The CenTennial CelebraTion Of Our College Of Nursing


The CentennialCelebration of ourCollege of NursingResurrection University MagazineSpring 20141914-2014

A message fromthe president2Our Centennial is a celebration of where we’vebeen and where we’re going.Being the President of this great University is an honor and of course there arechallenges to address, but if I had to sum up my three years at ResU in a singleword, that word would be “joy”.It has been a joy to meet our alumni who have through their own careers builtour reputation for excellence in nursing and healthcare. Trailblazers such asDoris Mesenbrink from the Class of 1939 who was a working mother beforethe term was ever coined—bringing her children to work with her during thenight shift so that she could care for her patients and manage her staff ofnurses. It has been a joy to work with our faculty who continue our tradition ofproviding outstanding nursing education. And a joy to see our students learningand developing the skills they will need to continue our legacy for another100 years.I now have the opportunity to be a part of the 100th Anniversary of ourCollege of Nursing, a year of inspiring, momentous occasions that honor thelegacy of nursing.The Centennial Celebration Weekend in May is going to be amazing becausethe ResU family will be joining together to celebrate. That means alumni,faculty, staff, Board members, health system leaders and students comingtogether for three remarkable days. I’ll have the chance to put faces to namesand celebrate with some of the people who have made our College of Nursingone of the very best.I’ll also have the honor of hosting this incredible event with Dr. Sharon Bolinwho is the honorary Chairperson for our 100th Anniversary. As a former WestSuburban student, faculty member, Director of the School of Nursing, andFounding Dean of the Concordia–West Suburban College of Nursing, Dr. Bolin’slegacy and commitment is proof positive that our people are second to none.And lastly, possibly my biggest joy will be to present an Honorary Degree toDoris Mesenbrink. The Faculty Senate and the Board of Directors voted andthe award will be presented to Mesenbrink on Saturday, May 3rd at theCommencement Ceremony for the Class of 2014.I’m looking forward to our Centennial Celebration Weekend. I’m alsolooking forward to continuing my work at the University—helpingto build the foundation for another 100 years of excellence in healthcareprofessions education.Beth A. Brooks, PhD, RN, FACHEPresident, Resurrection University

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41914–2014Our Centennial:It’s been a remarkable journey.The College of Nursing owes its very existence to a simple meeting of physicians. The yearwas 1911 and a few physicians from the Chicago suburbs of Oak Park and Austin decidedthat their communities needed a hospital. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles E. Humiston,an Austin physician and president of the Illinois State Medical Society, a committeewas formed, funds were raised, land was purchased, and the cornerstone for the WestSuburban Hospital was laid on April 12th, 1912.The original hospital charter was very specific aboutthe mission: establish and maintain a hospital anddispensary for the care of the sick and injured, toprovide educational facilities to medical students andto establish and maintain a training school for nurses.A training school for nurses was indeed establishedon February 17th, 1914 when the West SuburbanHospital School for Nurses opened its doors for thevery first time. Miss Helen Scott Hay was the firstSuperintendent. The school’s first graduation ceremonywas held on November 18th, 1915 at the FirstCongregational Church of Oak Park. The graduatingclass consisted of four nurses.Just like the hospital, the school for nurses grewsteadily over the years and by the twenties, morespace was needed to accommodate an ever growingstudent body. In 1925, a new building was completedfeaturing state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories,living quarters and a large ballroom on the seventhfloor. The new building was described as a structure“equaled by few institutions in the country” for itsbeautiful architecture and furnishings. We were leadersin education from the very beginning.The school’s reputation for excellence grew with eachgraduating class and in March, 1946, the institutionentered into an affiliation with Wheaton College.The program, which had a strong missionary focus,attracted students from all over the United States,including daughters of missionary parents abroad.The Wheaton program had a global impact on themissionary work done by nurses. In the 1950s, over50% of the missionary nurses serving across the UnitedStates and in foreign countries were graduates of WestSuburban Hospital School for Nurses and the Wheatonprogram. (The affiliation with Wheaton ended in theearly 1980s.)In 1953 the name of the school was changed tothe West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing. Theinstitution continued to graduate large classes in the50s, 60s and 70s. The last class to live in the dormsinside the original nursing building graduated in 1982.Beginning in 1985 the institution entered into anotheraffiliation, this time with Concordia College (nowConcordia University Chicago) in River Forest and thename was again changed to Concordia-West SuburbanCollege of Nursing. Dr. Sharon Bolin led the charge

