Vince Giordano Collection Finding Aid (PDF)


University of Missouri-Kansas CityNOT TO BE USED FOR PUBLICATIONDr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Department of Special CollectionsBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHBorn in Brooklyn, New York, Vince Giordano’s passion for music from the 1920s and 1930s,and the people that made it, began at age 5. He has amassed an amazing collection of over60,000 band arrangements, 1920s and 1930s films, 78 recordings and jazz-age memorabilia.Giordano sought out and studied with important survivors from the period: Paul Whiteman’s hotarranger Bill Challis and drummer Chauncey Morehouse, as well as bassist Joe Tarto.Giordano’s passion, commitment to authenticity, and knowledge led him to create a sensationalband of like-minded players, the Nighthawks. Giordano has single-handedly kept alive anamazing genre of American music that continues to spread the joy and pathos of an era thatshaped our nation.A Grammy-winner and multi-instrumentalist, Giordano has played in New York nightclubs,appeared in films such as The Cotton Club, The Aviator, Finding Forrester, Revolutionary Road,and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire; and performed concerts at the Town Hall, Jazz At LincolnCenter and the Newport Jazz Festival. Recording projects include soundtracks for the awardwinning Boardwalk Empire with vocalists like Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, St. Vincent, ReginaSpektor, Neko Case, Leon Redbone, Liza Minnelli, Catherine Russell, Rufus Wainwright andDavid Johansen. He and his band have also recorded for Todd Haynes' Carol, Terry Zwigoff’sGhost World, Tamara Jenkins’ The Savages, Robert DeNiro’s The Good Shepherd, SamMendes’ Away We Go, Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, and John Krokidas’ debut feature, KillYour Darlings; along with HBO’s Grey Gardens and the miniseries Mildred Pierce. TheNighthawks are also seen and heard in the USA Network series Royal Pains and in the PBSseries Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook.Excerpted from Vince Giordano’s website. Accessed 9 March 2017.SCOPE AND CONTENTThe Vince Giordano Collection was gifted by Giordano to LaBudde Special Collections in 2014.The collection relates to the noted New York bandleader and film/TV consultant specializing in1920s and 1930s music. It comprises parts for over 2000 dance band arrangements of the era andconsists of 34 boxes, each identified by title range. A complete list of tunes that includes title,composer, lyricist, arranger, publisher, and publishing date is also available.MS256-Vince Giordano Collection1

University of Missouri-Kansas CityNOT TO BE USED FOR PUBLICATIONBoxFolderDescriptionDr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Department of Special CollectionsCONTAINER 242526272829303132333412345Description“A” – You’re Adorable – AngelsAnimal Crackers in My Soup – Beautiful LoveBeauty Must Be Loved – Broken DreamsBroken Hearted Blues – The Chestnut TreeCherie – Cute and SweetDaddy, You’ve been a Mother to Me – Down the Trail to Home SweetHomeDown Yonder – FloridaFool in Love, A – Gypsy’s Love is Like a Melody, AHabanera – Home Town BluesHomesick – I Found YouI Got Myself in Bad – Ida I DoIdaho – I’m Growing Fonder of YouI’m Happy When you’re Happy – InspirationIrene – I’ve Never Been in Love BeforeI’ve Never Seen a Straight Banana – Keep You’re Hello Down Fritzie BoyKerry Mills Nantucket – Little ColonelLittle Girl – Lulu LouM-A-R-Y I Love You – MollyMolly Dear, It’s You I’m After – My ShawlMy Silent Love – Nut-Sey FaganO Katharina – One I Love, TheOne in the World, The – Pick of The Family, ThePick Me Up and Lay Me Down in Dear Old Dixie Land – Rose of OldSevilleRose of Palestine – Shepherd’s Serenade, TheShe’s a Home Girl – Some Sweet DaySomebody – SunshineSunshine of Mine – That Dramatic RagThat Goes On For Days – Tico-TicoTil Reveille – ValenciaWait till You See “Ma Cherie” – When the One You Love, Loves YouBackWhen the Organ Played at Twilight – Wild FlowerWild Jazz Knight, A – You Flew Away From The NestYou for Me, Me for You – ZomaAt Dawning, by: Charles Wakefield Cadman C. GounodFaust: Excerpts from the Opera byNaila: Intermezzo, by Leo DelibesPale Moon, by: Frederic Night LoganScarf Dance, by: C. Chaminade, arr. Arthur Lange: From RhythmicParaphrasesMS256-Vince Giordano Collection2

