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Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20181.0 PURPOSE / SCOPE: Guideline describes the minimum TI Automotive Corporate requirements for theSupplier Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) which is executed by each of the TIAutomotive Suppliers. The Guideline should help the suppliers to understand therequirements of the Production Part Approval Process.1.2The default process is for suppliers to reference against the latest revision of the AIAGProduction Part Approval Process Manual and to submit PPAP using the TI Automotiveprovided checklist. On occasion, TI Automotive may be required to submit all data,including subcontractor PPAP information using a format that complies with specificOEM Customer requirements. In those cases, suppliers must support TI Automotive inpreparing the documents to support this requirement.RESPONSIBILITIES:2.1The Process Owner is the Global Director Corporate Quality Systems.2.2The Supplier is responsible to ensure that all required items for the Production PartApproval Process are fulfilled. For clarification issues, the supplier should contact thedesignated TI Automotive Supplier Quality Team Member.2.3The Supplier is responsible that the Production Part Approval Process Documentationand samples are at the TI Automotive location as requested on the Purchase Order. It isthe responsibility of the supplier to notify the TI Automotive Supplier Quality AssuranceEngineer or SD of any delays.DEFINITIONS:3.1AIAG - Automotive Industry Action Group3.2ANOVA- Analysis of Variance3.3APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning3.4FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis3.5GQS – Global Quality Management System3.6MSA - Measurement System Analysis3.7NDC - Number of Distinct Categories3.8OEM – Original Equipment Manufacture3.9PPAP – Production Part Approval Process3.10 PSW – Part Submission Warrant3.11 PLT - Plant Trial Run3.12 QMS – Quality Management SystemPage 1 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20183.13 SD- Supplier Development3.14 SRCA - Supplier Request for Change Approval3.15 TS – Technical Specification3.16 DFMEA – Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis3.17 PFMEA – Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis3.18 RPN – Risk Priority Number3.19 GRR – Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility3.20 IMDS – International Material Data System3.21 REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals4.0REFERENCES / ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS:4.1CP-8-ALL-47 Supplier PPAP Procedure4.2CF-8-ALL-4700 Supplier PPAP Checklist4.3CP-8-ALL-41 Global Supplier Requirements Manual (GSRM)4.4CP-8-ALL-48 Supplier Advanced Product Quality Planning4.5CF-8-ALL-4702 Supplier PPAP Dimensional Result4.6CF-8-ALL-4703 Performance Report DVP4.7CF-8-ALL-4704 Performance Report PVP4.8CF-8-ALL-4705 Logistics Agreement4.9CF-8-ALL-4706 Run @ Rate4.10 CF-8-ALL-4707 Run @ Rate Guideline4.11 CF-8-ALL-4708 Special Characteristics Results4.12 CF-8-ALL-4709 Material Test Report4.13 CF-8-ALL-4710 Supplier Deviation Request Sheet5.0PROCEDURE / INSTRUCTIONS:5.1. Requests for PPAP submissions to the Supplier will be identified in the Purchase order,and will include instructions for PPAP shipment/delivery.5.2. Approval of the submission will be authorized by the responsible TI Automotiverepresentative.Page 2 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20185.3. English is the required language for PPAP submissions. Any exception must beapproved by TI Automotive.5.4. Accepted PPAP’s will be communicated to the Supplier with an authorized PSW, signedby the TI Automotive representative. The signature indicates only that TI Automotive hasaccepted the package from the supplier. The supplier is responsible for the content andthe accuracy of the information submitted in the package.5.5. Interim approvals will only be given under special circumstance, and will be valid fordefined timescales, batch, or quantity dependent upon the product type. TI will providedetail of the requirement for subsequent full approval. Interim approvals will be managedthrough the TI Automotive SRCA / Deviation Sheet process.5.6. Rejected PPAP’s will be notified to the originator along with detail of the rejection.5.7. Providing the PPAP documentation is within the year, all approvals (full and interim) arevalid for supply into all TI Automotive facilities providing they contain other TI Automotivespecific documentation such as; IMDS, Bar Code Labels, Packaging, and PSW.However, there may be situations where the OEM has additional