Celebratingour Centennialand paved the way as Founding Dean during thishistoric shift to a degree-granting program. The ideaof a single-purpose degree-granting college of nursingwas unheard of at the time, and in fact this model wasthe first in Illinois and possibly second in the nation.The affiliation ended in 2003 and the name was againrevised, this time to West Suburban College of Nursing.In 2004, Resurrection Health Care (RHC) purchasedWest Suburban Medical Center and the College ofNursing along with the Westlake Medical Center inMelrose Park, Illinois. Both were sold to VanguardHealth Systems in 2010. But RHC kept ownershipof the College of Nursing as part of its educationalvision. On July 1st, 2010, the West Suburban Collegeof Nursing was joined by the College of Allied Health,forming Resurrection University.In November 2011, through the merger of ProvenaHealth and Resurrection Health Care (RHC), PresenceHealth, the largest Catholic health system basedin Illinois, was formed. Presence Health has morethan 150 locations around the state, 12 hospitals,27 long-term care and senior living facilities, dozensof physician offices and health centers, home care,hospice, behavioral health services and more.2013 marked the beginning of a new era for theUniversity. After 98 years in Oak Park, we movedinto our new home at Presence Saint ElizabethHospital in the heart of Chicago’s historic Wicker Parkneighborhood. Instruction at the new facility beganon January 7th, 2013 and a formal ribbon cuttingceremony was held on March 13th, 2013 with BishopAlberto Rojas, Auxiliary Bishop Archdiocese of Chicagowho blessed the campus.Our new campus includes 44 offices, 10 classrooms,and a state of the art simulation learning center—37,700 square feet on four floors. The building hasreceived LEED-Certification for Commercial Interiorsfrom the US Green Building Council based on itsenergy performance, waste management, use of lowemitting paints and coatings, and the use of local andregional products.We were leaders from the very beginning. Our newcampus ensures we will enter our next century ofcaring fully prepared to meet the evolving needs ofour students.Our New Advanced Simulation Centeris as real as they come.It was designed to allow students to putclassroom instruction to the test under “real-world”conditions using actual hospital and clinicequipment. The center features four hospital bedswith adult human simulators, one bassinet with aninfant human simulator, and five exam tables toresemble clinics and private medical offices. If ithappens in practice, chances are we can simulateit right here.5

6We were here beforetraffic lights?It’s true! And here are a few otherhistoric moments from our first 100 years.191419192419341918: T reaty ofVersailles ends war1919: EighteenthAmendment passesprohibiting alcoholicbeverages1914: World War I begins1914: Panama Canalopens1914: World’s first red andgreen traffic lightsare installed inCleveland1916: A lbert Einsteinintroduces hisTheory of Relativity1917: World-wideinfluenza pandemicstrikes1917: Russian Revolution1918: D aylight SavingsTime goes intoeffect1920: NineteenthAmendment giveswomen the rightto vote1922: Lincoln Memorialis dedicated inWashington D.C.1922: King Tut’s tombdiscovered1926: Antifreeze allows peopleto use cars year round1927: First feature length“talking” movie “The JazzSinger” debuts1927: Big Bang Theoryproposed1927: “Lucky Lindy” CharlesLindbergh crosses theAtlantic in solo flight1927: P enicillin is discovered1928: First television sold1929: St. Valentine’s DayMassacre in Chicago1929: Stock market crashestriggering The GreatDepression1931: “Star Spangled Banner”becomes NationalAnthem1931: Frigidaire introduces theelectric refrigerator

19441934: Prohibition is repealed1934: Unemployment hits25%1936: First artificial heartinvented1937: Hindenburg zeppelinexplodes at Lakehurst,New Jersey1939: “Gone With The Wind”premieres1939: Germany invadesPoland, World War IIbegins1940: PennsylvaniaTurnpike opens –first multilane U.S.Superhighway1940: First television stationdebuts in New York1941: Japan bombs PearlHarbor, United Statesenters war1941: First HMO established1942: First programmabledigital computerinvented1943: A ntibiotics areintroduced1944: D-Day – Alliesinvade France1945: PresidentFranklin DelanoRoosevelt dies1945: Germany andJapan surrenderending WorldWar II1945: Grand Rapids,Michigan becomesfirst communityto fluoridate itswater supply1947: Yankees beatDodgers in firsttelevised WorldSeries1949: Cable Televisionintroduced195419641951: T wenty SecondAmendment limitspresidency to twoterms1951: Color Televisionintroduced to U.S.1952: DwightEisenhowerelected President1952: Jonas Salkintroduces Poliovaccine1953: First open-heartsurgery performedusing heart-lungmachine1953: ResurrectionHospital founded1955: Rosa Parksrefuses to sit inthe back of thebus beginning theMontgomery BusBoycott1957: Civil Rights Actpasses1959: Alaska andHawaii becomethe 49th and 50thstates1959: First GrammyAwards held1960: John F. Kennedyelected President1962: Cuban MissileCrisis1963: Civil Rights marchon Washington D.C.1963: JFK assassinatedin Dallas