Vince Giordano PublisherPublishing PlacePublishing Date"A" You're Adorable(The Alphabet Song)Kaye, BuddyWise, FredLippman, sidneyFlanagan, RalphLaurel Music co.New York, NY1948"Gimme" A Little KissPinkard, MaceoTurk, RoySmith, JackBleyer, ArchieABC Music Corp.New York, NY1926A La CarteHolzman, AbeLampe, J.BodewaltJerome H. Remick& Co.New York, NY1915A Little BirdieWhispered It To MeSnyder, JackBriegel, Geo. F.Jack SnyderNew York, NY1921Aba-DavaHoneymoon, TheFieldsGrooms, ClavinLeo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1915Ace of Diamonds, TheFiorito, TedHuffer, Fred K.Forester MusicPub. Inc.Chicago, IL1926Ach! Louie!Fisher, FredTerry, LeeFred Fisher Inc.New York, NY1923Raph, TeddySouthern MusicPublishingNew York, NY1931Cole, GeorgeSouthern MusicPublishingNew York, NY1931DonovanAdiosWodds, EddieAdiosMadriguera,EnrichAdios Muchachos(Farewell Boys)SandersRaven, CarolDrubek, DavidEdward B. MarksCorporationNew York, NY1939AdorableWynburn, RayFord, TomBarry, A. Frank E.Leo Feist, Inc.New York, NY1926Adoration WaltzMagine, FrankRomano, C.Colby, Carleton L.J. W. Jenkins'Sons Music Co.Kansas City, MO1924Adoring YouTierney, HarryMcCarthy, JosephBarry, Frank E.Leo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1924Afraid of LoveMiller, JamesFenderson, LewisWagner, LarryHandy BrothersMusic co., Inc.New York, NY1938After AllRoberts, Lee S.Lampe, J.BodewaltJerome H. Remick& Co.Detroit, MI1919Otis, A. F.Spitalny, Maurice

TitleComposer1Composer2After All I Adore YouHerscher, LouAfter Every PartyWaltzFreed, ArthurAfter I Say I'm Sorry,What Can I SayDonaldson, Walter Lyman, AbeAfter I See TheSandmanMalie, TommieArrangerPublisherPublishing PlacePublishing DateCoogan, ArtVodery, Will. H.Joe Morris MusicCo.New York, NY1924Burtnet, EarlPowell, Harry A.Sherman, Clay &Co.San Francisco, CA1922Skinner, FrankLeo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1926Sizemore, ArthurHuffer, Fred K.Milton WeilMusic Co.Chicago, IL1927After I've Called YouSweetheart: How CanI Call You FriendLittle, Little JackGrossman, BernieHuffer, Fred K.Milton WeilMuisc Co. Inc.Chicago, IL1927After My LaughterCame TearsTobias, CharlesTurk, RoySkinner, FrankShapiro,Bernstein & Co.,Inc.New York, NY1928After The Dance (theBells Ding-Dong)Caesar, IrvingFrisch, BillyKendrick, Merle T.De Sylva, Brownand HendersonInc.New York, NY1931After The RainSizemoreShrigleyCollard, Wm A.Jerome H. Remick& Co.Detroit, MI1922After The Rain(There's A Rainbow)MacGregor, GrantE.Klickmann, F.HenriHarmony MusicPublishersChicago, IL1927After The StormNelson, JackLange, ArthurJack Nelson MusicCo.New York, NY1924Ain't That A GrandAnd Glorious Feeling?Ager, MiltonYellen, JackAger, Yellen &Bornstein, Inc.New York, NY1927Alabama JubileeCobb, George L.McCabe, James C.Jerome H. Remick& Co.Detroit, MI1915Alabamy BoundGreen, BudLange, ArthurShapiro,Bernstein & Co.Inc.New York, NY1925Algerian Rose (AnEgyptian Fox Trot)Rega, MiloWaterson, Berlin& Snyder Co.New York, NY1920Newman, CharleyLyricist1Motzan, OttoClay, William R.Ager, MiltonDe Sylva, BudHenderson, Ray

