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The Spell BinderWorldbook Three of the High Fantasy Projecta campaign setting for GURPSbyKevin A. MuñozDraft beta-1118 spells

Expanded Magic RulesNew Spell Type: EmanationAs with Area spells, Emanation spellsaffect an area. However, Emanation spellscan only be centered around the caster.Any Area spell may be learned as anEmanation spell. The energy costs are thesame. However, Emanation spells maynot be converted to Area spells and Areaspells learned as Emanation spells may notbe used as Area spells. If an Area spell islearned as an Emanation spell, the charactermay also learn the Area version, but it is adistinct and separate spell.The prerequisites of an Emanationspell are the same as the prerequisites of therelated Area spell. Emanation spells may beused as prerequisites for other Emanationspells (according to the prerequisite treefor the related Area spells), but are neverprerequisites for equivalent Area spells.Area spells are prerequisites for theirrelated Emanations, however.Unless otherwise specified, the castermay decide whether or not to be affectedby the Emanation spell. Area spells castat no range (i.e., centered on the caster)are not Emanations: the caster may notdecide whether or not to be affected. Also,Emanations (unlike Area spells cast at norange) follow the caster for the duration ofthe spell.A number of regular Body and MindControl spells may also be learned asEmanations. The base cost (for a 1 yardradius and 4 yards of height) is equal tothe standard cost of the original spell.These “Group” spells include: Alertness,Boost (Attribute), Bravery, Grace, Might,Reflexes, Strengthen Will, Vigor andWisdom. Some Regular spells that offerresistance can be learned as Emanations inthe same fashion: Resist Cold, Resist Fire,Resist Lightning, Resist Pressure, ResistRadiation and Resist Sound.Finally, the Delay spell may be learnedas an Emanation, but it will not “carry” anArea spell with it. Other types of spells castin the presence of a Delay Emanation willfollow the caster and activate when theDelay’s conditions are met. This modifiesthe normal rule regarding Delay, whichotherwise requires that the Delay (and itslinked spell) be triggered by events at thesite where it was cast. It is possible to learnLink as an Emanation; in such a case itfunctions like a Delay Emanation that canhave more than one spell linked to it.New College: WarThe War college consists of combatrelated spells that do not have elementaleffects. Many of these spells directly affectexisting weapons and armor, although theyare not enchantments in the strictest sense.A number of the spells in GURPS Magicbelong to the War college. These are:Armor, Berserker, Bladeturning, Block,Bravery, Catch Missile, Choke, DeflectEnergy, Deflect Missile, Distant Blow,Evisceration, Explode, Iron Arm, Might,Missile Shield, Quick-Aim, Quick-Draw,Reflect, Return Missile, Reverse Missiles,Sharpen, Shield, Spell Shield, Spell Wall,Spell Guard, Turn Blade, Weapon Self.Many more War college spells will appearin the Spell Binder.New Linking Spell: CombinationUnder standard GURPS Magic rules,the only way to cast more than two spellsso that they activate at the same time isto use the Link spell and specify that thetrigger condition is the casting of the finallinked spell. However, Link takes too longto cast for most practical uses of this typeof trigger. Delay can be used to delay asingle spell until another is cast, but cannotlink more than two spells together.There is now a new set of four linkingspells under the name of Combination.(The other three are Greater Combination,Universal Combination and MasterfulCombination.) Like Delay, the Combinationspells are cast on other spells rather than anarea. Like Link, they may be attached tomore than one spell.In addition, the combined spells maybe cast with a single skill roll. This makesit possible to develop very complex spelleffects without being forced to makemultiple rolls. For example, a caster maywish to create a flame, shape it and makeit hotter—all at the same time. WithoutCombination, this would be three separateskill rolls. Using Combination, the numberof rolls is reduced to two: one for theCombination and one for the three linkedFire spells. Masterful Combination reducesthe number of rolls to one.Area SpellsIn GURPS Magic, standard area spellshave a height of 4 yards. Such spells maybe stacked, increasing the height by 4 yardsfor each 100% cost increase. The GM mayalso allow fractional stacking. For example,an increase of 50% could stack a second 4yards of height atop the first but with ½ theradius of the first 4 yards.Clerical MagicAny spell that affects subjects whomay be considered friend or foe to thecaster’s deity may be considered a Divinespell. Spells may be acquired that areaspected: they affect only one group or theother (friend or foe). The skill difficulty foraspected spells is reduced by one level: Hardspells become Average, Very Hard spellsbecome Hard. Note that the categories arenot “believers” and “unbelievers.” Friendsmay include unbelievers whose beliefs orbehaviors are consistent with the caster’sreligion, and foes only include those (evenbelievers!) whose beliefs or behaviors areopposed to the caster’s religion. If a spellis acquired as a Divine spell, it may notbe cast in an unaspected version (affectingboth groups); if a spell is not acquired asa Divine spell, it may not be improved inan aspected version (reduced skill pointcost). Divine spells are usually identifiedby phrases such as “Holy,” “Divine” and“of Faith.” The GM may also allow Divineto stand in for other aspected pairs, suchas Nature (friends and foes of nature),Elemental (fire and water, heat and cold,etc.) and Moral (good and evil).Unless otherwise specified, clericalspells do require prerequisites in the World.This will vary on a religion by religionbasis.

