WARRIORS WANTED!Had enough of fighting forking and country? Sick ofbeing told what todo and who to kill, andhanging your butt out onthe line every day just sosome career-climbing generalcan reap the benefits of your hardwork? Do you think you can measureup in the big leagues, and carve yourname into the history books for alltime? Well, bud, now it’s time to putup or shut up, because not everyoneis cut out for the rough and tumblelife of today’s mercenary! War’s adangerous business, and for theprofessional soldier, survival ain’tas simple as coming out of thefirefight alive!Classic BattleTech Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revised provides an in depth lookat modern mercenary operations, including where to go for the best contractsand most active battlegrounds. Over sixty of the Inner Sphere’s best-knownmercenary commands are profiled here including histories, officers, andfavorite tactics. Special rules enable you to bring each of these famous outfitsto life in your own Classic BattleTech campaigns, while updated rules provideplayers with detailed instructions for creating and running their ownmercenary commands both on and off the field. Compatible withboth the Classic BattleTech board game and the Classic BattleTechRPG system, Classic BattleTech Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revisedlets you finally prove once and for all if you have what it takes tofind fame and fortune as a real mercenary!


FIELD MANUAL: MERCENARIESTABLE OF CONTENTSPARTING SHOTSINTRODUCTIONBOOM YEARSTwilight of the ClansWar and RejuvenationThe FedCom Civil WarThe Jade Falcon IncursionThe Capellan FrontThe Chaos FrontWhispers on the RimNew Times, New MarketsThe MRBC AngleTHE MERCENARY’S ATLASOutreach: The Mercenary SystemThe Warrior WorldMercenary Review andBonding CommissionMercenary Training on OutreachSolaris VII: Trial by FireThe Game WorldWarrior TrainingThe Solaris GamesArc-Royal: Mentors and MastersOld ConnaughtClan Wolf (in-Exile)The Mercenary Trade on Arc-RoyalFletcher: Off the Record BooksRoyceThe Mercenary Trade on FletcherEMPLOYMENT AND CONTRACTSJob MarketsEmployersContractsMission TypesContractual Terms and ObligationsEmergency Powers ClauseBreach of ContractMercenary Review andBonding CommissionNon-MRBC Enforcement PracticesSTANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURESBattleMech AssetsBattleMech OrganizationAerospace AssetsAerospace OrganizationArmor AssetsArmor OrganizationInfantry AssetsInfantry Force OrganizationTechnical and Medical SupportRank Structures and Insignia567778999101010111111UniformsDress UniformsMedals and DecorationsThe Hound’s ToothThe Blue StarLegion of KarsskhovThe Walls of HonorThe Shield of ValhallaMERCENARY FORCE BRIEFSAlways FaithfulThe ArcadiansAvanti’s AngelsBannockburn’s BanditsBarret’s FusiliersBattle MagicThe Black OutlawsThe BlackheartsBlue Star Irregulars1894th Light Horse21st Rim WorldsBroadsword LegionBronson’s HordeBullard’s Armored CavalryBurr’s Black CobrasCaesar’s CohortsCamacho’s CaballerosCanopian Highlanders21st Centauri LancersClean KillCrimson Crusaders51st Dark Panzer JaegersThe DioscuriThe Dismal DisinheritedFirst Dismal DisinheritedSecond Dismal DisinheritedThird Dismal DisinheritedThe DragonslayersFederated FreemenFighting IntellectualsFist of MokalThe FuriesThe Green MachineGreenburg’s GodzillasHarcourts DestructorsHarlock’s WarriorsHell’s Black AcesHsien HotheadsJacob’s JuggernautsKell HoundsUnit Command LanceFirst Kell Hounds RegimentSecond Kell Hounds 5666768697071727374757677787980

TABLE OF CONTENTSKhorsakhov’s CossacksKiller BeesKnights of St. CameronThe KrushersLangendorf LancersLethal InjectionLindon’s BattalionLone Star RegimentLongwood’s BluecoatsMarkson’s MaraudersMobile FireNarhal’s RaidersNew Avalon CavaliersOlson’s RangersQuint’s Olympian GroundpoundersRamilie’s RaidersRomanov’s CrusadersRubinsky’s Light HorseScreaming EaglesSimonson’s CutthroatsSmithson’s Chinese BanditsSnord’s IrregularsStalwart SupportTooth of YmirVandelay’s ValkyriesVanguard Legion12th Vegan RangersAlpha RegimentBeta RegimentGamma RegimentWinfield’s RegimentWolf’s DragoonsAlpha RegimentBeta RegimentGamma RegimentDelta RegimentEpsilon RegimentWolf Spider BattalionZeta BattalionCLASSIC BATTLETECH RPG RULESMercenary AffiliationAdditional PathsEventsStage 1: Early ChildhoodStage 1: Born Mercenary BratStage 3: Higher EducationStage 3: Arc-Royal CombatTraining ProgramStage 4: Real LifeTour of Duty: MercenaryRULESUnit Composition TablesAssigning 9120121121121121121121122Assigning Pilots125Mercenary Commands125Using Hidden Units Rules127Overlapping Abilities and Advantages127Banking Initiative127Forcing the Initiative127Off-Map Movement127Overrun Combat127Equipment Ratings128Force-Specific Rules128CREATING A MERCENARY FORCE137Force Creation137Procedure Outline137Force Creation Basics137Step 1: Create a Leader139CBT: RPG Commander Generation139Fast Commander Generation140Step 2: Running the Paths141How the Paths Work141Stage 1: Choose a Hiring Hall141Stage 2: Recruiting142Stage 3: Combat Experience143Step 3: Force Identification144Identifying Capabilities and Assignments145Step 4: Determine Payroll, Maintenance Costsand Support Requirements148Payroll149Equipment and Personnel Support149Step 5: Finishing Touches151Name151History151War Chest151RUNNING A MERCENARY FORCE153Mercenary Rating153Finding the Rating153Contract Offers155Number of Offers156Determining Employer156The Mission156Contract Negotiations157Employer Contract Terms157Bargaining System158Leftover Bargaining Points167Total Payment169Missions169Advances and Preparations169Transportation170The Job171Maintenance and Logistics171Logistics171Purchasing Supples171Keeping Fit176Breakdowns and Medical Care1771221241241251251253