TitleComposer1AlhambraCobb, George L.Alice Blue GownMcCarthy, JosephAll AloneComposer2Lyricist1PublisherPublishing PlacePublishing DateWalter JacobsBoston, MA1919Skinner, FrankLeo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1934Berlin, IrvingEastwood, TedIrving Berlin, Inc.New York, NY1924All Alone(CombinationOrchestration)Berlin, IrvingEastwood, TedIrving Berlin, IncNew York, NY1924All For YouJohnson, ArnoldMcCabe, James C.Jerome H. Remick& Co.Detroit, MI1921All I Want Is YouDavisAkstSkinner, FrankJerome H. Remick& Co.Detroit, MI1927All MY LifeStept, Sam H.Mitchell, SidneyDale, JimmySam Fox Pub. Co.Cleveland, OH1936All Night LongBrooksStrouseAlford, Harry L.Will RossiterChicago, IL1912All Of MeSimons, SeymourMarks, GeraldWarrington,JohnnyBourne, Inc.New York, NY1947All Of MY LifeBerlin, IrvingMason, JackIrving BerlinMusic CompanyNew York, NY1945All Pepped UpTierney, HarryMcCarthy, JosephBarry, Frank E.Leo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1924All She'd Say WasUmh-humEmery, MacZany, KingVan & SchenckKlapholz, Ernest C. Harry Von TilzerMusic Pub., Co.New York, NY1920All That Glitters Is NotGoldCornett, AliceAsherman, EddieKuhn, LeeHudson, WillRobbins MusicCorporationNew York, NY1946All The KnickerKnockers (Wearknicker-Bockers Now)Whiting, RichardA.Kahn, GusEgan, Raymond B.Jerome H. Remick& Co.Detroit, MI1923All The Things You AreKern, JeromeMason, JackChappell & Co.,Inc.New York, NY1939All-American GirlLewis, Al.McKay, ArtLeo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1932All's Fair In Love andWarWarren, HarryMason, JackHarms Inc.New York, NY1936Tierney, HarryClareHammerstein II,OscarDubin, AlArranger

TitleComposer1Alma ng PlacePublishing DateGutierrez, PedroEliasCole, GeorgePeer InternationalCorporationNew York, NY1942Almost ParadisePetty, NormanBarovick, FredPeer InternationalCorporationNew York, NY1957Alone At LastKahn, GusLange, ArthurIrving Berlin, Inc.New York, NY1925Alone Too LongSchwartz, ArthurWarrington,JohnnyEdwin H. Morris& CompanyNew York, NY1954Along Miami ShoreWarren, HarryForster MusicPub. Inc.Chicago, IL1926Along The Road ToGundagaiO'Hagan, JackSchulz, Wm.Allan & co.Melbourne,Australia1923Always True To You InMy FashionPorter, ColeMason, JackT. B. HarmsCompanyNew York, NY1948Always YouMarks, GeraldLerner, SamWeirick, PaulSam FoxPublishingCompanyNew York, NY1948Am I To BlameBaer, AbelLewis, Sam M.Skinner, FrankLeo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1934AmapolaLacalle, Joseph M.Gamse, AlbertWill HudsonEdward B. MarksNew York, NYMusic Corporation1940AmapolaLacalle, Joseph M.McKay, ArtEdward B. MarksNew York, NYMusic Corporation1933AmapolaLacalle, Joseph M.Cole, GeorgeCampbellConnelly & Co.Ltd.London1949America, I Love YouLeslie, EdgarRecker, RobertKalmar & PuckMusic Co.New York, NY1915AmonestraClark, C. Fred'kWalter JacobsBoston, MA1920Fiorito, TedFields, DorothyHirsch, WalterGottler, ArchieOlman, Abe

TitleComposer1Composer2An Arkansaw Huskin'BeePryor, ArthurAn Armchair With AnArmful of YouSilver, AbnerAnchors AweighZimmermann,Chas. A.Savino, D.And So It EndedEdwards, JoanAnd Tommy Goes,TooLyricist1ArrangerPublisherPublishing PlacePublishing DateCarl FischerNew York, NY1899Gordon, MackSkinner, FrankLeo Feist, Inc.New York, NY1930Lottman, GeorgeD.Skinner, FrankRobbins MusicCorporationNew York, NY1930Edwards, JackCole, GeorgeEdwards MusicCo.New York, NY1941Bayha, Chas. A.Kendis, JamesCole, GeorgePaull-PioneerMusic Corp.New York, NY1940AngelBurns, JoeKissen, MurraySchoebel, ElmerMilton WeilMusic Co.Chicago, IL1928AngelRobin, LeoHollander,FrederickMason, JackPopular MelodiesInc.New York, NY1937Angel Cake Lady, TheJerome, M. K.Ballard, PatMason, JackM. K. JeromeMusic Corp.New York, NY1932Angela MiaRapee, ErnoPollack, LewSkinner, FrankDe Sylva, Brownand Henderson,Inc.New York, NY1928Angel-May-CareBarroso, AryHathaway, Charles Peer InternationalCorp.New York, NY1941AngelsKalmar, BertRuby, HarryLange, ArthurWaterson, Berlin& Snyder Co.New York, NY1921Animal Crackers InMy SoupHenderson, RayKoehler, TedMason, JackMovietone MusicCorporationNew York, NY1935Anitz WalzPollack, LewClare, SidneyLange, ArthurShapiro,Bernstein & Co.,Inc.New York, NY1928Donovan, WalterJasmyn, JoanDrake, ErvinCaesar, Irving