specific requirement forthe PPAP data to be submitted using customer specified format. In those cases,suppliers would be required to support TI Automotive with complying with this mandate.Usage in other TI Automotive facilities 1 year after the initial PPAP shall require currentstatus of all PPAP documentation in the PPAP for the additional facility.5.8. AIAG Manuals5.8.1 Throughout this guide, reference is made to various “AIAG Manuals” – these are aseries of booklets published by “Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler”. They areavailable as reference to all Businesses and can be obtained from Carwin Ltd –, or direct from AIAG - Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)5.8.3 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)5.8.4 Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)5.8.5 Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP)5.8.6 Statistical Process Control (SPC)5.8.7 It is the responsibility of the Supplier to ensure that latest editions are available tothem, and that the requirements are implemented accordingly.5.8.8 Where additional TI Automotive Customer Specific Requirements are imposed, therequirements will be identified on the RFQ, and subsequent Purchase Order.Page 3 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20185.9LevelApproval Submission RequirementsDescription1Submission of Warrant only (PSW).2Submission of Warrant with product samples and limited supporting data.3Submission of Warrant and complete supporting data.4Warrant and other requirements defined by TI Automotive.5Warrant with Product Samples, and complete Supporting Data reviewed at theSupplier’s manufacturing location.Prototype Warrant and other requirements defined by TI Automotive Engineering.5.9.1 The default for PPAP Submission is “Level 3”. Written authorization is requiredprior to submission for any exceptions.Page 4 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20185.10 Retention / Submission Requirements:Submission LevelLevel 1 Level 2Section 61717A17B17C17D17E17F17G17J18Design record.Engineering change documents.TI Automotive Engineering approval.Design FMEA.Process Flow Diagram.Process FMEA.Control Plan.Measurement System Analysis studies.Dimensional Results.Dimensional ReportMaterial, Performance Test results.Performance Report DVPPerformance Report PVPMaterial ResultsMaterial ReportInitial Process Studies.Special Characteristics ResultsQualified Laboratory DocumentationAppearance Approval Report.Sample Product.Master Sample.Checking Aids.Records of compliance with Customer SpecificRequirements.IMDSREACHPackagingRun at RateTools/GagesCQI DocumentationTool/PPAP Purchase OrderSub-Supplier PPAPPart Submission Warrant.Level 3Level 4Level SS*RSS*RSS*RRS*RRS*RSS*Not applicable to TI Automotive SRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSRRRRRRRRSRRRRRRRRSSRRR Supplier shall retain at appropriate locations and make available to TI Automotive on request.S Supplier shall submit to TI Automotive and retain copy documents at appropriate locations.* Supplier shall retain at appropriate locations and submit to TI Automotive on request.Page 5 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20185.11Documentation / Records5.11.1The data/documentation should be supplied in TI Automotive formats providedin the PPAP Checklist. The PPAP checklist must be filled out and submitted withthe supporting PPAP documentation. With prior written agreement from theDivisional designee, alternative formats or forms may be used.5.11.2Regardless of the submission level, all documentation / at minimum recordsshall be maintained for the life of the part, plus service one calendar year. Inaddition, PPAP records shall also be retained to satisfy Customer SpecificRequirements. (CSR) as defined in IATF 16949, It is the responsibility of theSupplier to ensure that the appropriate records from a superseded PPAP file areincluded, or referenced in the new part file.5.12 Yearly Re-certificationSuppliers are expected to maintain the same process and quality levels approved duringthe original PPAP submission throughout the life cycle of the product. Suppliers must beable to provide evidence (if requested) demonstrating their product and process meetsthe standards established at PPAP.Examples of the level of evidence TI Automotive might request:Level 1- Warrant OnlyLevel 4- Warrant and other documents as defined by TI AutomotiveLevel 3- Full submissionPPAP Section Guideline Requirements5.13 Design Record5.13.1 Design Record - Approved drawing (print) in the TI Automotive template,authorized by TI Automotive Technology, and at the correct level for the