81964197419841964: Surgeon Generalaffirms thatsmoking causeslung cancer1965: First U.S. combattroops arrive inVietnam1966: Medicare begins1966: FDA declares“the Pill” safe forhuman use1968: R obert Kennedy andMartin Luther King,Jr. assassinated1968: Motion PictureRating Systemdebuts – G, PG, R, X1969: N eal Armstrongwalks on the moon1972: Watergate1974: N ixon resigns andGerald Ford becomesPresident1981: Sandra Day O’Connorbecomes first womanon U.S. Supreme Court1972: HBO becomes firstpay cable network1975: S aturday Night Livepremieres1981: AIDS is first identified1972: C AT Scanning isdeveloped1976: Nation celebratesbicentennial1973: U.S. troopswithdraw fromVietnam1978: F irst “test-tube baby”born1979: American Embassyin Iran seized bymilitants1980: John Lennonmurdered in New York1981: Resurrection Hospitalbegan operating asResurrection HealthCare1982: M ichael Jacksonreleases “Thriller”which becomes thebest selling albumin history1982: M RI machines areintroduced1983: 239 Marines die inBeirut terrorist attack

19941994: O.J. Simpsonarrested1995: Oklahoma CityFederal Buildingbombed byterrorists1984: Apple introducesthe Mac1986: S pace ShuttleChallenger disaster1989: Oliver North convictedfor Iran/Contra role1989: Berlin Wall Falls1990: Iraq invades Kuwait1990: National NursesWeek, May 6-12, isestablished1991: Gulf War1992: Riots in Los Angelesover Rodney King trial1993: World Trade Centerbombed by terrorists1996: A pproximately 45million people areonline1998: “Titanic” becomesthe highestgrossing film ofall time1998: FDA approvesViagra1999: Doctors performfirst human handtransplant in U.S.20042001: World TradeCenter destroyedby terrorists,Pentagondamaged2003: U.S. launches waron Iraq2003: Space ShuttleColumbiaexplodes2004: G eorge W. Bushreelected President2005: Hurricane Katrinahits New Orleans andthe Gulf Coast2005: Florence Nightingalewould be celebratingher 185th birthday2008: Barack Obamabecomes the firstAfrican-American tobe elected President20142010: HIV is removedfrom the list ofcommunicablediseases ofpublic healthsignificance fromUS ImmigrationScreening2011: Provena Health andResurrection HealthCare merged to formPresence Health2011: Final flight of theSpace Shuttle2013: A ffordable Care Actbegins2013: ResurrectionUniversity movesfrom Oak Park toChicago’s WickerPark neighborhood2009: U.S. Airways flightlands in Hudson River2013: A 2 year old US girlall passengers andbecomes the firstcrew survivechild born with HIVto be consideredfunctionally cured

CoLLEGEOF NURSING10We’re simply continuingthe mission that started it all.It’s the intersection of the Old and the New!While thinking about all of the wonderful things that I wanted to share with you on the100th Anniversary of our College of Nursing, a Girl Scout song keeps drifting through mymind: Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. The song isfitting for our 100 years as an educational institution! We have changed names (severaltimes) and changed locations, but we have never changed our focus.The school, and now university, retained its focus on education of students for nursingand health care. Our student population continues to be people who have a professionalpersona, compassion, a desire to serve others, and live the life of professional caring.Whether you graduated from West Suburban Hospital School for Nurses, West Suburbanplus Wheaton or Concordia College, West Suburban College of Nursing or ResurrectionUniversity, you are part of the history and legacy of this school.You are the gold!So, what is the silver? New graduates who are beginning their careers. They are learningthe joys and challenges of being a nurse. They are exploring all of the ways that they makea difference to their patients and the world-at-large. Many are engaging in the socialservices and mission work that began while a student.We also have pewter! Current students are the pewter of the university. They are strongyet easily shaped and dented just as our students are strong and yet vulnerable. Pewter ismost often used in items which are special but placed into daily use just as our students arespecial and are found daily in classrooms, Simulation Center, and clinical experiences.While each of us have a preference for gold, silver, or pewter, as you walk through jewelryand fine living sections of your favorite stores you may notice a trend which blendsprecious metals together. It is my hope that we can bring about that same blendingof graduates. The gold nurses can reach out to the silver nurses with career hints andmentoring. Gold and silver nurses can provide support and encouragement through cards,emails, or a box of candy for the pewters. I would be very happy to make that connectionif you are willing. I can envision the beauty of this intertwined precious design!Sandie Soldwisch, PhD, APN, ANP-BCChief Academic Officer and Dean of the College of NursingSister Gregory Krzak Endowed Chair

