2011 Corporate Sustainability Report


2011 Corporate Sustainability ReportresponsibilityIntuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report1

Table of ContentsIntroduction3Sustainability at Intuit5Sustainability in Operations7Supply Chain10Greenhouse Gas Management10Employee Engagement13Intuit Products14Reporting and Transparency16Future Goals16Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report2

At Intuit,taking care of thecommunity andthe environmentis at the heart ofwhat we do andwho we are.IntroductionFrom Our CFOIntuit solves problems through innovation.Who Is Intuit?We’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years.Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of businessAs the world evolves, so do we. Today, weand financial management solutions forsmall and mid-sized businesses; financialinstitutions, including banks and creditunions; consumers and accountingprofessionals. Our flagship products andservices, including QuickBooks, Quicken andTurbo Tax software, simplify small businessmanagement and payroll processing,personal finance, and tax preparation andmust balance ecological, social and economicsustainability. It’s a global imperativethat affects all of us. It’s our duty, as aresponsible corporate citizen, to deliver valueto shareholders and stakeholders alike.As such, we work with our partners, vendors,employees and customers to create and adopta comprehensive sustainability strategy.filing. ProSeries and Lacerte are Intuit’sWe’re continually finding new ways to reduceleading tax preparation software suites forour own carbon footprint; you can read aboutprofessional accountants. Intuit Financialthose efforts in the pages that follow. That’sServices helps banks and credit unions growjust a start. We know we can do even moreby providing on-demand solutions andby creating products and services that helpservices that make it easier for consumersour millions of consumer and small businessand businesses to manage their money.customers reduce their environmental footprintYou’ll find more information about us atwww.intuit.com.too. Freecycle@Work, offered in partnershipwith Freecycle.org, is a great example of Intuitinnovation in action. It’s a free applicationthat’s helping corporations and theirSocial ResponsibilityAt Intuit, corporate social responsibilityis more than just good public relations.It’s a fundamental part of our culture.It’s volunteering in diverse communities.It’s supporting customers, nonprofits andemployees share unused items—everythingfrom used smart phones to old tricycles.We offer Freecycle@Work in our own officesand to others around the world. So far, morethan 2,300 organizations have used the service,including Netflix, NASA and the United Nations.small businesses—in good times and hardWe’re committed to supporting sustainabilitytimes. It’s bridging the digital divide. Andin our workplace and beyond. We’remaking the Earth a greener place. Caringsharing our approach, our progress, and ourand giving back to our communitieslessons learned in this report to engage theand the environment, both locally andbroader community in dialogue so we canglobally, is who we are and what we do.learn from each other and work togetherWe’ve made a companywide commitmentto solve these important problems.to being part of the solution to theenvironmental issues we face today.We approach sustainability the sameway we approach everything we do:with our Operating Values in mind.Neil WilliamsSenior Vice President andChief Financial OfficerIntuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report3

Fast Facts Founded: 1983Date Public: 1993 Nasdaq: INTU Headquarters inMountain View, Calif. Fiscal Year 2011Revenue: 3.9 billionMore than 8,000employees on 5 continentsFortune’s Best Placesto Work, 2002-2011Ranked #30 in NewsweekGreen Rankings in 2011U.S. Secretary ofDefense EmployerSupport FreedomAward Winner 2010Our Operating ValuesWhy this Report?Integrity without CompromiseIntuit is on a journey to becoming aWe hold ourselves and each other tomore sustainable company. Employeesthe highest standards in all we say andare driving the transformation, and we’redo. Our actions and communications areexperimenting with many initiatives atalways direct, honest and transparent.many levels. We want to share our goals,Delight CustomersWe put customers at the heart of everythingwe do. We work together to deliver endto-end experiences so profound thatcustomers love using our products andservices, and actively recommend them.It’s the Peopleprogress and everything we’ve learned withIntuit stakeholders, as well as the largercorporate community, so that we can allmove toward living more sustainably. This isour first Sustainability Report, and we hopeto continue to publish them on an annualbasis. We’d love to hear your suggestions.Please email them to us at green@intuit.com.We are high-performing people who achievegreat things. We embrace personal growthand development, diversity and teamwork.Innovate and ImproveWe innovate to drive growth, and continuouslyimprove everything we do. We move withspeed and agility and embrace change. Wehave the courage to take risks, and grow bylearning from our successes and failures.Own the OutcomeWe are accountable for our behaviors,actions and outcomes. We all own thesuccess of the team, and take personalresponsibility for delivering great results.We Care and Give BackWe give back to our communitiesand the environment. We enable ourpeople to participate and collectivelyhave meaningful impact.Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report4

