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Zayed City SchoolsPPP ProjectRequest for QualificationsAPRIL2021

Infrastructure PartnershipsDisclaimerThe information contained in the Request for Qualifications (RfQ) is furnished solely for the purpose of assisting theprospective applicants (the Applicant(s)) in making their own evaluation of the Project and does not purport to be allinclusive or to contain all the information that the prospective Applicants may require. The information set out in this RfQis being made available on condition that it is used only in connection with the pre-qualification exercise and for no otherpurpose whatsoever. It does not constitute an offer in relation to the Project.The prospective Applicants should make their own investigations, projections and conclusions and consult their ownadvisors to verify independently the information contained in the RfQ, and to obtain any additional information that theymay require, prior to submitting a response to this RfQ. Each Applicant shall be responsible for obtaining its own legaladvice in connection with the Project. Neither ADIO, the Procuring Entity, the government of Abu Dhabi or the UnitedArab Emirates (UAE) or any of their technical, financial or legal advisors makes any representation or warranty as tothe completeness of the contents of the RfQ, and they have no responsibility or liability for any representations, opinionsor conclusions (express or implied) contained in, or omissions from, the RfQ. In particular, no representation or warrantyis given as to the accuracy, reasonableness or likelihood of achievement of any future projections, prospects or returns.Ownership of intellectual property rights in this publicationUnless otherwise noted, copyright (and any other intellectual property rights, if any) in this publication is owned by ADIO.Contact usThis publication is available in PDF format. All other rights are reserved, including in relation to any logos or trademarkswhich may exist. For enquiries regarding the licence and any use of this publication, please contact:Email: ppp@adio.aeWebsite: www.investinabudhabi.aei

Infrastructure PartnershipsContentsPART A: GENERAL INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANTS . CITY SCHOOLS PPP PROJECT . 11.1Introduction . 11.2Procurement Objectives . 11.3Project Location . 21.4Project Scope . 31.5Third Party Revenue . 91.6Partnership Model . 9PROCUREMENT PROCESS . 112.1Overview . 112.2Procurement Schedule. 112.3Submission Instructions . 122.4Clarifications . 13SOQ CONTENT REQUIREMENTS . 143.1Overview . 143.2Volume 1 – General Information . 143.3Volume 2 – Legal Information . 153.4Volume 3 – Technical Information . 153.5Volume 4 – Financial Information . 163.6Volume 5 – Project Finance Experience . 17EVALUATION CRITERIA . 184.1General Considerations . 184.2Minimum Qualification Criteria . 184.3Detailed Evaluation Criteria . 194.4Evaluation Criteria . 19MISCELLANEOUS AND LEGAL . 215.1PPP Legal Framework & Companies Law . 215.2Reservation of Rights . 21ii

Infrastructure Partnerships5.3Confidentiality . 215.4Ownership and Copyright. 225.5Conflicts of Interest . 225.6Changes in Organisation. 225.7Rejection . 225.8No Contract . 235.9Supersedes Previous Communications . 235.10Applicant’s Warranties . 23PART B: FORM SHEETS. 25FORM A: SOQ SUBMISSION LETTER . 26APPENDIX 1 TO FORM A: SOQ CHECKLIST . 27FORM B: INFORMATION REGARDING APPLICANT/APPLICANT TEAM MEMBERS . 29FORM C: CERTIFICATION OF EACH APPLICANT TEAM MEMBER . 30FORM D: TECHNICAL AND PROJECT EXPERIENCE . 31FORM E: KEY PERSONNEL CVS . 34FORM F1: FINANCIAL CERTIFICATE . 35FORM F2: PROJECT FINANCE EXPERIENCE . 36FORM G: REQUEST FOR CLARIFICATION FORMAT . 37iii

