BADM 652-Marketing Strategy- Spring 2016


1BADM652- tor: Dr. Michael F. WalshOffice: 201 College of Business & EconomicsEmail: Michael.walsh@mail.wvu.eduOffice Phone: (304) 293-7960; Cell: 412-496-9697Teaching Assistant:Emnet Abebe eabebe@mix.wvu.eduVirtual Office Hours: Tuesday, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and by appointment.Michael F. Walsh is an associate professor of marketing at the College of Business and Economics at WestVirginia University and serves as chair of the marketing department. He joined the faculty in January, 2006.His research interests include consumer resistance to change and public policy issues. His research has beenpublished in a number of prestigious journals including Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal ofProduct and Brand Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing and Inquiry. Dr. Walsh’s research has beenfeatured/referenced in Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine. He is the recipient ofdepartmental and college awards including Outstanding Teacher (2006, 2010), Outstanding Service (2008) andOutstanding Outreach (2011).Prior to his move to academia, Dr. Walsh spent over 25 years in general management, marketing andadvertising. Mike oversaw Buchanan Ingersoll's marketing activities covering 350 lawyers in 13 cities andacross five states. Buchanan Ingersoll is a top law firm based in Pittsburgh PA. He formerly was Senior VicePresident and Director of Operations and Finance for Ketchum Advertising in Pittsburgh. During his career atKetchum, Mike focused on specialized international marketing communication strategies in business tobusiness, high technology and consumer marketing communications.GENERAL COURSE INFORMATIONCourse Description: This course provides you with an overview of the marketing discipline andapplies/extends this understanding through the creation of a marketing plan for a client. Specific emphasis isplaced on gaining an understanding of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, market segmentation andproduct positioning, product planning, promotion, distribution and pricing. Primary emphasis is placed ondeveloping an understanding of central marketing concepts and applying them to "real world" problems.Course ObjectivesUpon completing this course, the student will be able to:1.Identify and use marketing concepts to facilitate exchange.2.Detail the important components of a customer service and customer satisfaction program.3.Identify and describe the key components of a marketing strategy given a particular situation.4.Examine a marketing practice from several ethical perspectives.5.Describe the basic differences in product vs. services marketing.6.Evaluate marketing estimates/forecasts.7.Describe some of the challenges unique to global marketing.

2REQUIRED MATERIALS1. BookThe Marketing Plan Handbook, 5th edition, Marian Burk Wood. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-307835-02. Case Analysis - Cases can be purchase from Harvard Business School by clicking on this 491 NOTE: this is special page reserved for this course. You canonly access this by clicking on the above link. You will need to register (if you have not done so already) andyou should see the cases. There are three cases at 3.95 each. Harvard stick two optional documents into thepack you do NOT need to buy these (I wish I could remove these but I cannot !3. Module Readings - Material Available in "Reading" folder at the end of each Module4. Module Lecture Notes I have supplemented the material in your text book with outside readings. Thesereadings go into much greater detail than the text does; however, the text was chosen because it provides anoverview of the topics without being too expensive (e.g., one of the texts I was considering is 224).STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIESExercises, Participation and Late Assignments:The student is expected to read all assigned materials. There are several exercises applying the material. Some ofthis will be submitted and then discussions will be done via a discussion board. No late assignments can beaccepted. If there are extenuating circumstances, the student (group) must make special arrangement with theprofessor.It is the student’s responsibility to submit professional assignments and papers. The quality expected is standardbusiness quality (i.e., typed, no spelling or grammatical errors, logical).The student is also expected to fully participate as a group member in a case analysis. A peer evaluation will becompleted at the end of the semester and WILL impact individual grades on the team projects.GRADING POLICYFinal course grades will be assigned to each student at the end of the semester based on performance on thefollowing assignments:

3CourseworkPointsExams (2)300Case Analysis200Assignments300Discussions and Module Activities 200Total1000Grading Scale:Grades will NOT be curved or rounded!!!A 90% to 100%B 80.0 % to 89.9%C 70.0% to 79.9%D 60.0% to 69.9%F 59.9% and belowExplanation of Each Component:ExamsTwo exams will be given. Each exam will be 150 points. The exams are not cumulative. Material for the examswill be taken from the text, lecture notes, and assignments.Case AnalysisThree cases will be assigned for outside reading. Everyone will discuss the cases via an assignment drop box.However, as a team, you will be responsible for analyzing and "presenting" one case via video. You also willsubmit the power point slides that accompany your video presentation. The PowerPoint slides need to be lessthan five megabytes in order for them to be emailed to the rest of the class. You will submit your video tome and I will post the videos for the rest of the class to watch. The rest of the class will watch the videos andengage in a discussion of the case solution. Each team will be competing with the other teams presenting thesame case for your classmates vote as to the best case solution. A schedule of the assigned case analyses will bedistributed.To submit the video, you will need to create a YouTube account specifically for this course. See the attachedpdf. file for instructions. These instructions are also available on ecampus under Syllabus section.You will then upload your respective videos to YouTube and send me the links. I will post/embed the videos onthe discussion board and have the other students review each video and post their comments or questions to thediscussion board. At a designated time the students who did not present the case will vote on the best casesolution. Thus, each team will be competing with the other teams presenting the same case for your classmatesvote as to the best case solution.For the cases that your team is NOT presenting, each individual will submit 4 major points from the case andtwo questions to ask the group that is presenting. This will be part of your participation grade.For your case presentation, you will be graded on:IntroductionContentIntroduction of self/group, preview and/or outlineof presentation, clarification of purpose and goals,capturing audience attention (10 %).Highlight main points, use efficient transitions,

4Presentation skillsAdequacy of visualaidsConclusionexpress own ideas/solutions, deal with issues (notjust details), stay on topic, adapt to audience,relevance to organizational change. Clearly relatedto class or class discussions (40 %).Clarity of presentation, logical flow, enthusiasm,"eye contact" (little or no reading), level ofcomfort, professionalism (20 %)Make appropriate use of AV and technologicalaids, confident handling of AV materials andtechnological aids, content crisp, brief, anduncluttered (20 %).Summarize presentation, invite and answerquestions, close adeptly, emphasize main points (10%).AssignmentsEach module has an assignment (sometimes more) associated with it that will help you apply the material in themodule (Total 300 points). All assignments will be given a point value prior to the due date.Discussions and Module ActivitiesYour learning in this class will be enhanced by your participation in module discussions and activities about thetopics covered in the class and marketing examples.Tentative Course ScheduleListed below is a tentative schedule of the course content that we will be discussing. Please review the materialfor each module and submit the exercises/assignments by the due dates. The instructor may need to change theschedule as he sees fit. For purposes of the schedule, I consider the start of the term to be March 2, 2016ModuleTopicMarketing Overview1(3/23/8)ReadingsAssignmentMarketing PlanDiscussions- Module 1:Handbook, Wood, Ch 1&2Assignment: Purple Cow — worth 40 points.After reading Purple Cow, answer the followingquestions:1. Identify five (5) major points from this readingPurple Cow2. Identify two existing products or services in themarketplace which you believe have a Purple Cow.Clearly identify the Purple Cow.Marketing Management, 3. Give your own example of a Purple Cow for yourMullins and Walker, Ch firm. You should develop this on your own—itshould not be anything that currently exists.1Activities Module 1:All above deliverables due midnight, March 8

52Strategy in g andPositioningMarketing EthicsMarketing PlanDiscussions- Module 2:Handbook, Wood, Ch 5Assignment: Read the Toyota FCV articles andMarketing Management, complete the strategy grid – worth 40 pointsMullins and Walker, Ch2Activities Module 2Blue Ocean Strategy,All above deliverables due midnight, March 15Kim and Mauborgn, Ch1&2Wood Ch 3 & 4Discussions Module 3:Marketing Management, Assignment: Discuss two products from the sameKotler and Keller, Ch 8 product category that are purchased by different‘types’ of people Write a summary regarding thetarget consumer and how the four p’s are manipulatedworth 40 points.Ferrell, et al. Ch 3Assignment: Watch the video clip and Comment onthe NPR audio clip. worth 40 pointsActivities Module 3All Module 3 deliverables due midnight, March 224(3/233/29)Budgeting to AchieveObjectivesDiscussions Module 4:Assignment: What’s wrong with this picture?worth 40 points.Activities Module 4:All above deliverables due midnight, March 29EXAM 1: Open March 29,Due by April 3Buyer Behavior & The Marketing Management, Discussions Module 5:Customer: Satisfaction Kotler and Keller, Ch 6then 5.(3/30- Measurement,Assignment: Read "Making the Most of Customer4/5)Complaints" worth 40 points.5Answer the following:1. What are the most common complaints in yourfirm?2. What is the standard procedure for handlingcomplaints in your firm?3. Based on this article, what would you recommendyour firm do to improve the way it handlescomplaints?Activities Module 5All above deliverables due midnight, April 5