Sustainability at IntuitWe created a plan to improve theThough still early in the journey, we’resustainability of our facilities and supplymaking real and measurable progress.When we refreshed the Intuit Operatingchain, reduce business travel and employeeWe know we have a long way to go, but weValues in 2009, employee feedbackcommuting, improve energy efficiencyfeel good that the environment is part of theled us to include taking care of thein our buildings and data centers, andconversation and decision-making criteriaenvironment in the list. Today, after years ofreduce waste through recycling.in many parts of the company. The chart ongrassroots efforts, corporate sustainabilityhas become part of who we are.Intuit GreenIn 2007, we created the Intuit Greeninitiative to formalize the sustainabilityefforts in our core business operations.We established four goals:1. Consider sustainabilityin all our decisions.2. Engage employees’ hearts and mindsin Intuit’s sustainability goals andthe “We Care and Give Back” value.3. Increase transparency of Intuit’ssustainability initiatives.4. Solve important customer problemswith delightful solutions that helplead to a sustainable community.CEO Brad Smith approved Intuit Green’s firstset of goals and strategies, and we set to work.That same year, Intuit founder Scottcustomers be more sustainable. As a result,Intuit employee Tom Cushna created IntuitFreecycle, which became Freecycle@Work.We focused on employee engagement bystarting—and quickly expanding-—ourGreen Team program. Employees formed newGreen Teams almost every month in 2008and the early part of 2009. Members gotinvolved and learned about Intuit’s Greenefforts and the environment in general. Thatyear, more than 4,000 employees attendedEarth Day activities at 20 Intuit sites.We have been steadily broadening thefocus of our program. When we felt we’dExecutive Committee to set the strategysome dedicated Sustainability pages onand goals for Intuit Green. We kicked offthe Intuit website, and started to reportthe initiative with a survey asking Intuitexternally to Dow Jones Sustainabilityemployees what they felt was most important,Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project, andwhere the biggest opportunities were, and whothe Financial Times (FTSE4Good Index).Intuit Green then researched the top greencompanies, including Apple, Google andStaples, to learn best practices. When wecompleted our first annual environmentalfootprint study in 2008, we includedScope 1, 2, and 3 in our inventory.a comprehensive sustainability framework.Contest, challenging employees to comeup with new products that would help ourachieved measurable progress, we createdresponses—over 35 percent of our workforce.that make up a larger strategy to engage ourpartners, vendors and customers in creatingCook announced the first Green DesignTop Intuit leaders sit on the Intuit Greenwanted to help. We received more than 3,000the next page indicates the various initiativesIn our annualemployee survey,92 percent of ourcolleagues saidIntuit demonstratescommitmentto being anenvironmentallyresponsiblecompany.In 2011, Newsweek ranked Intuit the30th greenest company in the UnitedStates, up from No. 55 in 2010.Today, our expanded focus includes: initiativesin India and the United Kingdom, as wellas the United States; a new focus on toolsfor our customers (such as Freecycle@Work); innovative commute programs(such as Zimride ridesharing service); moreemphasis on our suppliers; and chargingstations for employees’ electric vehicles.Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report5

Area of FocusGreenhouse Gas (GHG) EmissionsElectricity UsageWater UsageWaste GeneratedSupply ChainSummary Annual GHG inventory process FY12 in progress Quantify inventory duringeach fiscal year Actual data collection at close to 90% More real-time monitoring systems Energy management systems in place Reduce electricity usage per employeeand square feet of office space Data collection is increasing Achieve 100% data collection Mountain View, CA headquartersis biggest user Data collection is increasing Achieve 100% data collection Contracting with vendors to providemore accurate waste stream analysis Commit to a specific wastereduction goal Continued data collectioneffort for product upstream,shipping and downstream Intend to undertake another fullGHG inventory with updatedassumptions about product lifecycle Continue transition towarddigital supply chain Work with the largest suppliers andcustomers, such as Walmart foreffective supply chain strategies Year-over-year reduction in GHGemissions and through packagingreduction and shipping consolidationGHG Reduction GoalFuture Goal Goal to reduce emissions by15% by end of 2012 Update GHG goal during 2012 Working toward meeting ourGHG reduction goalsEmployee EngagementIntuit ProductsSustainability Reporting Green Teams at more than 15 locations Employees feel engaged and believethat Intuit cares about sustainability Increase employee engagementaround key issues Empower employees to uncoverproblems and discover solutions Continued innovation to improvingpeople’s lives with products suchas Freecycle@Work, Intuit EnergyScorecard, Intuit Green Your Business Innovate to help improve people’slives in developing countries Completed Investor andSupplier Carbon DisclosureProject reports in FY11 Continue CDP reporting Completed FY11 questionnaire forDow Jones Sustainability IndexSustainable Asset Management Publish a Corporate SocialResponsibility report forexternal audiences Continue to innovate byfinding important problemsthat we can solve well Publish information to internal andexternal audiences more annuallyIntuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report6