Infrastructure PartnershipsGlossary of TermsADEKAbu Dhabi Department of Education and KnowledgeADIOAbu Dhabi Investment OfficeAEDUnited Arab Emirates DirhamAPPLICANTthe prospective applicant to the Project invited to submit an SOQBIDDERan Applicant that is shortlisted to participate in the RfP processBOTbuild, operate and transferCAPEXcapital expenditureDECREEFederal Decree-Law No.26 of 2020 issued by the UAE governmentDMTthe Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and TransportEPCengineering, procurement and constructionESGenvironmental, social and governanceESTABLISHMENTLAWLaw No. (1) of 2019 concerning the establishment of ADIOFF&Efurniture, fixtures and equipmentFMfacilities managementKPIkey performance indicatorPARTNERSHIPAGREEMENTthe agreement to be executed between ADEK and the Project Company in respect of theProjectPDFportable document formatPPPpublic private partnershipPPP LAWLaw No.2 of 2019 concerning the regulation of Public Partnership Projects in Abu DhabiPREFERRED BIDDERthe preferred bidder announced for the ProjectPROCURING ENTITYADEKPROJECTthe Zayed City Schools PPP projectPROJECT COMPANYthe special purpose vehicle formed by the Preferred Bidder for the purpose ofimplementing the Projectiv

Infrastructure PartnershipsRfPthe request for proposalsRfQthis request for qualificationsSOQthe statement of qualificationsUAEUnited Arab Emiratesv


Infrastructure PartnershipsPart A: GENERAL INFORMATION ANDINSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANTSZayed City Schools PPP Project1.1IntroductionADIO invites interested parties to submit a SOQ in relation to the Project.The Project can be summarised as a long-term concession to be granted by ADEK to the private sector todesign, build, commission, finance, insure and maintain three (3) new schools for the duration of theconcession and, upon expiry, transfer the schools back to ADEK to agreed standards and quality thresholds.The Project will provide the following school types with a combined student capacity of 5,360: Kindergarten and cycle 1 school (boys and girls); Cycle 2 and cycle 3 school (boys); and Cycle 2 and cycle 3 school (girls),(together, the Schools).The maximum period for mobilisation, design, construction, and commissioning of the three (3) schools fromfinancial close to the scheduled services availability date is two (2) years.From the services availability date, there will be a twenty (20) year service period bringing the overall durationof the concession period to twenty-two (22) years from date of financial close.The Project forms part of the Abu Dhabi Future Schools Programme and will be procured on a BOT basis inaccordance with the PPP Law and corresponding administrative resolution to facilitate the implementation ofthe PPP Law (the Regulations) and partnership project guidebook issued by ADIO.Pursuant to the powers granted to ADIO under the Establishment Law, PPP Law and Regulations, ADIO isleading the procurement on behalf of and in collaboration with ADEK.This RfQ forms part of a competitive tender process which includes two (2) sequential stages being: (i) thisRfQ; and (ii) the RfP.Following the receipt of SOQs, successful Applicants will be shortlisted by ADIO. Shortlisted Applicants(referred to as Bidders) will be invited to participate in the next stage of the procurement and submit detailedproposals in response to an RfP.1.2Procurement ObjectivesThe summary procurement objectives for the Project are as follows:CategorySocialObjectivesKey Project ContributionProvide access to high-quality learning environments, modern facilities, and astrong sense of community across the three (3) new Schools, thus improving theliveability and attractiveness of Zayed City and Abu Dhabi as a whole.Building an attractive education environment to promote Abu Dhabi as apioneering regional and international education hub.1

Infrastructure PartnershipsCategoryKey Project ContributionDesign, build and commission the Schools to agreed quality standards over anoptimised construction timeline.Provide performance-based facilities management services and improve theoverall operational efficiency of the Schools.TechnicalObjectivesUpon expiry of the concession, transfer the Project back to ADEK in a conditionthat maximises residual value and asset service life.Contribute to the UAE Governments carbon reduction commitments throughintegrating green and sustainable elements in the design, construction andoperation of the Project Assets. A key design intent is to provide a solution thatreduces energy use and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.Secure a value for money and affordable commercial and technical solution.CommercialObjectivesOptimise the Project risk allocation by transferring the risks that are bestmanaged by the private sector.Securing the most competitive offer from Bidders, with the best technical solutionand negotiated on the best possible terms.Optimisation of the financing of capital expenditure in the education sector bytransferring financial risk to the private sector.FinancialObjectivesAttract private sector investment and financing into ADEK’s ongoing schoolinfrastructure development programme.Lower the whole life cost of the Schools and enhance the residual value of eachSchool.Support the UAE national agenda to create a sustainable, knowledge-based andcompetitive economy.StrategicObjectivesDevelop a transferrable and scalable PPP model that can be applied to futureADEK schools PPP projects.Increasing private sector investment in government infrastructure projects andbuild robust partnerships with private sector developers and investors to achievefurther growth and diversification in knowledge sectors.1.3Project LocationZayed City formerly known as “Abu Dhabi Capital District” is located approximately 7 kilometres south of AbuDhabi island between Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Abu Dhabi International Airport.The new district will be the seat of the UAE’s federal government and Abu Dhabi’s own central governmentbodies.2