partbeing submitted. Any exceptions must be approved by TI Automotive prior tosubmission.5.13.2 Note: Copies of the Suppliers own drawing is not acceptable – unless this hasbeen formally approved by TI Automotive prior to the submission.5.13.3 The submitted drawing or design record revision must match the drawing revisionon the Purchase Order.5.13.4 All text shall be in English - it is acceptable for duplicate text to be notated in theoriginators language.5.13.5 Critical (C) or Significant (S) items shall be highlighted along with any otherspecial requirement. (CW-4-ALL-411 Supplier Safety, Critical and FunctionalMandatory Requirements)Page 6 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 20185.13.6 The drawing level is verified against the Purchase Order (PO).5.13.7 Dimensions, Material / Performance tests or specifications shall be sequentiallynumbered/ballooned for reference purposes. See also Dimensional Results &Material, Performance Test Results. – Note- for electronically transmitteddocuments, this may entail printing off in hard copy – reference marking thecriteria, and then rescanning for submission back with the PPAP file.5.13.8 Any questions or concerns regarding the design record or these requirementsmust be submitted to TI Automotive Purchasing in writing and resolved before thePPAP package is submitted. Examples can also be provided upon request.5.14 Engineering Change Documents5.14.1 Engineering Change Documents – Copies of documents approving Engineeringchanges incorporated into the part, but not yet evident within the design record.5.14.2 A TI Automotive approved Supplier Request for Change Approval (SRCA) mustbe included for any supplier driven changes not incorporated in the DesignRecord. If a TI Automotive driven change is in process, the supplier shouldinclude a copy of the request/instruction.5.14.3 TI Automotive approved Deviation Sheet is included for any deviations within thePPAP.5.15 Engineering Approval5.15.1 Engineering Approval - Suppliers must provide evidence that engineeringapproval has been given for the part for any changes not reflected on the originaldrawings or purchase order.5.15.2 TI Automotive engineering approval is typically given by issue of a Technologyauthorized part drawing or an approved engineering change request. Dependingon the TI Automotive location, this could either be in written form or electronicallyapproved. For suppliers who are design responsible, approval of the part detail isby the transfer of the Supplier drawing onto TI Automotive template and thenTechnology authorized.5.16 DESIGN FMEA5.16.1 Design FMEA - Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is normally onlyapplicable if the supplier is design responsible for the submission part. It is thepolicy of TI Automotive not to release copies (electronic or hard).5.16.2 The format of the DFMEA document and the scoring evaluation should beconsistent with the current edition AIAG - FMEA Manual. The document itselfshall be revision controlled, authorised, dated, and formulated by a corePage 7 of 21REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM

Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470Supplier PPAP GuidelineRevision:IRevision Date: 19 July 2018“functional” team of appropriately trained personnel. The FMEA must include arecord of all changes or modifications made since the original approveddocument. The DFMEA should be considered as a live document, and becontinually updated as changes occur or additional information is obtainedthroughout the product development stages.5.16.3 Design characteristics that affect high risk priority failure modes are identified.5.16.4 Critical/Significant Characteristics are identified and captured in the DFMEA perCW-4-ALL-411.5.16.5 Appropriate corrective actions have been taken/planned for high RPN’s, and therisk numbers were revised when the design change is completed. Suppliersshould constantly monitor and reduce risk by reviewing the RPN levels andshould have continuously updated plans for improving the 5 highest values.5.16.6 The default rating format for assessing RPN is the AIAG guidelines. Suppliersthat utilize a different format must receive approval from TI before submission.5.16.7 Updates to the DFMEA shall evide

Supplier PPAP Guideline Document No.: CW-8-ALL-470 Revision: I Revision Date: 19 July 2018 Page 1 of 21 REFERENCE ONLY ONCE REMOVED FROM SYSTEM 1.0 PURPOSE / SCOPE: 1.1 The Guideline describes the minimum TI Automotive Corporate requirements for the Supplier Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) which is executed by each of the TI Automotive Suppliers. The Guideline