Air CollegeBinding WindRegularThe subject is trapped in a smallwhirlwind. Once every 10 seconds, thesubject may attempt to escape by making a(Arm) ST roll with a penalty equal to halfthe energy put into the spell. As long asthe subject is trapped by the whirwind, hecannot move any limbs.Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 2 per -1 penalty. Same cost tomaintain.Prerequisite: Wall of Wind and Hinder.Poison Fog (see Weather)

Animal College(Animal) Control, MassAreaResisted by WillAs with (Animal) Control, but it affectsevery animal of the spell’s type within thesubject area. If one or more animals is onlypartially within the area, they are affected iftheir brains are within the subject area.Duration: 1 minute.Base cost: Same as (Animal) Control.Prerequisite: (Animal) Control of the sametype.Master, MassArea or BlockingResisted by IQSimilar to the Master spell, except thatMass Master affects all animals within theaffected area. The subjects may attempt toresist individually.Duration: Indefinite.Base cost: 2 to cast, 1 to maintain.Prerequisite: MasterAnimal MessengerRegular; Resisted by WillCast on one animal of any size. Thecaster may then command the animalto travel to a single destination that hespecifies. Upon arrival the animal will waitat the location for the remainder of thespell’s duration. The animal messenger willcarry small packages (relative to the sizeof the animal) that the caster attaches to it(by a harness, rope, etc.). If the spell endsbefore the animal messenger has arrivedat the destination, the animal will attemptto drop any package it is carrying and willnot continue to obey the caster’s originalcommand.Duration: 1 dayCost: Variable. Cost to cast is equal to theracial IQ of the most intelligent specieswithin the category. Half that to maintain.Prerequisite: Beast-Soother.SpinesRegularThe subject gains the Short Spinesadvantage for the duration of the spell,configured as the caster wishes. The spelldissipates if the spines cannot easily growthrough the subject’s clothing (as is thecase with most types of armor).Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 1 to cast. 1 to maintain.Prerequisite: At least 2 Animal spells.Beast-Soother, MassAreaAs with the Beast-Soother spell, exceptit affects all animals in the subject area. Thecaster’s bonus to each animal’s reactionroll is equal to the amount of energy putinto the spell.Duration: As Beast-Soother.Base cost: 2 to 6.Birds in the HandMissileThe caster hurls a writhing mass ofsmall magical birds that do cutting damageto the target.Cost: Any amount up to your Magery levelper second, for three seconds. The birds do1d cutting damage per energy point.Time to cast: 1 to 3 seconds.Prerequisite: Magery 1, Beast SummoningCompel Form (VH) (see Body Control)Release Form (VH) (see Body Control)Spines, GreaterRegularThe subject gains the Long Spinesadvantage for the duration of the spell,configured as the caster wishes. The spelldissipates if the spines cannot easily growthrough the subject’s clothing (as is thecase with most types of armor).Duration: 30 seconds.Cost: 1 to cast. 1 to maintain.Prerequisite: Spines.Uplift Animal (VH)SpecialThis spell raises the subject animal’sIQ by 1 for every 200 points of energy putinto the spell. This spell must be cast as ifit were an enchantment. Uplift Animal mayalso be used to further increase the IQ ofa previously uplifted plant. Uplift Animalmay raise the subject’s IQ no higher than 6(minimally sapient).Duration: Permanent.Cost: 200 for each 1 to IQ.Time to cast: As an enchantment.Prerequisite: Enchant and Permanent BeastPossession.