ublishing PlacePublishing DateAnnabelleHenderson, RayBrown, LewTerry, LeeShapiro,Bernstein & Co.,Inc.New York, NY1923Annie Doesn't LiveHere AnymoreSpina, HaroldYoung, JoeBurke, JohnnyAdes, HawleyIrving Bernstein,Inc.New York, NY1933Anniversary SongWalzJolson, AlChaplin, SaulWeirick, PaulMood MusicCompany, Inc.New York, NY1947Anniversary Waltz,TheDubin, AlFranklin, DaveMason, JackMayfair MusicCorp.New York, NY1941Another Me, My LoveWinkler, GerhardRauch, FredSigman, CarlWarrington,JohnnyBourne Inc.New York, NY1953Another Night LikeThisLucuona, ErnestoRuby, HarryWeirick, PaulEdward B. MarksMusic Corp.New York, NY1946Any Corner Is A CozyCorner: With A SweetLittle Gril LikeO'Flynn, CharlesPrince, GrahamDe Sylva, Brownand HendersonInc.New York, NY1931Any Ice To Day, Lady?Ballard, PatShapiro,Bernstein & Co.Inc.New York, NY1926Any Old Time At AllRingle, DavePolla, W. C.Broadway MusicCorp.New York, NY1924Any TimeLawson, HerbertHappyWarrington,JohnnyHill and RangeSongs, Inc.New York, NY1949Anything To MakeYou HappyValentine, BuddySkinner, FrankBibo, Bloedon &Lang, Inc.New York, NY1927Anything Your HeartDesiresO'Keefe, WalterArcher, HarryPaul, WalterDe Sylva, Brownand HendersonInc.New York, NY1928Apple SauceLyman, AbeArnheim, GusMcCabe, James C.Leo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1922Rich, MaxLeahy, JoeFreed, Arthur

TitleComposer1Composer2ArabyBerlin, IrvingArcadyJolson, Al.Are You From Dixie?(Cause I'm From DixieToo)Cobb, George L.Are You Havin' AnyFun?Fain, SammyAre You Lonely?Lyricist1ArrangerPublisherPublishing PlacePublishing DateSchwartz, JeanSchulz, Wm.Snyder Co. StrandTheatre Bldg.New York, NY1915De Sylva, B. G.Berry, Frank E.Leo. Feist, Inc.New York, NY1923Taylor, T. M.M. Whitmark &SonsNew York, NY1916Yellen, JackMason, JackCrawford MusicCorporationNew York, NY1939Burke, JoeHerscher, LouPaul, WalterForster MusicPub. Inc.Chicago, IL1923Arkansaw Mule, TheClark, JimmyHirsch, WalterRichmondRobbins Inc.New York, NY1923As Long As I Have YouHaubrich, Al LewisWheeler,Clarence E.J. W. JenkinsSons' Music Co.Kansas City, MO1926As Long As TheShamrock GrowsGreenOsborne, NatSchulz, Wm.Waterson, Berlin& Snyder Co.New York, NY1912As Long As YouBelieve In MeDavis, BennySkinner, FrankSherman, Clay &Co.San Francisco, CA1929As Thousands CheerBerlin, IrvingIrving Berlin, Inc.New York, NY1933As You DesireWrubel, AllieKeit-Engel, Inc.New York, NY1932Ask Her (WhenShadows Fall)White, WillyGrossman,BernardLange, ArthurWhite-HouseMusic Co.New York, NY1924Ask Her (WhenShadows Fall)White, WillyGrossman,BernardLan

winning Boardwalk Empire with vocalists like Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, St. Vincent, Regina Spektor, Neko Case, Leon Redbone, Liza Minnelli, Catherine Russell, Rufus Wainwright and David Johansen. He and his band have also recorded for Todd Haynes' Carol, Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World, Tamara Jenkins’ The Savages, Robert DeNiro’s The Good Shepherd, Sam Mendes’ Away We Go, Michael Mann .