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Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s CollaborativeFrom Fr. Dan, Pastorwhat he calls “the least of his brothers and sisters.” (5)Funding the modest salaries of our awesome staff.Earlier this week, everyone received a letter from measking each of us to consider a generous increase in ourweekly giving to the parish you are in, either Sacred Heartor Our Lady’s. I ask that you consider making one of the“Step Increases” in giving to either Sacred Heart or OurLady’s, shown in the brochure. In the privacy of yourhome, please do your best to commit to a new level ofgiving, according to your means. Also, in the mailing youreceived a “Commitment Envelope.” Please fill that outand return it on “Commitment Weekend,” this comingweekend - Saturday and Sunday, October 5 & 6. The letteralso gives you an opportunity to join with me and manyothers in making your weekly contribution with ourOnline Giving. It is easier to give that way, and it helpsSacred Heart and Our Lady’s.I am very grateful to you! Thank you so much!Sports: The Pats are now 3-0. I predict for today: Pats24 – Bills 10.Love and God bless you,Fr. DanDear Friends,After our beloved pastor Fr. John Sassani went toHeaven, I asked to stay here. Why? I enjoy being withyou, and it is privilege to build on the foundation laid byFr. John and all of you.The two wonderful parishes that make up thiscollaborative, Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s, are facing achallenge. I am confident we will meet this challenge: tobe able to continue to fund the ministries that help makeSacred Heart and Our Lady’s exceptional parishes. Tomeet this challenge we need to significantly increase ourweekly collection giving. Please join me, and so manyothers, by, to the best of your ability, generouslyincreasing how much you give to the parish offertorycollection. (Each parish’s finances are separate.)I am so grateful for the sacrifice so many of you makethru your generous contributions. Thank you, so muchAmong the many things your giving makes possible,some examples follow. (1) Ministry to the elderly, shutins, and those in nursing homes and hospitals. (2) Ourgreat music ministries. (3) Handing on and deepening thefaith through adult, young adult, and children’s faithformation programs. (4) Helping Jesus who is present inNew & Ongoing in Our CommunitySeptember 29 Twenty-Sixth Sunday ofOrdinary Time—Thursday October 17, 7pm: “Do Catholics still Believe inExorcism?” presented by a priest currently working in theArchdiocese—Thursday October 24, 7pm: “Pornography: Life-Giving orNot?” presented by Deacon Ramesh Richards, S.J.The Rich Man in today’s Gospel never noticed Lazarus.Instead, he accepted him as part of the landscape, thinking itperfectly natural and inevitable that Lazarus should lie in painFor more information or to RSVP contact Kate Nealand hunger while he lived luxuriously. The sin of the RichMan was that he looked on the world's suffering and need but at no compassion or pity in his heart. This parable challengesHave You Lost Someone You Love?us to reflect on our own complacency and reasons for ignoringthe sufferings of others. Only with Christ can we overcomeGrief Support Workshop Beginning Soonsuch feelings and respond as his disciple!Join us for an 8-week grief support workshop: “Coping withGrief during the Holidays”. The death of a loved one is unlikeFriday, October 11: Chili Cookoff and Open any other loss. Whether the death was sudden and tragic orone with warning and preparation, the reality of death leavesGym Night at the MacKenzie Centermost of us shocked, confused, and sad. These feelings mayPlease join us on Friday, October 11, 6:00-8:30pm! Comesample some chili and pick your favorite—help decide who is last for years. Grieving people need time and space to honortheir grief. Your loss may be recent, or it may be years ago.the Champion of Chili! The gym will be open for free play,but please note: supervision will not be provided, so a parent Sacred Heart & Our Lady’s Collaborative has developed aprogram to help you and yours start the healing process.must accompany their child(ren)! All are welcome! If youwould like to attend, please RSVP by Monday, October 7, to This group will meet Sundays from 1:30-2:30pm on OctoberKate Neal at or 617-969-2248 ext.20-27, November 3-10-17-24, and December 8-15. Advanced112. Also, if you would like to enter your chili to compete,registration is required by Friday, October 18. For morecontact Kate by Monday, October 7, for details.information or to participate, please contact Kate at 617-5277560 x219 or Night YoungAdult Speaker Series (YASS)Deepen Your Faith & Your FriendshipsIf you are in your 20s or 30s, you’re invited every Thursdaynight starting October 17 to hear a speaker and socialize withother young adults. The presentations will take place from7:00-7:45pm at Our Lady Help of Christians Lower Church.Following the presentations, the group will walk to a nearbypub for time to discuss and socialize. Our current schedule:Our collaborative has an amazing and vibrant small faithcommunity. If you have never participated, then you don’tknow what you’re missing! Groups meet for 6 weeks in thefall and in the 6 weeks of Lent. You can decide to participatejust in the fall or just during Lent - or do both! This fall, the2

Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s Collaborativesessions will be discussing the upcoming Sunday Gospel,using reflections from Msgr. Dennis Sheehan as a jumpingoff point. If you would like to join a group or get moreinformation, contact Kate Neal at 617-527-7560 x219or to Know Your NewPastoral CouncilRepresentatives!Options for Group Days/TimesGroups Meeting at Sacred Heart: Sun 10:30-11:30am, Tue9:30-11:00am, Wed 7:30-8:30pmRepresentative: Jim AllaireParish: Our Lady’sContact: james.allaire@gmail.comI grew up in Winona, MN, in aconventional pre-Vatican II Catholic family and studied forthe priesthood after high school. I left the seminary in 1967,influenced by the Vatican Council’s teaching about the“priesthood of the faithful”. (I am of that generation thatRemembering Fr. Johnknows both forms of Church.) I married Barbara and becameFr. John’s family wishes to invite all of us to a Mass beinga psychologist. Barbara and I raised two sons and have sixoffered for him on Saturday, November 23, at 4pm, at St. John grandchildren who keep us young. My wife and I are cothe Evangelist in Swampscott, his hometown. All arefounders of two Catholic Worker houses of hospitality for thewelcome, and no RSVP is required. Following Mass, Fr.homeless in Minnesota. The Winona Catholic WorkerJohn’s aunt will host a collation at her nearby home. RSVP by became a school for learning the Works of Mercy and theTuesday, November 12, is required for the collation; pleaseSermon on the Mount. I currently maintain a national websiteRSVP to Kristina at or 617-527for the Catholic Worker Movement. The witness and writings7560 ext.216. The address and directions will then be given.of Dorothy Day are an inspiration for me. We moved fromMinnesota to Newton and joined Our Lady’s in 2010.In addition, please know that the Staff and Pastoral CouncilCurrently, I serve as a lector, coordinate the book club, andcontinue to have discussions about permanent memorials andhelp with holiday meal delivery. Church areas of interest fordates of remembrance for Fr. John. We welcome your input!me are ecumenism, liturgical spirituality, and environmentalThe next Masses offered for Fr. John in our community on Tuesday, October 29—what would have been his 65thbirthday—at the 7am and 9am daily Masses.We will offer the same event twice: on Friday, October 25,6:30-8:30pm, and on Sunday, October 27, 11am-1pm. WeJustice & Peace Committeehope that you will join us for one of them to learn more aboutWant your faith to make a difference in people’s lives—these holy heroes of faith and how we are each called to beincluding yours? Our Collaborative Justice and Peacenext! More info, including how to register, to come soon.Committee works to put the social teachings of the Catholicfaith into practice. Our goal is to be in solidarity with allNext Middle School Youth Grouppeople who suffered the loss of human dignity as together weOurnextMiddle School Youth Group will be on Friday,building peace and justice in our world. The committeeOctober4,6:30-8:00pm at the MacKenzie Center at Sacredprovides a wonderful, prayerful community of like-mindedHeart.Allthosein Grades 6-8 in our Collaborative areCatholics with whom to learn and grow. All are welcome!welcome for prayer, conversation, and fun—plus pizza forContact Kate Neal ( for more info.dinner and plenty of snacks! Preregistration is required atThe Committee also invites you to the 11th Annual Question? Contact group leaderArchdiocesan Justice Convocation next Saturday, October 5, Kristin Hauser at Hope to see you there!at BC High. Info on the next page under “Beyond Our Walls”.Groups Meeting at Our Lady’s: Sun 7:00-8:15pm, Mon10:00-11:00am, Mon 7:00-8:30pm, Tue 7:00-8:30pm,Wed 1:00-2:15pm, Sat 9:30-11:00amAnnual PicnicSafe Environment TrainingIt was a glorious afternoon for our AnnualCollaborative Picnic lastSunday! Thanks to allwho helped coordinateand staff it and to allwho came to enjoy theday with our great community of faith!The Virtus Protecting God’s Children Safe EnvironmentProgram will be offered this Wednesday, October 2, 6:308:30pm in the Lower Church Hall at Our Lady’s.Anyone volunteering in the Collaborative in any capacity isrequired to attend this training once; not attending will affectyour ability to volunteer. We sincerely appreciate yourcommitment to serving our community and to keeping safe allchildren and vulnerable people among us! Thank you! Pleasespeak to one of the staff with any questions.Marriage BannsSave the Dates, October 25 & 27, for“Holy Heroes: Who’s Next?”Sacred Heart & Our Lady’s Collaborative is pleased toannounce the following upcoming marriages:Catherine Doherty and Micah HowdyMinh “Minnie” Tu and Christopher ChaoIsabella Mariano & Raymond BautersMary Elizabeth Galia & Christopher KimballThe Staff is excited to announce a new intergenerational eventfor everyone in the Collaborative: Celebrating Our Faith! Ourfirst event will be called “Holy Heroes: Who’s Next?” andwill be an exciting dive into the saints, with activities for kidsand adults of all ages.3

Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s CollaborativeNext Weekend, October 5 & 6, Is Commitment WeekendOver the past two weeks, Fr. Dan and fellow parishionersspoke at all Masses this week concerning our IncreasedOffertory Appeal. As Fr. Dan mentioned, we must increaseour regular offertory to support crucial ministries and programs at both Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s. All parishioners are asked to participate in this important effort.How You Can HelpAll registered families have been mailed a brochure describing our Increased Offertory Appeal. It details both theparish’s Offertory history and includes suggested guidelines for increased giving and instructions on how andwhen to participate. Additional brochures and envelopesare available in the church.increased weekly amount that is best for you or your family. Bring the Commitment Envelope to Mass next weekand place it in the regular Offertory collection. Your newlevel of weekly support should begin at that time.Online Giving: We are asking all parishioners to considerOnline Giving. Electronic giving is very convenient. It alsohelps our parishes by replacing seasonal collection variations with more regular, consistent giving.If you will be out-of-town or unable to attend Mass nextweekend, please mail the envelope to the parish office orplace it in the collection the following weekend.The excellence of both Sacred Heart and Our Lady’sis a reflection of God’s generosity and you, thegenerous parishioners. A generous sacrifice, nomatter the size, makes a big difference.Along with the brochure is a Commitment Envelope.Please fill out the inside portion completely, and select anFr. John SassaniHomily Given on September 30, 2007Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeLiturgical Year CToday’s first reading from Amos was chosen to prepare us to hear the parable of Jesus about the rich manand the poor man. And there is a reading from the Letter of St. James that is often chosen to prepare us forthe Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. There may be a greater connection than there seems betweenthose two readings.By means of this parable that we hear today, Jesus isn’t simply condemning the neglectful contempt that therich man showed toward Lazarus. Jesus is indicating the that faith is aw ay of life that looks in two directions: vertically to God and horizontally to neighbor. Jesus’ idea of faith is both contemplative and active.St. James, a close relative of Jesus, had a similar view of faith. Repeatedly in his brief letter, he calls Christians to not only hear the word – contemplation – but to be doers of the word – action. Faith is not onlywhat we believe about God but how we accept the call of Christ to be his partners in the world.But this partnership isn’t just about action; it is also about prayer. Prayer allows Christ the opportunity toenvision the life of the Kingdom of Heaven, so that – by action – that vision can be enacted. In the Kingdom,no one will be hungry and neglected like Lazarus, because doers of the word assist the poor and neglected.In the Kingdom, no one will be so self-absorbed as to notice another only for personal gain, because doersof the word have the attitude of Christ, who came not to be served, but to serve. In the Kingdom, no one willbe sick, because doers of the word pray for the sick and embody the healing touch of Christ for their wellbeing.St. Theresa has a beautiful prayer about what it means to be doers of the word:Christ has no body now but ours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which helooks on the world with compassion. Christ has no body now on earth but yours.Today, Christ looks on the sick with compassion – through our eyes. Today, his healing touch is given –through our hands.And then there’s Lazarus and the poor. The transformation of poverty, war, prejudice, disease, and so on isChrist’s work, but he has no body now on earth but us. As we gather for the Eucharist today, Christ comes –Body and Blood, personally – so that we can be reinvigorated as His Body, to do his work by enacting thelife of the Kingdom.Homily reflections are available each week online at

Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s CollaborativeBeyond Our WallsAnnual Social Justice Convocation: Do Justice,Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with GodRichard Lennan will present a recent study on priestlformation, including the seminary’s contribution toclericalism. Also, parishioners from the Mid-Atlantic,Northeast, and Midwest will discuss how they are creating ajust Church. Register at, October 5, 8:00am-3:00pm at BC High. Come joinus at the 11th Social Justice Convocation, to deepen yourunderstanding of injustice and inequality in our communityand to learn about local efforts to bring about change. We willHuman Trafficking Awarenessfocus on concrete actions that people and their parishes/TheSistersofSt. Joseph will host their 11th Annualcollaboratives can take to give witness to Gospel Justice.Symposium on Human Trafficking on Saturday, October 19,Learn from our speakers and exhibitors who are “doing”9:00am-12:30pm at the Motherhouse at 637 Cambridge StreetGod’s work and from active parishioners about ways they are in Brighton. Ann Wilkinson, Director of Mentoring Servicespromoting Catholic Social Teaching in their parishes/at My Life My Choice will present “You See Me—collaboratives, communities, work places, and families. Learn Empowering Youth, Ending Exploitation”. For morehow to start or scale up Social Justice Ministries. Learn theinformation, call 617-783-9090.many ways you can do justice!Pax Christi Assembly DayRegistration deadline is this Monday, September 30. Go and click on the registrationlink. Participant fee is 25 (scholarships available), includingcoffee & tea, morning refreshments, light buffet lunch,convocation materials, and simultaneous translation (Spanish/English).“Tending the Garden to Create a Sustainable Earth” Perils andPossibilities Pax Christi Massachusetts invites you to be partof our annual Fall Assembly Day on Saturday, November 9,8:45am-3:30pm at St. Susanna Parish in Dedham. Keynote byFr. Emmet Farrell, Director of the Creation Care Ministry forthe Diocese of San Diego. “Tending the Garden ” means toFor more details on program and ministry, visit our website at listen to the earth’s cry for mercy as the myriad effects ofhuman hubris become more evident, leading us, emailenvironmental catastrophe. Together, let us wake up, or call 617-746-5738.change our ways. Guided by Fr. Emmet, Pope Francis’Voice of the Faithful 2019 Conference:encyclical, Laudato Si’ - On Care for Our Common Homewill come alive as an intelligent, scientifically-grounded andCreating a Just ChurchJoin Voice of the Faithful on Saturday, October 19, 9am-5pm, gospel-based document for hope, contemplation and action.An important part of the day will also include engagementat the Boston Marriott Newton in pursuing justice in thewith an afternoon panel and “Pop-Up” sharing amongChurch for all the faithful. Former National Review Boardparticipants. For more info or to register, email CharlesInterim Director and Illinois Supreme Court Justice AnneGobron at will speak on the effectiveness of the Church’sresponse to clergy abuse. Boston College theologian Fr.Gospel: Jesus tells us a story today. There was a rich man and a poorPsalm:Trace the words andlearn to pray like Jesus!man. The poor man, Lazarus, sat begging for food with the dogs. Therich man would never help him! After the rich man died, he didn’t getto go to Heaven. What should he have done to care for Lazarus?If you werein this story,what would youdo? Draw it!Learn at MassDuring the Sanctus(Holy, Holy, Holy),we remember that theangels are worshipingwith us. Wow!5 2019 TJB

Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s CollaborativeSacred Heart NewsReligious Education Classes Have BegunPlease register online at under the Faith Formation—Sacred Heart tab.God is calling all baptized faithful to bring the Good News to all who touch our lives! Join us, as teachers of ReligiousEducation, on Tuesday afternoons, 4:00-5:00pm, for Grades 1-5! Or come on Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:15pm forstudents in Grades 6-10 who are looking for someone to share the Gospel with them as well!Contact Michelle Solomon at 617-969-4031 or to inquire!Altar Linens Ministryon packages of new undergarments and socks, please gatherthese too for the St. Francis House guests. Thank you!Many of our parishioners have a devotion to the Mass; forthis, we are deeply grateful. If you would like to live yourdevotion to the Mass by helping clean our altar linens, theopportunity to do this is available. You would undertake thisministry in the comfort of your own home, all while helpingus have the most reverent liturgies we can. Please contactNick Frega at or 617-968-2248 ext.111 if you would like to undertake this ministry, so that hecan schedule a training session with you.Holly Harvest Fair Is Coming Up!The Holly Harvest Fair is coming up on November 16 & 17!Workshops are now underway on Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00pm, onthe second floor of the Convent in the Guild Room.All donations are welcome and needed—Gift, Children'sTable, Holiday, Knit, Crafts, Raffle, Silent Auction,Grandma's Attic, Costume Jewelry. Please save bookdonations until set-up time in November - they’ll be easier totransport. Thank you!October is Respect Life MonthHere are some ways you can be involved:—Pray: Each Saturday morning a group prays the rosary forlife following the 9:00am Mass. Come join us!We will need extra help this year on Bake, Raffle Table, andChildren's Activities (face painting, crafts, etc.). If you like tobake, our Pie Crew would LOVE your help!