Engineering At UNF


Engineering at UNFCivil, Electrical & MechanicalCivil EngineeringElectrical EngineeringEngineering is the art of organizing and directing men and controllingthe forces and materials of nature for the benefit of the human race. Henry G. Stott

Engineering PrerequisitesCivil, Electrical & Mechanical MAC 2311 G(M) Calculus I – 4 creditsMAC 2312 G(M) Calculus II – 4 creditsMAC 2313 G(M) Calculus III – 4 creditsMAP 2302 G(M) Ordinary Differ Equations – 3creditsCHM 2045 General Chemistry I – 3 creditsCHM 2045L General Chemistry I Lab – 1 creditPHY 2048 Calculus Physics I – 4 creditsPHY 2048L Calculus Physics I Lab – 1 creditsPHY 2049 Calculus Physics II – 4 creditsPHY 2049L Calculus Physics II Lab – 1 creditsEGN 1001 Introduction to Engineering I – 2 creditsEGN 2009 Introduction to Engineering II – 2creditsCOP 2220 Computer Science I – 3 credits– COP 2220 NOT required for Civil EngineersA scientist discovers that which exists. An engineer creates that which never was. Theodore von Karman

Advising Engineers in ACE Ideal first semester at UNF for anWhen advising an engineer major, makeengineering major is listed belowsure you are placing them in the correct mathand would be 14 credits.and/or science level. Also keeping in mind theprerequisites for each of their classes. For MAC 2311 Calculus I – 4 creditsexample if they didn’t test into Calculus try to get ENC 1101 College Writing – 3 creditsthem into Pre-Calculus. Or if they didn’t receive a CHM 2045 General Chemistry I – 3 credits“B” or higher in their High School Physics or CHM 2045L General Chemistry I Lab – 1Chemistry you need to make sure they are placedcreditin the correct Introduction level sciences. General Education Course – 3 credits Realistic 1st Summer Schedule – 6 credits ENC 1101 College Writing – 3 creditsGeneral Education Requirements – 3 credits Realistic 1st Fall Semester – 13 credits CHM 1025 Introduction to ChemistryLecture – 2 creditsCHM 1025L Introduction to ChemistryLab – 1 creditENC 1101 College Writing – 3 creditsMAC 1147 Pre-Calculus – 4 creditsGeneral Education Course – 3 credits

Realistic Math & Sciences Courses forEngineering Students CHM 1025/L Introduction to Chemistry with Lab – 3 credits Introduction to Chemistry must be taken if the student did not receive a “B”or higher in High School Chemistry. Introduction to Chemistry is the prerequisitefor CHM 2045/L General Chemistry I with Lab which is a major requirement.Introduction to Chemistry is NOT offered at UNF during the summer. PHY 1020/L Introduction to Physics with Lab – 3 credits Introduction to Physics must be taken if the student did not receive a “B” or higher in High SchoolPhysics. Introduction to Physics is the prerequisite for PHY 2048/L Calculus Physics I with lab whichis a major requirement. MAC 1147 Pre-calculus – 4 credits Based on test placement a student may be placed in this level.If they are placed in MAC 1101 Intermediate College Algebra they can take MAC 1114 Trigonometryinstead of MAC1147 pre-calculus once they successfully pass MAC 1101 Intermediate College Algebra.College Algebra & Trigonometry Pre-Calculus, however Pre-Calculus is the recommended math if astudent will be going into Calculus.All students on an engineering track MUST maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher for their Calculus and Physicssequences to be accepted into the upper level engineering program. Plus a “C” or higher in their otherclasses is required.

Engineering Classes OfferedCivil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering classes are only offered certain semesters.It is a good idea to refer back to the most recentAcademic Roadmap to confirm a certain engineeringcourse is offered that semester. Required classes taught by other departments such asmath and sciences maybe offered multiple semesters.However, these courses could be prerequisites for certainengineering courses. So make sure you check theCourse Catalogue for course descriptions andprerequisites for each course. The codes for Engineering Classes will be the following: CEG, CES, CGN, CWR, EEL, EGN, EML, TTE

Upper Level Engineering AdvisorCivil, Electrical & MechanicalDr. Richard V. ConteInstructor and AdvisorOffice: 050/2302Phone: 904-620-1680Email: All engineering students will be advised byDr. Conte once they hit 60 hours. Dr. Conte is the program’s upper level advisor aswell as a faculty member for the program. He is the primary go to person for all of yourengineering related questions. You can also refer to the College of Engineering'sUNF homepage for additional information.Engineers participate in the activities which make the resources of nature availablein a form beneficial to man and provide systems which will perform optimally and economically. L. M. K. Boelter

Engineering at UNF Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Engineering is the art of organizing and directing men and controlling the forces and materials of nature for the benefit of the human race. . COP 2220 Computer Science I – 3 credits .