AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6 :: Help Documentation


AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 :: Help DocumentationTable Of ContentsINTRODUCTION. 7QUICK TOUR . 9About Simulation Toolkit . 10Simulation Toolkit Experience . 16What is New in 6.0. 19Simulation Toolkit Features . 20SNMP Agent Simulator Features. 21TL1 Agent Simulator Features. 24Network Simulator Features . 26Utility Tools . 32Contacting AdventNet. 33INSTALLATION GUIDE. 35System Requirements . 36Installation and Startup Options. 37Installing Simulation Toolkit . 38Starting Simulation Toolkit . 39Using License Manager . 41Using Launcher. 46Installing Service Packs . 48Uninstalling the Service Pack . 51Uninstalling Simulation Toolkit. 53Packages Bundled. 54Package Structure . 55Third Party Software . 58MySQL . 59RELEASE NOTES . 60Release Features . 61Known Issues . 73Limitations. 76SNMP AGENT SIMULATOR GUIDE. 77Getting Started. 78Simulating Default Values. 80Configuring Values . 82Recording from Real Agents. 83Configuring MIB Values . 881

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 :: Help DocumentationPopulating the SNMP table. 93Configuring Traps . 97Configuring Informs. 106Configuring Behavior . 113Configuring Error Conditions . 133Configuring Agent Settings . 135Customizing SNMP PDU in SNMP Agent Simulator . 138Re-simulating Values. 141Saving SNMP Agent Configuration. 142Starting and Stopping the Agent. 143Testing the Agent using MIB Browser . 145Porting SNMP Agent Configuration . 146Stopping the Remote Agent. 147Simulating a V3 Agent . 148Starting the SNMP Agent from Command Line . 159TL1 AGENT SIMULATOR GUIDE. 161Getting Started. 162Simulating Default Values. 165Configuring Values . 167Input Command Message. 168Acknowledgments. 172Output Response Message . 174Autonomous Messages . 178Echo Message . 186Configuring Behavior . 187Configuring Agent Settings . 196Configuring Security in TL1 Agent . 198Re-simulating Values. 201Saving TL1 Agent Configuration. 202Starting and Stopping the Agent. 203Starting the TL1 Agent from Command Line . 204Testing the TL1 Agent . 206Using Built-in Commands . 208Using Self-Monitoring Commands . 214NETWORK SIMULATOR GUIDE . 218Getting Started. 219Device Tree Configuration . 223Devices in Device Library . 224Adding Devices in the Device Tree.225SNMP Device Creation using SNMP WALK File. 2292

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 :: Help DocumentationConfiguring a Device Added in the Device Tree. 232Deleting Devices in Device Tree. 235Creating and Configuring a Network. 236Creating a New Network . 237Template Devices and Bullk Configurations . 242Network View, List View and Topology View. 248Network Directory Structre. 251Configuring Network Devices . 253Configuring Router/Switch Properties. 255Configuring Behavior in SNMP Devices . 257Configuring Behavior in TL1 Devices . 278Configuring SNMPv3 Security Settings . 287Configuring Run-Time Settings. 297Adding Devices to the Network. 299Bulk Addition of Scripts . 302Bulk Modification of IP address, Port and SNMP OIDs . 304Customizing the SNMP PDU in Network Simulator. 308Configuring IP addresses. 311Topology Editor. 315Editing Operation of Devices . 317Find a Device in the Network. 318Viewing Device, Template and Network Info . 319Modifying Device Information . 321Deleting Devices in the Network. 322Deleting the Network . 323Saving the Network. 324Starting and Stopping the Network . 325Starting and Stopping Network Devices/Agents . 327Loading and Unloading a Network. 329Porting Your Network. 330Automate the Network . 332Starting Multiple Network from Command Line . 334IOS SIMULATOR GUIDE . 336Getting Started. 337IOS Commands Supported. 340IOS commands supported in PIX Firewall . 349CLI Script API methods . 351Adding IOS Commands . 356Editing Scripts. 3573

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 :: Help DocumentationTFTP, FTP AND TELNET SUPPORT. 358TFTP protocol support . 359FTP Protocol Support . 363Telnet Protocol Support . 365MANAGING AGENTS AND NETWORK VIA RMI. 369Overview. 370Managing the Agent / Network via RMI . 372RMI Tutorials . 375RECORDER GUIDE . 378Network Recorder. 378Record and Replay Traps. 382SIMULATING LARGE NETWORKS. 384PERFORMANCE GUIDE. 387SNMP TRAP STORMER . 389SNMP PROXY AGENT SIMULATION. 393TL1 GATEWAY NETWORK SIMULATION. 395MIGRATION GUIDE . 398Migrating the Simulated SNMP Agent . 399Migrating the Simulated Network. 400Migrating the Simulated TL1 Agent . 401TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE . 402TroubleShooting - General . 403TroubleShooting - SNMP Agent Simulator . 407TroubleShooting - Network Simulator. 409USING TEST & EDITOR TOOLS . 412MIB Browser . 413Overview . 414Getting Started. 416Configuration. 417Setting Common Parameters. 418Setting MIB Parameters . 422MIB Operations . 423Loading MIBs . 424Unloading MIBs . 429Parsing MIBs . 430SNMP Operations . 432SNMP GET. 433SNMP GETNEXT . 4344

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 :: Help DocumentationSNMP GETBULK . 435SNMP SET . 436Trap Handling . 438Viewing Traps.

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6.0 :: Help Documentation 7 Introduction AdventNet Simulation Toolkit is a comprehensive and versatile set of intuitive tools that simplify development, testing, and demonstration of ne