—Stay informed: This month,. we will have a Respect Lifedisplay at the main entrance of the church with literatureavailable on physician-assisted suicide, capital punishment,abortion, and stem-cell research. Please take a moment tostop by the table and pick up some literature after Mass.Let's make this another SUCCESSFUL and FUN event! Formore information, please contact Barbara Hatem at 617-9692567 or or Adeline Crovo at 617-5271556.Coffee Hour Is Back!—Donate any of the following: Toiletries – baby lotion, shampoo, and wash; babythermometers, nail clippers, and brush & comb Sets;diaper cream; wipes Linens: crib sheets, bath towels, bibs, Clothing: baby socks; Fall and Winter outfits for 3-6months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months Other: baby toys, rattles and teethers; pacifiers; 4oz and8oz bottles and bottle brushes; diaper bagsCoffee Hour has returned after the 9:00am Mass; join us inthe MacKenzie Center. It’s is a great opportunity for us toform the community we want our parish to be. Bagels,donuts, coffee, OJ, and other treats will be offered. Familiesand folks of all ages are welcome to attend.The Society of St. Vincent de PaulThe Society of St. Vincent de Paul is seeking parishioners torepresent Sacred Heart Church. We work with the neediestpeople in our parish community. If you wish to growspiritually and see your faith in action, please contact PaulMcGuire at 617- 860-9792 or Alberto Calvo at 781-8087621. You can make a difference in people’s lives!Please drop off any donations in the baby crib at the entranceof Sacred Heart Church. If you wish to make a monetarydonation, please make the check payable to “Fund for theUnborn” and drop in the collection basket. Thanks inadvance for your kindness and generosity.Join the Sacred Heart Choir!Peanut Butter & Jelly NeededMusic Ministry at Sacred Heart is enriched each Sunday bythe beautiful singing of our Liturgical Choir. The choir isback at the 9:00am Mass on Sundays - and we are alwayslooking for YOUR voice to join the ranks! The choirrehearses Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm in the churchand gathers at 8:15am on Sundays to rehearse before Mass.We welcome singers of all experience levels to lift theirvoices in praise of our loving God. Moreover, joining thechoir is a terrific way to meet fellow parishioners who share alove of the liturgy and of singing. Interested singers can joinat any point during the year. For more information, pleasecontact our music director Erica October, we are collecting peanut butter and jelly for St.Francis House. Donations can be dropped off during theweek in the lower elevator lobby or at weekend Masses in theelevator lobby or upper church foyer at Sacred Heart.Guild of St. Francis Clothing DriveThe Clothing Drive for St. Francis House is coming up. Theexact date is TBA, but please begin to gather, wash, and bagup gently-used items for the homeless and lower-incomepeople who come to find warm clothing at the St. FrancisHouse clothing room in Boston. Think warm coats, hats,gloves & mittens, scarves, and boots. If you find any bargains6

Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s CollaborativeOur Lady’s NewsReligious Education:Another Year Is Underway!Classes began last weekend and for all gradesexcept Grade 9, which will begin next Sunday 10/6.Registration remains ongoing for available openspots in most grades. Please contact Rosemary orKristina to discuss current openings. Registrationforms are available online at our-ladysTHANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to theapproximately 150 people who have stepped forwardto share their faith, their time, and their talents in ourprograms. Whether hall monitor, catechist, assistant, oraide, we could not provide a rich faith formationprogram and a safe environment for our children andyouth without you. The parish is so grateful!To register or to ask any questions, contact us:—Rosemary Seibold (Grades K-5)617-527-7560 ext.213,—Kristina Preman (Grades 6-10)617-527-7560 x216, kpreman@sholnewton.orgCalling All Kindergarteners!A Fun Way to Get InvolvedCoffee and Donuts will return to Our Lady’s starting inOctober. In order to make this happen, we need a few morefolks willing to give a half an hour before 10:00am Mass anda half an hour after. We will train anyone