Infrastructure PartnershipsOnce complete, the development will cover an area of 49 square kilometres with a population of 370,000residents. Zayed City is currently under construction with the primary infrastructure such as road andinfrastructure work in progress.The locations of the three (3) school sites are shown in Figure 2 below.Figure 2 – Zayed City Schools PPP Project site locationsThe site plots have been approved by DMT for ADEK to develop the three (3) new Schools.1.4Project ScopeOverviewThe Project Company will be responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, financing, insuranceand maintenance of the following School types:School TypeLocationLand UseApproximateSite Area (m2)StudentVolumeKindergarten andCycle 1 (Boys andGirls)MZ9, Plot P1Vacant Land56,8892,000Cycle 2 and 3 (Girls)MZ4, Plot P1Vacant Land33,0541,680Cycle 2 and 3 (Boys)MZ3, Plot P1a 1Vacant Land48,0481,680The outline technical scope of the Project for both design and construction and the facilities managementphases of the Project is described in the table below.Further summary details of the Project scope are provided in Sections 1.4.2 to 1.4.4 of this RfQ.3

Infrastructure PartnershipsScopeDesignConstructionDescription The Project Company is fully responsible for the design of theSchools. A Concept Design has been developed and will be provided to thebidders. The Project Company shall be responsible for undertaking alltechnical studies and surveys as required. The Project Company shall be responsible for obtaining all necessarypermits and approvals, including utilities connection requirements. Construction, testing and commissioning of all schools in compliancewith relevant building, permitting and regulatory standards. Construction works shall include preparation of the sites, worksassociated with protecting/diverting existing infrastructures on site,and connection to utility supplies. Co-ordination and management of all stakeholders involved in theProject, including incorporation of their inputs and obtaining theirapprovals during all stages of the Project. The Project Company is required to ensure that all Facilities achieve,as a minimum, 2-Pearl rating under the Estidama Pearl BuildingRating System including Design Rating and Construction Rating.During the Service Period, Project Company will be required toprovide energy and utility management service, to take a leading rolein establishing and implementing energy and water saving strategies,and to co-operate with the Procurer in achieving agreed consumptiontargets.Stakeholder ManagementEnvironmentalManagementThe FM scope of services includes the following as a minimum: management services health and safety management services helpdeskFacilities Management buildings, installations and asset management services(FM) grounds maintenance services pest control energy and utilities management services cleaning waste management4

Infrastructure PartnershipsScopeDescription This includes the design, procurement and installation of both fixedand loose FF&E assets for the Schools. FF&E assets comprise:Furniture, Fittings andEquipment AssetManagementfittings, including worktops, sinks, etc.;ofixed furniture and equipment, which are fixed to thefabric/structure of a School; andoloose furniture and equipment which are moveable items. The Project Company shall also be responsible for maintenance andlifecycle replacement of fixed FF&E assets. ICT includes audio/video equipment for the classrooms, computersas well as respective infrastructure. This scope is shared between theProject Company and the Procuring Entity. A detailed ICT scopeallocation between the Project Company and the Procuring Entity hasbeen developed and will be shared at the RfP stage. Meet hand-back requirements set out for the Schools includingresidual asset and service life requirements. Ensure smooth transition of operations and facilities management tothe Procuring Entity, including necessary training of the ProcuringEntity’s staff.Information andCommunicationsTechnology (ICT)ProvisionHand-BackoDesign and Construction RequirementsThe Schools consist of the following key spaces: Education space: Learning communities including various types of classrooms and associatedstorage and toilets, art, music, special education, library, multi-purpose hall, multi-purposegymnasium, swimming pool (Cycles 2 and 3 only) and outside learning areas; Administration: Staff offices, meeting rooms and associated storage, clinics and ablutions; Supporting areas: Reception, cafeteria, prayer, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing and othersupporting spaces; and Areas: Parking, drop-off and pick-up, sports and recreation, and assembly areas.A detailed schedule of accommodation will be provided during the RfP stage.As part of the detailed proposals to be submitted in response to the RfP, the Bidder must provide within itstechnical proposal a design and construction solution which shall as a minimum meet or exceed the outputspecifications and associated technical schedules.The Bidder is ultimately responsible for ensuring that its design and construction proposal achieves regulatorycompliance and integration with any wider masterplan, and any existing or future utilities plan that is providedin the disclosed data.Post commercial close, once formed, the Project Company is expected to develop and finalise the design ofthe works and the Procuring Entity is expected to review the design data in accordance with the reviewprocedure and other provisions set out in the Partnership Agreement with respect to design development.5