66(4/64/12)Product and ServiceIssuesCASE ANALYSISWood Ch 6Discussions Module 6:Kingsford CharcoalCaseAssignment: If you were not assigned to analyzethis case, write up and submit the 4 most interestingpoints from the case AND 2 questions for thepresenting teams (30 points)(look on first page ofsyllabus for info onbuying this case)FOR THOSE TEAMS ASSIGNED TO PRESENTTHE CASE – submit your video and PowerPointslides.All above materials due midnight April 127(4/134/19)Case Discussion & Vote – everyone needs to watchvideo presentations and vote on the best case solutionby April 15Discussions Module 7:Pricing & Distribution Wood Chapters 7&8Refresher andAntitrustAtlantic Computer: A Assignment: If you were not assigned to analyze thisBundle of Pricingcase, write up and submit the 4 most interestingCASE ANALYSISpoints from the case AND 2 questions for theOptionspresenting teams (30 points)FOR THOSE TEAMS ASSIGNED TO PRESENTTHE CASE – submit your video and PowerPointslides.Activities Module 7:All above are due midnight April 198Refresher onPromotion(4/204/26)Mountain ManAlternative Marketing Brewing Company:Bringing the Brand toLightCASE ANALYSISWood Ch 9Case Discussion & Vote – everyone needs to watchvideo presentations and vote on the best case solutionby April 22Discussions Module 8:Assignment: If you were not assigned to analyzethis case, write up and submit the 4 most interestingpoints from the case AND 2 questions for thepresenting teams (30 points)FOR THOSE TEAMS ASSIGNED TO PRESENTTHE CASE – submit your video and PowerPointslides.All above due midnight April 27Case Discussion & Vote – everyone needs to watchvideo presentations and vote on the best case solutionby Due April 29EXAM 2 – Open April 22. DUE April 29, 2016 (midnight)

7Case .Kingsford CharcoalProduct #: 506020-PDF-ENGWhat is your action plan (i.e., what should the brand managers propose with respect to the 4 P’s)?How did Clorox get itself into its present situation (Of what trends does Kingsford need to be aware?)Describe the consumer market for grilling (what is grilling all about, why do people grill, why do someprefer charcoal over gas for grilling)?What are the relevant category definitions and what is your recommended marketing objective and primarycompetitive focus for each group.What is your overall recommendation?Atlantic ComputerProduct #: 2078-PDF-ENGWhat price should Jowers charge for the Atlantic Bundle (i.e., Tronnservers PESA software too)?Think broadly about the top-line revenue implications from each of the four alternative pricing strategies.Approximately how much money over the next three years will be “left on the table” if the firm were togive away the software tool for free (i.e., status quo pricing) versus utilizing one of the other pricingapproaches?How are Matzer and Cadena’s sales force likely to react to your recommended pricing strategy?How are the customers in your target market likely to react to your recommended pricing strategy? Whatresponses can be provided to overcome any objections?What is your overall recommendation?Mountain Man Brewing Company: Bringing the Brand to LightProduct #: 2069-PDF-ENGWhat are the core compo

Pricing & Distribution Refresher and Antitrust CASE ANALYSIS Wood Chapters 7&8 Atlantic Computer: A Bundle of Pricing Options Discussions Module 7: Assignment: If you were not assigned to analyze this case, write up and submit the 4 most interesting points from the case AND 2 questions for the presenting teams (30 points)