Sustainability in OperationsIn fiscal year 2012, Intuit Green plans to continue our successful initiatives and beginseveral new projects. We’ll continue reporting our sustainability practices in more detail,more frequently. We’ll continue to update company policies and procedures to includemore support for sustainability. We’re working toward making sustainability an imperativein decision-making. We’ll continue looking for energy conservation opportunities.We’ll increase the amount of renewable energy we use for our various facilities.Since 2006, Intuit has conducted an annual GHG emissions inventory that enablesus to determine the environmental impact of our operations and calculate Scope1, 2 and 3 totals (including those from our supply chain). This level of comprehensivequantification has increased our awareness of our impact, and allowed us tostrategically plan to reduce our environmental footprint. In the sections below, you’llsee a more detailed breakdown of some of the most important GHG categories.Intuit GHG Emissions FY07-FY10 in MtCO2eIntuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report7

Electricity Usage and Associated GHG EmissionsFor the past five years, Intuit has collected facility and data center electricity usagestatistics for most of our largest facilities. However, we still use estimates from timeto time to completely quantify our electricity usage and assess our greenhouse gasemissions. Since 2008, we have reduced our energy usage by conducting energy audits,installing automated lighting control mechanisms, using automated heating/ventilatingcontrols and timers, and by deploying LEED approved practices into our facilities.In addition, our IT department has drastically reduced our data center footprint throughconsolidation and co-location. We shifted some of our data center operations to a facility inQuincy, Wash., that is powered by renewable energy. More than 90 percent of its electricitycomes from hydropower. Moving forward, we plan to continue to reduce energy-relatedGHG emissions through energy efficiency, renewable energy and green building projects.Intuit has made steady improvements in our overall electricity usage compared to thegrowth in revenue for the company. Since 2007, we’ve reduced our facility electricityusage on an annual basis. However, our overall electricity usage has increased alongwith an increase in data center electricity usage. Our Data Center Operations personnelare working diligently to increase efficiency in operations and are looking at industryleading strategies to maintain electricity usage in line with our overall energy usage.Electricity Usage in MWHData Centers:Facilities:Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report8

Reducing WasteSince 2008, we’ve collected data about the waste the company generates. Every year,we expand the number of categories of waste and the number of participating sites.In 2011 we collected waste data for Intuit facilities in five different states. We haveshared this data in the chart below. We will continue to focus on expanding datacollection with the caveat that we’ll have to estimate from our mixed tenant buildings.Waste Generated in FY11 at Selected Facilities (in pounds)AZ Mixed RecyclingAZ TrashCA BatteriesCA CardboardCA CompostCA Confidential PaperCA Mixed RecyclingCA MiscellaneousCA TonerCA TrashNV Mixed RecyclingNV TrashOntario Mixed RecyclingOntario TrashTX Mixed RecyclingTX TrashImproving Water EfficiencyWe’re attempting to collect Intuit’s water usage data. We’ve made some progress,but before we can report the data we need to collect more and confirm its accuracy.As we have collected our water usage data, we’ve made several improvements toimprove water efficiency, such as using low-flow faucets and urinals, and turning offfountains and climate-controlled irrigation. In the near future, we expect to use reclaimedwastewater for some our landscaping at our headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report9

