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WIX Guide fore‐PortfoliosCAHS 4500 Portfolio Presentationfor Apparel DesignersDr. Veena Chattaraman & Eloise FaberDepartment of Consumer AffairsAuburn University

CAHS 4500Wix GuideWIX.COM GUIDE TO CREATING A WEB PORTFOLIOPlanningBefore you begin creating your website, decide how you want to present your portfolio.Decide what the overall aesthetic will be and what components you want and need toincorporate into the website.Things needed before creation of the website: Four portfolio projects edited and ready for final submission before you can usethem for your web portfolio. Logo Resume Design aesthetic/ about me Photography Inspiration imagesDecide how many tabs you will need on your website.Below are the minimum tabs you need for your website: Home About Portfolio ContactOther tabs you want to add to your website later: Photography Additional Projects Honors, Awards, or Competitions1

CAHS 4500Wix GuideInitial StepsWix.com is a flash based website for website building. If a website is run on flash, it willnot work on cellular phones with web capabilities. There is a way to make a version ofyour final web portfolio compatible with cellular phones on Wix.Wix is good for students, artists, and businesses. Some of the templates are ecommerce enabled for small businesses. The templates range in complexity anddifficulty. For your first web portfolio it is recommended to use a simple templateprovided by Wix and then add to it later. This demo will guide you through thefundamental tasks required to create a web portfolio.Before creating your own website from the templates available on wix.com, you mustcreate an account.1. Go to wix.com2. Create a new account 1. Click Login/Sign-Up in the top right corner of the home page 2. A box will appear in the middle of the page. 3. Click on the tab that says “Sign Up!”132 The email address that you pick will be incorporated into the URL addressfor your website. So please choose something that is easy to spell,appropriate, and represents and refers back to you.Example: email address: jane smith@yahoo.com www.wix.com/jane smith2

CAHS 4500Wix Guide3. Select a template. “Explore” the templates provided on Wix.com Click through the different templates to see what others have done andwhat Wix has to offer. “Beauty and Fashion” is an appropriate one to startlooking at for inspiration.4. After looking through some templates go to the “Create” tab to begin creatingyour web portfolio. Click on the tab “Create” at the top of the web page. Click on the “2 min Demo” on the right side of the web page. Watch thedemo to get an idea of the some of the basic functions of a wix website.3

CAHS 4500Wix GuideCreating a WebsiteIn order to demonstrate how to use the functions of Wix, we will use a popular templatefor designers. “Photo Focus” is a good template because it is clean, simple, butaesthetically pleasing and easily customized. Click on “Photo Focus” Template and click on “edit”When you come to some of the templates, the template will be on “WixEXPRESS”. Youdo not want to create your website on this setting. It is better for experienced users whoare maintaining their website. You want to create your website in the “Editor” setting.Click on “Go to Editor”4

CAHS 4500Wix GuideUploading PicturesIt is easier to upload your jpeg images in the beginning so when you are changingpictures or managing a gallery, your images are already uploaded to Wix. You canalways upload images and files at any time during creating and editing.Portfolio project pages/boards need to be saved as .jpeg files in order to upload them toWix.com to use in a gallery. Scroll over the “Add” tab and click on “Pics” Click “Upload” to choose pictures, jpeg files, and png files.5

CAHS 4500Wix GuideLogo UploadingSave your logo as a PNG file before uploading it to Wix.com. Then you can use it as an imageon the website on the pages without an extra background on the logo.TextChanging Text: Practice changing the name (Matt Whitby Photography) to your own by clickingon the name and selecting “edit” and typing your name. When you click “edit” a text toolbox will appear at the top of the web page. Youcan change the font, size, color, and style.Creating New Text Scroll over “Add” “Text” “Title” or “Paragraph”6

CAHS 4500Wix GuideChanging a Picture Click on the picture click “Change Photo” A box will appear with options to pick pictures from your “My pixs”, “wix files”, or“Community”. Click on “My Pixs”. Chose a picture. (Note. “My Pixs” are jpeg orpng files that you upload to the site).7

CAHS 4500Wix GuideSaving your Work When you save the template after editing, the words you use to save thetemplate will also be incorporated into your URL addressExample: save as: design1 www.wix.com/jane smith/design1 Save your template FREQUENTLY!Adding Pages for Portfolio Contents Click on one of the pages in the “Page Manager” box. In the “Page Group” box Click “ Add Page”8

CAHS 4500Wix Guide Scroll down and choose “Blank”. Name the Page “Photography” and click “Ok” Scroll over the “Add” tab “Page Parts” click on “Page Groups”9

CAHS 4500Wix Guide Click on “Page Group” A new page will appear on the web page. Move the new page so that it is in themain page space (Photography page). Then look at the “Page Manager” and see that it has added 3 subpages underthe “Photography” page. You can always add more than the first 3 provided.You can changethe name of thesubpages byclicking on thepage in the“Page Manager”and choosing10