interested in beingpart of this great ministry, and you can commit to as many orfew Sundays as you like. Even if you can only help one week,that would make a difference! To sign up or learn more,contact Kate at 617-527-7560 x219 or Ed for Older ChildrenDo you have an older child who has never been baptized ornever received their First Holy Communion? Do you have achild with special needs who would like to join our FaithFormation/Religious Education program? It’s never too late,and your situation is not as unusual as you may think! Wehelp children of all ages, at all levels, in ways that arecomfortable for them. Contact Rosemary for more info (617527-7560 ext.213, of the AnimalsOur annual Blessing of the Animals will be next Sunday,October 6, at 12:30pm, on the front steps of the church. Joinus with your animals, real or stuffed!Join Our Lady's Music Ministry!Please contact our Director of Music Anne Marie David to inquire about choir membershipor about serving as cantor/instrumentalist!Come and have fun getting to know Jesus. Bring yourfriends! A great start for your child’s faith formation! Classesare on Sunday mornings from either 8:45am-9:45am orKids’ Choir enhances our Sunday 10am Masses twice a11:15am-12:15pm. Contact Rosemary for more information at month— and also forms and shapes our children in or 617-527-7560 ext. 213.traditions, teachings, and rituals of our faith. Children inGrades 3-8 are encouraged to join. Rehearsals are onFood Drive October 5 & 6Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00pm.Our Lady’s Parish and St. Vincent de Paul will be holding aAdult Choir invites you to join us as we serve the parish byfood drive the weekend of October 5 and 6 to benefit theshoppers at the Centre Street Food Pantry. All non-perishable, leading the congregation in song and praise of the Lord! Weunexpired food items are welcome. Please no glass jars, travel are always looking to welcome former choir members or newsingers to join our ministry of music. All are welcome—nosizes or oversized items. The pantry has noted a particularaudition or prior choral experience is necessary. The choirneed for the following items: coffee and tea; brand namesings for the Sunday 10am Mass on twice a month during thenutritious cereals; diapers; and full-size healthy snacks.Additionally, personal care items and household cleaners are school year. We also rehearse in the weeks before Christmasand Easter, Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm, in the church. Contactalways needed. Drop-off areas will be near each entrance tothe church, and items can be brought before or after any of the Anne Marie or Paul Arpino ( for more info.Masses that weekend. If you are interested in helping with the Our Hand Bell Choir is always happy to welcome newdrive, either during the weekend or to transport the food to the members in the Collaborative interested in an opportunity topantry, please contact us at God through music! Throughout the year, our HandBell Choir offers music for select Saturday 4pm andOur Lady’s Troop 355 Fundraiseroccasional Sunday 10am Masses. Participants in our ministryNext weekend, Our Lady’s Boy Scout Troop 355 will behave a wide range of skills and ability, and we have a lot ofoffering their retail community discount cards for a donation fun! Rehearsals are Tuesdays 7:15-8:30pm in the church. Ifof 10. Remember, these are NOT your typical cards. Theyou are interested in exploring bell ringing, once rang bellsdeals were negotiated directly with the merchants by members and want to get back to it, or simply want a new, adventurousof Our Lady's Troop. Donors save an average of 590/card,way to praise God, please contact Anne Marie or Kim Petotand one donor saved over 4000! So help the Scouts, and save ( some money. Most offers are good throughout NewEngland, so they make great gifts for employees. For moreHonduras Coffee Sale October 5 & 6info, contact Pat Kaltenbach at 617-922-3970Coffee from our sister parish in San Marcos, Honduras, willor sold after all Masses on October 5-6. Please support thefarmers and enjoy excellent coffee!7

Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s CollaborativeOur CollaborativeSacred HeartOur LadyHelp of Christians1321 Centre StreetNewton Centre 02459573 Washington StreetNewton 02458617-969-2248617-527-7560Fax: 617-965-7515Office: Mon-Fri 9:30am-2:30pmsacredheart@sholnewton.orgFax: 617-527-1338Office: Mon-Fri 7:45am-3:45pmourladys@sholnewton.orgCOLLABORATIVE STAFFCLERGYFr. Dan Riley,, ext. 229Fr. Kevin Staley-Joyce, Parochial; ext. 215Msgr. Dennis Sheehan, Senior Priest in, ext. 23

SACRED HEART & OuR LADy'S COLLAbORATivE Newton, MA All Are Welcome September 29, 2019 Sacred Heart Church 1321 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02459 617-969-2248 Our Lady Help of Christians Church 573 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458 617-527-7560 Instagram @sholnewton .