Supply ChainIntuit’s supply chain accounted for 21 percent of our carbon footprint in 2008. It produced5,500 tons of waste that year—the equivalent of 1,600 dumpsters. Since then, our reductionefforts helped us reduce emissions by 5 percent from the product, packaging and marketingmaterials we source, make and ship to our retail partners and direct fulfillment customers.Greenhouse GasManagementGreenhouse Gas Goal:Reduce Emissions by 15 PercentIn 2007, we measured our greenhouseToday, we’re focused on the following areas:gas emissions. In 2008, we committed to Driving toward digital distribution of all our products.an absolute reduction of our emissions Coordinating our marketing launches to reduce environmental impact.reduced emissions by 2 percent. We’llby 15 percent by 2012. As of 2010, we’dcontinue to reduce further as we pursue Reducing product packaging and using FSC, or Forestevery opportunity to meet our goal. Our GHGStewardship Council, materials wherever possible.reduction initiatives span all stakeholders, BPA-free Point-of-Sale receipts: Intuit worked with our suppliers to removebisphenol A, or BPA, from the point-of-sale receipts we offer to our customers. Surveying our top 35 suppliers to understand their own sustainability practices.Intuit is making an effort to reduce our supply chain impact. Over the past fouryears, we have reduced our impact each successive year. As a result of a distributingmore products digitally—through downloads rather than in boxes—the biggestreduction in supply chain has been in the Procurement Upstream category.allowing employees to participate in theexecution of the companywide strategy.GHG Reduction PlanTo achieve a 15 percent reduction in GHGemissions, Intuit undertook a strategicplanning process that included functionalgroup leaders from various departments.It was apparent that we needed toconsider many options, including facilitySupply Chain in GHG Emissionsimprovements, on-site renewable energygeneration, modifying employee behavior,and changing certain company policies,to encourage employees to reduce their25,000environmental impact. For example, Facilitiesand IT were considering consolidating someEmissions in MtCO2e20,000of their office locations, including datacenters. We followed that up with buildingimprovements, in the form of on-site energy15,000generation and energy efficiency initiatives,at facilities with higher occupancy rates.10,000Then, we decided to help our employeesmake choices that are environmentallyfriendly, including teleconferencing, flexible5,000workplace, reducing business travel, amongothers. By focusing on areas where the impact0FY07FY08Procurement DownstreamFY09Procurement UpstreamFY10Product Transportis highest, we hope that we can achieve ourGHG reduction goal by end of 2012. Thefollowing pages provide more detailedinformation about some of our initiatives.Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report10

Renewable EnergyEnergy from BuildingsIntuit has been exploring renewable energy options at our key sites in the United States.Intuit has six buildings in CaliforniaAfter reaching out to different renewable energy providers, building financial models, andthat achieved LEED (Leadership inpitching several options to senior management, the team finally found a winner. Intuit’s facilityEnergy and Environmental Design)in Woodland Hills, Calif., houses several hundred employees from our Payment Services division.certification or better, including fourIt’s located in an area of California where the energy market is still regulated and our only sourceLEED gold buildings in San Diego.for energy is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. This was one of the reasons why,of all our sites across the United States, the per KWH cost for Woodland Hills was the highest.The Intuit Facilities team actively tracksthe following efficiency projects: Thermostat adjustments saved1.2 GWH of energy in 2008. Lighting replacements saved1.5 GWH of energy in 2009. Smart Power strips saved 120MWH of energy in 2010. Our HVAC initiative saved 150In February 2011, Intuit’s Workplace Services team met to discuss installing fuel cellsat the Woodland Hills site. After researching options, the team discovered that usingBloom Energy technology would save Intuit .04 per KWH. The gas used to power thefuel cells is cheaper than electricity from the Los Angeles Department of Water andPower, which meant that after state and federal incentives for renewable energy, theBloom Boxes would be better for the environment and cheaper for Intuit.The Bloom Box is a more efficient and cleaner energysolution for two main reasons. First, the box is co-locatednext to the building it powers. This reduces the transmissionloss as electrons move along the grid. Second, the boxesuse either natural gas or biogas to make electricity. Naturalgas burns cleaner than coal, which is a positive, but the real advantage comes from usingbiogas. Biogas is essentially waste gas or methane gas that escapes into the atmospherefrom landfills, which can be captured and used to power fuel cells. At least 75 percent of thefuel that Intuit will use for the first five years of the Bloom Energy fuel cell will be biogas.By using Bloom Energy’s fuel cells, Intuit is significantly reducing its operating costswhile reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Some of Bloom Energy’s other public clientsinclude Bank of America, the Coca-Cola Company, eBay, Federal Express, Google, Staplesand Walmart. The Bloom Boxes will be operational starting October 2012 and the fuelcells will generate 67 percent of the electricity required to power the building.MWH of energy at Intuit MountainView headquarters in 2008. Energy audits have introducedadditional solutions, includingde-lamping and LED lightingIntuit entered four U.S. buildings it occupiesin the ENERGY STAR National BuildingCompetition to reduce energy use as muchas possible over a 12-month period. Allfour buildings started the competition withENERGY STAR scores higher than the nationalaverage, making it difficult to achieve furthergains without spending money on newequipment. Nevertheless, by focusing on lowcost energy management strategies, facilitymanagers reduced energy at the buildingsby 6.6 percent, resulting in an annualenergy savings in excess of 68,000. Theinitiative reduced energy usage by 325,000kilowatt-hours and avoided 189 metric tonsof greenhouse gas emissions annually.In addition, Intuit will install solar panels on one of the main buildings at our Mountain Viewheadquarters. The decision to take advantage of the largest roof area on campus for solar panelsand a solar hot water generator will help this building achieve at least a LEED Silver certification.This project, along with the Bloom Boxes, sends a powerful message to our employees, customers,and shareholders that we are committed to becoming a more sustainable company.Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report11