TABLE OF CONTENTSForce SpecializationCommand Advantages and DisadvantagesMission Failures and Contract BreachesMission FailuresContract BreachDebtLoans“Company Store”Repaying 186Special ThanksTo the usual proofchecking crew: Rich Cencarik, Jeff Morgan, DavidL. McCulloch, Paul Sjardijn and Øystein Tvedten.To Bones for making all the Worksheets look so good!Herb Beas would like to thank:To Randall for giving me this first crack at product development;Loren Coleman for egging me on through it; all my fellow writers (listedabove) for coming up with quality work, relatively on time; the massiveplaytester support apparatus (listed below) for brutally running the rulesthrough their paces; Randall Bills and Bryan Nystul for getting me into(and keeping me into) BattleTech as more than a mere game; the folks atWizKids—particularly Randall Bills, Scott Hungerford, Will Littrell, andJanna Silverstein, for getting me involved on that angle with MechWarrior:Dark Age; Scott “Clutch” Taylor, Raymond Arriasta, Charles Wilson, andTed Wilson, as well as the vast membership and efforts of theCommandos for their hard work and dedication with writing, producingand carrying out the Lawyers, Guns and Money special event.Peter Smith, Paul Sjardijn and Warner Doles for their enthusiasticsupport; Tribble, Annie, Oscar, Meggie and Merlin—five feline “Herblets”that kept me distracted lest I burn my eyes out during long hours ofwriting; and last, but certainly not least, my wife, Rebecca “Beckie” JBeas, for letting her husband pursue his dream.CREDITSOriginal Field Manual:MercenariesLoren ColemanField Manual: Mercenaries,RevisedHerbert A. Beas IIAdditional Writing: MercenaryForce BriefsDaniel M. BallHerbert A. Beas IIRandall N. BillsLoren ColemanWarner DolesChris HartfordKen’ HornerCamille KleinNick “Gunslinger” MarsalaDavid L. McCullochPaul SjardijnChristoffer “Bones” TrossenProduct DevelopmentHerbert A. Beas IIDevelopment AssistanceRandall N. BillsProduct EditingDiane Piron-GelmanBattleTech Line DeveloperRandall N. BillsProduction StaffArt DirectionRandall N. BillsCover ArtDoug ChaffeeCover DesignJason VargasLayoutJason VargasIllustrationsTom BaxaJoel BiskeJohn BridegroomJeff LaubensteinFred HooperScott JamesChris LewisLarry MacdougallMike NeilsenRoger PetersonLoston WallaceColor SectionLiz DanforthDave MartinMark ZugFranz VohwinkelPlaytestersJoel Agee, Daniel M. Ball, Ron “Mad Newf” Barter, Dave Baughman,Andrew Bend, Paul “Blackhorse” Bowman, Robin “Havoc” Brush, Loren“Rumor” Coleman, Benjamin “Hawk” Disher, John Dzieniszewski, DavidFerguson, Bruce Ford, Johnathan Giese, Anthony “Shadhawk” Hardenburgh,Glenn Hopkins, Ken’ Horner, Darryl Hunt, Michael Kehoe, Rod Klatt, CamilleKlein, Michael “Konan” Koning, Peter La Casse, Nick “Gunslinger” Marsala,Buster “Banshee” McCall, David L. McCulloch, Mike Miller, Jeff "Highlander"Morgan, Greg “Mauler” Mueller, Darrell “Flailing Death” Myers, Andrew Norris,Adam “I’m on Sabbatical” Olsen, Amy LA Olsen, Nathaniel Olsen, Tim Piazzi,Martin “Scum” Plut, Robin “Shooter” Powers, Mark Reindl, Rick “Rick Steele”Remer, Alyson Sjardijn, Paul Sjardijn, Chris “Fate's Toy” Snider, JoelSteverson, Lara Harman-Steverson, Brian Stull, Roland “Ruger” Thigpen,Øystein Tvedten, Jason “Panzerfaust 150” Weiser, Scott “Crimson Marauder”Whitmarsh, Jon R. Wooldridge, Andreas Zuber, Steel City MechWarriors: RichCencarik, Rich Darr, Brian Golightly, Ben Rome. 2003-2005 WizKids Inc. All Rights Reserved. Classic BattleTech FieldManual: Mercenaries, Revised, Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, ’Mech,BattleMech, Classic BattleTech RPG, AeroTech 2, and WK Games are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of WizKids, Inc. in the United Statesand/or other countries. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in aretrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without theprior permission in writing of the Copyright Owner, nor be otherwise circulated in any form other than that in which it is published. Printed in the USA.Version 1.0, February 2005, based on first printing, with additional corrections.Published by FanPro LLC 1608 N. Milwaukee Suite 1005 Chicago, IL 60647Find us online:Precentor martial@classicbattletech.com (e-mail address for any ClassicBattleTech questions)http://www.mwdarkage.com (official MechWarrior: Dark Age web pages)http://www.classicbattletech.com (official Classic BattleTech web pages)http://www.fanpro.com (FanPro web pages)http://www.wizkidsgames.com (WizKids web pages)http://www.studio2publishing (online ordering)4

