montgomery, Alabama 36108Company Complaining About: Wow CableDescriptionFalse charges claiming cable was disconnected on the 10th of January and my cable was notdisconnected. This is he third time this company has done this within 2 months

Ticket: # 3074014 - " ILLEGAL DATA USAGE "Date: 2/24/2019 3:15:08 PMCity/State/Zip: Birmingham, Alabama 35214Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionATT is Illegaly calculating My Data Usage to Make Me Change My Current Plan. This is Truebecause most of thius month I was not at home but ATT calculated I had used Most of My Data forMy Internet Services.

Ticket: # 3074161 - Failure of cable provider to reolve problemsDate: 2/24/2019 7:44:32 PMCity/State/Zip: Birmingham, Alabama 35243Company Complaining About: AT&TDescriptionHave had multiple visits by cable provider technicians without resolution of digitization of cablepicture.

Ticket: # 3074305 - DirecTV Regional sports

ASAP!!! I hate that you all or phasing out att uverse because otherwise I would have stayed with them. And to say the last for all the errors that these reps made, I am requested more than 70 off my bill. Unsatisfied Customer, _ Ticket: # 3031833 -