Data Center EnergyEmployee CommuteIntuit’s largest data center, based inVouchers for Alternative TransportQuincy, Wash., is powered by renewableIntuit employees can use pre-tax incomeenergy. Close to 90 percent of theto purchase vouchers for alternativeenergy comes from hydropower, whichtransportation to work. This benefithas enabled Intuit to reduce the overallincludes contributions from Intuit (upGHG impact of our energy use.to 75 USD per month), U.S. federal taxBeyond that, we’re working to reduceIT power consumption in our datacenters and lab hosting environments.ConsolidationThrough this year, Intuit has consolidatedseveral data centers, and is targeting severaladditional locations for consolidations. Asmaller physical footprint reduces energyusage, and GHG emissions in turn. We’re alsoactively migrating inefficient labs and datacenter closets to our hosted data center.Equipment EfficiencyBy upgrading the Hewlett-PackardBlade servers in existing equipment,we’ve achieved a 10-20 percentimprovement in energy efficiency.Cooling EfficiencyIn our Westlake Village data center, weuse cold aisle containment, which cansave up to 40 percent in annual energycosts over traditional cooling methods.benefits and a simple online system tomanage transactions. Approximately300 employees use the vouchers.ZimrideZimride is Intuit’s social network forridesharing, enabling employees withsimilar commutes to find each other andarrange carpools. As of the date of thisreport, Intuit employees have used Zimrideto drive close to one million miles, savingclose to 350 tons of CO2 emissions.Electric Vehicle Charging StationsIn July 2011, Intuit installed our first twoEV/hybrid vehicle charging stations at ourMountain View, Calif., headquarters followedThanks to Healing Hooves, an Intuit smallbusiness customer, Intuit takes the greenroute by hiring a herd of goats to clear landaround the Quincy Data Center, instead ofusing harsh chemicals. “Although it costsa bit more than chemicals, it is the rightchoice for Intuit and our environment,”says Dave Breland, facilities manager.Intuit encourages all employees who will traveland rent a car to select a Toyota Prius hybrid.With our negotiated prices through Hertz andother suppliers, renting a Prius when drivingmore than 40 miles saves Intuit money andreduces our impact on the environment.If every Intuitemployee rented aPrius for every businesstrip, Intuit could savenearly 425 metrictons of CO2, which isequivalent to 10,000 trees being planted orthe energy needed topower nearly 37 homesfor a year!by two more at our San Diego campus.Intuit employees may use the stations tocharge their vehicles while they work.Business TravelVideo ConferencingSince 2009, Intuit has more than doubled thenumber of video conferencing rooms, fromLandscapingRent a Prius80 to 165. In the same period, the numberof video conferencing hours has increasedfive-fold to 3,761 per month. In addition,the usage rates for various types of videoconference rooms have consistently exceededprojections, helping to minimize the amountof business travel between Intuit sites.Waste ReductionThrough our relationship with globalsustainability leader Jones Lang LaSalle,Intuit made significant progress on wastereduction through a relationship with FRGWaste. A nationwide leader in providingprogressive recycling programs and wastemanagement solutions and equipment,FRG Waste helps us manage our wasteand increase our landfill diversion rate. Ourlandfill diversion is at 60 percent, and we’rehoping to increase it further by expandingexisting recycling and composting programs.Our asset disposal vendor, Intechra, providesa quarterly environmental scorecard thathelps us track and reduce our electronic waste.Landscaping at all Intuit sites in dry climatesFor example, during a three-month perioduses native and drought-tolerant plants.in 2011, Intuit removed 21 tons of e-wastefrom the solid waste stream. By weight, that’sroughly equivalent to 138 refrigerators!Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report12