Infrastructure PartnershipsThe Project Company shall ensure that construction of the Schools complies with the Partnership Agreement,output specifications and associated technical schedules, good industry practice, relevant statutoryrequirements and required consents.It is expected that the design, construction, testing and commissioning of the Schools will be completed inadvance of the service availability date.The key design principles which underpin this Project include: Flexible and adaptable teaching spaces, so that different teaching styles can be accommodated, andvarious types of space will be available to a team of teachers should they require them; Opportunities for pupils to work together collaboratively across classes and within learningcommunities; Work spaces that enable teachers to plan and prepare in groups and individually; Spaces for small group work and for staff to have individual discussions with pupils so that feedbackcan be given to them on their progress; ICT infrastructure and building design which enhances and supports the pupils’ learning process inaccordance with the latest Procuring Entity’s guideline, and allows maximum flexibility and adaptabilityto incorporate the latest state of technology and education in Abu Dhabi; Designs which allow a range of potential furniture and equipment layouts, which is well co-ordinatedwith equipment, ICT and building services; Inclusion of passive supervision opportunities promoting supervised, but self-regulated, environmentsbetween central circulation and teaching spaces, wherever possible, so that users are visible to others; A design that allows users to engage and interact with the external environment, where possible, soas to create practical hands-on learning, with a direct connection to the outdoors in early years inprimary schools and for some special educational needs settings; A good internal environment is provided by achieving thermal, visual and auditory comfort; Environments created on a scale that matches the experience of the pupils, particularly so in thekindergarten and cycle 1 school; Technology integration – the solution must provide wi-fi access to the network anywhere on campus.Students should view and share work on digital displays throughout the building. This reducesdependence on the teachers, promotes peer-to-peer collaboration and widens the sphere of learningfrom the confines of the classroom to the whole school grounds. Students need to be prepared for thetype of work environment and the companies they are going to be working for when they leave School; Transparency – the principle of visual interconnectedness is an emerging standard in new schoolconstruction. Opening a line of sight into adjacent spaces encourages collaboration and observingstudents work; Outdoor learning – interconnectivity to outdoor areas should be maximised where possible; Sustainable design solutions that comply with the Estidama Pearl Building Rating System to achieve2-Pearl Building Rating; Integration of schools as parts of community life, through the shared use of facilities to help meet someof the community’s educational, recreational, and wellness need; and Access provision and inclusion for students with special educational needs and mild/moderatedisabilities in accordance with local standards including but not limited to the Abu Dhabi InternationalBuilding Code.6