FIELD MANUAL: MERCENARIESPARTING SHOTSThe piercing wail of missile alarms preceded the incominghail of high-explosive munitions by only a fraction of a second. Asthe pounding blasts tore even more precious Starshield armoraway from his DRG-5K Grand Dragon, Major Shinto Kubusaka,the 60-ton BattleMech’s most precious component, felt himselfthrown to one side, straining the limits of his five-point harness.Wincing as the pain from a bruised rib lanced through him, heclenched his controls tighter, fighting the inertia of his own motionand the force of almost two dozen warhead explosions. He forcedthe ’Mech to turn left, presenting fresher armor—and the muzzleof a Lord’s Light 2 particle cannon—to his tormentor.The crosshairs flashed gold and a single pull of his triggersent a stream of man-made lightning into the lighter Cobra,spearing the ’Mech through the chest. Kubusaka allowed himselfa grim smile as fire and smoke poured from the wound. TheCobra stumbled back a bit, its gait impaired by a partially fusedgyro. But the mercenary’s smile died as he caught sight of a brilliant flash far to his left. He turned in time to see the flamingwreckage of one of his own Victors crashing to the ground, thevictim of two Lyran heavyweights.“Christ Almighty!” an outraged voice rang out, one Kubusakaimmediately recognized as that of Lieutenant Jonas Deoring.“Command, Support! I lost Heller! Repeat, Heller is down! Noejection! They’re murdering us, here!”Damn it! Kubusaka cursed inwardly. It wasn’t supposed tobe like this! It was supposed to be a simple objective raid, asmash-and-run, a parting shot between nobles who now had toaccept that the FedCom Civil War was over. Nobody mentionedthat the LAAFers would have fortified the position with almost afull mixed battalion. And now, to make matters worse, his subordinates were starting to panic.Not good for a first mission. Not good at all.Kubusaka dialed Deoring’s channel even as he worked hisGrand Dragon into a backward march, sending another bolt fromhis PPC after the Lyran Cobra and cursing as the shot missedhigh. This time, the Cobra’s reply came with support from a nearby Falconer. Another brace of missiles rocked his machine, andthe jarring crash of a gauss rifle slug, shattering armor just aboveits left knee, nearly toppled it.“Support, this is Command,” he barked, grinding his teethas he fought the Dragon’s temptation to fall. “Close ranks andfall back by three hundred. Keep calm, or so help me, I’ll shootyou myself!”Switching to the tactical command frequency without waitingfor Deoring’s reply, Kubusaka spared only a second to take stockof the situation. In all, a full company of mostly fresh Lyran’Mechs—counting the wounded Cobra—still remained in play,forming a wall of metal that his abbreviated and badly mauledcompany simply could not break. Somewhere beyond them,scattered on the hillside in unrecoverable ruins, lay two of hisCorsair fighters, shot down by a resistance far more determinedthan he had anticipated. Just beyond that, the objective—aseries of low buildings supposedly housing supplies of “limitedmilitary value”—remained untouched, protected by a secondcompany of ’Mechs and armor.Kubusaka’s men were already down by three machines, andthey’d never even come close.Too much, he decided.“Attention all Intellectuals, this is the Brain,” he snapped.“DropShip ETA is—” he glanced at the chronometer on his HUD“—three zero minutes and counting. Begin fal

RPG system, Classic BattleTech Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revised lets you finally prove once and for all if you have what it takes to find fame and fortune as a real mercenary! Classic BattleTech Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revisedprovides an in depth look HH. FANPRO. 2 PARTING SHOTS 5 INTRODUCTION 6 BOOM YEARS 7 Twilight of the Clans 7 War and Rejuvenation 7 The FedCom