Employee EngagementLocations of Intuit Green TeamsDedicated employees are the fuel behindthe fire of Intuit’s sustainability efforts,whether sponsoring contests, working withcommunity groups or coming up with funprojects that engage more people to reachour goals. By working together and sharingideas, our Green Teams systematicallyreduce Intuit’s environmental impact.This year, Intuit employees around the worldtook time out on Earth Day to celebrateprogress, swap green solutions and helpclean up their communities. Intuit supportsemployee efforts by matching donations,providing paid volunteer time off and offeringgrants to employee-nominated projectsEmployer Recognition Awards for Intuit Fortune Best Companies toWork For 2002 - 2011 Best Workplaces in Canada by the GreatPlace to Work Institute of Canada Boston Globe 100 Best Places to Work Boston Business JournalBest Places to Work Dallas Business Journal Best Placesto Work in Dallas-Fort Worth Glassdoor.com Employees’ ChoiceAward for Top 50 Best Places to WorkGreen TeamsOur Green Teams are site-specific groupsguided by dedicated leaders. Green Teamscreate volunteer and cleanup opportunitiesfor employees across the company, provideeducation and incentives, and sponsorprograms and events. Our 20 Green Teamleaders meet monthly to share inspirationand best practices, and each team putson an average of four events a year. Newinitiatives in fiscal year 2011 include akitchen composting pilot program in Reno,Nev., an expanded recycling program inMaidenhead, Berkshire, UK, and a lakecleanup event in Bangalore, India.“I have always tried tobe environmentallyresponsible at home,but the Green Teamgives me an opportunityto have an even biggerimpact here at Intuit.”-Jonathan BolandSenior Telesales Agent Greater Reno-Tahoe BestPlaces to Work Awards San Diego Business Journal’s BestPlaces to Work in San Diego Fortune World’s Most AdmiredCompanies: Computer Software Industry Hewitt Best Employer in India 2009 Hewitt Best Employer in Asia 2009 The U.S. Secretary of Defense EmployerSupport Freedom Award Winner 2010Intuit 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report13

Earth Day at IntuitLive Green SweepstakesFreecycle@WorkEarth Day has become one of the biggestIntuit made August, 2011 our “LiveOne person’s trash is another person’sevents of the year at Intuit. In 2011, aboutGreen” sweepstakes month. We invitedtreasure. Freecycle@Work, an app powered4,000 employees (roughly half of our totalemployees to follow our Live Greenby Intuit’s QuickBase, promotes the conceptworkforce), took part in one of 20 differentSweeps handle on our social networkof reusing products at work. Freecycle@Workevents at Intuit facilities around the world.Yammer, and then we broadcast a dailyis part of the Freecycle Network, a largertip for living a more sustainable life. Byreuse program that helps people exchangeresponding to each tip, employees enteredequipment, supplies, and other items fortheir names into the sweepstakes forfree, saving money and reducing waste.Crowd-Sourcing: Intuit’sWaste Watch ProgramSince April 2011, our Waste Watch programhas encouraged employees to tell IntuitGreen about wasteful company practicesa free Vespa scooter. It was a fun wayto help employees learn more aboutconserving resources and share ideas withGreen Your Businessvia a dedicated Waste Watch website.At the Green Your Business Forum on theIntuit Community site, small businessowners can get environment-saving tipsthat go beyond changing light bulbs. IntuitThe program was inspired by a YouTubeteamed up with the Green Business Bureauvideo posted by a QuickBooks customer,to provide industry-specific content aboutchiding Intuit for the disproport

digital supply chain Year-over-year reduction in GHG emissions and through packaging reduction and shipping consolidation Intend to undertake another full GHG inventory with updated assumptions about product lifecycle Work with the largest suppliers and customers, such as Walmart for effective supply chain strategies GHG Reduction Goal