CAHS 4500 Wix GuideScroll over the “Add” tab Click on “Pics” Choose a picture from the “Wix” photos. The picture will show up on the web page. Move the picture to the middle of the newempty page. Add one more picture and place in thewhite space11

CAHS 4500 Wix GuideClick on the existing text box “Edit” and change the text so that it gives acommand to the viewer to click on the photos for more.Linking a Photo to a Page Click on one of the photos and click “Link”12

CAHS 4500Wix Guide Click on the “Wix Page” tab “Select Page” Choose “Page 2” under “Photography” Click “Ok” Link the other photo to “Page3” under Photography.13

CAHS 4500Wix GuideAdding a New Gallery Make sure you are on “Page 2” under “Photography”. Scroll over the “Add” tab “Galleries” Choose a gallery Choose a gallery (Matrix). The gallery will appear on your screen. Move the gallery so that it is in the “Page 2” box. Increase the size so that thegallery squares are large enough.14

CAHS 4500 Wix GuideClick on the gallery a small box will appear Click “Manage Photos”You can now add photos, replace or delete. If you have your images already uploadedto wix.com, “managing” the gallery is easy.You can now add a gallery to “Page 3” under Photography with other images.Managing a Gallery On the “Home” page of the website click on the image on the page (it might bechanging because it is a gallery). Click “Manage Photos”.The white tabs indicate thegallery or page you areviewing.For this tab, the arrowsallow you to scroll throughthe gallery. From here, you can “Replace the photo”, “Add Photo”, “Delete” a photo, “Add Link”, orChange the order of the photos.15

CAHS 4500 Wix GuidePick some pictures or rearrange the photos. Choose a vertical picture when theorientation is vertical. When you are done, click “ok”. As seen below, the picture chosen for the gallery is cut off because the gallery ishorizontal and the picture is vertical. Click “Settings” “Auto Crop” and play with the options so that you are able tosee your picture well.16

CAHS 4500Wix GuideTo Expand an Image:When a person clicks on one the pictures the image can expand. This is good to set upfor galleries with images of portfolio projects. Designers will be able to expand theimage so they can see the detail of your work. Click on “Expand” to adjust the settings of the photos/images.Adding an Image or Logo and Linking back to Main Pages Click on “Page 2” in the “Page Manager” box. Scroll on the “Add” tab “Pics” “Community” Choose an image(sunglasses) Move the image to the top left corner of “Page 2”.17

CAHS 4500Wix Guide Click on the sunglasses “Link” Click on the “Wix Page” tab “Select Page” Choose “Main” under the Photography Page Click “Ok” Place the same image on “Page 3” under Photography and link it to the “Main”page under “Photography”.It is always helpful to add directions for the viewer to navigate the website better.Note: Add text to tell the viewer to click on the sunglasses to return to the main“Photography” page. (Scroll over the “Add” tab ”Text”)18

CAHS 4500Wix GuideUploading Resume in .pdf and .jpeg FormatThere are two ways to display your resume on Wix.1. Save as .pdf to upload the resume as a “doc” that can be a link that the viewercan click on and download on their computer to print. So when you are finishedediting your resume in MS Word or Illustator, save your resume in .pdf format.2. Save as .jpeg to upload the resume as an image to view on the site Scroll over “My Files” “Docs” and upload your document. Scroll over “Add” “Pixs” and upload your jpeg image of your resume19

CAHS 4500Wix GuidePublishingWhen you COMPLETELY done with your website, you can “Publish” your site.20

CAHS 4500Wix GuideUpgradingAfter searching through templates and finding some you would like use, click on “Edit”on the templates. You can have multiple templates that you are “editing”.Once you have found one template that is a possible template, Click on “Upgrade” tolook at the prices of memberships. A membership is not required, but if you do have amembership, you will get your own domain. (e.g. www.jane.com; instead as”)Minimum membership: 4.08/month for one yearOR 4.95/month monthly agreement.Helpful Hints Include text to guide the viewer through the website! Include your logo on pages. Insert a PDF version of your resume for the employer to download and print off.(“My Files” “Docs” “Upload”) Include images that the viewer can click on that will link back to main pages. For portfolio project pages, make it so that the images will “Expand” from thegallery so that vewers can see the pages better. Avoid add sound or music SAVE CONSTANTLY! – When using wix.com, you are putting a lot ofinformation on Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Sometimes the internetconnection is slow or not strong enough and the windows will close WITHOUTsaving. THEREFORE SAVE CONSTANTLY!21

WIX Guide for e‐Portfolios . Wix Guide 19 Uploading Resume in .pdf and .jpeg Format . There are two ways to display your resume on Wix. 1. Save as .pdf to upload the resume as a “doc” that can be a link that the viewer can click on and download on their computer to print. .File Size: 2MB