UniversityUPdateWhat’s new at ResU?More than you mightimagine.It was just one year ago that we moved to our newcampus in Wicker Park – over 37,000 square feet ofthe most advanced classrooms and labs in healthcare.Classrooms all feature Apple TV and the advancedsimulation center is three times the size of ourprevious lab.We’re also proud that our building received LEEDCertification for Commercial Interiors from theUS Green Building Council based on its energyperformance, waste management, use of low-emittingpaints and coatings and the use of local and regionalproducts.And our new campus was just the beginning.The College of Nursing received a ten-yearaccreditation from the Commission on CollegiateNursing Education (CCNE) for our bachelor andmaster’s level programs. CCNE ensures the quality andintegrity of baccalaureate, graduate, and residencyprograms in nursing.Not to be outdone, our HIIM program moved from theICD-9 to the ICD-10 coding system which is a nationalinitiative that begins this year. As our President, Dr.Beth Brooks said, “If a University isn’t moving forward,it’s falling behind.”ResU is committed to staying a step ahead for yearsto come.11

AMAZINGVOICES12Amazing voices from some ofthe people who make ResU anamazing family.“There’s a certain satisfaction you feel when you help a patient thatyou can’t attain from sitting behind a desk, and we all have such variedbackgrounds—that’s nursing!”Doris Mesenbrink, RN, ‘39“You are always a nurse whatever phase of life you’rein. Nursing is a part of you, helping others, cleaning theskinned knee of a grandchild, comforting the friend whohas just been diagnosed with cancer, counseling relativesto seek medical care, teaching good health practices in thecommunity. Some of us serve close to home. Others have gone to the endsof the earth but we all continue to care for others even in retirement.”Betty Johnsen, RN, ‘52“Nursing is a great profession with many different fields or specialties fromwhich to choose within the discipline: from pre-natal to old age, healthand wellness promotion to critical care, from clinical to academic andadministrative to research. The opportunities are boundless for professionaland personal growth.”Cynthia Sander, PhD, RN, ‘60“Nursing is a global service and mission. As a nurse I wasable to work across the borders of our world to help HIV/AIDS patients in Uganda as the pandemic was reachingits peak during the civil war that raged in the country.”Grace Tazelaar, MS, RN, ‘70“I use my nursing skills every day in one way or another. As nurses, wewill always be on one end of the stethoscope or the other, whether we’repracticing or as a patient.”Alice Teisan, BS, RN, ‘84

AMAZINGVOICES“Nursing embodies everything that I am. It allows me tobe a voice for the voiceless, a light that guides patientstoward recovery, and a pair of hands that can comfortone’s heart with a simple touch. West Sub taught methat at times I will be surrounded by challenges andcarry an immense amount of responsibility but through it all there will beresounding triumphs that I will experience. Experience has made into astrong, gentle, independent, self-sacrificing, caring nurse.”Tamara Bland, BSN ’99, MSN, RN“To know that you can, and have made a difference in the lives ofothers—this is WHY I entered the profession of nursing years ago;it continues to be the focus of my career today as a Nurse Manager.West Suburban enabled me to solidify my profession through my MSNprogram. The knowledge I possess from my MSN degree allows me asa professional Nurse Leader the opportunity to view life differently, forcontinued growth and vision for myself and my teams. I am confidentthat I continue to make a difference in the lives of others

inside the original nursing building graduated in 1982. beginning in 1985 the institution entered into another affiliation, this time with Concordia College (now Concordia university Chicago) in river forest and the name was again changed to Concordia-West suburban College of nu