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HF MANAGER’SHANDBOOKIARU REGION 1The content of this handbook is the property of the International Amateur Radio Union, Region1. Copying and publication of the content, or parts thereof, is allowed for non-commercial purposes.This does not apply to extracts of the ITU Radio Regulations.HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9 JUNE 2018

TABLE OF CONTENTSChapters1.Introduction . 5Acknowledgements . 51.1The IARU Region 1 HF Committee . 61.2Terms of Reference for the permanent HF Committee . 61.3Specialized Bodies . 72.HF Conference Recommendations . 82.13.HF Operations . 82.1.1QSO-Definition . 82.1.2Operating Standards and Procedures . 82.1.3DX Calling Procedure .102.1.4HF Operations and Experiments .102.1.5Emergency Operations .102.1.6HF Repeaters .112.1.7HF Beacons / International Beacon Project (IBP) .112.1.8Datamodes.122.1.9Satellite Operations .132.1.1029 MHz FM Operations .142.1.1129 MHz NBFM Packet Radio Experiments .152.1.12Meteor Scatter and Mode Packet on 28 MHz Band .152.1.13Remote Controlled Operation on HF .172.1.14Use of Amateur Bands .172.1.15Field Days and Special Activity Days .182.1.16Contest Rules and Regulations.182.1.17Awards, Certificates, Cups and Medals.192.1.18HF, LF and MF Band Planning .192.1.19IARU Monitoring System .222.1.20Spectrum Management .232.1.21Method of Measurements .242.1.22Morse Code Speeds .242.2QSL Cards .242.3Operational Ethics .24IARU Region 1 HF Band Plan.27HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9 JUNE 20182

TABLE OF CONTENTS4.Technical Standards.374.1 Valid Conference Recommendations .374.1.1RTTY, Amtor & Packet Radio .374.1.2Facsimile Standards .374.1.3S-Meter Standards .384.2Standard Frequency Stations .404.3The Locator System .435.General Notes / Additional Documents .465.1Resolution 08-1 concerning operating standards .465.2Lists and Nets – A Code of Practice .465.3IBP – Terms of Reference for the IARU Region 1 IBP Co-ordinator .485.4International Beacon Project – AC Resolution 86-1 (Rev. 1990).485.5IARU Region 1 HF Beacons – A Guide to good Practice .505.6Packet Radio Operations on HF .515.7Guidelines to Centres of Activity.525.8Satellite Operations AC Resolution 89-3.545.9 ITU Radio Regulations Resolution No. 642 - Relating to the Bringing into Use of Earth Stations in theAmateur-Satellite Service .555.10Coordination of 29 MHz FM Repeaters .565.11General Rules for Repeater Operation .565.12Guidelines for HF Contests .575.13ITU Radio Regulations ARTICLE 1 (Extracts) – Terms and Definitions .625.14ITU Radio Regulations ARTICLE 2 (Extracts) .685.15Extract of ITU Radio Regulations - APPENDIX 1 .705.16ITU Radio Regulations - ARTICLE 5 (Extracts) – Frequency Allocations .745.17ITU Radio Regulations - ARTICLE 25 .755.18ITU Radio Regulations - Appendix 14 .765.19ITU Radio Regulations – Table of Country Prefix Allocations .825.20Definition of “ITU Zones” .835.21IARU Awards .835.22Rules for the IARU Region 1 Humanitarian Award .845.23Terms of Reference for the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Co-ordinator.845.24IARU Monitoring System – IARU AC Resolution 91-1 .85HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9 JUNE 20183

TABLE OF CONTENTS5.25The Objectives of the IARU Monitoring System .875.26The Formation of a National Monitoring System .875.27The Radio Amateur’s Code .875.28Net Operation and Amateur Ethics.885.29Code of Practice for QSL Management .886.Change Records .907.Impressum .92HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9 JUNE 20184

INTRODUCTION1. IntroductionACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThis is the 9th edition of the HF Manager’s Handbook and contains changes agreed during the 2008 IARU Region1 Conference in Cavtat, 2011 IARU Region 1 Conference in Sun City, 2014 IARU Region 1 Conference in Varna,IARU Region 1 Interim Meeting Vienna 2016 and IARU Region 1 Conference in Landshut 2017.In this edition the structure of the chapters has been revised to make content more accessible tointerested readers. The HF Manager’s Handbook is primarily intended as a guide for HF Managers,and should also be of help to any societies wishing to set up their own HF Committee. Therefore some historicalitems are contained in this book for the benefit of new HF Committee representatives, who may not always knowabout matters that have gone in the past. A number of chapters have also been transferred across to the mainRegion 1 website at iaru-r1.org.The accuracy of this book to a great extent depends on YOU - the user of the book. If you find anything that iswrong, or if you find that something should be added or changed, please tell us. Any ideas for expansions orcorrections will be appreciated.Former versions of this handbook contained other information like IARU Region 1 Constitution and Bye-Laws,list of Member Societies, list of Executive Committee members, list of HF Managers and about ElectromagneticCompatibility (EMC), which can be found now at iaru-r1.org.Tom Kamp DF5JLHF Committee Chairman (C4)df5jl@darc.deThanks toColin J. Thomas G3PSMUlrich Mueller DK4VWFormer HF Committee ChairmenHF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9 JUNE 20185

INTRODUCTION1.1THE IARU REGION 1 HF COMMITTEEAt the IARU Region 1 Conference in Noordwijkerhout (1989) a completely re-written IARU Region 1Constitution and Bye-Laws was adopted. As a consequence the HF Working Group was transformed into a socalled Specialized Permanent Body, the IARU Region 1 HF Committee.The following articles in the IARU Region 1 Constitution and Bye-Laws relate to the permanent HF Committee:In the Constitution:A.1.4.7 Definition of specialized bodiesA.5 Nomination, period of office etc. of specialized bodies.N.B. Article A.4.11 a

HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9 JUNE 2018 HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK IARU REGION 1 The content of this handbook is the property of the International Amateur Radio Union, Region 1. Copying and publication of the content, or parts thereof, is allowed for non-commercial purposes. This does not apply to extracts of the ITU Radio Regulations. TABLE OF CONTENTS HF MANAGER’S HANDBOOK V9