Body Control CollegeBlood ThinnerRegularResisted by HTLike Weaken Blood, with additionaleffects. For the duration of the spell, thesubject’s HT and maximum FP are at ½.If the subject has the advantage PerfectBalance, he loses it for the duration of thespell.Duration: 1 day.Cost: 12 to cast. 6 to maintain.Prerequisite: Weaken Blood.Compel Form (VH)RegularResisted by WillAs with Release Form, except this setof spells affects subjects with voluntaryalternate forms. The prerequisite ReleaseForm spell must affect the same alternateform as the Compel Form spell. The subjectmay choose to resist.Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 8 to cast, plus 1 for every -1 penaltyto subject’s Will roll. Half that to maintain.Prerequisite: Release Form.Grapple (see Movement)Mountain ClimberRegularBodyLike the Climbing spell, but onlybenefits attempts to climb natural rockformations without climbing equipment.Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 1 to 3. Same cost to maintain. Theincrease in the subject’s Climbing skill isequal to three times the energy put into thespell.Prerequisite: Climbing.Release Form (VH)RegularWhen cast on a subject with involuntaryalternate forms (such as a werewolf),this spell forces the subject to revert toits “original” form for the duration of thespell. There is one spell for each alternateform affliction, and the (Animal) Controlprerequisite for each must be specific tothe alternate form. Release Form will notrevert subjects whose original forms areno longer accessible, such as a vampire orlich; nor does it have any effect on singleform hybrids.Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 8 to cast. 4 to maintain.Prerequisites: Command, (Animal) Controland Stop Spasm.SlamRegularThis spell allows the caster to attempta slam maneuver at range. The slam dealsdamage equal to (energy x range) / 20 andproduces all other results of a slam. Treatthe Move speed as five times the amountof energy put into the spell. The opponent’sdamage to the caster has no effect unlessit exceeds twice the spell’s damage to thesubject, at which point the spell has noeffect.Cost: 1 per point of energy.Prerequisite: Grapple.Spines (see Animal)Spines, Greater (see Animal)StunboltsSpecialResisted by HTOnce per second, the caster may makeone Innate Attack, as with a Missile spell.The attack physically stuns its target. Thetarget must roll vs. HT each second torecover. The caster may choose not to attackat any time during the spell’s duration, atwhich point the spell ends. If the casteris distracted (failing a Will roll at -3), thespell ends.Duration: 5 seconds.Cost: 3. Cannot be maintained.Time to cast: 2 seconds.Prerequisite: Stun.Tree ClimberRegularLike the Climbing spell, but onlybenefits attempts to climb trees withoutclimbing equipment.Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 1 to 3. Same cost to maintain. Theincrease in the subject’s Climbing skill isequal to three times the energy put into thespell.Prerequisite: Climbing.Tree DancerRegularThe subject gains the Brachiatoradvantage for the duration of the spell,limited to using plant life for swinging(i.e., no chandeliers). The Climbing 2bonus can be stacked with the Tree Climberspell.Duration: 1 minute.Cost: 2 to cast. Same cost to maintain.Prerequisite: Tree Climber.Uncontrolled Hunger (see Food)

Communication & Empathy CollegeTransfer Mind (VH)RegularThe caster permanently transfers themind of the subject into a duplicate body(from Create Body). This transfers all mentalskills, advantages and disadvantages, aswell as full IQ. It transfers only half of theskill points of each physical skill.Duration: Permanent.Cost: 80.Time to cast: 1 hour.Prerequisite: Exchange Bodies.Transfer Mind, Rapid (VH)RegularThis is identical to Transfer mindexcept for the cost and time to cast. Use thisspell when the subject’s body is quicklydying.Duration: Permanent.Cost: 160.Time to cast: 2 minutes.Prerequisite: Transfer Mind.

Earth CollegeBurrowRegularThe subject gains the ability to burrowrapidly into the earth, at a speed equal tofive times his normal digging speed for eachpoint of energy put into the spell. When thespell ends, the subject experiences fatigueas if he were digging at his normal rate. Thesubject may not use tools to dig; he digswith his hands, which are protected frominjury (scrapes, cuts, etc.) by the spell. Theburrowed hole will have a diameter of ½the subject’s height.Duration: 10 minutes.Cost: 1 per digging speed multiple (seetext). Same cost to maintain.Prerequisites: Four Earth spells.Burrow, MassRegularAs with Burrow, except the caster mayselect multiple subjects. The cost increasesby 100% for

Worldbook Three of the High Fantasy Project a campaign setting for GURPS by Kevin A. Muñoz Draft beta-1 118 spells. Ne w Sp e l l Ty p e: em a N a T i o N As with Area spells, Emanation spells affect an area. However, Emanation spells can only be centered around the caster. Any Area spell may be learned as an Emanation spell. The energy costs are the same. However, Emanation spells may not be .