Infrastructure PartnershipsFF&E & ICTIt is expected that the following specialised equipment will need to be procured and provided for the Project: The Project Company shall be responsible for the design, procurement and installation of both fixedand loose FF&E assets for the Schools. The Project Company shall also be responsible formaintenance and lifecycle replacement of fixed FF&E assets. An FF&E matrix will be developed toallocate responsibility between the Procuring Entity and the Project Company and will be providedduring the RfP stage. The ICT provision scope is shared between the Project Company and the Procuring Entity. A detailedICT scope allocation matrix will be provided during the RfP stage.Facilities Management RequirementsOperational, maintenance and facilities management services for the Project will be delivered in accordancewith requirements set out in the Partnership Agreement and are expected to be in line with the summary ofservices as detailed in the table below:ServicesDescriptionServices to be provided by the Project CompanyThe management services are to:Management services manage, control, record and report on the delivery of all servicesprovided as part of the Project; ensure that all Project Company staff are suitably trained and haveaccess to opportunities for professional development; integrate service policies which demonstrate a proactive managing of theSchools; ensure a liaison between the Project Company and the Procuring Entity,other contractors and the school staff to ensure that all resourcesrequired to deliver the services are provided; and develop a strategy for the management of partnership arrangements.Health and safetymanagement servicesThe health and safety management services are to create a safe environment atall Schools having regard to the Procuring Entity’s responsibility to ensure thesafety of pupils, staff, parents and any other persons who have reason to visit theSchools. Health and safety considerations are of fundamental importance to theProcuring Entity and to all Schools involved in the Project. Requirements aredictated ultimately by legislation but are emphasised and reiterated throughoutthe services specification that will be set out in the Partnership Agreement.Helpdesk servicesThe helpdesk service is to ensure the provision of a support service available 24hours per day for the Procuring Entity to request the deployment of the ProjectCompany to rectify any non-provision of accommodation embraced by the scopeof the Project within specified response times.Buildings,installations andThe Project Company shall provide a safe and comfortable environment for allSchool users through the provision of a complete buildings, installations and7

Infrastructure PartnershipsServicesDescriptionasset managementservicesasset maintenance service for the Schools. The Project Company shall alsoprovide preventative, cyclical, corrective and reactive maintenance and lifecyclereplacement to the Schools to ensure that the Schools provide full operationalfunctionality at all times. The Project Company will provide reasonable access tothose areas of the building and grounds necessary to enable the Procuring Entityto undertake their duties at the Schools.The Project Company shall provide the grounds maintenance service to ensurethat the hard and soft landscaping including car parks, footpaths, pitches, allweather surfaces, horticulture and external traffic routes within the curtilage ofGrounds maintenance each School are maintained to a high aesthetic standard and are safe for all usersservicesof each School throughout the year. The Project Company shall ensure thatgrounds maintenance functions are sensitive to the needs of those using theexternal environment.Pest controlThe pest control service is to maintain the Schools free of pest species of publichealth significance or nuisance value at all times. The presence of the above atthe Schools shall be deemed to constitute an “infestation”. The Project Companyshall deal with any such infestation which may arise so as to minimise the risk topublic health and disruption to the operation of the Schools.Energy and utilitiesmanagement servicesThe services shall ensure the efficient, effective, safe and timely supply of energyand utilities (electricity, gas and water, etc.) in order to ensure continuedoperation of each School.Cleaning servicesThe cleaning services are to enable provision of a sanitary, clean and tidyenvironment consistent with the education function of the Schools and to enableall users of the Schools to use these safely and hygienically. This service includesreactive cleaning and janitorial service.Waste managementThe aims of the waste management services are to ensure the safe and legalhandling, segregation, collection and disposal of all generated waste productsfrom the Schools and to consequently maintain a sanitary environment for allSchool users and to provide the management of waste at the Schools inaccordance with the Procuring Entity’s policy.The final collection and disposal of all waste products is not the responsibility ofthe Project Company.Lifecyclemanagement andreplacementLifecycle maintenance and replacement of the asset to achieve required assetconditions and residual life requirements. Such requirements will be provided atthe RfP stage.SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED BY (OR ON BEHALF OF) THE PROCURING ENTITY8

Infrastructure PartnershipsServicesDescriptionTeachingThe Procuring Entity retains full responsibility for the delivery of educationservices.School administrationThe Procuring Entity in partnership with its appointed charter school operatorretains full responsibility for the delivery of school administration services.Security managementservicesThe Procuring Entity will be responsible for providing security staff and securitymanagement services.Pool managementThe Procuring Entity will provide lifeguards to manage and monitor the pool whenin use within school hours.Nursing staffThe Procuring Entity will provide nursing staff and consumables for provision ofdedicated first aid services and treatment of cuts and bruises and minor illness.CateringThe Procuring Entity will provide a catering service including school meal,vending and hospitality provision.Car Parking & TrafficManagementThe Procuring Entity will provide car parking and

Zayed City formerly known as "Abu Dhabi Capital District" is located approximately 7 kilometres south of Abu Dhabi island between Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Abu Dhabi International Airport. The new district will be the seat of the UAE's federal government and Abu Dhabi's own central government bodies.